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Central Park (Teens/Adults)

"Wildman" Steve Brill @ 5th Ave & E 106th St, New York, NY

Embark on a culinary adventure through the abundant wilderness of mid-spring, where you'll discover a treasure trove of vibrant flavors and textures. From spicy mustard greens to tender cattail shoots, create an unforgettable salad experience using wild ingredients found in Central Park. Unleash your inner gourmet as you explore the hidden gems of nature's pantry.

(176) All levels 13 and older

Central Park (Kids 12 & Under)

"Wildman" Steve Brill @ 5th Ave & E 106th St, New York, NY

Discover the delicious flavors of the wild in early spring, as you embark on a culinary adventure in Central Park. Join us for a unique experience where you'll learn to forage for wild foods and create mouthwatering dishes using nature's bounty. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to explore the world of wild foods with us!

(176) All levels 7 - 12 years old

AIANY Around Manhattan Architecture

Classic Harbor Line @ 12th Ave, New York, NY

Embark on a captivating journey through NYC's architectural wonders aboard 1920s-inspired yachts. Discover the stories behind iconic landmarks, explore waterfront transformations, and admire engineering marvels while enjoying the breathtaking views of Manhattan's skyline. Join us for an immersive experience narrated by a member of the American Institute of Architects.

(314) All levels 18 and older

Around Manhattan Brunch Cruise

Classic Harbor Line @ 12th Ave, New York, NY

Step aboard a luxurious 1920s-style yacht and indulge in a delectable three-course brunch while enjoying breathtaking views of the iconic Manhattan skyline. Cruise past famous landmarks, such as the Statue of Liberty, the George Washington Bridge, and the United Nations Building, on this unforgettable dining experience on the water.

(314) All levels 15 and older

Sunset Cruise on Yacht Manhattan

Classic Harbor Line @ 12th Ave, New York, NY

Embark on a luxurious and breathtaking journey through the illuminated cityscape of New York, taking in iconic landmarks like the Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge. Indulge in a romantic sunset experience aboard a Gatsby-esque yacht, complete with private tables, complimentary drinks, and stunning views. Discover the elegance and beauty of Manhattan under the setting sun.

(314) All levels 21 and older

Tour Classes Coming Up in Los Angeles

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Sip & Sail

Matter Of Wine

Embark on a unique voyage through Marina Del Rey's scenic harbor aboard a luxury sailboat. Learn the art of wine tasting from an expert while enjoying breathtaking views and a refreshing sea breeze. Join us for an unforgettable experience where every sip is paired with adventure.

All levels 21 and older

Getty Center: Badass Bitches Tour

Museum Hack @ 1200 Getty Center Dr, Los Angeles, CA

Remember when feminism happened, and Georgia O’Keeffe kicked butt, and now museums and the art world totally treat male and female artists with equal value? JK JK IT’S STILL SUPER BAD! On this two-hour tour of The Getty, we get three things done: We celebrate the awesome women who ARE represented. We fill you in on some women you haven’t heard about. We kick some ass - we hack the patriarchy and actually (briefly) raise the percentage of...

(428) All levels 16 and older
No upcoming schedules

Chocolate Love Tour

El Camino College @ 16007 Crenshaw Blvd, Torrance, CA

Indulge in a delectable exploration of the world of chocolate with our immersive tour. Uncover the secrets and stories behind the sweet delight that has captured hearts worldwide.

(176) All levels 18 and older
No upcoming schedules

Sunset Tours

Paddle Method @ 14110 Palawan Way, Marina Del Rey, CA

Spectacular sunsets like you’ve never seen them before! Unwind, and enjoy a night on the water with your friends, a significant other or meet someone new! Cruise under the setting sun and then under the stars and experience the water from a whole new perspective! Paddlers with some previous experience will enjoy this paddle more than those without. Reach out to [email protected] to set-up a time for instruction before your tour!

(12) All levels 16 and older
No upcoming schedules
for 2 students
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Malibu Coast Paddle Tour (For 3 Paddlers)

Paddle Method @ 14110 Palawan Way, Marina Del Rey, CA

This is what stand up paddle boarding is all about! You’ve taken your beginner SUP lessons in a marina, put in some hours on a sunset cruise or Paddle Method Workout and now you are ready to get out on the ocean or bay and into some waves and see the world from a SUP point of view. You have earned it! This is what it’s all about and why we live to SUP. Keep an eye out for dolphins, they like to come say hello if they aren’t feeling shy. Paddle...

