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At the end of this tasting class, you’ll walk away with a clear idea of styles, regions, and flavor profiles common to this exceptional spirit. Participation in this exclusive seminar entitles you to free admission to our more casual, cocktail-focused Rum Bar immediately after this tasting. Rum is a fabled spirit of lore and legend, with a deep g


Learn from the experts as they demonstrate the tricks and techniques behind making excellent tipples. Raise a glass and toast liquid history at this fabulous Rum Bar! They will introduce you to a few of their favorite rum mixed drinks, from aperitifs to punches to tiki to seriously strong stirred drinks.You can also take a self-guided tasting tour


This hands-on crash course will teach you everything you need to know to start making both classic and original cocktails at home. Do you want to build your home spirits collection but don't know where to start? Want to wow your guests with your creative cocktail creations? Want to get your home bar up and running without spending a fortune?The wil


This workshop will take place around the dinner table, so arrive hungry. Do you panic when handed the wine list? Are you intimidated by the Sommelier? Afraid to even try to pronounce ‘sommelier’? Do you dream of achieving creative wine and food pairings, only to buy the same familiar bottles over and over again? The techniques of perfect win


By the end of this tasting, you will know what to look for in any wine, why certain wines work well with certain foods, and how to make any wine taste better by serving it correctly. Andy Fisher, President of Astor Wines/Astor Center, teaches the basics of wine tasting and food pairing in this hands-on, plain-language tasting class. As you taste t


After class, attendees will: 1) Learn basic tasting method for wines 2) Explore through tasting, the flavor components of different wines 3) Be able to clearly articulate what you’re looking for in your next glass of wine 4) Develop a basic understanding of the influence of different wine-making techniques and the contribution of barrel aging Ev


Participants will explore the popular drinks from the 50’s and 60’s. They will also learn how to make the perfect Martini, Old Fashioned, Mai Tai and many others, all while teaching you the proper techniques behind stirring and shaking like a pro. This hands-on class is your passport to boozy adventure in the not-too distant past. We’ll take


Join now as Andy Fisher will lead a tasting of wines that are convincing conventional winemakers to re-think their chemical habits, and are literally changing the taste of wine. Grow healthy grapes, and let them turn into wine: Easier said than done.Perfect grapes are a must, but in order to end up with a truly great wine, the winemaker must be br


Students will be able to explore and learn culinary uses of spices and more. From India to Morocco to Mexico, spices transform cuisines from around the globe. So, perhaps it should come as no surprise that the hunt for spices has transformed the world. In this illustrated and informal talk, author and spice expert Michael Krondl will explore the


After a quick primer on basic bar techniques, current cocktail trends, and the science behind perfect flavor combinations, you'll be let loose to create your own unique libations, using Jonathan’s guidance to perfect your technique. Bartenders, cocktail waitresses, brand ambassadors, advanced amateurs: looking to expand your cocktail-making reper


This seminar aims to answer questions ranging from the historical and geographical factors that influenced the development of the Cognac and Armagnac trade to how the terroir of each region impacts the flavor and aroma profile of the brandies. Cognac and Armagnac are the undisputed kings of the French Brandy world, but for all that they share in co


In this casual and informative workshop, they will show you exactly what you should be paying attention to in the wide world of American wine. We may be the new dog in town, but the USA is proving that our wines can hold their own against even the most well-known wines of Europe. With wine production taking place in all 50 states (for better or f


Join us for an evening as we learn the alchemy behind how Charbay Distillery turns craft beer into two of the finest Whiskeys on the market. We’ll taste through the progression of how two Whiskeys (Charbay R5 distilled from Racer 5 IPA and Charbay S distilled from Big Black Bear Stout) transition from bottle-ready Bear Republic Craft Beer to unag


You'll leave this class with a better understanding of why those wines are their go-to favorites, and learn more about the diversity of styles made from grape varieties. While ordering at a restaurant and striking up a conversation with the sommelier about what wines they recommend, you’ll typically receive answers in the realm of different wine


As you taste wines that are representative of their places of origin, you’ll learn exactly what gives each appellation its character. You’ll also see firsthand how the right food can transform unfamiliar wines into new favorites. Take a French wine tour with Andy Fisher, Astor’s president and owner, in this fun and informative tasting class!F


Beyond Bartending 101 is a workshop that will help you 'shake’ your dependency on recipes and develop the confidence to create delicious custom cocktails off the cuff. This is the perfect class for students who have a basic familiarity with proper tools and technique, and want to expand their repertoire and explore a range of flavor combinations.


Participants will explore and will have to taste some of the wines of Portugal. There’s more than just Spanish wine coming from the Iberian Peninsula, and in many ways, Portugal has more to offer wine drinkers –indigenous grape varieties to explore, a diversity of styles (including a range of red wines from juicy to powerful!) and high quality-


By the end of the class, you’ll understand why Italy is known for its great wines, skillful winemaking, and perfect food pairings. With over 3,000 wines in their cellar, they have a wide selection of little-known and extraordinary bottles. In this class, Andy Fisher (Astor’s president and owner) shines a spotlight on some of our proudest Itali


We’ll get to the bottom of the barrel with comparative tastings, cocktail pairings, a lighthearted quiz, and more. Donkeys vs. elephants, Android vs. Apple, King Kong vs. Godzilla - everywhere you go, there’s challenge and competition. Now, we’re going to pit our favorite whiskies against each other to see which ones come out on top. If yo


Join now for an in depth look at Nihonshu to take your understanding of saké to the next level. An ideal choice for any saké enthusiast eager to broaden their horizons! In this part, you will deepen your exploration into this ancient brew. We will discover the wild side of saké by tasting bold Kimoto and Yamahai styles (made using yeast starter