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Dumpling Classes Near Me

Discover a world of culinary delights with dumpling making classes. Learn the art of creating traditional dumplings from various cuisines, gain new cooking skills, and impress your friends and family with homemade dumplings that are sure to delight.

Dumpling Classes Coming Up in NYC

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Chinese Dumplings

CocuSocial Cooking Classes @ 326 W 40th St, New York

Explore the rich history and delicious flavors of Chinese dumplings in a fun, hands-on cooking class. Learn various crimping styles, fillings, and dipping sauces, and get busy making dumplings. No experience required - join us for a casual, instructive, and enjoyable culinary experience.

Wednesday, Feb 21st, 6:30–8:30pm Eastern Time

Asian Dumplings

CocuSocial Cooking Classes @ 338 W 36th St, New York, NY

Learn the art of making authentic Asian dumplings from scratch in this interactive cooking class. Master the techniques of folding wonton wrappers, creating delicious fillings, and preparing two types of dipping sauces. No experience required - just a passion for dumplings!

Sunday, Mar 17th, 1:30–4pm Eastern Time

Sushi & Dumplings Making For Two People (BYOB)

Taste Buds Kitchen @ 109 W 27th St, New York, NY

Experience the art of sushi making and learn to create delicious sushi rolls and dumplings at Taste Buds Kitchen. Join us for a fun-filled culinary adventure and discover the secrets behind these mouthwatering Japanese delicacies. Bring a friend and get ready to roll in the kitchen!

Saturday, Feb 24th, 7–9pm Eastern Time

for 2 students
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Make Your Own Dumplings

CocuSocial Cooking Classes @ 38-30 28th Street Long Island City, NY)

Learn the art of making delicious Chinese dumplings from scratch in this hands-on class at CocuSocial Cooking Classes. Master the techniques of creating various fillings and folding the dough, and discover how to cook the dumplings using both steaming and pan-frying methods. No experience is required! Plus, all equipment and ingredients are provided.

Wednesday, Feb 28th, 6:30–8:30pm Eastern Time

Asian Dumplings

Abigail's Kitchen @ 193 Henry St, New York, NY

Discover the mouthwatering flavors of Asia in this culinary adventure where you'll learn to craft authentic dumplings from scratch. From Japanese gyoza to Szechuan lamb dumplings, prepare to tantalize your taste buds with every bite. Don't miss out on this opportunity to delve into the art of dumpling-making!

Thursday, Mar 14th, 7–10pm Eastern Time

Dumpling Classes Coming Up in Los Angeles

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Handmade Dumpling Party

CocuSocial Cooking Classes @ 739 Bryant St, San Francisco

Discover the joy of making and savoring flavor-packed handmade dumplings in various shapes and fillings. This hands-on cooking class is perfect for a romantic date night or a fun outing with family and friends. No experience is required, just come ready to learn and have a deliciously good time!

Sunday, Feb 25th, 5–7pm Pacific Time

Authentic Handmade Dumplings

CocuSocial Cooking Classes @ 1850 S Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, CA

Experience the joy of making flavor-packed dumplings with this hands-on cooking class. Learn the art of dumpling wrapping and create your own fillings using high-quality ingredients. Perfect for a romantic date night or a fun outing with family and friends!

Sunday, Feb 25th, 5–7pm Pacific Time

Chinese Dumplings

CocuSocial Cooking Classes @ 10740 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA

Discover the flavor-packed world of dumplings!Master the basics of dumpling wrapping in different shapes including triangular, wonton and pleated crescent. You’ll get a chance to work with high-quality store-bought dumpling wrappers. You’ll also get to practice your knife skills and learn how to make your own fillings (vegetarian options are available). Find out about our favorite resources in LA for sourcing ingredients and basic equipment...

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Dumpling Classes Coming Up in Chicago

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Asian Dumplings

CocuSocial Cooking Classes @ 1212 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL

Mastering dumpling making should not be limited to chefs. It should be an art that every dumpling lover should be able to do. This class will teach you the basics to get you started on your dumplings quest through the basic folds of folding dumplings. You will be working on a korean and chinese style dumpling filling (vegeterian options available). You will learn about the methods you can use to cook them as well as mastering you knife skills. The...

