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Data Analyst Training Chicago

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Learn the skills and tools you need to become a data analyst with hands-on classes in big data and data analysis. Gain practical knowledge in Python, SQL, data visualization, and more, and unlock new career opportunities in the growing field of data analysis.

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Data Analytics Certificate

Noble Desktop - Virtually Online

Gain in-demand skills in data analysis, visualization, and database management to become a sought-after Data Analyst or Business Analyst. Learn to extract information from raw data and generate actionable insights for industries like healthcare, finance, retail, and more. Advance your career in analytics with real-world projects and hands-on training.

(374) All levels 18 and older

26 sessions

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Python for Data Science Bootcamp

Noble Desktop - Virtually Online

Uncover the power of Python for analyzing real-world data sets in this hands-on course at Noble Desktop. Explore Python fundamentals and learn how to create programs, work with data, visualize insights, and develop machine learning models. Elevate your data science skills with the Python for Data Science Bootcamp.

(374) All levels 18 and older

5 sessions

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SQL Bootcamp

Noble Desktop - Virtually Online

Master the art of turning raw data into actionable insights with SQL queries. This hands-on course will teach you how to filter, group, and join data, as well as use advanced techniques like subqueries and aggregate functions. Gain the skills to excel in any data-driven industry and make more informed decisions.

(374) All levels 18 and older

3 sessions

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Power BI

Computer Training Source, Inc. @ 420 N Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL

Learn to connect, model, and shape data with Power BI Desktop Software at Computer Training Source, Inc. Customize visuals, create calculated messages, and build interactive visualizations for enhanced data analysis. Enhance your data modeling skills and create dashboards with Power BI.

(21) All levels 18 and older

8 sessions

+26950 pts
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Excel Introduction

Computer Training Source, Inc. @ 1821 Walden Office Sq, Schaumburg, IL

Unlock the full potential of Microsoft Excel with this comprehensive course. Learn how to navigate the user interface, perform calculations, modify and format worksheets, and efficiently print workbooks. Gain essential skills for managing multiple worksheets and workbooks effectively.

(21) Beginner 18 and older
+3990 pts
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Excel Intermediate

Computer Training Source, Inc. @ 1821 Walden Office Sq, Schaumburg, IL

Take your Excel skills to the next level with this comprehensive course that covers functions, sorting and filtering, advanced charting, and more! Perfect for anyone looking to become a power user in Excel.

(21) Intermediate 18 and older
+4250 pts
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Excel Advanced

Computer Training Source, Inc. @ 1821 Walden Office Sq, Schaumburg, IL

Master advanced Excel formulas, VLOOKUP, IF functions, data validation, macros, and more at Computer Training Source, Inc. Expand your Excel skills and become proficient in advanced data management and analysis tools. Gain the expertise to create custom functions and automate tasks with macros.

(21) Advanced 18 and older
+4990 pts
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Microsoft Excel

Discovery Center @ 4318 N Elston Ave, Chicago, IL

Become an expert in the essential spreadsheet software used in today's job market with this comprehensive course at Discovery Center. Gain proficiency in the Excel workspace, learn to enter and format data, perform calculations, sort data, create charts, and master advanced formulas. Prior Windows familiarity is recommended for optimal learning.

(283) All levels 16 and older
+1250 pts
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Computer Training Source, Inc. @ 420 N Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL

Unlock the power of programming with this comprehensive course that covers the fundamentals of object-oriented programming and the syntax of a popular programming language. Prepare for the PCAP certification and become a skilled coder capable of executing conditional statements and loops with ease.

(21) Beginner 18 and older

5 sessions

+34950 pts
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Tableau Part 1

Computer Training Source, Inc. @ 420 N Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL

Learn how to build effective visualizations and dashboards using Tableau. Connect to data sources, create various types of visualizations, build dashboards, and share your insights with others. Discover the power of Tableau in this comprehensive course.

(21) Beginner 18 and older
+6490 pts
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Tableau Part 2

Computer Training Source, Inc. @ 420 N Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL

Take your Tableau skills to the next level with this advanced course. Learn to create stunning visualizations, implement interactive dashboards, and tell compelling data stories. Explore advanced features like calculations, parameters, and forecasting. Join us and unleash the full potential of Tableau.

(21) Intermediate 18 and older
+6990 pts
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SQL Queries Introduction

Computer Training Source, Inc. @ 420 N Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL

Learn how to use SQL to update and retrieve data from various database systems, including Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, and more. Gain skills in performing conditional searches, working with functions, organizing data, retrieving data from multiple tables, and exporting query results. Bring a flash drive for storing exercise files and dress in business casual attire.

