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Beginner Photography Classes Washington, D.C.

Learn the basics of photography in the vibrant city of Washington, D.C. with classes covering topics such as camera settings, composition, and lighting techniques.

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A Special Canon EOS R Series Mirrorless Camera Users Photo Safari

Washington Photo Safari @ 5114 Ritchie Rd #644, Bealeton, VA , USA, Bealeton, VA

Discover the hidden features of your Canon EOS R series mirrorless camera on this immersive photo safari led by a knowledgeable enthusiast. Unleash the full potential of your camera's menu settings and learn how to maximize autofocus, wireless features, and more. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your photography skills and capture stunning images.

Sunday, May 19th, 2–4:30pm Eastern Time

F-Stops and Shutter Speeds

Washington Photo Safari @ 5114 Ritchie Rd #644, Bealeton, VA , USA, Bealeton, VA

Master the art of manual photography and take control of your camera with this hands-on photography workshop in Washington, DC. Discover the secrets behind capturing crisp portraits, blurred backgrounds, and breathtaking landscapes. Join us at the iconic Smithsonian Castle and Enid Haupt Gardens for an unforgettable photography experience.

Saturday, Mar 2nd, 2:30–5pm Eastern Time

Full Moonrise Over the Nation's Capital from Sky Dome

Washington Photo Safari @ 5114 Ritchie Rd #644, Bealeton, VA , USA, Bealeton, VA

Experience the breathtaking beauty of the National Mall and Washington, D.C. like never before, as you capture stunning twilight and moonlight shots from the 15-story high Sky Dome atop the DoubleTree by Hilton in Arlington, VA. Join professional photographer E. David Luria as he guides you in mastering the art of twilight and moonlight photography, with the chance to place the full moon directly over the iconic Washington Monument! Don't miss this unique opportunity to capture postcard-worthy images from a panoramic vantage point.

Sunday, Feb 25th, 6:30–9pm Eastern Time

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Photoshop For Photographers

Capital Photography Center @ 1616 H St NW, Washington, DC

Master the art of Photoshop and unlock its full potential for photographers in this hands-on training. Learn the essential techniques, from layers and masks to retouching tools and composites, to confidently enhance your images. Discover tips and tricks that will save you time and simplify your Photoshop workflow.

Sunday, Mar 10th, 9am–5pm Eastern Time

Orchids and Artwork on Display at the National Portrait Gallery

Washington Photo Safari @ 5114 Ritchie Rd #644, Bealeton, VA , USA, Bealeton, VA

The Orchids are back at the National Portrait Gallery! If you love to photograph flowers, there is nothing prettier than an orchid! Orchids are amazing – their ability to adapt to different habitats has made them one of the most diverse plant families on earth, with more than 28,000 species worldwide! Here is an opportunity to photograph an extraordinary collection of orchids entitled “The Future of Orchids: Conservation and Collaboration”....

Sunday, Feb 25th, 2:30–5pm Eastern Time

Exploring Macro Photography

Capital Photography Center @ 100 Maryland Ave SW, Washington, DC

Uncover the captivating world of small subjects in this technical and creative macro photography course. Discover essential skills such as precise focusing techniques, maximizing depth of field, and modifying light with diffusers and reflectors. Get ready to explore the art of up-close photography at Capital Photography Center.

Sunday, Feb 25th, 10am–1:30pm Eastern Time

Cherry Blossoms at Sunrise

Washington Photo Safari @ 5114 Ritchie Rd #644, Bealeton, VA , USA, Bealeton, VA

Capture the enchanting beauty of cherry blossoms at the break of dawn with this exclusive photography tour in Washington, D.C. Immerse yourself in the soft golden light filtering through the blossoms as you photograph iconic landmarks framed by nature's delicate artistry. Join us for an unforgettable morning of creativity and inspiration.

Sunday, Mar 24th, 6–8am Eastern Time

Fieldwork - Photo Basics at American Art Museum

Capital Photography Center @ 8th St NW & F St NW, Washington, DC

Refine your photography skills and learn to capture stunning images using manual exposure modes in this hands-on fieldwork course at the American Art Museum. Explore various settings, from ISO to shutter speed, and practice composition techniques to create visually captivating photographs. Join us and enhance your photography abilities in a professional and supportive environment.

Saturday, Feb 24th, 11:40am–2:10pm Eastern Time

Smartphone Photography at the Museum of American Art/National Portrait Gallery

Washington Photo Safari @ 5114 Ritchie Rd #644, Bealeton, VA , USA, Bealeton, VA

Unleash your smartphone's storytelling potential at the National Museum of American History. Capture powerful images, learn composition techniques, and master low-light photography to truly make an impact with your art. Join us for a safari designed for smartphone users, and discover the stories waiting to be told.

Saturday, Mar 16th, 1–4pm Eastern Time

Real Estate and Architectural Photography

Washington Photo Safari @ 5114 Ritchie Rd #644, Bealeton, VA , USA, Bealeton, VA

Uncover the stunning architecture of Washington, DC as you embark on a unique guided photography experience led by a professional photographer. Capture the beauty and history of iconic landmarks, including the US Capitol, White House, and Lincoln Memorial, in the soft morning light. Bring your camera and let your creativity soar on this architectural safari through the nation's capital.

