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Dance Classes Coming up in Online

12 classes have spots left

Beginner Belly Dance

Dance of Venus @ Online

Bring out your mesmerizing inner goddess, transform and transcend yourself with this ancient art form taught by an authentic teacher born, raised and trained in the lands where this captivating dance comes from. When we belly dance, we bring out the 'Goddess Venus' in each of us, the goddess of love, beauty, sensuality, fertility, and prosperity, hence the name, 'Dance of Venus'. Attending this class will give you lean muscles and sculpt you into...

Saturday Jun 10th, 11:30am–12:30pm Eastern Time

Performance-Level Dance Method: Ballroom Dance

ConfiDance Ballroom Dance School

A new groundbreaking class that will help you to get out of your head when it counts! The Performance-Level Ballroom Dance Method is a new class created by Michael Curtis.  This class provides a performance “how to” for ballroom dancers that compete or do showcases.  It is a series of exercises that build on one another.  Dancers work on a series of progressively complex exercises to: Develop an ability to identify connection...

Saturday Jun 10th, 2–3pm Eastern Time

Modern Dance (Open Level)

92nd Street Y

Explore the body's relationship to breath, weight and space through standing and floor work. Develop strength and movement flexibility. An access link will be emailed to you after purchase.

Thursday Jul 13th, 6:30–8pm Eastern Time

 (7 sessions)


7 sessions

Ballet (Beginner)

92nd Street Y

This class is designed for students who have some knowledge and experience of basic ballet vocabulary. It is also appropriate for students who have experience in other styles of dance. Attention is given to posture and correct placement.

Thursday Jul 13th, 5:45–7pm Eastern Time

 (7 sessions)


7 sessions

Ballet Barre Online

Anna Griffin Dance @ Virtual Classroom

Focus on Ballet terminology, and correct body placement to improve posture, flexibility, range of motion, coordination, and rhythm in a fun, non-intimidating, positive environment. Be inspired and challenged to reach your full potential. Take the first step to fulfilling your dance dreams and goals today. Previous Ballet experience recommended but not required.  Use ballet slippers, and dance/athletic wear to see the body. Hair pulled back...

Thursday Jun 8th, 6–7:15pm Eastern Time

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Virtual Lit Fit

Fit4Dance @ Fit4Dance Virtual Classroom

Lit Fit is a fun, high energy dance fitness class that will leave you smiling and drenched with sweat! Each class is filled with dance routines from different genres designed for you to follow along without direct instruction. The more you come the easier it gets! It's important to know that it usually takes 5-6 classes before you start to feel comfortable with the movements so don’t give up! Just relax, breathe, have fun and don't worry about...

Friday Jun 9th, 10:15–11am Eastern Time

Floor-Barre Align Online

Anna Griffin Dance @ Virtual Classroom

Are you a Dancer, Singer, Actor, Athlete, Have a desk job? Floor-Barre® is for everyone! What is Floor-Barre®? Taught by Anna Griffin, Certified Zena Rommett Floor-Barre® Teacher, Floor-Barre® can only be described as a holistic approach to body wellness that concentrates on the whole body, sequentially correcting alignment and strengthening joints and muscles, thus fundamental physical problems and ailments are addressed. Use ballet slippers,...

Tuesday Jun 13th, 5–6pm Eastern Time

Online Argentinian Tango Private Lessons

NY Tango School NYC (TWJ) @ Online Classroom

Private lessons are great. One private lesson is like you coming to 4 group classes. In group classes we can have 25 to 40 people. But in private lesson, only you and the teacher. You get all the time, and you will learn faster, easier and  lessons can be any day anytime. You can't compare private lessons to the group class. If you want to learn faster and better, then private lessons are the first option to choose from. Remember dance is fun,...

Friday Jun 9th, 10am–10pm Eastern Time

Virtual Mindful Stretch

Fit4Dance @ Fit4Dance Virtual Classroom

Take some time to stretch and unwind while grooving to smooth jazz and R&B. Together you'll explore the body, loosening tight joints focusing on connecting breath to movement.  Kim will lead you through this class making sure you pay special attention to alleviating tension in the lower back, opening up hips and most importantly opening up your hearts. Seal your practice with an optional brief meditation. All classes are currently taking...

Monday Jun 12th, 8:15–9am Eastern Time

Ballet (Intermediate)

92nd Street Y

This is the most advanced level, building on all the material covered in the previous levels. It includes all material from the Advanced Beginner level as well as additional challenging combinations.

