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Unlock your creativity and master the art of metalworking with online classes. Learn the intricate techniques of forging, soldering, and sculpting metal, and discover the satisfaction of creating beautiful and unique metal pieces.

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Discover the Best Metalworking Classes Online

Metalworking is the process of shaping and reshaping metals to create new items and objects. Metalworking dates back thousands of years. It was popular among ancient societies as a means of creating objects out of precious metals that would represent the status of the owners of those objects. Metalworking techniques evolved, but welding and soldering, both of which are still used today, were used by metalworkers of the past. 

Objects made of metal became more important throughout time, making metalworkers in high demand. As more objects were produced out of metal, extraction techniques and fabrication techniques evolved. Metalworkers developed new skills that made them more efficient at metalworking, and they became more knowledgeable about the metals they were working with. There are three common metalworking processes: forming, cutting, and joining. The metalworking processes you use when crafting metalwork will depend on the final form it’ll take. 

Metalworking today is done to produce jewelry, electronics, and other objects and structures. If you enjoy learning how to use new tools and crafting things with your hands, metalworking may be the perfect hobby for you. You can take up metalworking as a means of creating new decorative objects and practical items. There are quite a few tools you’ll need to get started with metalworking. Once you understand how to use them and use them safely, you can begin using more specialized tools for advanced metalworking projects. 

Why You Should Learn Metalworking Online

Metalworking allows you to use your imagination and express your creativity. When coming up with a metalworking project, you’ll need to think about what you want to create, how it should be designed, and how you can reasonably go about making it. Since metalworking typically requires the use of both hands, it’s also a good way to improve hand-eye coordination and exercise the muscles of the hands and wrists. 

Learning metalworking can also provide you with a small income. People are willing to buy hand-crafted decorative and practical items online. Metalworking can be used to create jewelry, garden decor, and wall art that you can sell. Although you’ll need to first invest in metalworking tools and the metal itself, metalworking can be a fun hobby to learn and make money from. Metalwork items also make great gifts for friends and family. Once you’ve learned how to start metalwork projects, you’ll never be lost on what to get someone for their next birthday.

Virtual Metal Working Classes 

Virtual classes are a great learning option if you can’t make an in-person metalworking class or if there aren’t any in-person classes available in your area. These classes are taught by expert instructors who have experience using metalworking machinery and understand the properties of metals commonly used in metalworking. Online metalworking classes are taught remotely and can be taken from virtually anywhere. 

Because metalworking often requires the use of powerful tools, like welding machines, some projects can be unsafe for beginners to work on at home without direct supervision. Metalworking classes offered online are therefore unlikely to require the use of dangerous tools. You can check out available online metalworking classes on CourseHorse. 

EatMetal Inc. offers a virtual class that teaches the art of making earrings. This demonstration-based class will teach you all you need to know about the earring-making process and techniques used to make earrings, like soldering. A question-and-answer forum will take place after the demonstration. 

Previous online metalworking classes have been lecture-based, like this mid-century to present-century jewelry class. Although the class is focused on jewelry-making, participants learned about the challenges that jewelers have faced in the past as well as the role that women-led metal guilds played in jewelry evolving into a “wearable art.” 

If you’re interested in taking a metalworking class that focuses on different metalworking processes and projects, check back to CourseHorse periodically to see what new and returning classes are being offered. 

Private Online Group Metalworking Classes

Are you looking to book a private metalworking class for your work team or a group of friends? These classes are a great way to work on team building, improve communication, and socialize. CourseHorse offers private metalworking classes that they can deliver to you. 

For groups in the New York City area that are looking to get together and work on crafting rings, Fitzgerald Jewelry in Williamsburg offers an in-person ring-making party. This class can be booked online through CourseHorse but is held in person. With your group, you’ll be led by an instructor through the process of correctly measuring your ring size and fabricating three silver rings. The silversmithing process that your instructor will demonstrate involves hammering, filling, annealing, forming, shaping, soldering, and polishing. This event is also great for socializing, as food will be provided and it’s BYOB. 

Woodworking is a hobby that involves similar tools to metalworking as well as hands-on construction. If your group is interested in woodworking, you can book a beer caddy-making class with CourseHorse. By the end of this interactive class, you’ll have created a caddy that can be used to hold drinks, plants, and more. 

CourseHorse has a contact form on its website that you can use to reach out about other private metalworking classes that are offered. CourseHorse will work with you to determine what type of class best fits the needs and interests of your group. If your group can no longer make its scheduled class, CourseHorse allows you to cancel for free up to two weeks before the class is to take place. They also do not charge booking fees. CourseHorse can accommodate several online video platforms, but they recommend using Zoom to take their classes. 

Online vs. In-Person Metalworking Classes

When deciding whether to take an in-person or online metalworking class, you should consider the advantages and disadvantages of each. 

Instructors of in-person classes can provide you with in-depth demonstrations. They’ll also be able to provide you with one-on-one assistance and real-time feedback as you work on a project. Additionally, in-person classes will supply you with most if not all metalworking tools you’ll need for the class as well as the metal you’ll be using. This is not typically the case with online classes. 

In-person classes aren’t always available to take or may not fit into your schedule. In this case, online metalworking classes are an accessible learning alternative. Online classes are taught by an expert live instructor who will guide you and other remote learners. 

When deciding between taking an in-person or online metalworking class, you should first check if there are any in-person classes taught in your area. If there are, you should consider commute time, required materials, and class content of both the in-person and online classes. 

Can I Learn Metalworking for Free Online?

You can learn metalworking for free using resources posted online. There are websites that can guide you through metalworking techniques and inform you about the properties of metal you’re using that need to be considered when metalworking. Metalworking tools can be expensive, but once you’ve purchased the basic tools that you’ll need for the type of metalworking you’re interested in, you’ll be set to begin your metalworking journey. If you’d like additional instruction on metalworking or someone you can ask questions, sign up for an in-person class taught by an expert instructor.

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