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Weaving Classes Near Me

Discover the art of weaving and unleash your creativity with a wide range of weaving classes. Learn various techniques, create intricate designs, and bring your imagination to life while gaining a new skillset and an avenue for self-expression.

Weaving Classes Coming Up in NYC

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Tapestry Weaving for Beginners

92nd Street Y @ 1395 Lexington Ave, New York, NY

Discover the art of tapestry weaving at the renowned 92nd Street Y. Learn how to dress the loom, create intricate patterns, and create beautiful tapestries that can be used as coasters or wall hangings. Beginners are welcome!

Sunday, Feb 25th, 1–4pm Eastern Time

After Workshop: Tapestry Weaving

Textile Arts Center @ 505 Carroll St, Brooklyn, NY

Discover the ancient art of tapestry weaving at Textile Arts Center. Learn traditional and contemporary techniques as you create beautiful fabrics and wall hangings. Develop your skills and unleash your creativity in this immersive workshop.

Tuesday, Feb 27th, 6:30–9pm Eastern Time

Beginner Quilting

Brooklyn Craft Company @ 165 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Learn modern quilting techniques! This one-day workshop will cover all the basics of assembling, machine-quilting, and finishing a small quilt. In one five-hour session, you'll learn: Understanding quilting materials, including batting and binding. How to assemble a "quilt sandwich" and baste or prep it for quilting How to quilt on a standard home sewing machine using a walking foot How to attach the quilt binding by machine, to finish the...

Sunday, Apr 28th, 12–5pm Eastern Time

One Day Intensive: Bead Weaving

Textile Arts Center @ 505 Carroll St, Brooklyn, NY

Discover the art of bead weaving in this hands-on workshop at the Textile Arts Center. Learn how to create intricate designs using a bead loom, and explore various shapes and techniques. Leave with the skills to create your stunning beadwork projects.

Sunday, Mar 24th, 11am–5pm Eastern Time

One Day Intensive: Tapestry Weaving

Textile Arts Center @ 505 Carroll St, Brooklyn, NY

Unleash your creativity with the ancient art of tapestry weaving. Discover traditional and contemporary techniques while experimenting with color, pattern, and texture. Join us for a hands-on exploration of this timeless craft at the Textile Arts Center.

Saturday, Mar 16th, 11am–5pm Eastern Time

Weaving Classes Coming Up in Los Angeles

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Warp and Weave

The Knitting Tree, LA @ 1031 W. Manchester Blvd. #2, Inglewood, CA

Learn the art of warping and weaving on a rigid heddle loom in this hands-on workshop at The Knitting Tree, LA. Perfect for beginners struggling with this skill, you'll get a chance to practice and master it in a small group setting. Bring your own loom, scissors, yarn needle, and yarn, and get ready to create beautiful woven projects.

Friday, Feb 23rd, 10am–12pm Pacific Time

Pick-Up Sticks on a Rigid Heddle Loom

The Knitting Tree, LA @ 1031 W. Manchester Blvd. #2, Inglewood, CA

If you want to move beyond the Plain Weave on the rigid heddle loom, this is the natural next step! Use a single pick-up stick to create a pattern using both warp and weft floats!!  Prerequisites: Must have taken Beginning Rigid Heddle Weaving class and know how to warp and do plain weave. This is not a beginning weaving class, and we will devote only 45 minutes to warping your loom.  Materials: Schacht or Ashford rigid heddle loom,...

Sunday, Feb 25th, 9am–12pm Pacific Time

Beginner Weaving

Maryanne Moodie @ 11914 Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

G'day Future Weavers!  I'm incredibly excited to be teaching in LOS ANGELES!! I can't wait to meet you all over brightly coloured yarn and sustainable looms! What you get:  beginners frame loom to take home (or choose BYO loom for $50 off) needle and scissors enough fibres to finish your piece 3 hours of tuition with Maryanne Moodie MM tote bag 

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Weaving on a Frame Loom

The Knitting Tree, LA @ 1031 W. Manchester Blvd. #2, Inglewood, CA

Weaving on a Frame Loom is great for beginners as well as individuals who have some experience. In this workshop students will learn how to warp a frame loom, various beginner and intermediate weaving techniques, how to use several weaving tools, experiment with wool roving, and have ample opportunity to discuss and ask questions.  All materials are included in the workshop price, and students will leave with a beautiful wooden frame loom and...