No upcoming schedules

The Polish Table – Homemade Pierogi

Peterson Garden Project @ 5917 N Broadway St, Chicago, IL

The ubiquitious Polish dumpling, pierogi are as simple to make as they are delicious. In this hands-on class, instructor Mike Kostyo will teach you how to make pierogi dough from scratch, along with several tasty fillings. You’ll practice shaping and cooking them to perfection, and leave with the confidence to master these beloved dumplings at home. We’ll end the class with a family-style meal at our communal table, to celebrate our hard work...

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Dumpling Making

Yum Dum @ 116 N Aberdeen St, Chicago, IL

Want to learn how to make dumplings? We’ll teach you! We will provide all the tools, ingredients, and sauces. All you have to do is come ready for hands-on dumpling assembly. We’ll provide a demonstration on different ways to fold dumplings and then have guests try it themselves. We will also be serving a full prix fixe menu of our favorite dishes from our truck! Of course, all the dumplings we made ourselves will be included. Just remember,...

No upcoming schedules

Chinese New Year Dumpling Making Party

Yum Dum @ 116 N Aberdeen St, Chicago, IL

Want to learn how to make dumplings? We’ll teach you! Come celebrate Chinese New Year 2016 with one of Chicago's best food trucks!  We will provide all the tools, ingredients, and sauces. All you have to do is come ready for hands-on dumpling assembly. We’ll provide a demonstration on different ways to fold dumplings and then have guests try it themselves. We will also be serving a full prix fixe menu of our favorite dishes from our truck!...

No upcoming schedules

Dumplings Around the World

The Chopping Block Lincoln Square @ 4747 N Lincoln, Chicago, IL

Food in small packages is a worldwide phenomenon. Have fun preparing and devouring these comforting tidbits of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities. Menu: Poland: Pierogi Filled with Potatoes and Roasted Garlic Philippines: Lumpia (Crispy Springs Rolls with Pork and Ginger) Greece: Spanakopita (Spinach and Feta-Filled Phyllo Pastries) Mexico: Banana and Cajeta (Goat Milk Caramel) Empanadas Skills covered in class: Getting familiar with Polish,...

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Dumpling Classes Coming Up Online

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Dumpling Workshop

Home Cooking New York @ Virtual Classroom

Learn to how to make Chinatown-worthy potsticker dumplings!  You'll make: Fresh Dumpling Dough Potsticker Dumplings (meat filling and/or sesame-vegetable filling) Sesame-Vinegar Dipping Sauce HOW THESE VIRTUAL CLASSES WORK: 1) After registering, you will be sent a link to log into the class at the appointed date/time.  2) One day before the class you will be sent a copy of the recipes we'll be making, so you can cook from...

No upcoming schedules

Virtual Cook Along: Asian Dumplings Workshop

The Chopping Block Lincoln Square @ Virtual Classroom

Learn how to prepare a variety of delicious Asian dumplings and fillings in this 2-hour intensively interactive virtual workshop. Join us from the comfort of your own home as our chef shows you just how creative you can be with using store-bought gyoza and wonton wrappers to create an assortment of dumpling favorites from appetizer to main course. You can choose to make all of the items, or select the recipes you would like to cook along with your...

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Handmade Dumplings (Online)

Taste Buds Kitchen @ Live Online

Join us as we master the gentle art of preparing and folding our signature Pork Dumplings with an oh-so-good Honey Soy Dipping Sauce, perfect for you to whip up for your next dinner! Bring your own ingredients and beverage of choice. Let’s have fun in the Kitchen and learn something new. Delicious Menu: Dumpling Dough from scratch Flavorful Pork Dumplings Honey Soy Dipping Sauce How This Works Live Online Class: This class is offered online...

No upcoming schedules

Handmade Pork Dumplings (Online)

Taste Buds Kitchen @ Live Online

Join us as we master the gentle art of preparing and folding our signature Pork Dumplings with an oh-so-good Honey Soy Dipping Sauce, perfect for you to whip up for your next dinner! Bring your own ingredients and beverage of choice. Let’s have fun in the Kitchen and learn something new. Delicious Menu: Dumpling Dough from scratch Flavorful Pork Dumplings Honey Soy Dipping Sauce All class times are in EST. How This Works Live Online Class...