(12) Intermediate 16 and older
No upcoming schedules
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Tour Classes Coming Up in Chicago

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Spotlight Garden Tours

Chicago Botanic Garden @ 1000 Lake Cook Road, Glencoe, IL

Discover the secrets of the lush and vibrant gardens of Chicago as experienced horticulturists bring you on an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour. Immerse yourself in the beauty of plant varieties, design elements, and fascinating stories that have been cultivated over the years. Expand your gardening knowledge and be inspired by the expertise of these dedicated professionals.

(126) All levels 18 and older

Lincoln Park Bike Adventure

Discovery Center

Embark on an unforgettable urban expedition through Lincoln Park's diverse landscapes and iconic landmarks. From stunning architecture to serene lagoons and vibrant gardens, discover the city's hidden gems on two wheels. Whether a novice or seasoned rider, delve into this immersive adventure with expert guidance and all-inclusive amenities for an enriching experience.

(279) All levels 16 and older

Beginner Bird Walk

Chicago Botanic Garden @ 1000 Lake Cook Road, Glencoe, IL

Join us on an evening bird walk through the display gardens as we search for songbirds, waterfowl, and raptors.  No prior bird-watching experience is required, and binoculars are recommended but not necessary! 

(126) Beginner 18 and older

Seasons of Grief: Nature’s Healing Power

Chicago Botanic Garden @ 1000 Lake Cook Road, Chicago, IL

Embark on a transformative journey of healing and connection through the restorative power of nature. Discover effective nature-based strategies to integrate into your self-care routine, guided by insights from current grief theory and immersive experiences in the natural world. Join a supportive community where sharing personal stories of loss and healing is facilitated, fostering understanding and resilience amidst life's seasons of grief.

(126) All levels 18 and older

4 sessions

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Forest Bathing Experience

Chicago Botanic Garden @ 1000 Lake Cook Road, Glencoe, IL

Immerse yourself in the healing power of the forest and achieve inner peace through the ancient practice of Japanese forest bathing. Connect with nature's harmony and tranquility as you indulge your senses in a gentle and mindful walk, followed by a serene tea ceremony using native plants. Dress for the weather and let the forest guide you towards serenity.

(126) All levels 18 and older

Tour Classes Coming Up Online

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Bird Talk: The Woodpeckers of Washington

UW Botanic Gardens @ Online Class

Discover the awe-inspiring world of hummingbirds as master birder Connie Sidles unveils their extraordinary abilities and stunning beauty. From defying gravity with their courtship flights to flying faster than the eye can see, these tiny dynamos of the avian world will leave you captivated. Join us to unravel the enchantment of hummingbirds and learn how to attract them to your garden.

(13) All levels 18 and older

Modigliani Unmasked

The Jewish Museum @ Virtual Classroom

Join us for an online workshop for educators exploring Amedeo Modigliani's lyrical drawings, striking paintings, and majestic sculptures featured in the Jewish Museum’s past exhibition, Modigliani Unmasked. Participate in a virtual tour of the exhibition followed by a live drawing workshop to create a series of sketches inspired by work from the exhibition using line, contour, and shading. Modigliani Unmasked was on view at the Jewish Museum from...

(8) All levels 18 and older
No upcoming schedules

The Contemporary Art Scene: The Venice Biennale

92nd Street Y @ Live Interactive Online Classroom

The Venice Biennale is considered the oldest and most prestigious international exhibition of contemporary art. Though the 59th edition closed in November, we’ll visit it virtually. This three-part class will highlight many of the outstanding works presented in this year’s curated exhibition, The Milk of Dreams, in the national pavilions, and in the collateral projects located throughout the city of Venice.

(1068) All levels 18 and older
No upcoming schedules

10 sessions

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The Art of Nature

Chelsea Drawing & Painting Workshops

This is a Zoom Workshop to teach how to draw & paint the natural world. Just as mystics have sought meditative peace in the woods deep quietude, the natural world has also inspired artists of all cultures. They have applied their artistic skills to capture it with the techniques of sketching. The act of sketching requires concentration. Over time with skill, practice, and dedication, sketching can develop into a contemplative art. The...