(21) Beginner 18 and older

4 sessions

+9990 pts
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Excel VBA

Computer Training Source, Inc. @ 420 N Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL

Unlock the potential of Excel with a comprehensive exploration of Visual Basic for Applications at Computer Training Source, Inc. Elevate your spreadsheet proficiency as you discover how to tailor macros, craft interactive workbooks, and develop specialized functions, empowering you to excel in your data management endeavors.

(21) All levels 18 and older
+6450 pts
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Data Science Immersive

General Assembly @ Online Class Livestream, Chicago, IL

This is a 12-week full-time career accelerator course. Master smarter decisions by gaining the data analytics, data modeling, programming and statistics skills you need to start a career in data. What You'll Learn In this program, you’ll take on real world problems by analyzing data sets for insights and presenting findings using statistics, programming, data modeling, and business knowledge. Git, UNIX, & Relational Databases Gather,...

(2637) All levels 18 and older

60 sessions

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Business/Data Analytics

Computer Training Source, Inc. @ Virtual Classroom

Businesses today have access to more data than ever. Learn decision making tools such as Cluster Analysis, Linear Regression, Outlier Detection, Decision Stumps, Monte Carlo methods, and more in our Business/Data Analytics class. Lesson 1: Data Mining Principles Introduction: Data-Analysis Process Topic A: Data Science, Engineering, and Data-Driven Decision Making Topic B: Data Processing and “Big Data” Topic C: Data-Analytic...

(21) All levels 18 and older
No upcoming schedules

10 sessions

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Data Analytics Bootcamp

General Assembly @ Online Class Livestream, Chicago, IL

This single day bootcamp will run through the analytical workflow -- from collecting, cleaning, analyzing and presenting insights from public data sets. We will introduce important tools used in this process such as Google Sheets and Tableau. Takeaways Learn about the value of data in everyday decision making Understand the analytics workflow Be introduced to tools for data analysis Formulate research questions that can be informed with data Clean...

(2637) All levels 18 and older

Tableau Prep: Introduction

ONLC Training Centers

This 2-day class on Tableau Prep will show you how to combine, shape and clean your data for analysis. Cleaning data can be a time-consuming task. Tableau Prep makes that job easier by providing a visual interface that lets you see the result of your changes. In addition, your steps can be saved and replayed every time you have a new extract that needs to be cleaned and transformed. Tableau Prep makes it easy for non-programmers to prepare raw data...

(7) Beginner 18 and older
No upcoming schedules

Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst

ONLC Training Centers @ 1320 Tower Rd, Chicago, IL

Learn the methods and best practices for modeling, visualizing, and analyzing data with Power BI in this comprehensive course. Discover how to access and process data from various sources, implement security standards, and manage and deploy reports and dashboards. Enhance your skills as a data professional or business intelligence professional with this training.

(7) Intermediate 18 and older
No upcoming schedules

3 sessions

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Data Analysis Boot Camp

ASPE Inc. @ 230 W Monroe, Chicago, IL

Every day buzzwords like "analytics," "insights" and "big data," permeate the pages of our business journals. Companies and departments are well aware of their huge troves of data, and they have access to common tools for leveraging this data. However, much less available are the actual analysis skills to truly understand and realize the benefits of this information. The potential is very real, but comprehensive skills can be scarce, and outside...

(1) Intermediate 18 and older
No upcoming schedules

3 sessions

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Introduction to Data Analytics

General Assembly

Regardless of your job function and industry, it is becoming increasingly crucial to be able to make better decisions based on data. Data analytics allows you to understand, draw insights from, and leverage your data more effectively. This 2-hour class is an introductory, conceptual overview of what analytics entails. We'll cover: How different functions/fields make use of data analytics. The stages of analyzing data. What tools are used. Recommended...

(2637) All levels 18 and older

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Reviews for Data Analyst Training in Chicago

Data Analyst Training in Chicago are rated 4.3 stars based on 3,323 verified reviews from actual purchasers.

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    I really liked it. I learned so much.

