Chicago Botanic Garden

Chicago Botanic Garden

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Glencoe, Glencoe, Illinois
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The Chicago Botanic Garden opened a little more than 40 years ago as a beautiful place to visit, and it has matured into one of the world's great living museums and conservation science centers. In 2013, one million people visited the Garden's 26 gardens and four natural areas, uniquely situated on 385 acres on and around nine islands, with six miles of lake shoreline. The Garden also has a renowned Bonsai Collection.

The Chicago Botanic Garden has 50,000 members—one of the largest memberships of any U.S. botanic garden. People of all ages, interests, and abilities participate in programs, take classes, and stroll the grounds year-round. Within the nine laboratories of the Garden's Daniel F. and Ada L. Rice Plant Conservation Science Center, scientists and graduate students conduct a wide array of plant research. The Garden is one of only 17 public gardens accredited by the American Association of Museums. Its Lenhardt Library contains 110,000 volumes — including one of the nation's best collections of rare botanical books.


The Chicago Botanic Garden traces its origins back to the Chicago Horticultural Society, founded in 1890. With the motto Urbs in Horto, meaning "city in a garden," the Society hosted nationally recognized flower and horticultural shows, its third the World's Columbian Exposition Chrysanthemum Show, held in conjunction with the world's fair in October 1893.

After a period of inactivity, the Chicago Horticultural Society was restarted in 1943. In 1962, its modern history began when the Society agreed to help create and manage a new public garden. With the groundbreaking for the Chicago Botanic Garden in 1965 and its opening in 1972, the Society created a permanent site on which to carry out its mission. The Garden today is an example of a successful public-private partnership. It is owned by the Forest Preserve District of Cook County and operated by the Chicago Horticultural Society.

Reviews of Chicago Botanic Garden

(101 Reviews)
Orchids for Beginners: Online

Barbara L.

Attended: Orchids for Beginners: Online

This class was NOT good! I did not want a course on Botany, details of the orchids. The class was let out early and I did not get many ideas for caring for orchids. The teacher spent too much time on her own graduate thesis and did not really help me learn how to pick out orchids or how to keep them growing. I would NOT recommend this class.

Demo Cooking: French Cocktail Snacks

Joanne G.

Attended: Demo Cooking: French Cocktail Snacks

Our instructor was fantastic. Knowledgeable, entertaining and personable. All the recipes were great too and i cant wait to try them at home.

Introduction to Beekeeping

Ismail T.

Attended: Introduction to Beekeeping

Great teacher. Incredible class

Demo Cooking: Cheese & Charcuterie Board

David D.

Attended: Demo Cooking: Cheese & Charcuterie Board

Thought it was great. Took the fear factor out of trying something new!!

Demo Cooking: Air Fryer

Linda M.

Attended: Demo Cooking: Air Fryer

Great class! Emily is knowledgeable and engaging. I would highly recommend her classes!

Winter Houseplant Care

Lourdes A.

Attended: Winter Houseplant Care

Ms. Julia had an exceptionally well organized class! The class itself was exactly what was offered, a quick knowledge on house plants. I learned to love my plants, treat them with respect and love on them!

Photoshop 1


Attended: Photoshop 1

Iris, the instructor was great. I highly recommend this course.

Shade Gardening Basics

Victoria L.

Attended: Shade Gardening Basics

This was a very good class that provided a lot of materials and specific plant names. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is it was entirely specific to environments east of the Mississippi. I should have known that since it was offered from Chicago, but maybe the region should be included in the title. Most all of the plants discussed could not survive in the arid environments, even in the shade, of the west.

Macarons: Online Cook Along

Catherine S.

Attended: Macarons: Online Cook Along

I wish it was a bit longer so the instructor could have evaluated the finished product.

Backyard Design


Attended: Backyard Design

Tons of repeated information. Mostly about working with contractors and very little information for how to actually design (tips for drawing plans, etc) and all pics/examples were from professional/contracted work. I wish it had included more for those of us planning to do simple things ourselves instead of enormous, expensive renovations.