(221) All levels 16 and older
No upcoming schedules

25 Backyard Feeder Birds

Chicago Botanic Garden @ Online via Zoom

Discover the fascinating world of backyard feeder birds with this online course. Learn about different species, feeding basics, and the importance of water. Don't miss out on this opportunity to deepen your knowledge of our feathered outdoor dining guests.

(126) All levels 18 and older
No upcoming schedules

Tour Classes Coming Up in Boston

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Central Square Cambridge Food and Mural Arts Tour

Off The Beaten Path Food Tours @ 765 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA

Discover the vibrant street art scene and diverse culinary delights of Central Square, Cambridge on this immersive tour. You'll uncover the meaning behind murals and indulge in delicious eats from local establishments. Unleash your inner art and food critic as you explore this hidden gem and experience the evolution of the area through the eyes of knowledgeable local guides.

(12) All levels 15 and older

Harvard Square (Cambridge) Chocolate Tour

Off The Beaten Path Food Tours @ 1350 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA

Indulge in a delectable chocolate adventure through historical Harvard Square in Cambridge. Uncover hidden gems and taste the best chocolate treats while learning fun facts about chocolate. Join us for a unique and surprising experience that will romance your senses.

(12) All levels 15 and older

Union Square (Somerville) Food Tour

Off The Beaten Path Food Tours @ 11 Bow St, Somerville, MA

Discover the cultural and culinary delights of Union Square, Somerville on a foodie adventure like no other. Immerse yourself in the diverse history and exploding food scene of this vibrant neighborhood, while sampling a range of local favorites, ethnic restaurants, and hand-crafted specialty foods that are sure to leave you craving for more.

(12) All levels 15 and older

Tour Classes Coming Up in Houston

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NASA Houston Space Center Tour

Houston City Tours

NASA Tour is scheduled after the complimentary morning Panoramic City Tour. This tour includes: Complimentary 10:00am City Tour from Stop #1 Hilton Americas Hotel Transporation to and from the NASA Space Center Admission to the NASA Space Center Show & Schedule map Guided NASA tram tour  Pick Up Point: Stop 1- Hilton Americas Hotel (West Door next to Papasittos Restaurant) Important Things to Note: Times may vary due to weather...

All levels 12 and older
No upcoming schedules

Galveston Island and Houston City Tour

Houston City Tours

Galveston offers 32 miles of relaxing beaches, superb restaurants, top resort hotels, marvelous downtown shopping, numerous antique stores, incredible art galleries, fabulous entertainment and one of the largest and well-preserved concentrations of Victorian architecture in the country. Itinerary: Start your complimentary 10:00am sightseeing tour from Hilton Americas Hotel located in downtown Houston at the Convention Center area. After the Houston...

All levels 12 and older
No upcoming schedules

City Tour & San Jacinto Monument – Battleship Texas

Houston City Tours

Visit one of the monuments that testifies to Texas’s glory with a trip to the San Jacinto Monument! Located just outside Houston, the San Jacinto is the tallest monument in the U.S. It stands a testament to Texas’s independence, which the state gained from Mexico in the 1830s. From the top of the tower, you’ll get a breathtaking view of Houston that soars even above some of downtown’s tallest skyscrapers! On the ground you’ll visit a museum...

All levels 18 and older
No upcoming schedules

Tour Classes Coming Up in Washington, D.C.

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Georgetown Foodie Tour

Mangia DC Food Tours @ 3430 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC

Embark on a culinary journey through the prestigious Georgetown neighborhood in DC, where you'll uncover hidden gems and learn about the area's rich history. Indulge in tantalizing food samples and discover eateries with important social missions. Get ready to eat like a local and explore this iconic neighborhood!

(3) All levels 17 and older

Georgetown By Land and Canal! (Non-Photog Companion)

Washington Photo Safari @ 5114 Ritchie Rd #644, Bealeton, VA , USA, Bealeton, VA

Embark on a captivating journey through Georgetown's iconic landmarks and historic canal, capturing the essence of its post-modern waterfront, colonial-style architecture, and picturesque scenery. Join a guided photo safari aboard a newly renovated canal boat, led by a period-costumed narrator, and immerse yourself in the rich history of the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal.

(7) All levels 7 and older

Monuments at Night

Washington Photo Safari @ 5114 Ritchie Rd #644, Bealeton, VA , USA, Bealeton, VA

Capture the majesty of Washington, DC's iconic monuments as they come to life under the night sky. Join us for a guided photo tour that will teach you essential nighttime photography techniques and help you achieve postcard-quality images of the Nation's Capital. Don't miss this opportunity to create stunning, black-and-white photographs that truly capture the meaning of each memorial and statue.

