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Technical Institute of America

The Technical Institute of America is a leading technology training company in New York City that offers a wide range of courses in Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco, CompTIA, and PMI. With licensed instructors and a focus on hands-on learning, they provide the best learning experience at affordable prices.

Provider Description

The Technical Institute of America is a technology training company. Our passion for helping individuals and businesses learn technology has made us the number one technology company in New York City. Every year we train thousands in a variety of Microsoft®, Adobe®, Cisco®, CompTIA®, and PMI® courses. As an instructor founded company, we are focused and committed in providing the best learning experience with affordable prices.

Our optimized business processes have allowed us to offer excellent courses at the lowest prices in the city. We strive to provide an enriched learning environment. The major benefits to enrolling in our courses:

  • Licensed by the New York State Education Department. Always check to ensure you attend a license school.
  • Better Business Bureau Accredited Business.
  • We are one of a very few schools that has been accredited by the better business bureau.
  • We train thousands of students every year with an average score of 8.7 out of 9 for our classroom quality and instructor evaluations.
  • Hands on training. All of our courses are taught on computers and completely instructor led Instructors have an average of ten years teaching experience with real world experience in their respective specialties.
  • Microsoft authorized courseware and Microsoft certified trainers.
  • PMI® registered education provider for authorized PMP® courses.
  • CompTIA® authorized courses with CompTIA® certified technical trainers.
  • Free retake for all courses offered.
  • Knowledgeable educational consultants concerned with your educational needs.
  • State of the Art technology including large screen projectors and ample desk space.
  • Ergonomic chairs to provide maximum comfort to our students.
  • Extensive clientele, including fortune 500 companies.
545 8th Ave 4th Floor, New York, NY 10018
Technical Institute of America
Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan
545 8th Ave 4th Floor
Btwn 37th & 38th Streets
New York, New York 10018

Reviews of Technical Institute of America

(4.2-star rating across 632 reviews)
  • Revit Level 1

    Reviewed by Pat Griffin M. on 10/5/2023
    Excellent Class, Excellent teacher!
  • AutoCAD Level 1

    Anonymous review on 3/16/2023
    I felt the class was very informative. I would’ve liked more workshop time to practice the skills that we learned to help it sink in and have some more hands-on experience.
  • QuickBooks Basic

    Reviewed by Camilo C. on 2/2/2023
    The class was really hopefully, give you some basic ideas how to work with the system and other options to be more efficient and feel comfortable with that.
  • AutoCAD Level 1

    Reviewed by Nico B. on 11/3/2022
    The teacher was fantastic. He gave thorough, succinct descriptions of the commands within the AutoCAD software, interspersed with folksy bromides and the anecdotes of an entertaining life. Enjoyed the class and learned a lot. Thanks!
  • Revit Level 1

    Reviewed by Julia G. on 10/29/2022
    Joe is a really amazing teacher and also an awesome person!
  • QuickBooks Basic

    Reviewed by Agnieszka O. on 10/23/2022
    All of my questions were answered! Thank you Rafael !
  • Microsoft Excel Essentials

    Anonymous review on 9/8/2022
    The class was excellent. He was a very thorough and helpful instructor and not to mention very friendly. I’m glad that I decided to take this course when I did.
  • QuickBooks Basic

    Reviewed by Ines V. on 8/16/2022
    Class was cancelled, but I am looking forward to rescheduling asap!
  • Microsoft Excel Essentials

    Anonymous review on 7/31/2022
    We waited online for the class to begin and after calls, emails, and waiting 40 minutes, finally were able to join the class. Once we joined, we could not hear the instructor clearly. I would not recommend offering the class online unless the equipment has been tested and ensured the students can hear and participate.
  • Microsoft Excel Essentials

    Anonymous review on 7/27/2022
    Hello, the description of the class mentioned “pivot tables”, which is the reason that I signed up, only to find out that “pivot tables “ is a part of advanced Excel. Thank you.
  • AutoCAD Level 2

