Arrington de Dionyso

Teaches at Santa Monica College

An uncompromising voice in contemporary music, Arrington de Dionyso integrates ancient sound-making techniques with trans-modernistic inquiries into the nature of consciousness. His propulsive improvisations utilize voice and reeds (primarily bass clarinets and his invention, the Bromiophone) as multiphonic tools in the navigation of liminal spaces between shamanic seance and rock and roll ecstasy. 

While deeply rooted in punk’s inclination to tear down musical standards in an effort for liberation, Arrington’s music weds its no-wave iconoclasm with the spiritual searching of Ayler-era free jazz to reach towards an unveiling of primordially potent universalities. His compositions embrace sounds as colors, placing emphasis on complementary spectrums — from circular overtones whispered through bamboo flutes to the penetrating deep and guttural howls of amplified throat singing — all with the lungs of an athlete.

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Building Experimental Woodwinds

Ian M.

Attended: Building Experimental Woodwinds

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