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Comedy Classes Near Me

Unleash your inner comedian with a wide range of comedy classes. From stand-up to improv, master the art of making people laugh, gain confidence on stage, and discover your unique comedic voice.

Comedy Classes Coming Up in NYC

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Laughter Starts Here: Intro to Improv Comedy Deal

Laughter Starts Here: Intro to Improv Comedy

New York Improv Theatre (8 Improv) @ 318 W 53rd St, New York, NY

Unlock your creativity, boost self-confidence, and become a master of storytelling with laughter as your guide. Join us at the New York Improv Theatre and embark on a journey of fun, games, and meaningful character development. Learn the art of improv comedy and discover the power of teamwork, leadership, and communication skills along the way.

(73) Beginner 16 and older

9 sessions

+2100 pts
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Improv Comedy for Business Professionals Deal

Improv Comedy for Business Professionals

New York Improv Theatre (8 Improv) @ 318 W 53rd St, New York, NY

Develop essential communication and team-building skills while having fun at New York Improv Theatre. This course is designed for business professionals seeking to improve public speaking, self-confidence, and more. Join corporate clients like HSBC, UBER, and Twitter in learning the art of improv comedy for maximum impact in your career.

(73) All levels 16 and older

5 sessions

+1400 pts
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Introduction to Stand Up Comedy

Comic Strip Live @ 1568 2nd Ave, New York, NY

Unleash your inner funny bone and learn the art of stand-up comedy in this eight-week course taught by comedy veteran D.F. Sweedler at Comic Strip Live. Get hands-on instruction, free admission to shows during class enrollment, and a free DVD of your graduation performance. Take the stage at the legendary Comic Strip and make your audience laugh like never before!

(2) All levels 16 and older

8 sessions

+4000 pts
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Summer Improv Intensive: Levels 2 & 3

Brooklyn Comedy Collective @ 144 Boerum St, Brooklyn, NY

Elevate your improv game with fearless play and advanced scene techniques in this intensive course. Embrace artistic freedom, surprise yourself, and master the vocabulary of long-form improv. Join us for an unforgettable journey to enhance your improv skills and perform for a live audience.

(4) All levels 16 and older

5 sessions

+4250 pts
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Summer Improv Intensive: Levels 1 & 2

Brooklyn Comedy Collective @ 137 Montrose Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Unlock your improv potential this summer with an intensive program at Brooklyn’s premier comedy theater. Develop your skills, overcome self-doubt, and embrace the thrill of live performance in a supportive environment. Join us for a transformative journey into the world of improv!

(4) All levels 16 and older

5 sessions

+4250 pts
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Comedy Classes Coming Up in Los Angeles

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Stand-Up Comedy Workshop with Graduation Show

Santa Monica College @ SMC Bundy Campus, Santa Monica, CA

Hone your stand-up comedy skills in this dynamic workshop, perfect for beginners and seasoned performers alike. Learn professional techniques for joke writing, developing your comedic persona, and engaging audiences. Gain insights into the business side of comedy, including sitcom development. The course culminates in a thrilling graduation show at a top comedy venue.

(513) All levels 21 and older

7 sessions

+1680 pts
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Stand Up Level 1

DBA Flappers University @ 118 E Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA

Unlock your comedic potential with Stand Up Level 1. Whether you're a budding comedian or seeking to boost your public speaking skills, this course offers a comprehensive dive into joke structure, stage presence, and self-confidence. Discover the art of comedy in a supportive environment, where authenticity and humor reign supreme.

(38) Beginner 18 and older

4 sessions

+3500 pts
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Stand-Up Comedy 101

Los Angeles City College @ 855 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA

Discover your comedic potential in Stand-Up Comedy 101 at Los Angeles City College. Learn the art of joke-writing, performance, structuring your set, and even how to handle hecklers. Don't miss the chance to showcase your original stand-up routine at a comedy club!

