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Butchery Classes Near Me

Master the art of butchery and take your culinary skills to the next level with a wide range of classes. Learn everything from basic knife skills to advanced techniques, and impress your friends and family with expertly prepared meats.

Butchery Classes Coming Up in NYC

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Whole Hog Butchery

Dickson's Farmstand Meats @ 75 9th Ave, New York, NY

Discover the art of whole hog butchery and learn the age-old techniques of charcuterie and salumi in this immersive class. Get hands-on experience in preparing different cures and indulge in a thorough tasting spread to compare the various methods. Don't forget to bring a sweater as the class takes place in a cool cutting room.

(233) All levels 18 and older

Breaking Beef: An In Depth Tour of the Steer

Dickson's Farmstand Meats @ 75 9th Ave, New York, NY

Expand your culinary knowledge and learn the ins and outs of beef with Dickson's Farmstand Meats. Discover the differences between cuts, explore livestock agriculture, and gain valuable tips for shopping and cooking. Join us for a meaty adventure!

(233) All levels 18 and older
No upcoming schedules

Father's Day Grilling Masterclass and Butchering Demo

Miette @ 132 Mulberry St, New York, NY

Join us for a special Father's Day event with Chef Paul as he leads a nose to tail grilling experience on our two outdoor grills. Starting with a whole lamb, this hands-on class will teach you the fine art of butchering, prepping the meat, and grilling it to perfection. The menu includes summer favorite side dishes that will carry you through Labor Day.

(473) All levels 13 and older
No upcoming schedules
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Butchery: Chicken, Fish and Rabbit

The Brooklyn Kitchen @ 100 Frost St, Brooklyn, NY

Small animal butchering Whether you've taken our Knife Skills class and are ready for the next level, or just a curious meat eater, this one's for you. In this gateway butchery class, students will get hands-on experience breaking down a chicken, fish, and rabbit, and learn essential methods for preparing each cut. Dinner will be served, and students will take home all their proteins (to make a giant surf and turf feast, or freeze for later!).

(737) All levels 16 and older
No upcoming schedules
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Pig Butchery

The Brooklyn Kitchen @ 100 Frost St, Brooklyn, NY

Join expert butchers Erika Nakamura and Jocelyn Guest, aka the Butcher Girls, as they break down a  pig into familiar butcher cuts. In addition to the anatomy, the Butcher Girls will revealing the musculature secrets behind cooking pork. Why does pork shoulder need to be cooked for along time, and pork chops are best seared? Who put all the fat in bacon?  Erika and Jocelyn will start with a side of a pig, and over the course of nearly...

(737) All levels 16 and older
No upcoming schedules
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Butchery Classes Coming Up in Los Angeles

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Home Butchery: Whole Chicken

Institute of Domestic Technology

What? You've never spatchcocked a whole chicken? Expand your culinary repertoire beyond the same old chicken breast and become your own home butcher in this hands-on class with Jered Standing, Head Butcher at Belcampo Meat Co. You'll not only save money – purchasing a whole chicken and butchering it yourself will save you up to 50% – you'll end up with the makings for a luxurious, homemade chicken stock you can use right away or freeze for later....

(11) All levels 18 and older
No upcoming schedules

Swine & Wine: Hog Butchery

Institute of Domestic Technology @ 6375 N Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA

Join celebrity butcher Jered Standing for an evening of hog butchery and wine pairing. Those of you who have experienced our popular "Home Butchery: Whole Chicken" class with Jered know how approachable his teaching style is and how much you'll learn.  The evening will include delicious snacks, wine tasting (three wines), hog butchery demonstration and pork tasting from different parts of the hog with a discussion of cooking methods. ...

(11) All levels 21 and older
No upcoming schedules
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Butchery Classes Coming Up in Chicago

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Everyday Butchery and Meat Cookery Boot Camp

The Chopping Block Lincoln Square

Are you ready to take your knife skills to the next level? We'll teach you essential butchery techniques so you can tackle meat preparation like the pros and save money at the grocery store. You'll then use your handiwork to prepare four delicious dishes in a complete meat cookery lesson. Students will work individually to butcher a whole chicken, filet a whole fish, French a rack of lamb, and butterfly and pound out...

