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First Aid Classes Near Me

Learn life-saving skills with a variety of first aid classes! From CPR training to emergency response, these classes will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to handle medical emergencies and potentially save lives.

First Aid Classes Coming Up in NYC

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The Way of the Shaman

New York Open Center @ 22 E 30th St, New York, NY

This weekend will introduce us to the core practices of shamanism, used for millennia in cultures around the world to enter non-ordinary reality for problem-solving and healing. We will focus on the classic shamanic journey, the visionary method to explore hidden universes normally only glimpsed in myths and dreams. The workshop includes: Drumming to enter shamanic states Awakening our dormant spiritual abilities Connecting to the forces of...

(299) All levels 18 and older
No upcoming schedules

2 sessions

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Pet First Aid and CPR

92nd Street Y @ 1395 Lexington Ave, New York, NY

Discover how to provide life-saving first aid to your furry friends in emergency situations. This comprehensive course covers a range of topics including wound care, cardiac arrest, burns, poisoning, and more. Gain the knowledge and skills needed to protect and care for your pet when it matters most.

(1068) Beginner 18 and older
No upcoming schedules

Food Combining

New York Open Center @ 22 E 30th St, New York, NY

According to Ayurveda, even the freshest, healthiest, most nutritious ingredients, if improperly combined, can cause digestive problems, toxicity, even allergies. Milk and bananas, for example, are said to be incompatible at the same sitting. This evening we will explore Ayurveda’s approach to food combining, one that takes into account each food’s taste, energy, and post-digestive effect, and also learn how to use spices to strengthen digestion....

(299) All levels 18 and older
No upcoming schedules

Ayurveda for Women’s Health and Beauty

New York Open Center @ 22 E 30th St, New York, NY

This two week course draws from India’s ancient healing and wellness science, Ayurveda, to empower us with a wide range of tools we can use to radically boost our health and energy, but in a way that is practical for the modern woman. These include: simple, comfortable home spa treatments (including for complexion; scalp and hair health; eye, neck and shoulder relaxation; dental hygiene, etc.); personally customized dietary, cooking, and herbal...

(299) All levels 18 and older
No upcoming schedules

2 sessions

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Immunity, Illness and Healthy Aging

New York Open Center @ 22 E 30th St, New York, NY

A healthy immune system is the foundation for preventing and treating all chronic illness. Whether you get sick often, have an autoimmune disease, are dealing with allergies, or just want your immune system to stay strong as you age, this workshop will give you the tools you need to keep your immune function strong and in balance. Dr. Blum’s Immune System Recovery Plan is a groundbreaking, revolutionary program that shows how anyone can cure the...

(299) All levels 18 and older
No upcoming schedules

3 sessions

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First Aid Classes Coming Up in Los Angeles

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Basic First Aid Certification

SureFire CPR @ 355 N. Sheridan St, Corona, CA

Equip yourself with the essential skills to respond effectively in emergency situations with our comprehensive training program. Gain the confidence to provide immediate assistance and potentially save lives.

(2) All levels 18 and older

CPR and AED Renewal

SureFire CPR @ 1111 Corporate Center Dr, Monterey Park, CA

Upskill your lifesaving techniques with our comprehensive course tailored to refresh your skills and knowledge in emergency response.

(2) All levels 18 and older

ACLS - Advanced Cardiac Life Support - Initial

SureFire CPR @ 1835 W. Orangewood Ave, Orange, CA

Learn essential skills for managing respiratory and cardiac arrest, airway management, pharmacology, and more in the ACLS Class at SureFire CPR. Ideal for healthcare professionals responding to cardiovascular emergencies. Earn CE credits. This course offers same-day certification.

(2) Intermediate 18 and older

Basic Life Support Provider

Mt. San Antonio College @ 1100 N Grand Ave, Walnut, CA

Learn essential life-saving techniques including CPR, AED usage, and choking response for adults, children, and infants. Gain the knowledge and skills needed to confidently respond to heart attacks and strokes. Stay prepared to handle emergencies with Basic Life Support training.

(81) All levels 18 and older

Heartsaver First Aid-Adult & Pediatric(CPR & First Aid)

Mt. San Antonio College @ 1100 N Grand Ave, Walnut, CA

Learn essential life-saving skills with the Heartsaver First Aid Course at Mt. San Antonio College. This comprehensive training program equips you to handle emergencies involving adults, children, and infants until professional medical help arrives. Gain confidence in providing first aid, CPR, and AED assistance with this valuable course.

