Portia Iversen

Teaches at Santa Monica College

Portia Iversen is an Emmy Award winning Set Decorator whose creative life has had many chapters. Starting out as a fine and graphic arts major, Portia studied painting, drawing and printmaking as well as animation and documentary filmmaking. 

After college she went on to work as an illustrator of children’s books and educational materials. Her interest in filmmaking eventually lead her to a career in entertainment, first as a set decorator for film and television and later as a writer for television. Portia spent her middle years becoming an autism expert and starting the Cure Autism Now foundation, during which time she wrote the book ‘Strange Son’, about her nonverbal son with autism who learned to communicate. 

More recently Portia has turned her attention back to her creative roots and taken up graphic design and crafting, including creating handmade decoupage-under-glass plates, which can be seen in her online store www.portiaelizabeth.com. She also hosts creative workshops where she teaches arts and crafts projects.

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