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Pizza Making Classes Online

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Learn the art of pizza making from expert chefs in the comfort of your own kitchen with online classes. Discover the secrets to creating the perfect dough, mastering various toppings, and impressing friends and family with your delicious homemade pizzas.

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Virtual Pizza Making

Eve Bergazyn

Roll up your sleeves and get your pizza stone out for this 2-hour class! We’ll jump right into making our dough from scratch, then we’ll do a garlic confit and a marinara sauce to top our pizzas with. A few slices of mozzarella and torn pieces of basil, and you’ve got yourself a margarita! Or you can top it with slices of olives, capers, and fresh cherry tomatoes for a pizza puttanesca (anchovies optional.) Materials Needed to Participate...

(447) All levels 14 and older
No upcoming schedules

Virtual Cook Along: Pizza and Calzone Workshop

The Chopping Block Lincoln Square @ Virtual Classroom

Learn the secrets to making mouthwatering pizza and calzones from scratch in the comfort of your own home. Join our Virtual Cook Along workshop and let our chef instructor guide you through the process of making yeast dough, shaping and baking the perfect crust, and creating delicious Italian flavors. Get ready for an interactive culinary experience that will leave you with impressive cooking skills and a feast on the table.

(265) All levels 18 and older
No upcoming schedules
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Virtual Pizza from Scratch

Carolyn Montgomery

In this live online crash course you will learn how to make fresh pizza from scratch from the comfort of your own home! You Will: Make and roll pizza dough Add the toppings of your choice Bake pizza to perfection Eat delicious, home made pizza No experience is required!  Materials Needed to Participate Fully: 3 cups Bread Flour (for crisp crust) or All Purpose Flour (for softer crust) 1 Packet / 2 tsps of Instant Yeast Olive Oil 2 cups...

(134) All levels 10 and older
No upcoming schedules
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Explore Pizza Making Private Group Events

Explore private group events and team building activities ranging from cooking to art, escape rooms, trivia, and more

Explore Pizza Making Private Group Events
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New York Style Pizza

The Foodery @ 1001 Mariposa St, San Francisco, CA

During this event we make two pizzas, starting by making the dough from scratch. While the dough proofs, we work on the toppings. Then learn to stretch your pizzas using time honored techniques, all under the watchful eye of Chef Daniel. Finally, we bake the pizzas to perfection in your home oven. Ahead of your class, we will send a list of desirable tools that can be used to take your pizzas to the next level. There is plenty of information about...

(24) All levels 12 and older
No upcoming schedules

Handmade Pizza (Online)

Taste Buds Kitchen @ Online Cooking, Online, NY

We are so excited to bring you our brand new online cooking classes!  Join us as we learn the secret tricks behind working with yeast and preparing dough from scratch, shaping dough, and creating an artisan pizza fresh from the oven! Bring your own ingredients and beverage of choice. Let’s have fun in the Kitchen and learn something new as we #stayhome! Delicious Menu: Pizza Dough with Caramelized Onions and other toppings of choice All...

(2206) All levels 9 and older
No upcoming schedules

Pizzeria at Home

Teaching Table @ Virtual Classroom

One dough, 4 configurations! Countless toppings and fillings. In Pizzeria at Home, you will make pizza dough from scratch. While it’s rising, you’ll make the quickest flavor bomb of a pizza sauce imaginable. Then we’ll bake up thin crust pizzas, grandma pies, calzones and even garlic knots. You can top and fill yours with the cheeses, vegetables and meats of your choosing! Join us for an all ages pizzeria workshop and make all of the classics...

(42) All levels 18 and older
No upcoming schedules

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Reviews for Pizza Making Classes Online

Pizza Making Classes Online are rated 4.6 stars based on 3,118 verified reviews from actual purchasers.