(786) Beginner 18 and older

6 sessions

+1890 pts
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Intro to Stand Up Comedy

DBA Flappers University @ 102 E Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA

Discover the secrets of stand-up comedy and learn how to turn your funny ideas into hilarious jokes in this one-day intensive course. Taught by top instructors at Flappers Comedy University, this class will teach you the fundamentals of joke structure, how to connect with an audience, and how to discover your own unique point of view. Whether you want to pursue a career in comedy or just improve your public speaking skills, this class is perfect for beginners and professionals alike.

(38) Beginner 18 and older
+490 pts
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Your World Premiere at the Comedy Store Stand-Up

Los Angeles City College @ 334 West Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

Tap into your own creative genius and rock the audience with humor. Learn joke writing, creating characters, improvising skills, stage persona and connecting with any audience. At the last class meeting, students will each have an opportunity to perform their own crafted, original stand-up comedy routine.

(786) All levels 18 and older
No upcoming schedules

5 sessions

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Comedy Classes Coming Up in Chicago

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Clowning Around with Dotti Moscati

Vaudezilla Studios

Berlin's Sexiest Clown is coming back to Chicago and offering a very special workshop to all. Dotti will be teaching clowning techniques that can be used to enhance any style of burlesque performance.  In this workshop we will work through individual performers comedy burlesque aspirations and goals. The workshop will cover topics such as: How to become more confident in one’s comedic timing. How to add comic twists to a classic act....

(14) All levels 18 and older
No upcoming schedules

Emcee/Stand-Up Intensive

Vaudezilla Studios @ 3614 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL

Have you been itching to get on the mic and make a crowd's slides split? Ready to put your voice out into the world? The Stand-Up Intensive is here to get you out of the audience and onto the stage! Taught by esteemed emcee, stand-up comic, and certified screwball Shirley Blazen, this workshop series will have you writing your own material, harnessing your unique voice, performing weekly, and polishing your own set for a showcase debut!

(14) All levels 18 and older
No upcoming schedules

6 sessions

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Comedy Classes Coming Up Online

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TV Comedy 1: Pilot Writing Workshop

Writing Pad

Learn the secrets to developing a hit comedy show and creating memorable characters in the five-week Online TV Comedy Pilot Writing Workshop at Writing Pad. With guidance from an instructor who has worked on shows like Community and Superstore, you'll develop the formula for your own series and have everything you need to pitch it. Don't miss your chance to bring your comedic ideas to life!

(61) Beginner 16 and older

5 sessions

+5250 pts
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TV Comedy 2: TV Draft Writing

Writing Pad

Learn from TV comedy expert, Jack Kukoda, how to transform your beat sheets into a hilarious pilot script in this 8-week online workshop. Develop your characters, write an engaging opening scene, and turn your roadmap into literary gold. By the end, you'll be on your way to revising your first draft and creating an Emmy-worthy comedy.

(61) All levels 16 and older

10 sessions

+11400 pts
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2-Week Online Live-Action On-Camera Comedy Intensive with Howard Meltzer

Acting & Voice Studios @ Virtual Classroom

Join top Casting Director Howard Meltzer for a live and interactive online comedy class. Perfect for actors of all ages, this intensive offers the opportunity to perform and receive feedback from Howard, who has cast for major networks including HBO Max, Netflix, and Warner Brothers Television. Don't miss this chance to hone your comedic skills with an industry expert!

(24) All levels 15 and older

2 sessions

+1690 pts
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Steve Kaplan's Comedy Intensive Online

Kaplan Comedy

Uncover the hidden tools and principles of comedy in this intensive workshop. Dive into the art and science of comedy, exploring character, structure, and comic premise through interactive exercises and analysis of classic comedies. Master practical techniques to elevate your comedic craft and keep audiences laughing.

All levels 18 and older

4 sessions

+2338 pts
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TV Comedy Pitching

Writing Pad

Master the art of TV comedy pitching alongside industry pros. Learn the ins and outs of crafting a winning pitch, from etiquette to performance, and receive personalized feedback to refine your presentation. Get ready to impress network executives and take your comedy pilot to the next level.