Discover the Best Data Analytics Classes in Chicago

Data analytics is the process of extracting insights from raw data. It entails collecting, organizing, analyzing, and storing data. The goal of this process is to use statistical analysis, as well as technological tools, to pinpoint trends and patterns in the data and use this information to solve problems. The field of data analytics has been increasing in popularity as more organizations seek to use analysis to improve their business processes and operations, as well as to make sound decisions that are based on these data. Data Analysts must have a background in a range of skills, such as math, statistics, and computer programming, to successfully analyze data and use the insights it provides for describing, forecasting, and improving performance. The data analytics process also involves data cleansing, cleansing, transformation, and modeling. 

Learning data analytics is an in-demand skill set across industries and professions. This skill set helps professionals make better professional decisions and provide better services for their intended audience. Thinking analytically also improves problem-solving and helps people think outside the box and perform under pressure. This career path offers job diversity and ample opportunities for professional development and growth. Those with the skills to analyze data are sought out by employers and can earn a competitive salary for their insights.

Best Data Analytics Classes & Schools in Chicago

One of the most effective ways to learn data analytics in Chicago is to enroll in a skills class, bootcamp, or certificate program. Many top educators offer beginner, intermediate, or advanced-level training in the Windy City. The following sections will briefly explore several course listings for those in Chicago interested in acquiring data analytics training.

Big Data Hadoop Analyst - Sprintzeal American Inc

Big Data Hadoop Analyst is a course open to learners at all levels. This program teaches participants how to prepare for the industry-recognized Big Data Hadoop Analyst Certification. Those enrolled receive training in a range of professional skills designed to improve their performance. Instruction is provided on data security and how to effectively manage large chunks of data. By course completion, students will be familiar with data handling tools, data visualization, clustering, and regression analysis. Additionally, learners will have a working knowledge of the Hadoop framework. Tuition is $10,375. This program can be completed in four full-day training sessions.

Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst - TGL Learning

Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst is available for those interested in exploring the methods and best practices for using Microsoft Power BI to model, analyze, and visualize data. Learners become familiar with how to work with relational and non-relational data in the cloud, as well as how to implement effective security policies and standards, such as groups and datasets. Coursework also covers managing and deploying dashboards and reports to share data findings. As a prerequisite to study, participants should have prior experience working with cloud data. The intended audience for this class is business intelligence professionals and data professionals interested in learning how Power BI can be used for data analysis and visualization. The cost of study is $1,785 

Data Analytics Certificate - Noble Desktop

Noble Desktop’s Data Analytics Certificate explores various data analytics tools and skills needed to pursue a career as a Business Analyst or Data Analyst. This 156-hour program focuses on how data can be used to solve real-world problems like reducing a company’s risk or improving its operations. Participants in this class complete real-world data projects designed to teach them skills like data wrangling, analysis, and visualization. Coursework covers both predictive and prescriptive analytics. By course completion, those enrolled will know how to work with Excel for data analytics, Python for data science, automation, machine learning and data visualization, SQL, and Tableau. Students can complete this live online program over the course of six weeks of full-time study or opt to take it on a part-time basis over 24 weeks. Tuition is $4,995 and includes eight one-on-one mentoring sessions outside of the classroom.

Certificate in Data Analytics - The University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy

Comprehensive data analytics training is provided in the Certificate of Data Analytics, offered by The University of Chicago. Those enrolled in this certificate program receive in-depth instruction on a range of basic and advanced data analytics skills, such as how to use Python and R to write basic programs, as well as work with modern data management and analysis tools, such as SQL, Pandas, GitHub, Matplotlib, and R. Coursework also covers constructing and cleaning datasets from different sources, as well as working with modern data analysis methods to evaluate policy. This program is only open to graduate students at the University of Chicago.

Data Analytics Course - Chicago - BrainStation

BrainStation’s Data Analytics Course provides students in Chicago with a live classroom experience designed to help learners begin a data analytics career. Instruction is offered on topics like data preparation, analysis, and visualization. Those enrolled learn job-ready data skills that are essential for most current data analytics positions. Experienced data professionals teach those enrolled how to work with complex datasets and various industry tools. Graduates of this program leave with a portfolio containing real-world data projects that they can show employers. This class can be completed in four full days or eight half-day sessions.

Analytics Certificate - DePaul CMD

The Analytics Certificate is available for those interested in gaining technical training in big data analytics and data mining. Participants complete five courses: Data Analysis and Regression, Python Programming, Fundamentals of Data Science, Database Processing for Large-Scale Analytics, and Data Visualization. Those interested in enrolling in this certificate program must have completed a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution and earned at least a 3.0 GPA. Additionally, two calculus courses are required as a prerequisite to study.