No upcoming schedules

Creative Dumpling Filling with What You Have

Teaching Table @ Virtual Classroom

At Teaching Table, dumplings provide a yummy vehicle for anything that needs using up. To celebrate Lunar New Year, learn how to stuff dumplings with what you have, as well as a few traditional fillings. In this class, you will learn how to make dumpling dough from scratch (green or purple and plain). You’ll then raid your fridge for an assortment of leftovers and ingredients that can be mixed into dumpling fillings. Chef Laura will walk you through...

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Dumpling Classes Coming Up in Boston

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Dumpling Classes Coming Up in Houston

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Asian Dumplings

CocuSocial Cooking Classes @ 723 Main St, Houston, TX

Explore the art of folding traditional Asian dumplings and refining your knife skills in this hands-on cooking class. Learn to make delicious dumpling fillings and enjoy the process of boiling and plating your creations. No experience is required - just come ready to have fun and make new foodie friends!

Thursday, Feb 22nd, 6:45–8:45pm Central Time

Global Flavors: Dumplings

Sur La Table - River Oaks @ 1996 W Gray, Houston, TX

Discover a world of incredible dumpling flavors! In this fun, hands-on class, our instructor will show you how to create a variety of internationally inspired bites—from Italian gnudi to Chinese shu mai to Polish pierogi. We’ll walk you through the steps for preparing homemade dough and share secrets for shaping and filling dumplings. You'll enjoy working alongside classmates as you practice steaming and boiling dumplings to perfection. Plus,...

No upcoming schedules

Dumpling Classes Coming Up in Washington, D.C.

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Chinese Dumplings

CocuSocial Cooking Classes @ 715 N Glebe Rd, Arlington, VA

Escape to the bustling streets of China to learn the ancient art of making authentic Chinese dumplings! Hosted by our experienced Dumpling Chef Instructor, you will have the unique opportunity to roll up your sleeves and learn this craft from an expert, appreciating the joy of Asian cooking and the ease of making your own dumplings at home! In this hands-on and interactive class, you will be guided step-by-step through refining your knife skills,...

No upcoming schedules

Dumpling Classes Coming Up in Seattle

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Asian Dumplings

CocuSocial Cooking Classes @ 1950 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA

Discover the flavor-packed world of dumplings! In this hands-on experience, Chef Terry will teach you how to make a Gyoza style pork and shrimp dumplings. You will learn how to make a traditional Gyoza filling, a dipping sauce, master stuffing and pleating Gyoza wrappers and then cook your dumplings in a cabbage-lined steamer. You will then enjoy tasting your own dumpling creations. For those wishing to try their hands at crispy, browned pot stickers,...

No upcoming schedules

Discover the Best Dumpling Making Classes Near Me

Virtually every culture has developed its own take on the humble dumpling. Chinese baozi; Japanese gyoza potstickers; Indian samosas; Polish pierogies; Mexican empanadas. It seems that just about everyone agrees that a delicious pocket of stuffed dough is a great idea.

Dumplings are as simple as they are delicious. No matter the type of dumpling, the basic process is always the same. Everything starts with a dough which can either be made by hand or bought in bulk from a grocery store. The dough is partitioned into smaller sheets and then filled with a delicious mixture of meats, vegetables, and or/cheeses. The filled dough pockets are shaped and folded, crimped, or twisted so that the dumpling is sealed and none of the filling escapes. The dumplings are then cooked, being either boiled, steamed, fried, or some combination of the three.

There’s plenty of room to experiment despite these simple steps. Each culture has a slightly different take on the dumpling; just a minor tweak at any stage from the dough to the cooking method can result in a completely different dumpling. 

Why You Should Learn Dumpling Making

Food is more than just a necessity of life. For many, cooking is a labor of love, a way to express appreciation. In China, for example, a common greeting (你吃了吗) roughly translates to “have you eaten,” and is used in the same way we might ask someone “how are you?” This expression makes it clear that food is a way to express concern and love. When cooking is linked to care, it’s no wonder that dumpling making and other forms of cooking together becomes a way to come together as a family.