(81) All levels 18 and older

First Aid Classes Coming Up in Chicago

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BLS Provider Class (Instructor-led)

Citywide CPR @ One S Franklin, Illinois City, IL

Get certified in BLS Provider with Citywide CPR's instructor-led course and receive your AHA BLS Provider Card. Master essential skills through video-based lessons and pass the exam with a score of 84% or higher. Enhance your EMS qualifications with continuing education credits.

(7) All levels 18 and older

BLS Provider Skills Session Class (Part 2 only)

Citywide CPR @ One S Franklin, Illinois City, IL

Enhance your medical expertise with an immersive hands-on skills session designed specifically for healthcare providers. Join us at Citywide CPR for an essential Basic Life Support training that will equip you with life-saving techniques and renew your certification. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your skills and further your career in the medical profession.

(7) Beginner 18 and older

Heartsaver Pediatric FA/CPR/AED Skills (Part 2 only)

Citywide CPR @ One S Franklin, Illinois City, IL

Learn how to respond to and manage illnesses and injuries in children and infants in the first few minutes until professional help arrives with the Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid CPR AED course at Citywide CPR. This course covers first aid basics, child CPR AED, and infant CPR, providing essential skills for child care providers and others in the field.

(7) All levels 18 and older

ACLS + BLS + PALS Skills Session - Healthcare Combo

Citywide CPR @ 1900 E Golf Rd, Schaumburg, IL

Get hands-on training in advanced cardiac life support, basic life support, and pediatric advanced life support skills at Citywide CPR. Enhance your healthcare knowledge and skills with our comprehensive and professional combo course.

(7) All levels 18 and older

Heartsaver CPR/AED Skills Session Class (Part 2 only)

Citywide CPR @ One S Franklin, Illinois City, IL

Learn essential CPR and AED skills in this hands-on session for personal trainers, fitness professionals, and educators. Perfect for those who need a CPR card for work or personal reasons. Join us to gain the knowledge and confidence to respond to cardiac emergencies effectively.

(7) Beginner 18 and older

First Aid Classes Coming Up Online

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AHA Heartcode BLS Blended Learning

Emergency and Health Training Center

HeartCode BLS is the AHA’s blended learning delivery method for the BLS Provider Course. HeartCode blended learning delivers quality resuscitation education regardless of where providers are located and gives them more control to complete the course at their own pace. Providers first complete the online portion of HeartCode BLS and then complete a hands-on skills session with an AHA BLS Instructor. Who should take AHA’s BLS blended learning?...

(1) All levels 18 and older
No upcoming schedules

First Aid Classes Coming Up in Houston

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Heartsaver CPR/AED, First Aid (Initial)

Valverde Safety & Healthcare Academy @ 8700 Commerce Park Dr, Houston, TX

Heartsaver First Aid CPR and AED course is designed for employee training at companies, corporations, businesses or other entities; for employees and/or designated first responders who have a duty to respond to a cardiac emergency because of job responsibilities or regulatory requirements.  First Aid: First Aid Basics Medical and Enviromental Emergencies  Injury Emergencies Heartsaver  CPR/AED: CPR and AED for Adults  CPR...

Beginner 14 and older
No upcoming schedules

Heartsaver CPR/AED Certification (Skills Only)

Valverde Safety & Healthcare Academy @ 8700 Commerce Park Dr, Houston, TX

All students attending this class should already have done Heartsaver CPR/AED certification course online and have printed out certificate available prior to attending this class. This class is for teachers, personal trainers. fitness professionals, daycare center providers physical/massage therapists and others who do not work in any clinical areas.

All levels 14 and older
No upcoming schedules

EMT Basic Course

Emergency Consultants @ 828 Center St, Houston, TX


All levels 18 and older
No upcoming schedules

5 sessions

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First Aid Classes Coming Up in Seattle

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BLS for Healthcare Providers CPR

NwBestCPR @ 1755 NE 48th St, Renton, WA

Enhance your life-saving skills as a healthcare professional with BLS training at NwBestCPR. Join this comprehensive course to learn single and team rescue techniques, AED use, and bag valve mask ventilation. Recommended for clinical staff and pre-med students too.

All levels 18 and older
No upcoming schedules

Heartsaver CPR/AED

NwBestCPR @ 1755 NE 48th St, Renton, WA

Learn life-saving skills through our comprehensive CPR training course. Master adult, child, and infant CPR techniques, along with the proper use of an AED. Join us at NwBestCPR and equip yourself with the knowledge to respond confidently in emergency situations.