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Chicago Botanic Garden
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Upcoming Classes at Chicago Botanic Garden

The Organic Vegetable Garden in Autumn
The Organic Vegetable Garden in Autumn
Next start date:

Wednesday Aug 17th, 6pm - 8pm Central Time

Fall Garden Care
Fall Garden Care
Next start date:

Thursday Aug 25th, 6pm - 8pm Central Time

Discover Lightroom: Online
Discover Lightroom: Online
Next start date:

Friday Aug 26th, 12pm - 3pm Central Time

Preparing Bonsai for Seasonal Storage
Preparing Bonsai for Seasonal Storage
Next start date:

Wednesday Sep 7th, 6pm - 8pm Central Time

Botanical Drawing 1
Botanical Drawing 1
Next start date:

Saturday Sep 10th, 9am - 12pm Central Time

Pen and Ink 2
Pen and Ink 2
Next start date:

Tuesday Sep 20th, 6pm - 9pm Central Time

Teachers at Chicago Botanic Garden

Aaron Bertelsen Abbie Groff Alan Anderson Alexis Datta Alicia Green Allen Rokach Amy Galper & Amy Anthony Andrew Wilson Andrew Bunting Andy McGhee Angela Thomas Waltman Angie McMonigal Anna Andersen Anna Gordon Anne Nies Anne Houde Anne Roberts Annie Novak Arthur Joura Ashley Luciani Ayako Saegusa Ayse Pogue Barb Rue Barbara Kreski Becky Porter Becky Porter, designer, Victor Hlavacek Florist Benjamin F. Lenhardt, Jr. Beth Levy Beth Nielsen Beth Pinagorte Betsy Iversen Bill Shores Bim Willow Bob Kirschner & Heidi Natura Bonnie Cox Bonnie Arkin Brady Soule Brian Paul Lamotte & Andreas Laszlo Konrath Bridget Kiernan Bridget Schrank Britt Calendo Bruce Bondy Bruce Iverson Bruce Iverson Burnstein Hall Carlos Barajas Carmen Vidal-Hallett Carol Vanhyfte Lawrence Carrie Schloss Cathy Thomas Charles and Karen Lorence Chester Jankowski Chris Beiser Chris Catalano Chris Baker Christina Swets Christine Shiel Claire Roos Claudia Lane Courtney Hughes Craig Bergmann Cynthia Gran Dale Sievert Dan Bussey Dan Pearson & Midori Shintani Daniel Domoleczny Daniela Titiu Dave Cantwell Dave Sollenberger Dave Neu David Tepper David Murray David E. Dallison Debbie Friend Deborah Lee Dennis Paige Derek Norman Devi Stern Diane Dorigan Dianne Kittle DJ Garrity Douglas Beasley Dr. Kayri Havens-Young and Dr. Jennifer Schwarz Ballard Dr. Kulvider Kaur Duncan Himmelman Duygu Kazkondu Eddie Soloway Elisabeth Aguilera Elise Robison Elizabeth Paine Ellen Phillips Emily Breidenbach Emily Paster Emma and Andrea Eric Strong Erica Hornthal Esther Gutierrez-Sloan Evan Hydzik Fergus Garrett Frances Vail Francine Gourguechon Gary Topalian Gary Lehman Gary Bregman Gary Gran Gilbert and Lesley Bruce Smith Giulianna Ciocca Glenn Grosch Gordon Lock Gordon Hayward Gordon Lock and Way Sun Greg Trabka Greg Stack Gregory M. Pierceall Gretta Winkelbauer Guy Sternberg Heather Sherwood Heather Prince Heather Marie Scholl Heeyoung Kim Heidi Joynt Helen Bartlett Hilary Noble Hunter De Luc Ian Glasspool Iris Lutz Iris Allen Isabel Schwabe Ivan Watters Jack Carlson Jack Carlson and Dave Cantwell Jackie Kendall Jaclyn Jacobs Jacob Burns James Villalpando Jamie Thome Jane Talesnick Janet Meakin Janet Trierweiller Janet Austin Janit Calvo Jay Taylor Jeane Cohen Jeff