Monday Jul 10th, 5:45–7pm Eastern Time

 (7 sessions)


7 sessions

Inspiration to Design

92nd Street Y

In this six-week asynchronous course, participants delve into the key components of lesson planning and curriculum design informed by the DEL framework and different curriculum design models. Participants learn different approaches to develop scaffolded, developmentally appropriate, student centered, and standards-based dance learning lessons that draw connections to dance artistry, theme-based learning, and arts integration. Participants also...

Monday Aug 28th, 8–10am Eastern Time

 (6 sessions)


6 sessions

Words & Music, Teen Songwriting

The Songwriting School of Los Angeles @ Live Online

We believe that songwriting is the highest form of writing. In barely three minutes, a song can tell a story like a novel, or play images in our heads like a movie. A song can evoke as beautifully as a poem or as forcefully as a picket sign. It can feel as personal as a journal entry or a letter to a best friend. It can gather the rest of us like an inspired speech or a rally cry. Songs move us to our core—to dance, to cheer, to shout, to sing,...

Wednesday Jun 21st, 4:30–6pm Pacific Time

 (6 sessions)


6 sessions

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Virtual Beginners Hip Hop Dance

Nadia Khayrallah

Find your groove from the safety of your room! This fun, upbeat, beginner-friendly class breaks down the fundamentals of street and commercial dance forms to build up your technical skills and confidence. The session will incorporate an injury prevention warm-up, introduction to new moves, a piece of choreography, and a guided freestyle session. Our focus will be on the rhythm, footwork, isolations, and stylized flair that defines hip-hop dancers....

No upcoming schedules

Virtual Stretching & Alignment

Nadia Khayrallah

Feel your body lengthened, strengthened, aligned, and free to move! This Stretching & Alignment class incorporates elements of yoga, pilates, and ballet technique to expand your personal range of motion and prevent injury. Variations on exercises will be offered to help movers of all backgrounds and fitness levels safely challenge themselves. Materials Needed to Fully Participate: Comfortable clothing Space to move Optional: Yoga mat...

No upcoming schedules

Beginning Bellydance - Online

Makeup, Hair and Dance by Meleah @ **Virtual Classroom

Belly Dance is the oldest dance recorded. It has long been admired for its grace, sensuality, and muscle control. Get in shape and tone muscles while learning this beautiful art form.  We meet on Zoom weekly and the class is a beginning level. Wear comfortable exercise clothing and join us for a unique workout.

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Best Dance Classes Online

Dancing is a unique form of expression that allows you to exercise while performing art. Many forms of dance use unique choreographies that span generations. It’s passed down from one generation to the next and gives you a glimpse into the past. In addition, there are different dancing styles from countries around the world and learning them can give you an appreciation for different cultures. 

One of the best ways to learn to dance is by taking an online dance class. 

Why You Should Learn Dance Online

Dancing is a rewarding skill that allows you to express a physical art while getting your heart rate up, loosening your joints, and strengthening your muscles. Here are the main reasons why you should learn to dance online: 

  • Online classes are convenient and fun
  • Dancing is a great form of exercise 
  • You can learn a new and unique skill 
  • Dance classes will introduce you to new friends 

It’s a great hobby that introduces you to others who share the same interests in dance. As you join classes, you will be introduced to new groups, communities, and clubs where you can learn new dances, participate in new choreographies, and make new friends. 

Virtual Dance Classes 

Taking a virtual dance class is a great way to learn to dance without finding a dance studio that offers in-person classes in your area. It’s the perfect option for those who prefer not to travel or who have busy schedules. Although the classes are remote and virtual, it’s still a fully interactive classroom where you can talk with the instructor and other students, ask questions in real-time, and get immediate feedback. 

CourseHorse lists dozens of virtual dance classes on its website. They range from belly dancing classes, stretching classes, and ballet courses. One of the most popular classes is Ballet Barre Online from Anna Griffin Dance. It’s a one-hour class that focuses on teaching the basics of ballet. You’ll learn Ballet terminology, correct body placement to improve posture, flexibility, range of motion, coordination, and rhythm. 

The class will inspire you to learn new things while improving your flexibility and muscle tone. To take the course, you’ll need to have your own ballet slippers, comfortable clothes, and have your hair pulled away from your face. In addition, the course description recommends that you have previous ballet experience, but it’s not required. 