All levels 7 and older
No upcoming schedules

Heartsaver First Aid and CPR/AED

NwBestCPR @ 5116 196th St SW, Lynnwood, WA

Get certified in life-saving skills with this comprehensive CPR and First Aid course taught by the American Heart Association. Whether you need First Aid or CPR training, NwBestCPR offers flexible options to suit your needs. Don't miss out on this opportunity to refresh your skills and stay compliant with industry standards.

All levels 7 and older
No upcoming schedules

First Aid Classes Coming Up in Atlanta

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Legacy Education Training Company @ 3091 Holcomb Bridge Rd, Norcross, GA

Learn life-saving CPR techniques for infants, children, and adults, as well as how to effectively administer First Aid and operate an AED. Equip yourself with the skills to confidently respond in emergencies.

All levels 4 and older

Babysitting Bootcamp

Legacy Education Training Company @ 3091 Holcomb Bridge Rd, Norcross, GA

This 4-day course prepares participants to work with children of different age groups when babysitting. This course includes: CPR/First Aid Age-appropriate activities Health and Safety Changing Diapers Feeding Interviewing Forms needed and much, much more Prepayment is required. Upon completion, participants will receive the following. Their CPR and First Aid Babysitting Certificate

All levels 18 and older
No upcoming schedules
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AHA BLS for Healthcare Providers

Legacy Education Training Company @ 3091 Holcomb Bridge Rd, Norcross, GA

Enhance your life-saving skills and gain the knowledge and confidence needed to respond effectively in critical healthcare situations.

All levels 4 and older
No upcoming schedules
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First Aid Classes Coming Up in Denver

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ACLS Provider

Colorado Cardiac CPR and First Aid @ 3798 Marshall St, Wheat Ridge, CO

Learn the essential skills of advanced cardiovascular life support in this comprehensive course that emphasizes team dynamics, communication, and post-cardiac-arrest care. Experience hands-on learning and simulated clinical scenarios to enhance your proficiency in airway management and pharmacology. Join us and become an expert in ACLS techniques and procedures.

(26) Intermediate 18 and older

ACLS Renewal/Update

Colorado Cardiac CPR and First Aid @ 3798 Marshall St, Wheat Ridge, CO

Enhance your skills in advanced cardiovascular life support and learn about team dynamics and communication, airway management, and pharmacology in this comprehensive course at Colorado Cardiac CPR and First Aid.

(26) Intermediate 18 and older

First Aid

Colorado Cardiac CPR and First Aid @ 3798 Marshall St, Wheat Ridge, CO

Learn life-saving skills and earn a certification in the essential ASHI First Aid course at Colorado Cardiac CPR and First Aid. Prepare for emergencies and gain the knowledge to assist others in need.

(26) All levels 18 and older

Reviews for First Aid Classes

First Aid Classes are rated 4.4 stars based on 1,484 verified reviews from actual purchasers.

  • BLS Provider Skills Session Class (Part 2 only)

    Reviewed by Veronica V. on 10/5/2020
    Liz was great!
  • Food Combining

    Reviewed by SARA S. on 11/26/2014
    Class started with an amazing meal, and the teacher was a leader in her field. I appreciated the handout she prepared, which noted the entire lecture. The course info was logically presented, and full of examples the whole way thru, to reiterate the points she was teaching us. High level of respect for this teacher.

Discover the Best First Aid Classes Near Me

First aid is the set of skills necessary to respond to an emergency health crisis. These skills include everything from assessing the situation, performing CPR, and dressing wounds. The primary goal of first aid is to preserve life, prevent a worsening condition, and promote eventual recovery. It’s important to remember that first aid is not a replacement for full medical attention, but can deescalate a situation until that attention arrives. While first aid is often learned by Paramedics, Certified Nursing Assistants, and other first responders, anyone can learn the necessary skills. 

Why You Should Learn First Aid

First aid knowledge can often be the difference between life and death. When an individual learns first aid, they’re acquiring the skills necessary to keep themselves and those around them as safe as possible. Learning first aid can be a great way to boost personal confidence in both everyday and survival situations.

First aid classes can also be a way to connect with other students who are passionate about healthcare and helping others. It allows students to learn from each other, collaborate, and form meaningful connections with others who are trying to make a difference in their communities. 