Epping Jeffrey Gorra Jeffrey True Jeffrey H. Bunn Jennifer Murtoff Jenny Roe Jerrod Schober Jerry L. Garner Jessica Ellington Jessica Hannah Jill Jonnes Jill Selinger Jill Selinger and William Moss Jim Nau Jim Steffen Jim Jabcon Jim Steffen Jodi Mariano John Eskandari John Raffeto John Pastoriza Pinol Jonathan Green Jordan Scherer Jordan Scherer and Taylor Cowan Judith Joseph Judy Logback Julia Zoltowsky Julia Bunn Julie Sajtar Julie Engleman Julie Siegel Juliet Liu Waite Justin Schmitz Justin LeBlanc KaMele Sanchez Karen Thomson Kathe Stoepel Kathie Hayden Kathryn Deery Kathy Johnson Kay Thomas Kendall Jackie Kenny Larson Kerry Mendez Kimberly Mullarkey Kris De la Torre Kristina Smith Kristyn Moore Lauren Johnson Lauren "Lo" Bosworth Leah Mulder Lee Anne White Leslie Buck Linda Oyama Bryan Lisa Hilgenberg Lisa Beard Liz Paine Liz Rex Luciano Giubbilei Lydia Crespo Lynda Mapes Lynette Rodriguez Lynn Bement Lynn Quinn Maggie Meiners Manny Sanchez Marian McNair Mark Dwyer Mark Heidelberger Mark Osgood Mark McMahon Mark Zampardo Marlene Hill Donnelly Marta McDowell Mary Ann Spina Mary Kay Gill Mary-Beth Manning Marysol Ornelas Melanie Bromberek Melissa Leger Mia Park Michael Jeffords & Susan Post Michael Jeffords & Susan Post Michelle Maestre Mindy Silberg Moira OKeefe Molly Kobelt Molly Kobelt and Heidi Joynt Mui Baltrunas Nancy Clifton Nancy Halliday Natalie Boyett Natasha Lehrer Lewis Nicholas Peterson Nichole Strafaci & Jennifer Fabos Patton Nicole Putzel Nikki Luna Paz Nikki Nigl Nina Koziol Nina Weiss Nina Koziol & Marcy Stewart-Pyziak Pam Tokowitz Pam Karlson Pam Gross & Lisa Hilgenberg Pamela Self Pamela Feldman Patrick Eccles Patrick Sbordone Patrick Leacock Patsy Welch Paul Krysik Paul Laiblin Paul Lucas Peter Nagle Peter Berthelsen Peterson Garden Project Phillip Douglas Phyllis Kaplan Priscilla Humay Professor Drori R. Thomas Selinger R. William Thomas Rachel Catlett Rafael Arredondo Richard Hawke Rick Darke Roberta Asher Robin Carlson Rochelle Wiedenhoeft & Korbin Paul Rowen White Roy Diblik Roy Diblik & Anatoliy Khmara Ruth Clausen Sally Peterson Sandra Bacon Sandy Bulgrin Sarah Schultz Sean Kelley Sean Regan Shaili Guru Shannon Catalano Sharon Washington Sharon Yiesla Sharyn Galindo Shawn Sheehy Shelley Galloway Sheryl DeVore Shilpi Saxena Stephanie Rose Bird Steve Nakon Steve Bailey Steve Nakon and Patricia Nakon Stevie Hanley Suzanne Walker Suzanne Wegener Tamara Mannelly Terese Hajduk Theresa Mieseler Thomas Soulsby Thomas Mikolajczyk Thomas Selinger Thomas Trausch Tim Johnson Tim Gruner Tim Pollak Tim Lally Tim Gruner and Elizabeth Hubert Timothy Lally Tobin Fraley Tom Fritz Tom Soulsby Tom Tiddens Tom Weaver Tom Tiddens & Kathie Hayden Tom Tiddens, Thomas Fritz & Mike Annes Tom Tiddens, Thomas Fritz and Chris Beiser Tom, Mike & Thomas Tiddens, Annes & Fritz Tony Gebely Tony Wasemann Tracey Buchman & Julie Engelman Valerie Gerdes Lemme Valerie Gerdes and Tim Lally Valerie Gerdes Lemme and Jeffrey True Valerie Lemme Gerdes Vivian Zapata Wade Wheatley Walker Jacobs Wicker Mui Wil Pilipauskas William Moss
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