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Tapestry Weaving

The Knitting Tree, LA @ 1031 W. Manchester Blvd. #2, Inglewood, CA

Unleash your creativity and explore the world of woven wall tapestries in a hands-on workshop at The Knitting Tree, LA. Learn the basics of weaving on a loom and experiment with color and texture to design a unique tapestry. All materials and instructions are provided.

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Weaving Classes Coming Up in Chicago

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Painting with Thread: Tapestry Loom Weaving

Evanston Art Center @ 1717 Central St, Evanston, IL

Create rich textures, patterns, and images using yarns! Hang your weavings on the wall like paintings, frame them pressed in glass, or use them as coasters or bookmarks.Whatever you choose, tapestry engages with color and composition in new and exciting ways! This studio course will cover the making of a frame loom and a variety of tapestry techniques assisting in the creation of two tapestries. Skill Level: Beginner Click here for the instructor's...

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Tapestry Weaving Studio

Chicago Botanic Garden @ 1000 Lake Cook Road, Chicago, IL

Explore ways of using surface, image, and text within woven forms as you focus on an independent project under instructor guidance in this course designed for intermediate students. Delve deeper into the construction of fabric, and apply these skills to your own artistic practice.  Weekly presentations on contemporary weavers will complement this studio course.  Bring your own frame loom or use a provided loom. 

No upcoming schedules

Introduction to Frame Loom Weaving

Chicago Botanic Garden @ 1000 Lake Cook Road, Chicago, IL

Explore foundational techniques ranging from traditional tapestry methods to experimental practices to create your own woven pieces in this beginner's course. We will investigate ways of using image, surface design, and text within woven forms as you build different weave structures.  You will create woven samples of techniques as well as create a final woven project of your choosing under instructor guidance. You will also build an understanding...

No upcoming schedules

Weaving on a Cardboard Loom

Evanston Art Center @ 1717 Central St, Evanston, IL

Explore weaving techniques of plain weave, rya, and more while using a variety of materials. We will discover weavings from artists like Sheila Hicks, Dorothy Wright Liebes, Anni Albers, Lenore Tawney, Suzanne Tick, and more! Each day, we will focus on a different technique with cardboard looms and materials of your choice, allowing you to walk away with a weaving of your own! Please click here for the instructor's recommended supply list.

No upcoming schedules

Advanced Frame Loom Weaving

Chicago Botanic Garden @ 1000 Lake Cook Road, Chicago, IL

In this class we examine the many possibilities of creating woven forms using a simple frame loom. Students will experiment with the techniques of tapestry and plain-weave, and then explore ways of creating surface, image, and text within a woven form to create independent projects. Students will be exposed to both contemporary and historical artworks and will participate in skill-building demonstrations to broaden their technical skills. Requirements:...

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Weaving Classes Coming Up Online

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Virtual Tapestry Loom Weaving for Beginners

Jade Scarlett

Learn one of the hottest trends in the DIY/crafting world - tapestry weaving - and design and make your own woven wall hangings in this fun and relaxing beginner-friendly workshop. This beginner-friendly class will teach how to add contemporary elements to a centuries-old tradition and will prepare you to create your own designs while bringing your Pinterest dream luscious wall hangings and palettes. In this class, you’ll learn : How to make...

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Weaving a Circular Wall Hanging (Online)

The Knitting Tree, LA @ Virtual Classroom

Design and create a woven circular wall hanging.  In this workshop you will play with color, texture and form to create a unique circular wall hanging.  You will also choose a stone or crystal center that speaks to you if you want. This is a fun, creative and meditative workshop. Complete your own woven piece ready to gift or hang in your home. All are welcome from fiber newbies to crafty pros.  Materials Included: ...

No upcoming schedules

Tapestry Weaving (Online)

The Knitting Tree, LA @ Virtual Classroom

Design and create your own unique woven Wall Tapestry! This is a fun + creative workshop where you will play with color, texture and basic weaving on a hand crafted loom. Complete your own woven wall tapestry ready to gift or hang in your home. All are welcome from fiber newbies to crafty pros. Show up ready to let go and create!  All instruction and looms included in this workshop. Materials:  Loom, dowels, and needles (Instructor...

No upcoming schedules

Introduction to Weaving

Chicago Botanic Garden @ Online via Zoom

The Chicago Botanic Garden’s online weaving class is a virtual experience you can take anywhere! Learn to weave, exploring traditional tapestry approaches such as interlocking, inlay, and shape-building alongside basket weave, twill, soumak, pile, rya, and twining techniques. Don't have a frame loom? No problem. Your instructor will walk everyone through making your own on the first day of class out of cardboard. Through guided discussion and presentations,...