  • Virtual Pizza from Scratch

    Reviewed by Jennifer J. on 5/21/2021
    Carolyn was amazing! She was thorough, generous, and personable. I would definitely take another class with her.
  • Virtual Pizza Making

    Reviewed by Sarah P. on 3/14/2021
    The pizza making class was so fun. And the pizza turned out delicious!
  • Virtual Pizza Making

    Reviewed by Kevin T. on 3/13/2021
    Great balance of fun, interactivity, and education. Would recommend to anyone for a night in.
  • Virtual Pizza Making

    Reviewed by Lawrence G. on 2/26/2021
    had a great time and learned a lot
  • Virtual Pizza from Scratch

    Reviewed by Lesley P. on 2/20/2021
    Instructor was great. Admin messed up and sent wrong recipes.
  • Virtual Pizza Making

    Anonymous review on 2/20/2021
    10 out of 10 would recommend, would sign up again in a heart beat!
  • Virtual Pizza from Scratch

    Anonymous review on 2/19/2021
    This class was so great! Loved everything about it.
  • Virtual Pizza from Scratch

    Reviewed by Alejandra O. on 2/13/2021
    The class was amazing and the teacher is sweet and kindness. La recomiendo totalmente, no se pueden perder esta exquisita pizza!!
  • Virtual Pizza from Scratch

    Reviewed by jill C. on 2/13/2021
    teacher is terrific. engaging, patient and fun. pizza class done to perfection .
  • Virtual Pizza Making

    Reviewed by Nancy T. on 10/2/2020
    Eve is outstanding. Great pace of class, very personable and lots of good tips. We enjoyed every minute and our pizza was delicious.

Discover the Best Pizza Making Classes Online

The art of pizza making is a culinary tradition that has captured the hearts and taste buds of people around the world. It is a delicate balance of craftsmanship and creativity, where simple ingredients like dough, sauce, cheese, and various toppings are transformed into a flavorful dish. However, pizza making is not just about combining these elements; it requires a keen understanding of flavors, textures, and the science of dough fermentation. From the precise kneading and stretching of the dough to the careful assembly of toppings, every step contributes to the final product.

The history of pizza making dates back to ancient times, with its origins rooted in the Mediterranean region. Flatbreads topped with various ingredients have been enjoyed by civilizations such as the Greeks and Romans. However, in Naples, Italy, during the 18th and 19th centuries, that pizza as we know it today started to take shape. Today, pizza is a popular dish worldwide, enjoyed by people of all ages.

Why You Should Learn Pizza Making Online

There are several compelling reasons why learning pizza making online can be a worthwhile pursuit. One of the most prominent is that making pizza can be enjoyable and fulfilling. It allows you to channel your creativity, relieve stress, and engage in a hands-on activity. This is crucial for people looking for a way to escape the monotony of everyday life. 

Moreover, acquiring the skills to make your own pizza opens the door to becoming part of a larger community. There are numerous online platforms, forums, and social media groups dedicated to pizza enthusiasts. These communities provide a space to share recipes, techniques, and tips, fostering connections with like-minded individuals who share your passion for the craft. You can engage in discussions, exchange ideas, and even participate in virtual or in-person events such as pizza-making competitions or workshops.

There's also the ability to enhance your employability and create potential job opportunities. Beyond the joy of creating pizzas for personal enjoyment, you can consider turning your expertise into a side hustle or part-time job. With the growing popularity of artisanal and gourmet pizzas, there is a demand for skilled pizza makers in restaurants, pizzerias, and even catering businesses.

Virtual Pizza Making Classes 

Virtual pizza making classes offer a convenient and accessible way to learn the art of pizza making. However, there are some vital differences between in-person and online classes to remember when selecting a course. One of the key benefits of online pizza making classes is the ability to attend from anywhere. Regardless of your geographical location, you can join a class taught by expert instructors from around the world. This opens many opportunities to learn different pizza styles, regional variations, and unique techniques. Whether in a bustling city or a remote area, virtual classes ensure you can access high-quality instruction and expand your culinary skills.

Working in your own location is another notable benefit of virtual pizza making classes. You can learn and practice using your own equipment and tools in the comfort of your kitchen. This familiarity with your surroundings can create a relaxed and enjoyable learning experience. Additionally, you can easily access your ingredients and utensils without commuting to a physical class location, saving you time and effort.

However, one of the downsides of virtual pizza making classes is that you typically need to supply your own materials and equipment. Unlike in-person classes, where the necessary ingredients and tools are often provided, virtual courses usually require you to have your own pizza-making essentials. This may include elements like flour, yeast, sauce, cheese, and toppings and kitchen equipment such as mixing bowls, rolling pins, pizza stones, or pizza peels. While this means you have control over the quality and selection of your ingredients, it does involve additional preparation and expense on your part.

