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Discover the art of glass blowing with online classes that cover the techniques and skills needed to create stunning glass pieces. From beginner workshops to advanced courses, find hands-on classes that unleash your creativity.

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Reverse Glass Mixed Media Art

Ginger Lou

Reverse glass art is the process of placing the artistic medium onto the inside of the glass within a picture frame. The art is placed in the reverse order, meaning the first layer you place on the glass is the first layer you will see when viewing it from the other side. You imagine what you are doing and how it will look in your mind’s eye, but you can also lift and to peek to see how it will present to the viewer. This is a very fun and imaginative...

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Discover the Best Glass Blowing Classes Online

Glass blowing is a profession that is hundreds of years old. It involves blowing air through a tube to shape a piece of molten glass. Glass Blowers begin the process by heating the glass in a furnace, then gathering it on the end of a blowpipe. Next, they blow through the pipe in order to inflate the glass. The glass can then be molded into a variety of different shapes, after which it is slowly cooled in a specialized oven. Many glass blowers spend years mastering their craft.

Why You Should Learn Glass Blowing Online

Glass blowing can be a rewarding hobby, particularly for people who like to be creative, since it involves a high level of creativity. Glass Blowers can experiment with shape, color, and texture to create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. Some people find that this creative hobby can also turn into a lucrative side job when they find that there are many people willing to buy their artistic creations.

Learning to blow glass can also be a great way to connect with a larger community. Glass blowing is a popular hobby, and there are many different local and national glass blowing groups. There are a variety of ways for Glass Blowers to connect with other people who share their interests including joining clubs, participating in exhibitions, and joining workshops.

Virtual Glass Blowing Classes 

With a virtual class, students receive real-time instruction via a conferencing platform like Zoom. Virtual classes have become increasingly popular in recent years because they include live instruction and immediate feedback, just like an in-person class, but they give students the flexibility of attending from anywhere with an internet connection. A downside to virtual classes is that students usually have to supply their own materials.

For a skill like glass blowing, virtual instruction is far less common than it is with many other types of classes. This is because glass blowing requires specialized and expensive equipment like a furnace, that most people do not have access to. As a result, most people who want to learn glass blowing opt for in-person classes, where equipment and materials are generally provided.

Students who are interested in working with glass will find some other glass-related classes that they can take virtually, however. For example, the Chicago Botanic Garden–based in Chicago–runs many virtual classes on a variety of different types of art. For example, in A Starry Night in Glass Mosaics, students learn how to create a glass mosaic of Vincent Van Gogh’s famous “Starry Night” painting. There are two class sessions, and they are online through Zoom. Tuition for this class is $249, and it includes the cost of materials.

Glass Etching, offered by CraftJam, is another virtual option for those who want to work with glass. The Glass Etching workshop is designed for beginners. It takes place through Zoom, and costs $27.22. Participants need to have etching solution, brushes, stencils, and four glasses. The instructor teaches the techniques of etching glass. CraftJam believes that there are many benefits associated with being creative and offers a variety of different creative workshops, both in person and virtually.

Some people who are interested in glass blowing also find that they like other types of art that they create with their hands. For example, some artists like weaving. The Chicago Botanic Garden offers Introduction to Weaving in a virtual format. This eight-session class covers a variety of different weaving techniques including basket, twill, pile, and twining. Instructors also teach students how to make their own looms. Enrollment in this class is $374.

Another hands-on art class that can be useful to artists of any type–including those who want to work with glass–is Color Mixing. In this class, students learn to mix accurate and vivid colors in a variety of different hues. As part of the class they also create color charts for permanent reference. This class runs for six sessions, and costs $374. While students work with watercolor, they can apply their color-mixing knowledge to many other mediums.

Private Online Group Glass Blowing Classes

Learning glass blowing can be fun to do as a group, and CourseHorse is a great place to look for group classes, since it offers glass blowing classes for private groups. It also offers group classes on a range of other artistic topics. For example, there is a Virtual Terrarium Workshop, which can accommodate up to 50 people, at a cost of $75 per person. In this one-hour class, the group makes a terrarium that can be hung up or displayed on a shelf or table. All materials are shipped to participants in advance.

Another virtual option is Virtual Clay Hand Building. This class costs $75 per person, and can be attended by up to 500 people. It is appropriate for beginners, with no experience working with clay. Participants create a planter or candle holder after learning basic pottery techniques. All materials are supplied, and air-dry clay is used so that no kiln is needed.

When an event is booked through CourseHorse, no registration is required, and there are also no booking fees. In addition, CourseHorse sends a class confirmation within 24 hours of booking. Another advantage of booking with CourseHorse is their flexible change policy, where changes to the total size can be made up to 72 hours before the event, as long as the minimum group size has been met. In addition, most private events can be brought to a private home or office space. For more information about scheduling a private event, Contact CourseHorse.

Online vs. In-Person Glass Blowing Classes

Online classes take place virtually through a platform like Zoom. Instructors lecture in real-time and offer immediate feedback, just like with an in-person class. Online training offers more flexibility than in-person training; rather than commuting, students simply log onto their computers from any location with internet service. As a result, it has become popular in the past few years. 

However, when it comes to learning glass blowing, online classes are not always the best option. Glass blowing requires a number of pieces of specialized and expensive equipment–including a furnace–that most students do not have access to at home, so for most people, it is better to take an in-person glass blowing class, where all of the necessary equipment is provided.

Can I Learn Glass Blowing for Free Online?

There are many free online glass blowing resources. These range from step-by-step tutorials for beginners, to instructional videos focused on advanced skills such as working with canes. Free online resources can be a good way to get started, or to learn specific techniques, however, most people who want to learn glass blowing find that a formal class is the best option. The benefit of a formal class is that students can learn from an expert, who knows what to do, and what not to do, when it comes to this complex skill. Another advantage of a class is that all necessary equipment is usually provided. When it comes to glass blowing, this includes a number of expensive items, such as a furnace, that the majority of students do not have access to at home.

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