Ellyn Schmitz

Teaches at The Resiliency Institute

Ellyn is an avid student of nature, particularly edible and medicinal plants, and the philosophy of living close to the earth.  She helps others discover and deepen their connection to the healing power of plants and nature.

Ellyn has studied extensively for over 20 years with Tom Brown Jr., a world-renowned tracker and wilderness survival expert who was taught the ancient arts of living close to the earth by a Lipan Apache medicine man.  She is a member of the Keepers of the Plant Wisdom Medicine Society and has served on the board of directors for Medicine Waters Conservancy since 2001.

Ellyn holds certificates from the Resiliency Institute in Edible Wild Plants and Bioregional Herbalism. She continuously studies with numerous edible and medicinal plant experts and actively participates in United Plant Savers herbal conferences.

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