No upcoming schedules

Virtual Workshop: Beginner Loom Weaving

Brooklyn Craft Company @ Interactive virtual class

Catch weaver fever! Learn tapestry weaving as you design and make your own mini, woven wall hanging in this fun and relaxing virtual workshop hosted via Zoom! Total beginners welcome!  In this class you'll learn:  How to set up the warp on your loom How to do weaving stitches including plain weave, soumak, and rya knots How to add fringe and tassels How to plan and execute your own design You'll work on a small weaving...

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Weaving Classes Coming Up in Boston

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Weaving, Embroidery & Loom Making

The Makery @ 2 Sewall Ave, Brookline, MA

A unique building and weaving experience. This three-part program will take you through the process of assembling and utilizing a tabletop loom. Learn how to build and set up your loom, design your own patterns, and create a beautiful and artistic weaving. What we will do Assemble and finish the loom in the woodshop as well as learn about the design and making process to produce the components. Learn the process of warping the loom Learn weaving...

No upcoming schedules

Woven Weaving Wonders

Milton Art Center @ 334 Edge Hill Rd, Milton, MA

Weaving everything that can be woven! You’ll make sit-upons, decorative art wall hangings, potholders, place mats and more! Once you get started, you’ll never want to stop!

No upcoming schedules

Tapestry Weaving with Looms

The Makery @ 2 Sewall Ave, Brookline, MA

Learn how to string a tapestry loom and get started with some weaving at our weekly fiber skill-building class. 1-hour long mini fiber workshops get you started on projects. Come for the class, then stay for Open Fiber Studio and enjoy  independent studio time and extra help!

No upcoming schedules

Weaving Classes Coming Up in Washington, D.C.

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Introduction To 4-Shaft Weaving

The Art League @ 105 North Union St, Alexandria, VA

Beginning In this introduction to the versatile and more complex 4-harness loom, students learn to dress the loom, weave samples of various loom-controlled patterns, and have an opportunity to weave an independent project.  The fiber studio provides large workspaces with an assortment of floor looms, table looms, spinning wheels, dyeing facilities, silk steamer and an extensive fiber library. Open studio is available to Art League members and...

No upcoming schedules


The Art League @ 105 North Union St, Alexandria, VA

Students are introduced to basic and intermediate Gobelin tapestry weaving techniques, creating a miniature woven tapestry sample on a small frame loom. Warping the loom color mixing and hatching, finishing and various design shaping techniques are covered. The Instructor works closely with students in class and provides individual guidance and demonstrations. A $30 fee is payable to the instructor for materials and frame loom use. The fiber studio...

No upcoming schedules

Basic Weaving

The Art League @ 105 North Union St, Alexandria, VA

In this basic weaving overview we sample hand-controlled techniques such as tapestry, rug making, hand controlled lace, and cloth making. Learn to dress a rigid-heddle loom, weave samples and and independent project. A $15 materials fee is payable on the first day. Students may rent a loom for $25. The Studio provides large workspaces with an assortment of floor looms, table looms, spinning wheels, dyeing facilities, silk steamer, and an etensive...

No upcoming schedules

Weaving Classes Coming Up in Denver

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Start Spinning on a Wheel

Shuttles Spindles and Skeins @ 635 S Broadway St, Boulder, CO

Spider Woman taught the Navajo women to spin with a spindle made of lightning and turquoise. While we can't provide that kind of equipment, we can continue the tradition. Wool, greasy, clean and commercially processed is our fiber. The last class is an all day natural dye workshop. Women who are pregnant should take the dye class at a later time when they are not pregnant.  All equipment and materials are provided. Please wear old clothes....

No upcoming schedules

Spinning 2

Shuttles Spindles and Skeins @ 635 S Broadway St, Boulder, CO

Now that you know what the knobs on your spinning wheel are for, is it time for another class? Spinning 2 will include such varied topics as t.p.i. (twists per inch), use of wool combs, Navajo plying and more. We will cover different techniques to give you more control over the size and twist of the yarn you spin.  Beginning spinning skills required. Bring your wheel. Fibers provided.

No upcoming schedules

You Can't Tell a Braid by its Color

Shuttles Spindles and Skeins @ 635 S Broadway St, Boulder, CO

We fall in love with those beautiful hand dyed braids and then are sometimes surprised when the yarn doesn’t meet our expectations. We will look at the way braids are dyed and how that affects the colorplay. Then we will spin the braids and see how many different looks you can get from one roving.  Beginning spinning skills required. fibers provided. Bring your wheel & at least 4 Bobbins.