(61) All levels 18 and older

3 sessions

+3250 pts
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Comedy Classes Coming Up in Seattle

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Pitch Lab: Deliver A Killer Presentation

General Assembly @ 1218 Third Ave, Seattle, WA

Pitch Lab: Deliver A Killer Presentation Like A Stand-Up Comedian! Due to the current health concerns, all GA short-form events, workshops & bootcamps will temporarily be held online - including this one. Registered students will be notified 24 hours in advance of this program with information on how to log in to the Zoom Meeting Room and other tools you'll need for the session. Registration for this class will close 2 hours prior to the...

(2637) All levels 18 and older

Comedy Classes Coming Up in Atlanta

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IMPV 401: Advanced Harold

Action Show Studios @ 1561 McLendon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA

In this 8-week course with UCB trained Josh Warren, you’ll spend 3 hours each week learning advanced Harold formats and techniques, and alternative long form formats. Pre-requisite:  IMPV 301 or permission of instructor. For improv classes, dress comfortably, and do not wear shorts, skirts or dresses.

Advanced 18 and older
No upcoming schedules

8 sessions

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Comedy Workshoppe Level 1

Jeff Justice Comedy Workshoppe @ 3652 Roswell Rd NE, Atlanta, GA

Discover your inner comedian and learn how to write and deliver hilarious stand-up routines at the Comedy Workshoppe. Whether you dream of stepping on stage or simply want to improve your public speaking skills, this class is the perfect opportunity to unleash your sense of humor in a supportive environment. Join us on Monday evenings for an unforgettable night of laughter at The Punchline, Buckhead.

Beginner 17 and older
No upcoming schedules

7 sessions

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Comedy & Marketing Workshop

General Assembly @ 675 Ponce De Leon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA

There is an exciting crossover between stand up comedy and marketing that you never knew you needed...until now! Take your career to the next level by combining the practices learned through stand up comedy with marketing and branding. Whether it’s public speaking, knowing your audience for a pitch, writing and editing a brief, or connecting through humor, stand up comedy is a fresh way to take your marketing career to the next level. Comics...

(2637) Beginner 18 and older

Comedy Classes Coming Up in Denver

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Resume Refresh w/ Resident Career Coach Nicole Palidwor

General Assembly @ 3858 Walnut St, Denver, CO

When is the last time you brushed up your resume? The job market is an everchanging environment and consequently, new trends are always emerging in resume appearance and marketability.  In the competitive Denver market, it is important to submit cohesive, thoughtful and clean looking resumes that set you apart from other candidates. During this workshop, learn how to showcase your strengths and avoid common mistakes so that your resume accurately...

(2637) All levels 18 and older

Reviews for Comedy Classes

Comedy Classes are rated 4.3 stars based on 4,152 verified reviews from actual purchasers.

  • Laughter Starts Here: Intro to Improv Comedy

    Anonymous review on 6/25/2023
    Great environment!
  • Intro to Stand Up Comedy

    Reviewed by Barbara O. on 6/5/2023
    The teacher was awsome. I felt that some portals just opened in my life and I am very interested to do new classes.
  • Introduction to Stand Up Comedy

    Reviewed by Michael B. on 3/8/2023
    The class exceeded my expectations. The instructor, DF Sweedler, is a wealth of comedy knowledge. Getting into the comedy industry is no easy task, but this class is an extremely valuable resource to getting you started. Upon completion of the course I enrolled for a second time, and will keep coming back until I feel I’ve mastered everything he has to teach.
  • Laughter Starts Here: Intro to Improv Comedy

    Reviewed by CINDY A. on 1/29/2023
    Class was great! The instructor was super helpful and I had a lot of fun
  • Laughter Starts Here: Intro to Improv Comedy

    Anonymous review on 1/8/2023
    Excellent instructor and lots of fun!
  • Stand-Up Comedy Workshop with Graduation Show

    Reviewed by James L. on 5/4/2022
    Jonathan is a gem. Incredibly passionate teacher who really breaks down what you need to know to have success in comedy. I never leave reviews on these sites but people need to know how good this class/teacher is. Already told all my friends so you folks might as well know too
  • Laughter Starts Here: Intro to Improv Comedy