Finally, first aid classes can help students break into the medical industry in crucial ways. Emergency Medical Technicians, Firefighters, Nursing Assistants, Nurses, and more, are all trained in first aid as part of their job description. Getting independently trained in first aid can be a great first step towards joining any of these professions. 

5 Ways to Learn First Aid

There are many ways to learn first aid, each offering different advantages (and disadvantages) and each suiting different learning styles. Attending in-person training courses is a popular method, providing hands-on practice, interactive learning, and direct guidance from experienced instructors. With an in-person class, you’ll be able to practice your new skills, such as CPR and placing a tourniquet, as you learn them, and even get immediate feedback. Online first aid courses offer convenience and flexibility, allowing learners to study from anywhere. Some courses will also provide lists of materials, so you can still practice at home even if you’re not in the same room as your instructor. 

It’s also possible to use Youtube, or other asynchronous tutoring elements, to learn first aid. While you won’t receive a certification this way, a dedicated learner can still gain many valuable skills through video tutorials and manuals. Another way to learn first aid is through community workshops. 

Community workshops, conducted by local organizations, provide condensed yet informative sessions with trained professionals. Keep an eye out for local organizations that offer free or reduced-cost first aid training. These training sessions may not be as extensive as some, but can still provide you with the basics. 

Finally, you can often gain basic first aid skills by volunteering with a first aid organization such as the Red Cross or St. John Ambulance. Some of these organizations will provide first aid training before any field work. This is a great way to meet people and learn first aid for a low-cost, while at the same time giving back to the community. 

In-Person First Aid Classes

There are many options spread across multiple metropolitan areas for in-person first aid classes. Specifically, there are many in-person first aid classes in New York City. The 92nd St Y, for example, offers multiple courses for those looking to hone their first aid skills. Located in the upper east side in the heart of Manhattan, the 92 St Y is easily accessible via car and public transportation. One such course is the CPR/AED and First Aid for Child and Adult class.

 In this class, students will learn how to identify an emergency, perform CPR, and use an AED (automated external defibrillator) to resuscitate patients. Students will also learn basic first aid and what to do if someone is choking. Finally, students will gain an understanding of the moral and legal ramifications of administering first aid, CPR, or using an AED. Students have the option to be certified in CPR for children and adults, but this certification does not cover infants. 

If you’re interested in first aid and CPR directed specifically at toddlers and babies, the 92nd St Y also has a class for you. The Baby/Toddler CPR and First Aid class equips students with many of the same skills as the child and adult class, such as CPR, AED management, choking, and first aid. However, in this course, all of these skills are directed towards babies and toddlers. This course is perfect for those who want to protect the little ones in their life or who want a larger understanding of first aid in general. 

First aid isn’t just for humans. Animals also get ill, injured, and end up in life-threatening situations. The 92nd St Y offers a Pet First Aid and CPR course for anyone interested in caring for pets and animals in their lives. Having the knowledge of administering fundamental first aid to your cat or dog has the potential to rescue their life during an unexpected crisis. In this class students can acquire the skills needed to offer immediate and temporary assistance to a pet until professional veterinary care can be sourced. 

This course covers topics such as managing bleeding, tending to bite wounds, handling cardiac arrest, choking, burns, poisoning, and other forms of trauma. The course also educates students on injury prevention, disaster preparedness, and personal safety precautions to prevent further risks. This course is not a substitute for proper veterinary care. 

Finally, Birth Day Presence has a class in Infant Safety and CPR, specifically for expectant parents or parents with children under the age of one. This course blends lecture, demonstration, and hands-on practice so that students can best learn how to support their children through a crisis. It is recommended that you bring your own doll or pillow for practical exercises. This course will cover a multitude of infant safety topics, including car seat safety, choking hazards, and first aid. Parents are welcome to bring their babies. Birth Day Presence is a provider of childbirth education and doula services, and is located in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Park Slope. 

There are also a multitude of first aid classes available in Los Angeles. Among these are the CPR, AED, and first aid class offered by SureFire CPR. The CPR, AED, and First Aid class provides comprehensive coverage of essential skills, including adult, child, and infant CPR. Participants will learn techniques for managing conscious and unconscious choking in victims of all ages. The course also includes instruction on the proper use of AEDs, along with additional considerations, such as moral and legal implications, to keep in mind. Upon completion of this course, students will receive a 2 year certification. This course is recommended for teachers, security guards, fitness instructors, and laypeople. It is not, however, recommended for daycare and preschool teachers, nor is it recommended for healthcare providers. 

