10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Makers

Sophia loves making things. Anything, actually. From the shoes on her feet to the scarf around her neck and the table at her bedside, she believes that what we create ourselves has the most value. Below, find Sophia's top Gift Ideas for the Makers on your holiday list: 

#1 Pick: Knitting Classes

Just in time for winter, students will learn to make everything from funky scarves, hats and socks to mits, ponchos, shawls and more. Whether an experienced knitter or an absolute beginner, there's a class for everyone.

Key Details:
  • Beginner classes focus on how to cast on, knit and purl
  • Advanced classes are often project-based, with students working under the supervision of a seasoned teacher
  • Personal project-based work is welcome!

Whether on paper or fabric, screen printing offers a range of creative opportunities. Classes range from teaching the basics to perfecting printing techniques like repeated patterns, prints and textures. 

Wax carving is a wonderful alternative to metalsmithing and offers great possibilities for jewelers who desire rich, textured surfaces. Students will explore various carving techniques and work on their personal projects.

These are great classes for the aspiring jewelry artist. Students will acquire the skills necessary to create their very own rings with techniques ranging from stacked metal rings to gemstone setting. 

Can't decide on a class? The perfect gift for the DIY/Maker on your list, the Aritsan Card, can be used on thousands of classes across New York City. Cards are available in any denomination and never expire! 

Give a class to help your lucky someone get started on their next project. From knitting, sewing and crochet to shoemkaing, millinery, and leather-working, our textile arts section has the perfect class for you. 

Learn the functional tips and tricks of your camera or subject matter to take stunning photos. These classes will help you move beyond the auto-mode to take advantage of your environment, composition or camera settings.  

Open to complete beginners, classes will introduce students to leather hand-working and stitching. Students will work on their own creations and walk away with a better understanding and appreciation of the medium. 

Students will express themselves through painting as they learn techniques such as mixing, brushwork, composition and texture. Whether new to painting or an experienced artist, all will benefit from individual instruction. 

Discover the artistic wonders of metalsmithing, including techniques like water casting, forging, molding, carving and texturizing. These processes will help take jewelry and sculpture projects to the next level.