Eve Bergazyn's Virtual Pizza Making class is a fantastic choice if you want to learn the fundamentals from home. Priced at $45 per participant, this course welcomes cooking enthusiasts aged 14 and above eager to master crafting homemade pizzas. The class offers flexibility, allowing participants to personalize their pizzas with preferred toppings or follow one of the provided recipes for a well-rounded experience. Please note that no materials are included, so students must procure the ingredients and kitchen tools outlined in the shopping list to fully engage in the learning process.

If you have a penchant for spicy flavors and a desire to master the art of crafting complementary sauces for your pizza, look no further than the Hot Sauce Making class offered by Food Craft LA. Priced at $750, this class beautifully complements pizza making, as the sauces created can be savored alongside the recipes acquired in a pizza class. Participants will delve into the fundamentals of hot sauce creation, including the selection of ingredients and the art of blending flavorful combinations. The course emphasizes utilizing Mexican chili peppers, renowned for their ability to infuse sauces with a delightful kick. This class is a perfect choice for those who enjoy fiery culinary experiences.

San Francisco Wine Schools has a virtual Intro to Italian Wines class for $125 that also complements pizza making. Participants will learn the basics of grape varieties and different winemaking techniques and sample six types of Italian wines. Having knowledge of different Italian wines allows students to pair them perfectly with their pizzas, resulting in an enhanced flavor experience. Whether you are a pizza making beginner or a veteran, this class can upgrade your culinary knowledge.

Private Online Group Pizza Making Classes

Are you looking for a fun way to celebrate a special occasion with friends or family? If so, CourseHorse offers pizza making classes for private groups online that are tailored to your individual needs. This is because CourseHorse has access to a wide range of instructors capable of teaching private lessons tailored to your group. Even if CourseHorse does not have a class listed for your specific needs, they can still provide a group pizza making class for those who reach out via the contact form.

There are pizza making classes for private groups, such as the Virtual Pizza from Scratch Workshop, a 90-minute class accommodating up to 500 participants. The course costs $30 per person, with a minimum requirement of $300. It includes a comprehensive step-by-step cooking tutorial and hands-on instructions for making pizza dough and baking it into a delicious meal. Please note that materials are not provided, so participants must gather the required ingredients and kitchen tools from the list.

For an additional fee of $75, students can opt for the Virtual Pizza from Scratch Workshop (Materials Included) package. This option conveniently ships all the necessary ingredients directly to the participant's home. However, it's important to note that the kit does not include kitchen tools or equipment, such as bowls, knives, cookie sheets, or saucepans. Students are expected to have these items on hand. To ensure timely delivery of the materials, registration must be completed at least two weeks before the workshop's start date. This ensures that participants receive the materials in time to fully engage in the virtual class.

Online vs. In-Person Pizza Making Classes

When deciding on a pizza making class, it's crucial to weigh the distinctions between online and in-person formats carefully. Online courses offer unparalleled convenience and flexibility, enabling you to participate anywhere with an internet connection. You can access pre-recorded video lessons at your own pace, making it ideal for individuals with busy schedules or geographical constraints. While online classes may lack the same level of hands-on experience and direct interaction with instructors, some programs incorporate live demonstrations and interactive elements through video conferencing, bridging the gap between virtual and in-person learning.

In contrast, in-person pizza making classes provide a more immersive and interactive learning environment. These classes allow participants to engage directly with the instructor, ask questions in real time, and receive immediate feedback on their techniques. Additionally, in-person classes typically provide the necessary ingredients, tools, and equipment, eliminating the hassle of sourcing them yourself.

Can I Learn Pizza Making for Free Online?

Yes, it is indeed possible to learn pizza making for free online. Numerous resources, such as tutorials, videos, and blogs, provide step-by-step instructions on pizza dough preparation, sauce making, and various cooking techniques. These online materials can offer a solid foundation and help beginners understand pizza making basics. 

However, it's important to note that formal training from an expert instructor can significantly accelerate the learning process and provide valuable insights and feedback. While free online resources are a great starting point, investing in professional guidance can help individuals learn more efficiently and effectively, ensuring a higher level of skill and expertise in the art of pizza making.

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