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With a human-centred approach to learning, all of Imparture’s courses - whether face-to-face or online - are led live by expert trainers. No recorded content or impersonal algorithms to decipher or decode.

The world continues to become increasingly technologically complex. Imparture's goal is to cut through this complexity and help you make sense of the positive opportunity that digital presents.

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Specializing in the most essential and in-demand digital disciplines, Imparture offers a focused selection of courses, designed to update your knowledge and fast-track your career.

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Reviews of Imparture

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Social Media Marketing Immersive


Attended: Social Media Marketing Immersive

I would not recommend this class to any marketing professional, as it was an incredibly basic and poorly organized introduction to social media marketing.

Digital Marketing Foundation

Sean H.

Attended: Digital Marketing Foundation

Thought it was a great class as it pertains to the knowledge/information that came our way - Nina knew a ton - but wish it was a bit more hands on. But given the volume of material, I can see how that would be next to impossible. Something to consider for the future is to extend the class to a third day so that the class can see, via internet, how many of the things discussed are actually applied. Just a thought. Glad I took the course though - looking forward to diving deep into the slides.

Digital Marketing Foundation

Jay A.

Attended: Digital Marketing Foundation

The content was good, however, it was too much to take in in just two days (383 slides). Also, because of the amount of content not enough time was invested into each topic to be covered in detail. There were no examples of how to access and then put to tools being covered to use. For example, when I got back to the office and tried to set up Google Analytics, I realized that the basic step of accessing the tool and creating an account was not covered. Additionally, we had an issue with billing our President signed up and paid the full cost of the class (for 3 participants) and it turns out that there was an early bird special that we qualified for since signup and payment was completed before it expired and to date we have not been credited the difference. Overall, not happy with the service and content. Sorry, just trying to offer constructive criticism.

Digital Marketing Foundation

Gary D.

Attended: Digital Marketing Foundation

Gary D. gave this class 3 out of 5 CourseHorse stars.

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Google Analytics Immersive
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