    Reviewed by Akhilesh M. on 7/7/2021
    I met Walt and many others in this class. The class is great, Walt is great, funny, energetic, and knows what he is doing. The class has good number of students - not too little to be too boring, not too much to not get any chance. The students and Walt shall bring the best out of you, even if you are breaking a sweat. I shall go here again, if I have time.
  • Your World Premiere at the Comedy Store Stand-Up

    Reviewed by Nicole B. on 7/24/2019
    I was thrilled to find this class. It’s been a wonderful experience.
  • Stand Up Level 1

    Reviewed by Chris C. on 7/24/2019
    Joanie Coyote was wonderful and insightful. She gave me some of the best and most useful notes I've ever received from a director or teacher. She never put me down and never poked fun of any of us. She's a pro and you can feel it when she talks to you. She empathizes with how vulnerable we are up there and made us all feel like we really could/can do this seemingly impossible task of "getting up and doing 5 minutes". Oh, and she taught me how to write a joke.... And a whole bunch of other stuff you need to know before you step on that stage. I loved the class and I think Ms. Coyote is exceptional.

Discover the Best Comedy Classes Near Me

Comedy is a genre of fiction that is made up of discourses, jokes, or satirical sketches that are intended to be humorous and make an audience laugh. Comedic works can take on many forms, including theater, film, television, stand-up, radio, books, or nearly any other entertainment medium. The origin of comedy can be traced back centuries to the Greeks and Romans, who developed the word to describe stage-plays that had happy endings. Generally speaking, any type of work that is intended to incite laughter and amusement is considered comedic, and anyone can learn the skill of comedy.

Why You Should Learn Comedy

Learning comedy as a hobby can be a fun and freeing way to relieve stress, and also give you something to do during your free time. Comedy is a skill that gives you a creative outlet involving your whole body, and you can even use comedy as a gift for others. Not only can you entertain people with your comedy, you could potentially make up an entire stand-up routine or sketch for a loved one’s special occasion.

There is a large community of people out there who enjoy comedy, both as a hobby and a profession. Once you have mastered the basics of comedy, it may be a good idea to research local clubs, groups, events, or organizations where you can meet others who are interested in comedy. Just remember that most people who are in these groups already have some experience with comedy, and they may not be looking to teach a beginner unless the group states explicitly that beginners are welcome.

Finally, learning the art of comedy could potentially be an employable skill. A sense of humor is a valuable thing to have at just about any job, and learning comedic timing may be helpful when you need to lighten things up. Additionally, you could easily start a comedy focused YouTube channel or TikTok account and begin producing your own sketches and routines. If you are able to grow your following, you could even make some money this way and turn your hobby into a side hustle.

5 Ways to Learn Comedy

The prospect of learning comedy may seem overwhelming at first, but it does not have to be difficult and you do not have to do it on your own. When you are first starting out, it may be intimidating to try and figure out what styles of comedy you enjoy, and what types of humor you are good at conveying. Many new comedians will get discouraged when their first stand-up routine does not go as planned, or when their jokes do not land correctly with their audience. This is why in-person comedy classes are the ideal way to learn comedy: you will see the demonstration up close and in person, and your instructor can give you real-time feedback and advice.

Live online comedy classes are also a great way to learn comedy without having to commute. They are accessible to almost anyone, which is good because not everyone has an in-person comedy class that is close to them. And even though they take place online, a live online comedy class features a live instructor who can answer your questions and give you assistance in real-time. This is the next best option to learning comedy in person, simply because you get to enjoy real-time feedback that you cannot find with any of the other methods of learning comedy. 

Self-paced or on-demand comedy classes, such as those found on YouTube, can also be a good option especially if you do not want to invest money in learning comedy right away. Thankfully, comedy is a skill you can learn with little to no materials that need to be purchased. These self-paced or on-demand classes allow you to learn as quickly or as slowly as you want, and you can utilize them around your schedule rather than having to attend a class on a certain day, at a certain time. Comedy classes like these are particularly helpful for people who have full-time jobs or children.

Learning comedy from someone you know who is good at comedy, like a relative or friend, may be another option. This is largely dependent on your schedule as well as the schedule of the other person, and whether their style of comedy aligns with how you want to learn. There are many different types of comedy, and the kind that your friend or loved one knows may not be the one you would like to learn. That being said, this can be an excellent way to learn comedy while also allowing you to spend time in the company of someone you are close to.

