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Sushi Making Classes Coming up in Chicago

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Couples in the Kitchen: Sushi & Sake (Hands On)

at Marcel's Culinary Experience - Glen Ellyn 490 N Main St, Chicago, Illinois 60137

Spend Friday night with Chef Kiley as she walks you through how to make the foundation of all sushi: delicious, seasoned rice. Next, create a variety of sushi accoutrements, along with vegetables and raw fish, and the basics of dumpling making. Finally, you’ll learn to make traditional hand rolls and a variety of maki, all paired with refreshing...

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Asian Dumplings and Sushi (Hands On)

at Marcel's Culinary Experience - Glen Ellyn 490 N Main St, Chicago, Illinois 60137

Learn how to make the best sushi rolls, wontons, and other hits from throughout Asia - all hands-on! Chef Jamie will discuss traditional ingredients and teach you the skills you'll need to prepare classic sushi at a relaxed pace. Perfect sushi rice, complimentary fillings, and mastering sushi-rolling techniques are all on the itinerary. Create dipping...

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Family Class: Sushi

at North American Pizza and Culinary Acad. - Lisle 1970 University Ln, Lisle, Illinois 60532

Its’s family sushi time… call Grandma and Grandpa, call the neighbors, October’s family class is Sushi! In this family sushi class, your whole family will learn the ancient art of rolling sushi! We will demystify the terminoligy, the basic tools and ingredients. Your whole family will be making maki like masters! MENU Perfect steamed rice...

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Sake Made Simple

at The Chopping Block Lincoln Square - Lincoln Square 4747 N Lincoln, Chicago, Illinois 60625

Did you know that sake has been made for nearly 2000 years? Did you know that some of the best sakes in the world are served cold? And, did you know that sake might be the best, most versatile drink to pair with your food? We all know that sake is a natural pairing for seafood and sushi, but it's also a beautiful match for meat, stews, soups and salads....

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Global Healing Kitchens: Japan

at The Chopping Block Lincoln Square - Lincoln Square 4747 N Lincoln, Chicago, Illinois 60625

In the global healing kitchens series, wellness chef Alia Dalal explores authentic, home cuisine from cultures with strong food-as-medicine traditions. In this class, we'll explore the plant-centered cuisine of Japan and the Japanese island Okinawa, known for having the world's longest life and health expectancies.  Stepping aside from restaurant...

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The Art of Maki

at Peterson Garden Project - Edgewater 5917 N Broadway St, Chicago, Illinois 60660

Ever wonder how beautiful sushi rolls are made? Learn the traditional art of making Maki in this hands-on class, and become a student of this long-standing Japanese culinary art form. Chef Alvin Yu is a personal chef who is thoroughly versed in many traditional cuisines. He will guide you through rolling, shaping, and cutting techniques,...

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Couples' Cooking: Sushi and More

at The Wooden Spoon - Uptown 5047 N Clark St, Chicago, Illinois 60640

良い時間が転がるましょう (Let the Good Times Roll!) In this class Chef Christy will let you in on everything you'll need to make your own sushi at home. He'll cover the fundamentals: shopping for ingredients, how to prepare the rice and dipping sauces, equipment and techniques needed, etc. Then move on to how to make a few basic and detailed...

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