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Conscious Kids

at Infinity Foundation - Highland Park 1280 Old Skokie Valley Rd, Highland Park, Illinois 60035

Find out how your child can fill up his/her bucket with daily awareness practices and mindfulness based techniques used to regulate emotions and manage moods with healthy energy channeling. Through games and fun activities, your child can experience the energy of chakras, color, and sound.  Use affirmations, breath work, balancing exercises,...

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Check Out Your Intuition

at Infinity Foundation - Highland Park 1280 Old Skokie Valley Rd, Highland Park, Illinois 60035

When you make a decision but have a funny feeling in your gut, you may question if it is the right decision. That gut feeling is one to trust, but it is often ignored. Trust your gut feelings and stop second-guessing yourself. Tap into your inner voice with trust and validation. Intuition works with your thoughts, feelings, ideas, and visualizations....

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The Power of Self-Awareness: How to Increase Teamwork

at Liberationist - Change Leadership School - The Loop Downtown Chicago, Chicago, Illinois 60601

Self-awareness is considered one of the key meta-skills to thrive in the 21st Century—it magnifies other skills Teams with high self-awareness make better decisions, collaborate more, and manage tensions and conflicts more effectively. How can your team develop this critical skill? This half-day workshop will introduce you to the Adaptive Teams...

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Thriving through Uncertainty

at Infinity Foundation - Highland Park 1280 Old Skokie Valley Rd, Highland Park, Illinois 60035

Uncertainty is your super power. It is a threshold and an invitation to discover how to respond to any situation in your life from strength instead of weakness, love instead of fear. When facing new territory, it is your chance to unlock your most extraordinary faculties and opportunities you may not know you have. Because when life does not go according...

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Critical Thinking

at Global Knowledge - West Loop 500 W Madison St, Illinois City, Illinois 60661

Master and apply critical thinking skills to make better business decisions. Critical thinking is the ability to correctly understand information, a situation, or problem from different perspectives in order to take or suggest the best possible action. In business, it's truly an essential skill for success-and a proven way to distinguish yourself...

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2 sessions

Butterflies and Sweat

at Empowering Options - Lakeview 3748 N Ashland, Chicago, Illinois 60613

One of the most daunting parts of being an adult is to face the fear of looking behind the curtain of our family's illusions and denial. True courage is learning everything there is to know about without judgement. Real maturity requires that we reassess beliefs & actions we were taught as kids and make objective choices about how we want to think,...

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The Impact of Thought Forms

at Infinity Foundation - Highland Park 1280 Old Skokie Valley Rd, Highland Park, Illinois 60035

At the end of this course, the students will gain insights on the impact of positive thought forms and its effect to current situations. You probably notice that when you feel and think positively, your life is more positive. That is the universal law of attraction working with you—like attracts like. Wherever you place your focus and attention,...

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Care Profile Workshop

at Wright Graduate University - Gold Coast 445 E Ohio Ste 400, Chicago, Illinois 60611

Want to take the next step in your career? Perhaps make a career change? Our career coaching program will help you find real career satisfaction while becoming a leader in your organization and profession. Get the results and performance you want Make more money Experience extreme career satisfaction Earn positions of honor and respect No matter...

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Addressing Adventurous Behaviors While Keeping Dignity

at Starnet Region V Chicago Public Schools - Alsip 5000 W 127th St, Chicago, Illinois 60803

Both a person-centered, authentic, functional approach to assess behavior and a problem-solving process will be applied to combine components of the very best user-proven behavioral support strategies. This approach will be illustrated and then applied to real-life classroom and learning situations identified by participants. Schedule: Check-In:...

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Developing Energetic Awareness

at Infinity Foundation - Highland Park 1280 Old Skokie Valley Rd, Highland Park, Illinois 60035

When you interact with certain people, you generally feel vibes that cause you to connect or feel adverse to them. This often is driven by the energy people emit, an unseen subtle effect you may feel and sense. Gain the basics of reading your own and other people's energies and the impact it has on you.  Energies, negative and positive, swirl...

No Upcoming Schedules

3 sessions

Healing Trauma and Pain in the Body

at Infinity Foundation - Highland Park 1280 Old Skokie Valley Rd, Highland Park, Illinois 60035

Trauma does not have to be a near fatal incident. If you have been viewing the world one way, then something stressful happens to you that now causes you to view the world differently—that is trauma. Stressful events can create a certain level of shock on the mind and if not addressed, develop into dysfunctional patterns that can impact your behavior...

No Upcoming Schedules

Expanding Your Influence: Understanding Persuasion

at Global Knowledge - West Loop 500 W Madison St, Illinois City, Illinois 60661

Learn the psychological triggers that motivate you to say "yes" or "no." Bringing about the reaction you want from others and expanding your influence require insights that go beyond the actual process of influencing and into the psychology of what truly prompts us to say "yes" or "no." This two-day course explores these psychological triggers and...

No Upcoming Schedules

2 sessions

Single Point of Failure

at Empowering Options - Near West Side 2140 W Fulton St Ste E, Chicago, Illinois 60612

Every situation has the possibility for that single point of failure. The moment where we make a decision based on subjective information or what our families taught us or what others will think of us. Typically these points of failure are a tangled juncture of reactions. The choice might be against our better judgment or where we don’t have the...

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Reboot Your Team: How to Overcome Being Stuck

at Liberationist - Change Leadership School - The Loop 30 W Monroe St #400, Chicago, Illinois 60603

Has your team lost its mojo? Is your team repeating itself and not being able to come up with new ideas? Even the most successful teams get stuck from time to time. Leading a team that’s on a winning strike is easy. But turning teams around, that’s a bigger challenge. Most teams are at war with reality. Loss of status or job security, fear of...

No Upcoming Schedules

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

at Global Knowledge - West Loop 500 W Madison St, Illinois City, Illinois 60661

Improve your emotional intelligence skills to recognize and positively manage emotions in yourself, in others, and in groups! Recent studies indicate that emotional intelligence is a powerful key to effective leadership. This valuable seminar delivers the in-depth knowledge and practical emotional intelligence skills you need to ensure that you are...

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3 sessions

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