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Peaceable Dragon

Provider Description

Peaceable Dragon is a consortium of instructors and students of the internal arts who seek to further develop and enhance their physical, emotional and spiritual condition. It is a collaboration of expertise in a variety of styles of Qigong, Taijiquan, Yoga, Meditation and other Internal Arts. Participants focus on the awareness of a loving universal power within and the cultivation of that energy for the invigoration of individual and community health. 

The Dragon in Chinese historiography is a symbol of power, loyalty, dignity, compassion, and wisdom. This heavenly being seeks to actualize its attributes in the world as a means of self-fulfillment. The dragon is here to protect the helpless and assist those in need. The heart of the dragon is composed of concentrated unconditional love, the product of centuries of training and experience.

In China there is a legend of an entire village engulfed in murky qi which threatened the very soul of each inhabitant. Two dragons from heaven descended in a mighty flurry and, with enormous inhalation of healing breath, devoured the troublesome contaminant. As the dragons rose into the clouds, the villagers heard evidence of the cleansing in thunderous reverberation in the sky. Today the descendants tell of heavenly dragons that become human and are known by their quality of pure love within.

The word “Peaceable” reminds us of the painting by Quaker artist Edward Hicks in which the lion and the lamb are pictured together in a state of relaxed concentration. These traditional antagonists preserve their essential characteristics and find completion through association with each other. Peaceable Dragon believes that we gain through openness to ideas and concepts that emphasize the cultivation of the original nature within. It seeks to assist with personal transformation while enhancing those characteristics that make us who we are.
6500 Lakehaven Ln, Washington, DC 22039
Peaceable Dragon
6500 Lakehaven Ln
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