(262) All levels 18 and older
No upcoming schedules

Butchery Boot Camp

The Chopping Block Lincoln Square @ 4747 N Lincoln, Chicago, IL

Are you ready to take your knife skills to the next level? We'll teach you essential butchery techniques so you can tackle meat preparation like the pros. You'll then use your handiwork to prepare four delicious dishes. Techniques: Breaking Down and Deboning Chicken Boning and Filleting a Whole Fish Cleaning, Butterflying, Stuffing and Tying Flank Steak Trimming, Cutting, Pounding and Breading Pork Tenderloin Recipes to be Prepared: Pan-Roasted...

(262) All levels 18 and older
No upcoming schedules
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Whole Hog Butchery

The Chopping Block Lincoln Square @ 4747 N Lincoln, Chicago, IL

Tenderloin, sirloin, ribs, chops, ham...where do different cuts of meat come from? Which ones should you choose for different kinds of recipes, and why?? Join us as Chef Mario Scordato butchers a whole pig, showing you where the most important cuts are located, and explains the best ways to cook them. After Mario's demonstration, you'll sit down and enjoy a pork-filled lunch! 

(262) All levels 18 and older
No upcoming schedules

Hog Butchering

Butcher & the Burger @ 1021 W Armitage, Chicago, IL

Join Chef Al for an evening of fun and food. Observe how to handle and butcher meats and fish in our public butchering classes. All classes are held at the restaurant in our downstairs kitchen. The demonstration style classes begin at 6:00 pm last approximately 3 hours. Each fee includes a meal, BYOB is allowed, so be prepared to have a great time! Special Notes:  Please wear non-slip shoes and very casual clothes The butchered meat...

(3) All levels 21 and older
No upcoming schedules

Butchery Classes Coming Up Online

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Virtual Building Blocks: Fish Butchery and Cookery

The Chopping Block Lincoln Square

Join us virtually for classes inspired by our most popular series in the history of TCB, The Building Blocks, featuring the skills and techniques all home cooks should know. Each class is designed to teach you the fundamentals of how to confidently make better decisions in the kitchen, cook delicious meals by opening your taste buds, and explore the basic science behind cooking. The skills covered in class will not only...

(262) All levels 18 and older
No upcoming schedules

Virtual Building Blocks: Chicken Butchery and Cookery

The Chopping Block Lincoln Square @ *Online Classroom

Join us virtually for classes inspired by our most popular series in the history of TCB, The Building Blocks, featuring the skills and techniques all home cooks should know. Each class is designed to teach you the fundamentals of how to confidently make better decisions in the kitchen, cook delicious meals by opening your taste buds, and explore the basic science behind cooking. The skills covered in class will not only...

(262) All levels 18 and older
No upcoming schedules
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Reviews for Butchery Classes

Butchery Classes are rated 4.7 stars based on 1,719 verified reviews from actual purchasers.

  • Whole Hog Butchery

    Reviewed by Jill G. on 3/7/2020
    This class was super fun! Rebecca and Chris are very knowledgeable and fun to chat with.
  • Breaking Beef: An In Depth Tour of the Steer

    Reviewed by Doug L. on 8/3/2019
    Everything was perfect, informative class, great instructors. 'It was a keeper.' DL
  • Breaking Beef: An In Depth Tour of the Steer

    Anonymous review on 5/31/2019
    Great venue and 2 great Dickson staff to take us through the experience Drinks and antipasti plate were a pleasant surprise.
  • Whole Hog Butchery

    Reviewed by Ed M. on 5/31/2019
    Wasn't as hands-on as I had imagined but it was fun handling body parts as they were hacked off.
  • Breaking Beef: An In Depth Tour of the Steer

    Reviewed by Chris C. on 4/6/2019
    Great course, friendly and knowledgeable instructors. Course was a lot of fun
  • Breaking Beef: An In Depth Tour of the Steer

    Reviewed by Allan L. on 1/12/2019
    Great class. 2 suggestions: 1. At the show, the cow was in 3 pieces so it was sometimes hard to visualize where each part came from. Have a picture/chart of the cow, so that we can visualize where on the cow each cut is located. 2. It wasn't always which cut corresponded to typical cuts in a normal grocery store. They always referred to each cut by the specific names they assigned in their store, which were different from a typical store. For example, I wasn't clear where a typical chuck steak came from.
  • Whole Hog Butchery

    Anonymous review on 11/17/2018
    Awesome instructors and impressive shop!
  • Whole Hog Butchery

    Anonymous review on 10/20/2018
    Very informative. The instructors were willing to answer all sorts of questions and really make it an immersive experience.
  • Whole Hog Butchery

    Reviewed by Mariska S. on 9/28/2018
    The instructors were awesome. Loved this course!
  • Whole Hog Butchery

    Reviewed by Sunanda N. on 7/28/2018
    The class was exactly what I hoped for and more. The instructors were very knowledgable and engaging. Definitely will recommend.