Saturday, Mar 16th, 2:30–5pm Eastern Time

Waterfalls of the Potomac

Capital Photography Center @ 9200 Old Dominion Dr, Virginia, DC

Capture the breathtaking beauty of the Great Falls of the Potomac River at dawn. Join Corey Hilz on a photography adventure where you'll learn how to shoot in low light, capture flowing water, and compose stunning waterscapes. Don't miss this opportunity to create stunning images of this natural wonder in the DC area.

Saturday, Apr 20th, 5:30–8:30am Eastern Time

Exploring Headshot Photography

Capital Photography Center @ 218 N Lee St, Washington, DC

Discover the essential techniques for lighting, posing, and interacting with headshot clients in this hands-on photography class at the Capital Photography Center. Join Laura Hatcher in her studio in Old Town, Alexandria, and master the skills needed to capture stunning and professional headshots that leave a lasting impression on your clients. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your headshot photography skills - enroll now!

Sunday, Apr 7th, 1–4:30pm Eastern Time

A Tiny Adventure: Let’s do Macro Photography

Washington Photo Safari @ 5114 Ritchie Rd #644, Bealeton, VA , USA, Bealeton, VA

Unlock the hidden wonders of the natural world through macro photography on this extraordinary excursion in Rock Creek Park. Discover the intricate details of spring flowers and emerging insects as you learn how to capture their beauty up close. Join us for an unforgettable journey into the world of macro photography.

Sunday, Apr 7th, 8–10am Eastern Time

Creating A Photography Website

Capital Photography Center @ 8136 Porter St, Falls Church, VA

Learn how to showcase your photography skills and create a professional website with Adobe Portfolio at Capital Photography Center. Join Rick Frankle as he guides you through the process from start to finish, including planning, building, and maintaining your site. Enhance your online presence and take your photography career to the next level.

Saturday, Apr 6th, 9:30am–12pm Eastern Time

Getting started in Real Estate Photography

Capital Photography Center

Are you ready to excel in the dynamic field of Real Estate Photography? Join our comprehensive class at Capital Photography Center and learn essential lighting techniques, composition theory, and more. Enroll now and take your skills to the next level!

Sunday, May 19th, 1–4:30pm Eastern Time

Painting with Light

Capital Photography Center @ 2823 King St, Alexandria, VA

Unleash your creativity and learn the art of illuminating your subjects like a painter at Capital Photography Center's unique course. Master the technique of "Painting with Light" under the guidance of instructor Marie Joabar and discover limitless possibilities in creating lighting masterpieces. Join us for an unforgettable experience at the historic Ivy Hill Cemetery at nighttime.

Saturday, Apr 13th, 6–9pm Eastern Time

Hillwood Museum and Gardens

Washington Photo Safari @ 5114 Ritchie Rd #644, Bealeton, VA , USA, Bealeton, VA

Discover the beauty of the Hillwood Museum and Gardens in Washington, DC, as you learn valuable photography techniques from expert instructors. Capture stunning images of the paths, mansion, greenhouse, statuary, and Japanese Gardens, and even explore low-light shooting without a tripod inside the museum. Join us for an unforgettable photography experience in this elegant and popular destination.

Sunday, Jun 9th, 2:30–4:30pm Eastern Time

Dogs and Their People: Capture their unique relationship

Washington Photo Safari @ 5114 Ritchie Rd #644, Bealeton, VA , USA, Bealeton, VA

Learn how to capture the emotional bonds between dogs and their people at Washington Photo Safari. Join this course to discover techniques for photographing dogs and their owners in beautiful settings, and learn how to use lighting, composition, and poses to create meaningful and hilarious portraits. Don't miss this opportunity to capture the unique relationship between dogs and their people through the lens of your camera.

Saturday, Jun 15th, 8:30–10:30am Eastern Time

Photographing Lotus and Water Lilies at Kenilworth Aquatic Park

Washington Photo Safari @ 5114 Ritchie Rd #644, Bealeton, VA , USA, Bealeton, VA

Discover the hidden oasis of Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens and capture the vibrant beauty of lotus and water lilies in this exclusive photography course. Immerse yourself in the natural splendor of the park and learn how to create stunning images using various techniques and equipment. Unleash your creative vision and join us for a memorable morning of photographing nature's wonders.

Saturday, Jul 13th, 7:45–10:45am Eastern Time

Marine Corps Sunset Parade at the Iwo Jima Memorial

Washington Photo Safari @ 5114 Ritchie Rd #644, Bealeton, VA , USA, Bealeton, VA

Capture the essence of Marine professionalism and discipline at the breathtaking Marine Corps Sunset Parade, held every Tuesday evening during the summer at the iconic U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial in Arlington. Witness the mesmerizing performances by The Commandant's Own Marine Corps Drum and Bugle Corps and the Silent Drill Platoon, as they showcase their precision and skill. Immerse yourself in the rich history and photographic opportunities of this unique experience.

Tuesday, Jul 16th, 6:30–8:30pm Eastern Time

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