Dumpling making is, like any form of cooking, a way of keeping your hands busy and of taking care of the physical needs of yourself and your family. 

5 Ways to Learn Dumpling Making

The most difficult part of dumpling making is typically shaping and sealing the dumpling so that none of the spilling escapes. Whether folding, twisting, pleating, or crimping, there are many techniques to seal the dumpling, and the best way to get familiar with those techniques is with plenty of practice. There are plenty of resources that can help you get the practice you need:

  1.  An in-person class is a great option for a hands-on skill like dumpling making. Getting a “feel” for the techniques typically requires seeing a demonstration and then copying the technique yourself; an expert can both provide the demonstration and guide you through the process yourself with tips and some gentle nudging. An in-person class closely models the way dumpling making would be taught in a family setting.
  2. A strong alternative to an in-person class, a live-online class can provide quality access to a dumpling-making expert who can demonstrate techniques and offer tips and guidance in real-time. 
  3. Self-directed learners may choose to opt to learn through a self-paced, on-demand class, following along with video tutorials on websites like YouTube. These videos provide great demonstrations of the techniques for folding and sealing a dumpling, but you’re stuck with the recorded content as-is, and may have to look elsewhere if you have any specific questions.
  4. Many professional chefs collect their knowledge of recipes and techniques into cookbooks, which can be a great way to learn how to make dumplings. From general cookbooks that include some dumpling recipes to cookbooks entirely devoted to dumplings, these books are great resources and learning tools. With a published cookbook, you can be sure that the author knows what they’re talking about; you might even check to see if your favorite celebrity chef has a book with a dumpling recipe. While there are no videos to follow along with, most quality cookbooks provide detailed illustrations and diagrams of the different stages of folding, helping to visualize the techniques.
  5. Food blogs from major organizations (like the Food Network) and from independent foodies are an incredibly accessible way to learn how to make dumplings. These online pages typically include still images like a cookbook, which can help to visualize the techniques for folding and sealing, but some learners may find they need a real-time demonstration.

In-Person Dumpling Making Classes

For many individuals in the US, the word “dumpling” is typically associated with Asian-style dumplings. Though dumplings from cuisines around the world can be found in the US, Asian dumplings are perhaps the most ubiquitous, which makes it easiest to find classes that focus on techniques for making Asian-style dumplings. 

California and New York are the states with the largest Asian populations; California alone accounts for nearly one third of Asians in the US. With these robust populations, it is easy to find in-person classes to learn how to make dumplings in these states.

CocuSocial is one of the largest marketplaces for culinary experiences in the US. Though headquartered in NYC, CocuSocial partners with local chefs, restaurants, and hotels in 13 major cities to organize a range of social cooking classes at local businesses. These classes are designed to connect individuals with their local food scenes, and to provide fun, accessible cooking classes suitable for novices.

On the West Coast, CocuSocial pairs with organizations in California to provide dumpling making classes. In Los Angeles, a restaurant in the Eagle Rock neighborhood hosts a Handmade Dumpling Party for those looking to discover the flavorful world of Asian dumplings. This hands-on class provides plenty of opportunities to practice dumpling making methods, covering multiple wrapping techniques for making dumplings in various different shapes, as well as two recipes for fillings, namely a traditional pork filling and a vegetable option.

In San Francisco’s Japantown, one of the largest and oldest cultural districts in the US, CocuSocial organizes a crash course on Authentic Asian Dumplings, in which participants learn to make simple Chinese dumplings from scratch. This course includes a strong focus on making dumpling wrappers by hand, providing first-hand experience in the difference in texture between a handmade wrapper and a store-bought one. With the wrappers made, it is then time to prepare a filling of either traditional pork, chive, and shrimp or a vegetarian tofu filling.