SureFire CPR is located in Monterey Park, and should be accessible to anyone within city limits. It is a premier CPR and first aid instructor service, with teachers including firefighters, paramedics, lifeguards, ER nurses, and EMTs. SureFire CPR also has a course on Basic First Aid for those looking for more of a cursory survey of basic emergency healthcare services. This course covers trauma-related situations, including the management of bleeding wounds, muscle and bone injuries, as well as falls and seizures. This class also includes valuable information on dealing with asthma-related emergencies and recognizing and managing allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis. Furthermore, participants will be educated on how to respond to heat stroke and hypothermia.

San Antonio College has a course called Heartsaver First Aid-Adult & Pediatric (CPR & First Aid). The course offers a comprehensive training solution covering health and safety aspects. This includes instruction on first aid techniques, as well as adult, child, and infant CPR and AED usage. Participants will learn how to recognize and respond to various medical situations, providing essential care and support. Mt. San Antonio College is located in Walnut, California, a suburb approximately 30 minutes from Los Angeles. It is easily accessible by car. 

Outside of New York and LA, there are other metropolitan areas that offer first aid and CPR certifications. In Chicago, Citywide CPR offers a course called Heartsaver First Aid Skills Session Class (Part 2 only). Part one of this class is available only online, but part two involves in-person instruction. This course is great for anyone who wants the benefits of both online and in person learning. After finishing the online segment, students are required to attend an in-person session that focuses on practical skills. This hands-on session provides students with an opportunity for students to apply and demonstrate their acquired skills. 

Upon successful completion of the online and hands-on portions, including skills practice and testing under the supervision of a certified American Heart Association BLS or heartsaver Instructor, students will receive a course card. This card services as official recognition of their qualification as a Heartsaver first aid Provider.

Citywide CPR also provides a course aimed at first aid for the pediatric population. The Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED course focuses on instructing child-care providers and individuals in responding to and effectively managing illnesses and injuries in children or infants during the critical initial minutes before professional help arrives. The course provides comprehensive training in essential first aid principles, including identifying the problem, controlling bleeding, applying bandages, relieving choking, administering epinephrine with a pen, as well as teaching child CPR with an AED and infant CPR techniques. 

Citywide CPR is located in Naperville, Illinois, approximately an hour away from Chicago. Their founding principles include: delivering excellent service, training, and products, all while building and sustaining long-term relationships with clients. 

The city of San Diego also has numerous first aid classes to choose from. The Childcare CPR & First Aid class, hosted by A-B-CPR, is a great option for licensed child care professionals looking to keep their charges safe. The course is an EMSA (Emergency Medical Services Authority) approved course, meaning that it is approved for anyone looking for a more professional certification. 

A-B-CPR also offers a class called Blended CPR/AED & First Aid. If you’re not a licensed healthcare professional but still want to learn CPR, then this is the perfect course for you. It’s tailor made for non-healthcare professionals, such as personal trainers, coaches, school teachers, construction workers, and anyone else who might be interested in learning how to help themselves and those around them. A-B-CPR is located near Mission Valley East, and is run by a husband and wife duo. 

If you’re located in Denver and looking for first aid and CPR classes, you have a few options to choose from. Colorado Cardiac CPR and first aid offers two classes that might be of interest. The First Aid class is for non-healthcare professionals, and covers basic first aid techniques and tactics over the course of three hours. As a result of this course, participants will receive a two year American Health and Safety Association (ASHI) certification. 

The Colorado Cardiac CPR and first aid course also offers a Basic CPR/AED and first aid course for those who want to learn more extensively about first aid and emergency support. At five hours, this course also comes with a two year ASHI certification. The Colorado Cardiac CPR and first aid course covers certification and recertification in first aid, Heartsaver, Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), CPR, and (AED) use. Located in Littleton, Colorado, it serves the Denver area along with the surrounding counties. 

Finally, residents in Charlotte also have an option when it comes to learning first aid. Springs Road Gun Club offers a course called Stop the Bleed: Tactical Medical Fundamentals. In this course, students will learn hemorrhage control, and how to stop bleeding from a wound, how to treat gunshot wound and blast injuries, as well as basic airway and breathing techniques. Students will also learn basic casualty evacuation and phases of care in a tactical environment. This is a great course for anyone who spends time around or handling firearms, and can also be useful to the layperson looking to improve their gun safety and first aid skills. Springs Road Gun Club is located in Hickory, North Carolina, approximately an hour away from Charlotte. 