If you’re interested in a class that combines dance and stretching, the Virtual Mindful Stretch from Fit4Dance is a great class. During the one-hour class, you’ll take the time to stretch and unwind while grooving to smooth jazz and R&B. During the course, the instructor will help you to loosen tight joints and connect your breath to your movement. At the of the class, you can participate in an optional meditation. 

The ​​ConfiDance Ballroom Dance School offers a Performance-Level Dance Method: Ballroom Dance class that meets once for one hour. According to the class description, you’ll learn four main things: 

  • Develop an ability to identify a connection with a partner
  • Access emotion and learn to apply it to choreography
  • Identify objectives in choreography
  • Bring choices and emotional responses to choreography

The class is broken into four stages: The Connection, The Dialogue, The Emotional Character, and Telling the Story. You can also take the class multiple times to continue progressing in your skills. 

Dance of Venus offers a one-hour Beginner Belly Dance class. The class description says, “When we belly dance, we bring out the 'Goddess Venus' in each of us, the goddess of love, beauty, sensuality, fertility, and prosperity, hence the name, 'Dance of Venus'.” The class helps you build muscles in your abdomen while improving your posture and grace. As you participate in the class, you will steadily improve and learn. 

You’re also welcome to rebook classes after you’ve finished as continual attendance will help you perfect the skills. The class description states, “The class starts with a relaxing warm up routine to prepare your body to dance and continues with captivating and hypnotizing slow movements and goes into exploration of joyous, passionate and fun ones.” Make sure to wear comfortable clothes and get ready to have fun. 

The NY Tango School NYC (TWJ) offers Online Argentinian Tango Private Lessons to those ages 10 and older. Private lessons accelerate your learning pace and ensure that you get the most out of every class. You get 1-on-1 time with your teacher in the online classroom. The class description notes that group classes usually have 25 to 40 people, so taking a private class gives you specific feedback that you wouldn’t get in the group class. 

If you want to learn to tango, then private online classes are one of the best ways to learn. You’ll get great instruction that is focused on your specific skills. In each class, you’ll move forward with the skills you need to work on while covering new skills as needed. 

Private Online Group Dance Classes

Employees can become overworked and stressed when not given proper outlets. Companies and employers can give their employees time to distress by booking dance classes for private groups online.

One of the best classes you can take is the one-hour Virtual Rough Day Recharge course. In this unique class, you’ll learn to reduce stress and wake up endorphins with a series of activities guaranteed to make you relax. Your employees will be able to take a much-needed self care moment. 

The class focuses on easy-to-learn desk stretches that you can do with only a chair. Hopefully, this will give your employees the ability to pause, stretch, and rewind their stress in the middle of the workday, allowing them to work stress-free for the rest of the day. 

Another great class is the Virtual Group Stretching & Alignment course. You will lengthen, strengthen, and align your body in this class. It incorporates various styles of increasing flexibility, including techniques used by dancers to expand your personal range of motion and prevent injury. To participate, wear comfy clothes and have space to stretch. 

If you’re interested in meditation, consider taking the Virtual Guided Group Meditation. This class is only 30 minutes, which makes it the perfect class to book in the middle of the work day. Your employees can take the time they need to relax and meditate on the things that matter. According to the class schedule, you’ll have four main goals in the class: 

  • Individual empowerment
  • Co-collaboration and allyship
  • Holistic awareness of social causes
  • Building compassionate networks inspired by yoga philosophy that develop spiritual activism and move from intentions to impact

All you need is some comfortable clothing, a comfortable space, and an option mat if you’re sitting on a hard surface. The class also facilitates discussions and awareness. 

Online vs. In-Person Dance Classes

When choosing to take a class, you have the choice between in-person and virtual classes. Both are great, but they come with their pros and cons. For example, in-person classes are great if you prefer hands-on training with a teacher who can correct your posture. However, in-person classes can be difficult if there aren’t classes nearby. 

If there are no in-person classes in your area, then online is the next best option. Online classes offer many of the same benefits as in-person classes, but there are often more choices available. If you’re interested in taking dance classes, look through both online and in-person classes. 

Can I Learn Dance for Free Online?

You can find online tutorials and videos that can teach you how to dance. However, these free resources won’t offer the guidance that you need to excel. When you take online or in-person classes, you’ll get personalized instruction that can help you correct bad habits and learn faster.