Back East In their home city of NYC, CocuSocial hosts multiple dumpling making classes in Midtown Manhattan. Learn to Make Your Own Dumplings completely from scratch in a crash course on Chinese dumplings. Chef Diego invites you into his own apartment to master every stage of the art of dumpling making. Learn how to make your own dumpling dough and fillings from scratch, including a traditional pork dumpling and a veggie dumpling. With the dough made and the fillings prepared, you’ll learn the technique for three traditional folds, namely mandu, gyoza, and shumai, to perfectly seal and shape dumpling in a variety of ways. These assembled dumplings are then cooked multiple ways, using both steaming and pan frying methods.

Another CocuSocial class on Chinese Dumplings offers some insight into the history of Chinese dumplings alongside its practical, hands-on component. Put your fingers to work as you learn the crimping and folding techniques to make three traditional styles of dumpling, which can be made with either a lemon chicken filling or a vegetable medley filling.

While Chinese dumplings are perhaps the most prevalent, classes focused on other styles of Asian dumplings are also available in NYC. Home Cooking New York, for example, offers a number of dumpling making classes among their selections of intimate, hands-on cooking classes at their cooking school in downtown SoHo. Each class is designed to help beginners develop cooking skills and to help novice home cooks take their cooking to the next level by combining demonstration-style teaching with plenty of hands-on practice. Class sizes are capped at ten students, so learners of all stages are sure to get the attention and help that they need.

Those with an affinity for Japanese food might consider DIY Sushi + Dumplings, which teaches how to make gyoza potstickers alongside Nori sushi rolls, another Japanese favorite. A spicier take on Asian food can be found in the Introduction to Korean Cooking. Learn to makehow to make Goon Mandoo, which is a type of friend pork dumpling, as part of a larger menu of Korean staplesincluding bulgogi (Korean-style BBQ), kimchi jjigae (a kimchi, pork belly, and tofu hot pot).

There’s no need to limit yourself to just Asian-style dumplings. If you’re looking for a European take on the dumpling, head over to Little Italy where you’ll find Miette, a culinary studio founded by Belgian professional chef Paul Vandewoude, an expert with more than 35 years of experience. While the executive chef of the chic restaurant Tartine in the West Village, Chef Paul began to teach cooking classes on Monday nights, eventually leading him to open Miette as a dedicated cooking school in 2001.

Miette offers a class on Speedy Gnocchi, an Italian interpretation of the dumpling. This hands-on class teaches the techniques for mixing, rolling, slicing, and boiling restaurant-quality gnocchi completely from scratch.Since gnocchi is a dumpling that’s well-suited for sauces, you’ll also learn how to make an incredible tomato vodka sauce with basil, red pepper, and garlic that makes for a perfect accompaniment to the handmade gnocchi.

Virtual Dumpling Making Classes 

Not every city is lucky enough to have thriving ethnic communities or professional chefs willing to share their dumpling making skills through in-person classes. Fortunately, it’s possible to learn how to make dumplings even if there aren’t classes available in your area. CourseHorse makes it easy to find online dumpling making classes that can help you get the hands-on practice you need. These online classes are a great resource for anyone with an internet connection to get ready access to a quality dumpling making experience.

This added ease-of-access does come with some minor downsides. Crucially, these classes don’t provide the same workspace and ingredients that are available when attending an in-person class. Online classes typically provide a list of ingredients, but you will need to head to a grocery store ahead of time to secure those ingredients of your own accord. You will also need to set up your own workspace; make sure your kitchen area is set up both for cooking and for the video call.

The League of Kitchens is an NYC-based organization that offers culinary experiences taught by immigrants working out of their own homes. Though you might not be able to physically enter the home of your host, you are welcomed into their space virtually, as you share in a meaningful culinary and cultural exchange. 

Even if you can’t make it to New York, you’re invited into the home of an Uzbek immigrant to learn how to prepare traditional dishes in Uzbek Cooking Online with Damira. In this experience focused on cultural exchange, you’ll learn how to make a pairing of traditional Uzbek dishes. The main dish here is barak, a beef-and-onion dumpling, which you’ll learn to prepare either boiled or fried, and which is accompanied by a side of achik chuchuk, a tomato-and-onion salad. As you prepare these traditional dishes, you’ll have plenty of time to get technical advice from Damira, and there will also be plenty of time to trade conversation and stories as everyone sits down to enjoy the meal.