There are comedy groups that you could attend as a beginner, but be aware that many people in comedy groups are looking for socialization, not to teach someone else the skill of comedy. With that in mind, comedy groups can be a good place to observe different techniques or get new ideas; they are not necessarily the best place to learn comedy if you are just starting out. The exception to that rule is if the group specifically states that they welcome beginners, or that someone in the group is looking to teach beginners.

In-Person Comedy Classes

If you want to learn comedy in-person, CourseHorse can connect you with classes in your area. For example, if you are in New York City, Laughter Starts Here Intro to Improv Comedy is offered by New York Improv Theatre at their location in Hell’s Kitchen. In this class, you will learn to be a more creative and confident public speaker while sharing laughter with the world. You will grow to understand basic storytelling and performance, along with fun and meaningful characters. Laughing Buddha Comedy offers Six Week Stand Up Comedy Workshop, a five-session course that is great for beginners or those who want to fine-tune their comedic material. You will develop a five minute set while practicing joke writing, setup and punch, and crowd work. Introduction to Stand Up Comedy is held at Comic Strip Live, featuring a seven week course and one live performance. In this course, you get hands-on instruction from a stand up comedy veteran in an intimate class setting. You will learn all the tools of the stand up comedy trade and get to hone your craft.

If you are in the Los Angeles area, Off-the-Cuff: Comedy Improv (Level 1) is offered by Los Angeles City College. This five-session class will teach you the building blocks of improvisational comedy. You will learn teamwork, communication, and self-confidence in a fun and freeing environment. In Burbank, DBA Flappers University hosts Intro to Stand Up Comedy, a beginner-friendly class that teaches you how to turn your funny ideas into jokes for the stage. This intensive class introduces you to many different types of comedy and is perfect for those who are just starting out. Another Los Angeles City College course is Stand-Up Comedy 101, which teaches you the basics of stand up comedy. You will learn joke writing, performance skills, how to structure your set, and even how to handle hecklers.

In Chicago, Emcee/Stand-Up Intensive is put on by Vaudezilla Studios. In this class, you will learn exactly how to project your unique voice and make a crowd laugh. This six-session workshop will teach you how to write your own material and deliver it with gusto to your audience. Improv at Work: Comedy for Better Collaboration is put on at General Assembly, and is a hands-on improv workshop. This class takes you through a series of fun exercises that intersect across art and commerce, resulting in creativity that helps you learn comedy.

If you live in the Boston area, Stand-Up Comedy is a five-session class put on by Media Performance at Boston Casting in the neighborhood of Allston. While stand up comedy may seem like a scary prospect, this five-week class is designed to take all the fear out of going on stage. You will gain a basic, usable toolkit for creating your own well-received comedic act. And if you are more advanced at the art of comedy, Improv Level 1 is offered at Improv Asylum. This big-picture course is meant to help you understand how best to end your comedic scenes. Reaching a satisfying climax is critical to your comedy being well-received, and this class shows you how to achieve that goal.

In Charlotte, Improv Comedy Workshop is held at Improv Vikings. This drop-in comedy workshop is perfect for beginners or those who just want to meet new people and play improv games. You will learn the basics of improv in a fun and low-key environment. And Acting Out Studio is home to Summer Make ‘Em Laugh Comedy Camp, which is a good fit for those who have been told they are the funny one in a group. This course helps you sharpen your comedic skills while learning sketch, stand up, and more.

Do you live near Seattle? Improv Comedy 101 is a nine-session course that happens at CSz Seattle. If you are looking for a way to overcome stage fright or improve your public speaking skills, this class could be perfect for you. You will learn the basics of improvisation and teamwork through fun games and exercises. The Improv Jam also takes place at CSz Seattle, and it is a drop-in workshop open to all levels of improvisers. Anyone can learn comedy in this fun and friendly environment, and you will walk away with an understanding of how to create hilarious scenes and characters.

