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Film Finance Seminar

Lauren T.

Attended: Film Finance Seminar

I'm so disappointed with my experience with this class. After signing up nearly a month ago, I continued to receive emails stating that the location would be emailed out soon. I live in Boston and was commuting to NYC for this class. A week before the class was supposed to take place, I still had not heard anything about the location so I reached out to CourseHorse for more information. The only response I got to any inquiries was that the location would be sent out "soon." Fast forward to THE DAY BEFORE the class was supposed to take place, and I still didn't know where I was supposed to be going. It was at this point that I requested a refund. It was at this time that I was informed by a CourseHorse representative that the school still had not released the location, and that I wouldn't get a refund unless they cancelled the course. The tickets were sent out only ten hours before the class was supposed to start. I couldn't make it to the city in time, and therefore didn't attend the class. Needless to say, they're refusing to give me a refund despite their lack of communication and professionalism. I'll definitely think twice before using CourseHorse again.

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