UCLA Extension

UCLA Extension

Westwood, Los Angeles, California
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UCLA Extension is the continuing education division of UCLA, founded in 1917.

As one of the nation's oldest, largest, and most comprehensive continuing higher education providers, UCLA Extension gives you all the options and wide range of courses you need.

Extension offers:

  • The excellence that comes with a UCLA-approved curriculum.
  • Open Enrollment - most courses and programs require no admission decision.
  • Evening, weekend, daytime, and online courses.
  • Locations throughout L.A.-Westwood, Downtown, and more.
  • Certificate Programs, transferable undergraduate degree-credit, and continuing education credits.
  • Courses specifically designed for working adults, college students, and lifelong learners.
Take the next step and explore your choices with the following useful links:Browse our current offerings by Field of Study.Learn about Student Resources, including Financial Aid.See how Certificate Programs can enhance your professional skills or jump start a new career.

Whatever your goals, you'll find UCLA Extension provides you with great choices.

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10995 Le Conte Ave, Los Angeles, California 90024
UCLA Extension
Westwood, Westside
10995 Le Conte Ave
At Gayley Ave
Los Angeles, California 90024

Teachers at UCLA Extension

Alan Wallace Andrew Lais Andy Morris Angela Reddock-Wright Bijan Raphael Bob Besser Brandon Shamim Brit Hastey Cameron Andrews Charles E P Wood Daniel Ryan David Bergmann David Weinstein Erik Deutsch Gary Krausz Gregory Habib Heather Boren Jeffrey C. Goodrich Jerald Savin Jillian Kogan Dunn Joe El Rady Jonathan Swire Justin Goss Kevin Mardesich Kevin Grachi Lily Yee Maria Hernandez-Alamin Maria Keller Mark Buchman Martin Cooper Michael Alan Baker Murray Johannsen Nance Rosen Nidal Ramadan Pamela Kelly Richard Kim Ross Reghabi Sam Boutari Sarita Jackson Sean Shahverdian Shael B. Jacobson CPA Stephen Minihan Steven Brand Steven Jager Steven Yamshon Thomas Lewis Thomas McCluskey
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