In Atlanta, Jeff Justice Comedy Workshoppe hosts Comedy Workshoppe Level 1. This seven-session course is designed for beginners, and it will teach you everything from being a better speaker and presenter to how to be a good comedian. You will learn how to write and deliver original stand up comedy routines with confidence. Action Show Studios offers Stand Up Comedy, a six-session class that will teach you the fundamentals of joke writing, stage etiquette, and the art of editing. You will benefit from a supportive environment and a course that teaches you accountability in your writing as well as comedy.

Lastly, in San Francisco you can attend Speaking to Engage: Be a Better & Funnier Public Speaker when you head over to General Assembly. Want to learn to rid the world of boring presentations? This class is for you. You can learn the art of comedy and apply it to almost any aspect of your daily life, including your job, and make someone’s day a little brighter. If you are a more advanced learner, SF Comedy College puts on an Advanced Stand Up Class that will help you build and perfect your stand up act. This group session will teach you how to create material quickly and address any performance issues.

Virtual Comedy Classes 

A virtual comedy class can be a good way to learn comedy skills, especially if you do not live in an area where in-person comedy classes are offered. Some advantages of online comedy classes include allowing you to attend from just about anywhere, including your home or an outdoor space, such as your backyard or a park. Additionally, you do not have to commute to and from an online comedy class, which saves you time and money. One possible disadvantage of taking an online comedy class is that you will most likely have to provide any required materials or equipment. Luckily most comedy classes do not require much beyond your attendance.

If you are interested in taking online comedy classes, CourseHorse can help you find the one that is right for you. For example, 2-Week Comedy & Drama Intensive with Jeremy Gordon is a class that will teach you scene study and audition techniques revolving around the comedic genre. You will be learning from an experienced casting director in an interactive environment that includes a Q&A session. The Comedy Intensive Online is a four-session course designed for all levels of experience. You will experience an interactive workshop environment that explains comedy and comedy writing from the inside out. You will learn best practices for comedy that will allow you to further broaden your horizons in the genre. And Virtual Stand Up Comedy is a four-session online class that will help you develop a five minute stand up comedy routine in a supportive environment. You will learn how to develop original material, as well as visible digital content to support your stand up set.

Private Group Comedy Classes

Do you want to schedule a comedy class as a fun team-building event for your business or organization? CourseHorse has comedy classes for private groups that they can deliver to you. This Virtual Comedy Show is a group comedy experience that everyone can enjoy, with a capacity of up to 50 people. Sit back, relax, and enjoy some belly laughs with your group as you take in stand up jokes from a top-notch comedian. This event pairs well with a virtual happy hour or one of CourseHorse’s virtual games for a dynamic and fun experience. Virtual Public Speaking Through Stand-Up is great for a group of up to 30 people, and is a team building class taught by a professional comedian. This one-session intensive course will teach stand up comedy to your team as a way to enhance aspects of their professional lives and collaboration skills.

Not seeing a class listed publicly that interests you? CourseHorse can provide a group comedy class even if it is not currently listed on their website. Simply reach out through the contact form on their website to learn about available options. And remember that when you book with CourseHorse, you can change your group size after booking if needed, you will receive a confirmation within 24 hours, and there are no booking fees. Plus, CourseHorse supports multiple platforms, so everyone can join the fun no matter where they are.

What Will I Need to Learn Comedy?

Learning the basics of comedy requires few if any materials. You may want to have a pad of paper and pen or a tablet on hand to jot down ideas or write your stand up routine. Depending on the type of comedy you are learning, you may also need props or special clothing. These items are generally provided for you when you take a class, but if they are not, your instructor should give you a list of what materials you need to buy. 

Is it Difficult to Learn Comedy?

Whether you are a naturally funny individual or you want to learn how to make people laugh, mastering the art of comedy can be hard to achieve. It is like any other skill in that it takes practice to be good at it. With that in mind, becoming great at comedy is accessible to nearly everyone, providing you are devoted to learning it. Taking a comedy class is a great way to flex your creative muscles while also picking up a new skill, and you might even be able to make a career out of it. Dedicate yourself to learning comedy and you might be surprised by the end result.

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