10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Food Lovers

CourseHorser Evan likes to cook...almost as much as he likes to eat. Whether making his own kimchi, sausage or cheese, or attempting to find the pefect wine to match, Evan knows that an empowered cook in the kitchen in a happy one. Below, Evan's pulled out some of his top hoilday picks for the food lover on your list. Guide is not recommended on an empty stomach.

#1 Pick: Knife Skills for Everyone

The knife is the most important tool in the kitchen, yet very few know how to wield it well. Professional chefs will teach students the right way to slice, dice and chop like a pro, all while keeping one's fingers intact. Classes are hands on and practical, focusing on how to continue improving at home.  

Key Notes:
  • Class will sharpen critical knife skills in the kitchen
  • Hands on, practical formats
  • Focus on useful recipes, tips, tricks and safety 

Say goodbye to mystery meat. Students will learn about the sausage making process and roll up their sleeves to get meaty as they create their very own, all while learning what makes great flavor and texture.

Can't decide on a class? The Cook Card makes the perfect gift for the foodie in your life. Good for use on thousands of the best cooking, wine and cheese classes in NYC, the Cook Class Card is available in any denomination and never expires.

The French know their food. Students will learn to harness their inner Julia Child while preparing delicious French menus that include real French onion soup, bistro-style hanger steak, chocolate souffle and more. 

Lost at the cheese counter? Explore various cheeses, their particularities, and how to pair them perfectly with various foods and drinks. You'll be guided through the cheese-making process and taste a variety of special selections.

Step up behind the bar with a mixology class that will leave students crafting professional quality cocktails in no time. Learn (and sample) how ingredients work together while stirring or shaking your cocktails to perfection. 

Making pickles at home is easy if armed with the right information! Students will learn from the masters about the pickling process and the science behind it, ingredient selection, canning and more as they pickle whatever's in season. 

Learn from renowned chefs how to make delicious, hearty and healthy vegetarian meals that will open up a range of new options in the kitchen and make your carnivorous counterparts jealous. 

All cupcakes are not created equal. In this hands-on class, learn to mix, bake, ice and decorate from the pros. All students will leave with a hefty assortment of their own delectable creations.

Students will learn how to taste, smell and describe wine. Through side by side tasting and comparison, students will explore the different regional characteristics, flavor profiles and pairing tricks for different wines and varietals.