No upcoming schedules

Best Weaving Classes Near Me

Weaving can be traced back to 12,000 years ago, during the Neolithic era. The basic principle of weaving was discovered prior to the actual process of weaving. Individuals would interlace branches and twigs to make fences, shelters, and baskets for protection. 

Weaving involves creating fabric by intertwining two sets of yarn so they cross each other. The technique is typically done by hand or with a power-operated loom. There are different types of weave, determined by the way the yarns are intertwined. 

Why You Should Learn Weaving

There are many reasons why individuals should learn weaving. It’s not just something to bypass the time. It is not only great to pass the time, but can be a fun hobby to relieve stress. It can also help individuals to be more productive in their free time and plug them into a larger community. 

Almost every major city has some kind of weaving group where weavers can share techniques, ask for feedback, and provide each other with encouragement. There are also national and regional weaving organizations and conferences that can be attended. 

There are also jobs available for those who learn weaving, such as hand weavers and operators of merchandised weaving machines. These individuals should have knowledge of the weaving process and be able to produce products of good quality. 

Those who aren’t ready to take weaving on as a full-time career may be interested in a weaving side hustle. Weaving side hustles can provide extra money and as skills improve, profits grow with them. Side hustles can be done from home and allow for plenty of flexibility. 

5 Ways to Learn Weaving

There are various ways for individuals to learn weaving. It all depends on how an individual prefers to learn. In-person, live online, and self-paced or on-demand classes are options. Those who enjoy training in a classroom with an instructor and other students in front of them should enroll in in-person classes. Live online classes are available for those who want all the benefits of an in-person class but prefer to train from the comfort of their own homes or offices. Live online classes are usually hands-on and interactive. Individuals can ask questions in real-time and interact with instructors and students. 

Self-paced classes are similar to live online classes, but individuals can pause or rewind the course whenever needed. Self-paced classes are great for those who need to learn around their busy schedules. It takes the pressure out of logging in to learn at a specific time and allows individuals to continue their everyday jobs and lives while learning to weave. YouTube can be an excellent option for self-paced weaving classes. 

In-Person Weaving Classes

Learning is more convenient with someone to answer your questions as you go. Sharing your weaving journey with other students and forming relationships is more exciting. In-person weaving courses are a great way to get started with weaving and improve your skills rapidly. 

With in-person classes, individuals don’t have to worry about having suitable materials or a quiet workspace. The classroom is fully prepared with everything individuals need. 

Brooklyn Craft Company-Greenpoint offers in-person weaving classes in NYC. Beginner Quilting is a one-day workshop that teaches modern quilting techniques. Individuals learn the basics of assembling, machine-quilting, and finishing a small quilt. The class teaches how to create a quilt sandwich and prepare it for quilting, how to use a walking foot on a standard home sewing machine, and how to attach the quilt binding by machine. Individuals create a 36-inch quilt with two different fabrics that serve as a baby quilt, lap quilt, or wall hanging. The course does not require advanced sewing skills; individuals should have basic machine sewing knowledge.

The Workshop @ Haley Solar-Eagle Rock offers Beginning Sewing. The course teaches individuals ages ten and older how to rebuild their relationship with a sewing machine. The course demonstrates how to thread, unthread, and create a tote bag from beginning to end. It is highly recommended that individuals bring their sewing machines and materials to learn how to control and work their own tools. 

The Knitting Tree- Inglewood, in LA, has a four-part course called Beginning Knitting Saturdays. There are four Saturday sessions, from 1:00-3:00 pm. Individuals ages 13 and older are guided through making a scarf, a hat, and a shawl. Critical concepts taught include how to form the knit and purl stitches and how to increase and decrease. By the end of the course, individuals will be ready to tackle making garments and socks.

Intro to Crochet is a beginner-level course for individuals in Chicago. The course is perfect for those with no prior knowledge of crocheting and includes proper terminology, hands-on learning, visual aids, and 1-on-1 assistance. The course is located at Irving Park, Northwest Side. Individuals receive a signed certificate of completion at the end.

Virtual Weaving Classes 

Don’t hesitate to learn to weave just because you don’t live near a class, your schedule doesn’t fit, or you want to learn from home! Individuals can learn everything they need to know about weaving virtually

Individuals can attend virtual weaving classes from anywhere in the world. Individuals can work in their locations without worrying about commuting to class. Some classes require that individuals bring their materials or equipment, but instructors typically provide a detailed supply list with items that can be purchased at local stores. It is vital to prepare your materials ahead of time. 