(7) All levels 16 and older

Tour Classes Coming Up in Seattle

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Curator Tour: Rhododendron Glen

UW Botanic Gardens @ 2300 Arboretum Drive E, Seattle, WA

Embark on a captivating journey through the Rhododendron Glen of the Washington Park Arboretum. Delve into the secrets of blooming flowers and rare plant collections. Join us for an enriching experience as we unveil the botanical wonders hidden within this picturesque garden.

(13) All levels 18 and older

Meet Seattle's Amphibians!

UW Botanic Gardens @ 3501 NE 41st St, Seattle, WA

Discover Pacific North West's diverse amphibians, crucial for environmental health and invasion detection. Led by Jasmine Baker, differentiate species like Northern and Long-toed Salamanders, and learn about wetland vulnerabilities. Support local amphibian conservation with Woodland Park Zoo and Washington's Fish and Wildlife.

(13) All levels 18 and older

Curator Tour: Hydrangeas in the Arboretum

UW Botanic Gardens @ 2300 Arboretum Drive E, Seattle, WA

Embark on an insightful journey through captivating plant collections. Discover rare species, genetic marvels, and eco-geographic habitats. Learn the fascinating stories behind how these plants found their way to us, enriching your botanical knowledge along the way.

(13) All levels 18 and older

Reviews for Tour

Tour are rated 4.5 stars based on 2,843 verified reviews from actual purchasers.

  • Harvard Square (Cambridge) Chocolate Tour

    Reviewed by Julia W. on 12/28/2023
    Tour size of twelve persons, duration of 90 minutes and choice of venues were ideal. The samples were delicious. Our guide gave us just the right amount of information. Harvard Square was lively but not overcrowded. Even the weather was perfect!
  • Forest Bathing Experience

    Reviewed by Michelle M. on 9/11/2023
    This was my first experience but I have done a lot of research on forest bathing. Sally did a great job! She is so kind and generous and even stayed a little after to talk to me about how I am trying to set up a business of my own around forest bathing. My only suggestion is that the gardens provide a detailed explanation on where to find the group. I was 15 minuets late because I am not the greatest map reader and had to figure out where to go once I parked. Maybe drawing on the map or suggesting a specific parking lot would help. It was a beautiful day and I am SO glad I attended!
  • AIANY Around Manhattan Architecture

    Reviewed by Janet L. on 9/10/2023
    This was wonderful, informative and a perfect way to see the area!!
  • AIANY Around Manhattan Architecture

    Anonymous review on 1/30/2023
    Really wonderful and insightful cruise. Learnt so much about the city and its diverse architecture. Highly recommend, the perfect way to see New York
  • Around Manhattan Brunch Cruise

    Reviewed by Sophie N. on 12/5/2022
    It was amazing! Such a beautiful boat, outstanding views and great menu!
  • AIANY Around Manhattan Architecture

    Reviewed by Christina J. on 11/24/2022
    This was such a lovely experience. We learned a ton, and had a great time.
  • Harvard Square (Cambridge) Chocolate Tour

    Anonymous review on 10/31/2022
    We had a wonderful time. The host was friendly and informative and easy to talk to. We visited lots of wonderful shops around Harvard Square, and of course lots of chocolate!
  • Central Square Cambridge Food and Mural Arts Tour

    Reviewed by Stephanie S. on 10/3/2022
    This was a fun way to explore Mass Ave and the murals along its length in Central Square. The guide was knowledgable about the artists and the pace was relaxed. Portions at the food stops were very generous and we visited some restaurants that would not generally have tried.
  • AIANY Around Manhattan Architecture

    Reviewed by Diane V. on 9/15/2022
    This architectural trip around NYC was by far the best!!! The boat was just the right size, air-conditioned, clean, spacious, and comfortable. During the tour, you got to see all 5 boroughs. The tour guide who led the tour was so informative - we learned so much about all things that we passed on the way. He was never at a loss for words. This made the trip! 3 hours flew by! Loved the complimentary champagne
  • Central Park (Teens/Adults)

    Reviewed by ellen b. on 8/29/2022
    Loved it. But I think there were too many people. Walks should be smaller

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