Private Group Dumpling Making Classes

While sharing a meal can be a great scene for a social event, the preparation of the meal itself is also a great way to bond over a shared activity. Many cultures turn dumpling making into a special occasion, gathering groups of family and friends where everyone has a hand in filling and folding a large number of dumplings before sitting down to enjoy them as a shared meal. If this sort of hands-on meal preparation sounds like a great bonding opportunity, CourseHorse offers private group dumpling making classes.

Learn how to make Chinese dumplings from scratch in the Virtual Dumpling Making class. Go through every stage of making dumplings by hand, including making and kneading your own dough, preparing your own fillings, shaping and sealing the dumplings, and finally cooking them by either steaming, frying, or boiling.

Coursehorse makes it simple to book a private course. Even if you don’t know your group size, or if your group size changes after you book, that’s not a problem. CourseHorse allows you to secure a booking date with a minimum deposit, but won’t finalize payment until you’ve finalized your headcount, meaning you can change your group size after you’ve reserved your date. 

What Will I Need to Learn Dumpling Making?

To make dumplings, you will need some dough, a delicious filling, and some basic cooking equipment. 

Dough (or Wrappers)

You can simply buy premade dough or dumpling wrappers in the grocery store. If you’re ambitious enough to make everything from scratch, you’ll need only a few ingredients to make your own dough. The most basic doughs are made with nothing other than flour and water. Other ingredients can be added to modify the texture and flavor of the dough, though the specific additions will depend on the type of dumpling. Leavening agents like yeast or baking powder can be added to a dough, which can help to make a stretchier dough or a fluffier bun. Salt is the most common flavoring ingredient, but other ingredients can produce a flavored dough that complements the fillings. Sugar can be added to produce a sweeter dough that browns more easily, and some enriched doughs even add eggs and milk.


The filling is typically what truly defines the dumpling. A dumpling will be filled with some variety of flavorfully spiced meat, cheese, and/or vegetables, but the contents and spices will vary depending on the cultural origins.

Many traditional recipes call for a spiced meat mixture. For example, a common recipe for Chinese jiaozi calls for a pork mixture, typically paired with cabbage. Whether you’re following an established recipe or making it up as you go, common meats used for dumplings include pork, chicken, beef, shrimp, and fish. These meats are combined with vegetables like cabbage, scallions, chives, leeks, mushrooms, carrots, and spinach. The combinations are virtually endless!

There is no shortage of options for vegetarian fillings. If you’re not opting for a meat filling, consider a vegetable-based filling or a cheese-based filling. A filling of potatoes, onions, carrots, and peas can make the base of a killer samosa. Mashed potato can be wrapped up to create a Polish pierogi. Cheese lovers might opt for a ricotta-filled ravioli or a cream cheese-filled cheese wonton.


As with any type of cooking, making dumplings requires some miscellaneous kitchen supplies. The specific tools will vary somewhat depending on a number of factors, including whether the dough is being made from scratch and whether the dumplings are steamed, fried, or boiled. Expect to need some combination of the following:

  • bowl for mixing dough, or a stand mixer (optional)
  • Measuring cups and spoons for measuring out ingredients
  • Spoon or spatula for combining and stirring ingredients
  • Bowls for combining ingredients to make the filling
  • Pot for boiling and/or steaming
  • Pan with a lid for frying and/or steaming
  • Specialized steamer, like a bamboo steamer (optional)

Is it Difficult to Learn Dumpling Making?

If you’ve seen a pro at work, you know that they can rapidly crank out dumpling after dumpling, making the whole thing look like a breeze. Dumplings are just filled pouches of dough; how hard could they be to make? While it certainly looks easy, it takes a great deal of practice to get a feel for the technique. Learning the proper ratio of filling to dough is something that only comes with experience, and novice fingers may not be deft enough to get a perfect seal. That’s to be expected, though; crimping, folding, and sealing is typically the most difficult thing about working with dough, be it a bread, a pie, or a dumpling. Don’t get discouraged if your first dumplings don’t have enough filling or split open while cooking; with a bit of effort and patience, anybody can master the techniques for forming the perfect dumpling.

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