Data Analysis (Certificate) - Illinois Tech

Data Analysis Certificate is available for those in Chicago who want to learn how to locate patterns in large datasets and draw conclusions based on these trends. Those enrolled receive training in topics like data cleaning and analysis, data integration warehousing, machine learning, and data-intensive computing. The skills learned in this certificate can be applied to careers like Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Quantitative Analyst, IT Systems Analyst, or Digital Marketing Manager.

Chicago Industries That Use Data Analytics

Some of Chicago’s main industries are healthcare, manufacturing, and fintech. Data analytics plays an integral role in several of these industries. The following sections will explore how Chicago professionals use data analytics in their careers.


In 2022, Chicago was home to over 26,000 healthcare-related companies that employ more than 600,000 people. This city is a hub for healthcare innovation, research, and startups. Healthcare analytics is a field that works with real-time data and historic data to provide actionable insights, forecast trends, and facilitate medical advances. Healthcare analytics helps Chicago healthcare facilities provide better patient care, improve operations, and facilitate more accurate diagnoses and health outcomes. This type of data collection can be used to show both micro and macro-level trends that have a range of applications, such as better patient outreach and management of how diseases spread. 

Health data refers to data that relates to the health of one patient or of an entire population. Data is collected from health information systems (HIS) and other tools used by healthcare professionals, government organizations, and healthcare providers. This information provides a comprehensive view not only of an individual patient but provides key insights into how trends may be linked to variables like race, socioeconomic status, predisposition, or location. Any healthcare-related data that’s gathered is broken into individual datasets that can then be analyzed. 


Another prominent Chicago industry is manufacturing. This city is often referred to as “The City That Works” due to it having one of the country’s largest manufacturing industries. Those who are employed in manufacturing in Chicago make a range of consumer products. Within the manufacturing sector, data analytics plays an important role in that it can help streamline operations and provide key insights into potential ways to improve workplace productivity or cut manufacturing costs. With the help of data analytics, Manufactures can gather and analyze data from machines to find trends that can be used to predict the likelihood of machine failure. This allows Manufacturers to be proactive in scheduling maintenance. Additionally, predictive analytics can help get to the root of why machine failure occurs. Data Analysts can study the data from onboard sensors to identify various stress factors that lead to malfunction. This information is helpful for changing the processes to extend the life of parts.


Chicago’s Fintech industry is robust and generates $53 billion yearly output. This industry alone employs nearly a quarter-million Chicago residents and comprises 300 companies. Data analytics helps fintech companies create products and services that are more personalized for their intended audience. Data Analysts study customer behavior information to provide fintech companies with insights into what customers want so they can customize solutions to best meet these needs.

Data Analytics Jobs & Salaries in Chicago

Because of the important role data plays in industries across Chicago, there is a need for those with training in data analysis to help make sense of this information. The following sections will take a closer look at some of the main jobs currently available in Chicago that require data analytics training, as well as the corresponding job requirements and salaries for these positions. 

Healthcare Analyst

Healthcare Analysts are tasked with evaluating various types of medical data to offer suggestions aimed at improving how the business aspect of medical facilities and hospitals perform. In addition to analyzing health-related data from different sources, these professionals also keep records of processes and create status reports that can be shared with others within the organization. Chicago-based Healthcare Analysts make approximately $78,000 a year.

Manufacturing Engineer

Manufacturing Engineers in Chicago are hired to work at production sites or factories to create efficient processes, systems, or machines capable of producing high-quality products. These professionals are involved with how integrated systems are designed and operate. They are hired to perform tasks like automating tasks at a manufacturing facility, creating circuit board manufacturing processes designed to improve quality and reduce costs, and identifying the most cost-effective materials. Some Manufacturing Engineers focus on the environmental impact of manufacturing processes as well. Manufacturing Engineers employed in Chicago earn a yearly salary of $90,000.

Financial Analyst

Financial Analysts are employed by insurance companies, banks, pension funds, and other businesses to provide insights into how best to spend money in order to yield the greatest return. On a daily basis, these professionals evaluate how investments like stocks and bonds are performing. They collect information, organize it on spreadsheets, draft reports, and review all relevant information pertaining to prospective deals. Financial Analysts are also involved in determining the feasibility of a deal so they can propose an action plan based on this analysis. These professionals must stay abreast of current financial trends at all times and use this information to inform their decision-making process. Successful Financial Analysts must have both hard and soft skills, such as a background in accounting, financial literacy, communication, critical thinking, leadership, and management. Chicago-based Financial Analysts earn about $87,000 a year.

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