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Students will learn how to write compelling, crisp copy that stays on brand, weave in search optimization goals to connect with the target consumer, take messages from traditional to new media platforms while maintaining a uniform campaign, collaborate with art directors and account managers, create and alter messages to accommodate various digital

Th.   Sep 18th - Oct 23rd, 6:45pm

Students will know how to maximize print and online writing opportunities to establish their authority as a travel writer. They will obtain a complete portfolio of eight publishable articles and pitch letters to match that will impress any editor as well. To launch a career as a travel writer, you need more than a passport and a grasp of the writte

T.   Sep 23rd - Oct 28th, 6:45pm
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In this two-night intensive course, Maureen Dempsey, an editor with a broad range of print and digital experience, will talk you through the steps to write and send an effective pitch. You'll write pitches, get feedback, and research publications and editors who are looking for new writers. In this class, you will learn how to:Generate pitch ideas

W.   Oct 1st - Oct 8th, 6:45pm
All levels

Learn how to write video scripts and story outlines, shoot and edit it, and broadcast your work on video-sharing sites like We'll explore excellent examples of online video, discuss the cameras and microphones you'll need, and teach you to shoot, edit, and encode. Popular websites are more than just words. Pages with video get double t

Sa.   Oct 4th, 10am

Learn how to create successful events from conception to completion. You'll discover how to think, plan, problem solve, and produce like a professional event planner. We'll follow the process of planning an event from beginning to end. Event planning is an important component of marketing and public relations. Events have the power to build consum

W.   Oct 8th - Oct 29th, 6:45pm

Students will learn essential copywriting terms and techniques. If you're already working as a writer or copywriter, you'll learn from a new perspective while you complete creative assignments to expand your portfolio. Craft sparkling ad copy through creative exercises and practical, hands-on learning. Once you master the basic concepts and structu

Th.   Oct 9th - Nov 20th, 6:45pm

In this seminar, you will learn: an overview of social media platforms; which platforms cater to which mediums; how to set goals to achieve results utilizing social media; how to use various platforms; how to choose a theme; how to define your voice Social media is a powerful tool that can be used to achieve results -- whether it be marketing, mone


Learn how to pick a blogging platform that's right for you; the basics of blog design and organization; the importance of writing a blog mission statement to understand your voice, your reader, and your goals; guidelines for frequency and length of posts; tagging, SEO writing, and responding to comments; how to network with other bloggers and join


Develop an established presence on one or more social networks, expanded exposure on your existing networks, and a solid understanding of how to best use social media. Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives. If you've looked up an old roommate on Facebook or watched videos on YouTube, you've used social media. But these kinds o


This course will cover basic freelancing skills, from coming up with ideas to effectively pitching them -- in addition to managing your career. By the end of class, you'll have the confidence to take the freelance market by storm. Have you dabbled in freelance writing, but always dreamed of making it a career? If so, what's stopping you? Maybe it's


By the end of the class, a student will learn how to develop a tactical PR plan that generates results. Over the last decade, we've seen an unprecedented surge of interest in public relations that is creating an incredible abundance of PR jobs in firms, corporations, non-profits, and consulting. But what are the key skills every PR firm is looking


By the end of class, students will have an understanding of SEO and what gets their website to the top of search engine results as well as how to use social media to drive traffic to your website. Whether you're promoting your company, client, or yourself, it's crucial that your website can be found. If you don't come up at the top of a search, yo


Student will have solid working knowledge of the major social media platforms for use in your professional and personal lives and a deep understanding of how to create content relevant to your audience on each platform as well. Over five weeks, students will determine the social media sites that matter, based on their personal and professional goa


This course will help you define and expand your content business by using audience data to drive creative decisions. You'll create a strategy that considers brand identity, audience habits, cultural trends, and revenue initiatives. An effective content strategist is part editor, part marketer, part business analyst. When you understand content


Students will learn how to successfully manage an existing project or new product launch from conception to completion. We will cover the creative, analytical, and organizational skills you need to connect the dots between different departments and keep projects on task. Companies need dedicated overseers to keep projects on track. A project manage


In this class, students will learn the basics on the various parts of speech: make sure your subjects, verbs, and objects agree, ensure that punctuation serves the sentence, and will know the definition of exactly what style is and why it differs from style guide to style guide. Remember sixth grade English class? We don't either. Get a gramma


In this course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of television reporting while you manage tight deadlines, draft news scripts, and appear onscreen. We’ll review piece-structuring techniques, how to deliver live coverage, and how to set up and conduct an on-camera interview. Plus, you’ll film a live news stand-up for use in your demo reel. To bre


We'll cover the basics, from understanding copy editing marks to avoiding rookie grammar mistakes. You'll have the tools needed to enter the field and an understanding of how to create smooth, readable copy. And you'll have another skill you can add to your resume and put into action. Do you love correcting other people's writing? Do you have a sha


In this class, students will learn the basic structure of HTML, commonly used tags, hand-code with images and hyperlinks, and how to work with style sheets. By the end of the class, there will be hands-on training in HTML and the ability to use HTML tags to build a website. HTML is the essential language of the Web. Using a simple system of tags,


Know a deeper, more focused approach to the topics and events that directly impact social app developers, marketers, investors, and platform operators. Inside Social Apps is San Francisco's largest conference dedicated exclusively to the emerging social apps industry. Join us in New York City's Silicon Alley on December 3 for our first-ever East Co