Virtual First Aid Classes 

You may also choose to take first aid classes virtually. Virtual classes are convenient for those who live outside of metropolitan areas, or those with busy schedules that make it difficult to attend in-person classes. Through virtual platforms, instructors can demonstrate various first aid techniques through video demonstrations and interactive modules. However, there is a hands-on element missing when it comes to learning first aid online. Students may not be able to access, for example, a CPR dummy, and won’t have a chance to practice their skills in practical ways. Students may also need to come with their own supplies, such as a first aid kit. Many certifications also require an in-person class. If you need an official certification, virtual first aid may not be right for you. 

If you do decide that the accessibility of a virtual class is important to you, then you have options. Birth Day Presence, a premier provider of childbirth education and doula services, offers an Infant Safety and CPR Webinar. In this course, students will cover an overview of different infant safety topics, including car seat safety, first aid, and choking relief. Students will have time for a Q&A at the end of the session, and are encouraged to follow along with a doll or CPR dummy.

Someone interested in learning first aid may also be curious about the terminology necessary to navigate the medical field. Los Angeles City College offers an online course called Medical Terminology I. In this course, students will learn medical terms necessary to discuss different body systems, body orientation, diseases, and medical treatments. Participants will leave the course familiar with the vocabulary necessary to understand medical terms and communicate efficiently in the medical field. 

Private Group First Aid Classes

Learning first aid as a group provides collaborative practice and support. It allows participants to share knowledge, refine skills, and simulate real-life scenarios together. This fosters a comprehensive understanding and builds confidence in first aid practice. In addition, group learning creates a supportive community, encouraging motivation and providing networking opportunities for ongoing skill development. If you’re interested in scheduling a first aid class for your private group, then reach out to CourseHorse through the contact form on their website. 

Booking with CourseHorse provides benefits such as the ability to adjust group size after booking, receiving prompt confirmations, avoiding booking fees, and enjoying the convenience of multiple supported platforms. These advantages contribute to a hassle-free and flexible experience for individuals and groups seeking first aid training. 

What Will I Need to Learn First Aid?

In order to learn first aid, you need very little other than a willingness to absorb new information. However, if you’re learning online, or if you want to practice on your own, it might be worth investing or renting in a CPR dummy or substitute. It may also be helpful to have a first aid kit on hand. Here’s what’s in a first aid kit: 

  1. Bandages and Dressings - Adhesive bandages (various sizes), sterile gauze pads, adhesive tape, and elastic bandages (such as Ace bandages) are essential for covering wounds, securing dressings, and providing compression for sprains or strains. 
  2. Antiseptic solutions - Antiseptic wipes or solutions (like hydrogen peroxide or iodine) are used for cleaning wounds and reducing the risk of infection. 
  3. Medical gloves - Disposable gloves are crucial for protecting both the person administering first aid and the injured or ill individual from potential contamination. 
  4. Scissors and tweezers - Scissors with rounded tips and tweezers are useful for cutting tape or clothing, and for removing splinters or foreign objects from the skin. 
  5. Pain relievers and medications - Over the counter pain relievers such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen can help alleviate pain and reduce fever. It’s also advisable to have any prescribed medications specific to personal needs, such as an EpiPen for Severe allergies.
  6. CPR face mask or shield - These devices provide a barrier between the rescuer and the person receiving cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), reducing the risk of infection during rescue breathing.
  7. Emergency blanket - Also known as a space blanket, this lightweight, compact blanket helps retain body heat and provides warmth in emergency situations. 
  8. Instant cold packs - These single-use packs provide cold therapy to reduce swelling or relieve pain caused by sprains, strains, or minor injuries. 
  9. Disposable sterile gloves - These gloves are crucial for preventing the spread of infection and maintaining proper hygiene when attending to wounds or performing medical procedures.
  10. First aid manual or instruction booklet - having a comprehensive guide or manual on basic first aid procedures and techniques is essential for quick reference during emergencies. 

While you don’t need a first aid kit in order to learn first aid, all of these materials may be useful as you gain new skills and practice them. 

Is it Difficult to Learn First Aid?

Learning first aid can vary in difficulty. Basic principles and skills can be learned relatively easily through structured training. Some skills can also be absorbed However, proficiency in more advanced techniques may require more time and practice. Factors such as the complexity of skills, availability of training resources, practical experience, personal aptitude, and emotional preparedness can impact the learning process. While some prior knowledge or healthcare background may be helpful, anyone motivated to learn can acquire basic first aid skills with the right effort.

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