Gretchen Robinette

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Gretchen Robinette is a New York-based photographer and filmmaker currently covering live music, social issues, and cultural scenes. She first discovered her passion for live music photography as a regular contributor to SF Weekly from 2006-2010, while completing a BA in Photojournalism at San Francisco State University. For the last decade, she has documented all genre's of music from punk to hip-hop to folk and classical. She has shot bands on every type of stage from DIY warehouses in Mexico City to Madison Square Garden's arena, as well as numerous music festivals and touring with bands. Lately, she has been focusing more on turning the lens away from the stage to document the fans and environment surrounding the music performance. Her work has been exhibited in galleries throughout the U.S. and internationally and she was selected for Feature Shoot's story telling event "The Blow Up: New York City's Best Music Photographers" alongside photography icons Bob Gruen, Danny Clinch, and David Godlis in 2015. Gretchen's clients include The New York Times, Gothamist, High Times Magazine, Brooklyn Vegan, The Village Voice, Rolling Stone, The Wall Street Journal, and more. She is represented for photographic syndication by Redux Pictures.

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