Bryant Menn & Dan Robertson

Teaches at General Assembly

Bryant Menn
Data Scientist,
Philips Wellcentive

Bryant is a data scientist at Philips Wellcentive working on machine learning applications for patient care management. Prior to being a data scientist, he has worked as a data quality analyst and software engineer at Wellcentive developing an internal analytics platform. He has a bachelors in biomedical engineering from Georgia Tech. In his free time, he is usually is tinkering, getting his feet wet in IoT or experimenting with big data analytics/ML on his home server.

Dan Robertson
Software Engineer,

Dan Robertson is a Software Engineer at Tripwire working on a network vulnerability scanner. Dan is a real autodidact, spending much of his free time coding in Python, C++, and the emerging high-performance language Rust. In his free time he enjoys contributing to open-source projects including LibreOffice and Servo.

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