    Reviewed by David M D. on 10/26/2021
    Joe is an amazing instructor, I went into the class with great concern that my lack of computer skills would make the class difficult. Joe was easy to follow and made the class interesting and fun, the 7 hour class flew by. I definitely recommend the class for first timers or those just trying to polish up on their skills.
  • AutoCAD Level 1

    Reviewed by Cailey D. on 9/16/2021
    Joe was an outstanding teacher! Very engaging, incredibly experienced & the energy of the class was very positive. He has some funny stories that he will share throughout the class as well. I would highly recommend this class for anyone wanting to begin their AutoCad education. Hoping to come back for level 2 or to attend remotely soon.
  • Microsoft Excel Essentials

    Reviewed by Kim J. on 12/21/2020
    Love this class, Andrew is very knowledgeable and patient. The class went at a brisk clip, so it is not for Excel beginners! He has a very clear, straightforward way of explaining things and I got a lot more out of this class then previous Excel classes I have taken.
  • AutoCAD Level 1

    Reviewed by mary o. on 11/16/2020
    Pretty good overview. Small class - if you aren't great at learning software, you should take more than once.
  • CompTIA A+ Certification (Virtual)

    Reviewed by Kevin M. on 11/8/2020
    There appeared to several issues with spelling and grammar in the written course materials that could be corrected by proof-reading the material. There's also an issue with the Core 2 Mock test presented. In addition to spelling grammar issues, there are questions which end mid-sentence and also questions presented as multiple answers, but only had an option to select a single answer. Juan's knowledge of the material was quite good.
  • CompTIA Security+ Certification

    Anonymous review on 8/24/2020
    Concise class with helpful tips for registration, learning and of course, preparation for the exam. Friendly trainer always open to questions.
  • Microsoft Excel Essentials

    Reviewed by Heather D. on 6/14/2020
    I taught overall it was an okay class. Also, the class ended about 430pm and it was suppose to end 6pm.
  • Bookkeeping Basics

    Anonymous review on 3/30/2020
    It was not a great class. Rapheal rushed through the material, and didn't explain the principals behind the exercises. He really didn't teach - he just read from a power point and rushed through the answers. He would solicit the room for "questions", but if you had one, you were made to feel like you were being disruptive by stopping the flow of the class to bother him with a question. You also were not given any practice materials, worksheets to work along with him during the class which was really unfortunate. His idea of a practice exercise was to put a student on the spot in front of the class to work through a practice exam question which puts a lot of pressure on students and doesn't really provide any real teaching (just other students yelling out answers). I'm glad I got the chapters of the book via an email with the working papers after the 1st class, because I didn't want to waste my time with the remaining classes. This class is a waste of money / investment. He prides himself in being able to teach bookeeping in a shorter time than most colleges, but he doesn't fully execute any of the concepts or actually teach. Definitely don't recommend TIA to anyone and definitely don't recommend Bookeeping Basics there (Rapheal is the only one that teaches this class).
  • AutoCAD Level 1

    Reviewed by Atara F. on 3/5/2020
    Class was so easy to follow and Joe was amaizng!
  • Microsoft Excel Essentials

    Reviewed by Henry Y. on 2/18/2020
    Instructor was super knowledgeable made excel easy. This course was perfect for me since I need something quick and easy. I now fully understand how to make charts correctly and what can cause functions to fail. This class will save me tons of time at work. I highly recommend.
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Review Summary by CourseHorse

Students who have taken classes at the Technical Institute of America have general positives feelings about their experiences. Some students praised the instructors for being knowledgeable, thorough, patient, and engaging. They felt that the classes provided them with valuable skills and knowledge that they can apply in their work. For example, one student mentioned that they learned how to handle many skills in this course. Overall, most students had positive experiences and felt that they learned valuable skills. Quotes: 1. "Instructor was super knowledgeable made excel easy. This course was perfect for me... I now fully understand how to make charts correctly and what can cause functions to fail. This class will save me tons of time at work. I highly recommend." 2. "Joe is an amazing instructor...the 7 hour class flew by. I definitely recommend the class for first timers or those just trying to polish up on their skills." 3. "The teacher was fantastic...Enjoyed the class and learned a lot. Thanks!"

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