Individuals wanting to give their favorite jeans or shirts more wear and learn the basic techniques of classic repair can enroll in Sashiko Mending. The beginner-level class requires Windows 7 or higher for PC and OS X 10.8.5 or higher for MAC. The supply list for this course includes non-stretch fabric, a contrasting fabric to patch a hole with, sewing pins, embroidery floss, needles, an embroidery hoop, and a marking pen. 

Sewing 101 Basics provides a fun and inspiring experience for beginners and those who need refreshers in sewing. Key concepts taught include terminology, how to read a commercial pattern, choose the right fabric, make bags with professional closures, set in a zipper and waistband, and multiple types of stitches and seam finishes. 

Anyone looking to explore tapestry approaches like interlocking, inlay, and shape-building, with basket weave, twill, soumak, pile, and twining techniques, can enroll in Introduction to Weaving. Individuals need a reliable internet connection and should arrive a few minutes early to class each day to ensure everything is working correctly. No experience is required, and a supply list is sent to those who enroll before starting the class. 

Private Group Weaving Classes

Private group weaving classes are available as well. Companies can schedule group weaving classes as fun team-building events for their businesses or organizations. CourseHorse has live online weaving classes that can be delivered to private groups

Learn one of the hottest trends in Virtual Tapestry Loom Weaving. Individuals design and make woven wall hangings and learn to add contemporary elements to a centuries-old tradition. The course prepares individuals to create designs and includes three types of yarn with multiple ways to add texture and flair. Course participants receive a shipment of all the required materials, including the three types of yarn, a dowel, and a loom. Participants should provide their shipping address two weeks before the start of the event. 

Virtual Tapestry Loom Weaving is two hours and can host up to 500 people, and the group size can be altered after booking if needed. Those who don’t know their final headcount can place a hold on their selected date by booking the minimum group size, and payment will not be collected until after the headcount is finalized.

Groups can pay $850 for up to ten people and $85 per person for each person after that. CourseHorse recommends that individuals use the Zoom platform for their class, but other platforms can also be accommodated. 

Virtual Macrame Workshop is a one-hour course in which individuals learn to create a beautiful hanging planter to display their favorite plants using knot patterns. The course is entertaining and engaging, providing a smooth, unique experience. The cost is $85 per person with an $850 minimum. If individuals provide their addresses two weeks before the event, all materials are shipped directly to them, including the cord to make three plant hangers. 

There are many benefits of booking with CourseHorse. They accommodate huge groups, and individuals can change their size after booking if needed. Individuals receive confirmation within 24 hours of booking, and booking a course is free. CourseHorse supports many online platforms, including Zoom, Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, and WebEx.

What Will I Need to Learn Weaving?

Before individuals start weaving, they must gather their supplies. Some supplies are available at a local department store, while specialty suppliers may sell others. Individuals should collect all of the supplies they need before they get started so they are ready to learn. Individuals who take a class will have many of the necessary supplies provided to them.

There are some basic supplies that everyone will need to begin weaving. First and foremost, individuals must obtain a loom. Those on a budget can use a piece of cardboard to make their loom, but a durable wooden frame loom is suggested. Smooth, strong yarn with a consistent width is also necessary. The yarn should be able to withstand constant tension and friction. 

A long, steel tapestry is needed for detail work and to ensure the back of a tapestry stays clean and tidy. A short tapestry needle can be used for thinner yarn to weave in stray yarn at the end of a project. Individuals should also obtain scissors and a wood dowel if they would like to hang their wall weavings. 

Is it Difficult to Learn Weaving?

It can be difficult to become great at weaving, but those who are devoted to learning will be able to pick up the skill. Weaving can be easier than it looks and is a fun, relaxing hobby. Learning any new activity can take some time to get the hang of things. 

Beginners need to learn the proper technology. Videos and instructors may be using unfamiliar words while providing explanations, and individuals must be able to understand the terms to follow instructions. 

It is also essential to ensure that individuals purchase the proper loom. Beginners can make things as straightforward, difficult, or easy as they want. Newcomers may start on a single-frame loom and then upgrade to a rigid heddle loom once they gain experience. Individuals should only purchase a full-fledged loom once they acquire more knowledge. 

Weaving takes a lot of time and patience, but as individuals gain more experience, they can weave faster and finish their projects reasonably. It is critical to enter the task of weaving with an open mind. The creation of cloth is complex, and weaving is both a physical and mental activity.

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