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Spirituality Classes Coming up in Chicago

Demystifying the Zohar

at Kabbalah Centre Student Support - Highland Park
492 Central Ave, Highland Park, Illinois 60035

Revealed more than 2,000 years ago, the Zohar is a spiritual text that explains the secrets of the Bible, the Universe, and every aspect of life. It is a guidebook to the lost divine nature of our souls. For thousands of years, kabbalists have known that the Zohar contains a powerful energy within its pages that has the capabilities of elevating consciousness,...

Wednesday Sep 26th, 8:30pm

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Shabbat Sukkot

at Kabbalah Centre Student Support - Lakeview
4144 N Hermitage Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60613

The power of Shabbat is one of the strongest ways to connect to the Creator. Kabbalists believe that on Shabbat the Light force flows continually, giving us the opportunity to refuel energy and rejuvenate the soul for the coming week. The opportunity to spend Shabbat within the Sukkah amplifies an already meaningful and special connection. Agenda...


2 sessions

Friday Sep 28th, 7pm

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Exploring The Course

at The Witness Energy Healing - Glenview
1800 Dewes St Suite D, Illinois City, Illinois 60025

Exploring The Course! An Afternoon with A Course in Miracles Join us for an exploration and discovery of the beautiful spiritual teaching of A Course in Miracles! This epic new scripture has been transforming lives and awakening sleeping minds since it began being scribed in 1965. Are you ready to wake up? What better way than the purest non-dualistic...

Sunday Oct 7th, 1pm

Signs and Dreams

at Discovery Center - Irving Park
4318 N Elston Ave 2nd Fl, Chicago, Illinois 60641

Our universe is communicating with us through signs. The universal language is all around you and in your life. Learn how to receive the ability to understand what direction you should take to gain from these signs. Malia will give you step by step instruction on how to create the best conditions for receiving the clearest messages. Discover the best...

Tuesday Oct 2nd, 6pm

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Shamanic Practices for Personal Empowerment

at Infinity Foundation - Highland Park
1280 Old Skokie Rd, Illinois City, Illinois 60035

Full Course Title: Shamanic Practices for Personal Empowerment: Personal Healing Journeys Shamanic healing works on energetic and spiritual levels to bring about powerful changes in your life. Find out how to take yourself on shamanic journeys for personal healing. Meet a cadre of helping spirits who will facilitate profound healing for you. Be guided...

Tuesday Oct 9th, 12:30pm

Guided Spiritual Meditation

at Infinity Foundation - Highland Park
1280 Old Skokie Rd, Illinois City, Illinois 60035

Find inner peace, calm, and relaxation through guided spiritual meditation. Experiential guided relaxation, visualization, and spiritual consciousness helps you reach a state of balance and peace. Apply techniques and tools to reach a meditative state. Each session focuses on spiritual and personal growth dimensions. There is time to process and integrate...


6 sessions

Wednesday Oct 10th, 7pm

A Night with Spirit

at Infinity Foundation - Highland Park
1280 Old Skokie Rd, Illinois City, Illinois 60035

Join Thomas John, a psychic medium who is internationally regarded as a psychic sensation for an insightful and lively night with readings from Spirit. Whether you or someone else receive a message, it is awesome to witness John channeling and delivering messages from spirits from the other side.  Spirit will guide John to give messages to some...

Angelic Alchemy

at Infinity Foundation - The Loop
122 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60603

Your body is the wise home of your soul and instantly responds to fear or love. Your angels communicate to you through your body. When your energy feels stuck or blocked these issues in your tissues deplete your experience of joy. Issues, like pain or anger, can diminish your connection to your celestial team of angels and allies.  There are...

Thursday Nov 1st, 7pm

WILD Woman Project Circles

at The Resiliency Institute - Naperville
10S404 Knoch Knolls Rd, Naperville, Illinois 60565

The WILD Woman Project is a world-wide movement of CIRCLES, spiritual gatherings, during the new moon. Circles are a time for meditation, intention setting, healing, and connection with community. They create a sacred space for participants to access their inner guidance while allowing for deeper connection to other women and nature....

Life Activation: Leap into Quantum Physics

at Infinity Foundation - Highland Park
1280 Old Skokie Rd, Illinois City, Illinois 60035

There are four basic phases of matter: solids, liquids, gases, and plasma. The plasma state conducts electricity and produces magnetic fields, electric currents, and responds strongly to electromagnetic forces. It is believed that there is a fifth state of matter, bioplasma. What you hold energetically within your own field and past life memories can...

Wednesday Nov 14th, 12:30pm

The Process of Being (Part 1: Being: Awakening to Life)

at Infinity Foundation - Highland Park
1280 Old Skokie Rd, Illinois City, Illinois 60035

Birth is a fact of life. However, living is an art because it is the expression of human talent and potential to carry out one’s self-actualization. It is one’s life project. Self-actualization unfolds as you emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually develop. However, this unfolding is hindered by unintentional relational interferences...


4 sessions

Tuesday Oct 23rd, 7pm

Intuitive Receptivity

at Infinity Foundation - Highland Park
1280 Old Skokie Rd, Illinois City, Illinois 60035

Discover levels of intuitive receptivity by tuning into the resonance you experience when going into an intuitive state. Find out how to turn off interferences, such as self-doubt or second guessing, when you attune to a higher vibration of Spirit-directed access into your higher self. Bypass concerns about being right and recognize that once you are...

Sunday Dec 9th, 9:30am

Basic Level Integrated Energy Therapy

at Infinity Foundation - Highland Park
1280 Old Skokie Rd, Illinois City, Illinois 60035

Integrated Energy Therapy, IET, is a gentle and effective spiritual self-care tool that helps you clear the issues from your tissues using the angelic energy of compassion. IET is an attunement-based energy healing modality, and once you receive an angel attunement to the Angelic Violet Ray, you have the ability to alchemize any issue in the tissue...


2 sessions

Saturday Nov 17th, 9am

SPARK Workshop Retreat

at TantraNova Institute - North Center
2031 W Warner Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60618

Welcome to our SPARK Workshop Retreat – Tantra Advanced Workshop! Here you will learn advanced sexual practices and rituals that allow for:Reawakening feminine energy and joySustaining masculine energy and pleasureExperiencing deep sexual transformation and healingRekindling the spark and passion you have been dreaming ofCome into your...


3 sessions

Friday Dec 7th, 10am

Expansive Extended Gong Bath

at Infinity Foundation - Highland Park
1280 Old Skokie Rd, Illinois City, Illinois 60035

Experience a dynamic gong bath with sacred sound overtones and harmonics that touch the realms where emotional balance, cellular healing, and spiritual awareness expand.  Absorb this vibrational sound healing experience that frees up, boosts, and shifts your energy.  Bathe with rising and falling rhythms, tonalities, and vibrations of a...

Wednesday Dec 5th, 7pm