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Servsafe Food Manager's Course Online + Live Teacher

This class is temporarily being offered remotely.

at Westchester Food Safety -

Servsave 1) Providing Safe Food 2) Forms of Contamination 3) The Safe Food Handler 4) The Flow of Food: Intro 5) The Flow of Food: Purchasing, Receiving, and Storage 6) The Flow of Food: Preparation 7) The Flow of Food: Service 8) Food Safety Management Systems 9) Safe Facilities & Pest Managment 10) Cleaning & Sanitizing SERVSAFE FOOD...

Monday Jan 25th, 12am - 11:55pm Eastern Time

Mobile Product Photography for your website

This class is temporarily being offered remotely.

at PhotoManhattan -

This workshop is available Online.As of now all classes are online only. It's a fully interactive Virtual classroom with time for questions & answers and assignments review. It's simple, we'll email all registrants a link to join in.We'll allow in-Person attendance when it becomes possible. This crash course is designed for individuals...

Tuesday May 25th, 3:45pm - 5:30pm Eastern Time

  (2 sessions)

2 sessions

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Elite Interview Prep

This class is temporarily being offered remotely.

at Byte Academy - Byte Academy Virtual Campus

What You'll Learn We'll focus on the core techniques to help you crack the coding interview! This workshop covers: Data Structures Arrays Sets Hashmaps (dictionaries) Linked lists Trees Heaps and Graphs Algorithms Sorting Searching Traversals Recursion and Dynamic Programming Practice One-on-one mock interviews Personalized Feedback

No upcoming schedules

8 sessions

Culture & Negotiation

This class is temporarily being offered remotely.

at NegotiateUP -

Not everyone in the world has the same interests. Not everyone in the world uses the same strategy when negotiating. Nevertheless, there are systematic differences in how people use negotiation strategy and these systematic differences are related to their cultural identities.  In this unit, you will encounter the challenge of learning about...

No upcoming schedules

Should you make the first offer?

This class is temporarily being offered remotely.

at NegotiateUP -

The first offer is one of the most critical components of any negotiation but practitioners have been divided on whether it is a good idea to make the first offer, going as far to write books titled “Never Make the First Offer” In this workshop, you will learn research-backed strategies on when and how to make the first offer in a negotiation....

No upcoming schedules

Bartering Mindset

This class is temporarily being offered remotely.

at NegotiateUP -

We use money to solve our everyday problems, and it generally works well. Despite its economic benefits, however, money has a psychological downside: it trains us to think about negotiations narrow-mindedly, leading us to negotiate badly. Suggesting that we need a non-monetary mindset to negotiate better, The Bartering Mindset shows us how to look...

No upcoming schedules

How do you prepare for a Negotiation?

This class is temporarily being offered remotely.

at NegotiateUP -

Effective preparation is the single most important thing you can do to improve your negotiation success. But how does one prepare effectively for negotiation? What are the factors one should pay attention to that may influence negotiation outcomes? What are the parameters one has to know before sitting at the bargaining table? How does one set the...

No upcoming schedules

Negotiation for Professionals

at NegotiateUP -

Who should take this course  The “Negotiation for Professionals” online course is designed for busy business professionals who are looking for a top-flight graduate-level negotiation course that is condensed into eight weeks. It is particularly well suited for graduates of MBA, JD, and MD programs who did not take a negotiation course in...

No upcoming schedules

9 sessions

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