Discover the Best Butchery Classes Near Me

One of the oldest trades that people still enjoy today, butchery is a detail-oriented craft that has been refined over thousands of years into what it is today. Butchery is the art of selecting, slaughtering, deboning, cutting, and preparing meat. A practice that relies on a combination of finely-honed skills and high-quality tools, butchery emphasizes getting the best cuts from the finest meats and stands in stark juxtaposition against the mass-produced industrial meat products of modern society.

Dating back over 400,000 years with the earliest documented butchery site in Kent, England, the philosophy of harvesting meat while minimizing waste has evolved with the human race. Butchery is now even considered an art form and independent butcher shops have seen a rise in popularity as society becomes more intentional about what they consume and how they source it. 

Becoming an expert butcher can improve the experience of your homemade meals and help support sustainable farming. A butchery course can be a great way to perfect your skills so that you can create truly memorable farm-to-table food experiences, for both loved ones or customers. Whether you’re exploring butchery as a new hobby or profession, there’s much to be gained from practicing this ancient and intentional set of skills. 

Why Should You Learn Butchery?

Butchery is a well-respected trade that can provide many benefits to those who wish to gain knowledge of the craft. It can make a great hobby, one where you are able to hand-select and personally slice your own cuts of meat, elevating your dishes with an artisanal flair. 

Learning how to properly butcher is ideal for those with a focus on environmentalism as you can locally source your meat from sustainable and humane farms and minimize your waste by ensuring every usable part of the animal is properly harvested. You can develop a deeper connection to your food and the environment, ensuring your dishes are healthy, wholesome, and earth-friendly.

Becoming an expert butcher can also lead to cost savings. Being able to purchase large portions of meat directly from a local farm and butchering them into prime cuts yourself can allow you to stock up on meat for one or more seasons. Cutting out the middleman and handling the processing and packaging on your own can help limit your financial waste, as well. 

A particularly niche industry, learning butchery can also open up new avenues for expanding your community and making friends. Local butcher shops are often central to their communities with expert butchers forming bonds based on trust and respect with their neighbors and local businesses. 

This, of course, also makes it a great potential career path, especially with the cultural shift away from factory farming towards less harmful, more sustainable ways to source food. A quality butcher shop can be an essential business in any community, connecting ranchers to customers, and making farm-to-table practices more accessible. 

5 Ways to Learn Butchery

Butchery requires no previous training or degrees and some of the experience can be gained on the job or through leisurely learning. Formal classes are also a highly-preferred option as they allow for fast and in-depth education. If you’re looking to get the most out of learning how to butcher, below are the best methods for studying this particular trade.

Formal in-person classes offer the most structure and are led by experts within the field. While not tedious work, acquiring the appropriate skills and knowing the best tools is paramount to becoming a successful butcher. Formal in-person classes provide both of these things while allowing students to be able to ask questions and receive feedback from talented instructors. 

Live online classes also offer a structured, formal format led by an expert instructor. You can still ask questions and receive feedback during class but you have the added benefit of being able to attend from wherever you want. (Goodbye commuting!) You also have the perk of working (virtually) alongside other students, creating the possibility of making friends with similar interests. 

On-demand virtual classes offer the most flexibility since you can also do them whenever you want. Stop and start the course when you need so that you can have more time to master a skill or take a break when necessary. These classes can easily fit into hectic schedules and, while they require students to supply their tools and materials (as most online classes do), they avoid headaches like traffic and parking. 

Apprenticeships or on-the-job training are a common way to gain butchery skills. These paths typically require a larger investment of your time and, in the case of on-the-job training, potentially an entire career shift. Apprenticeships may be hard to find and necessitate establishing a relationship with a butcher you respect and trust first. While both apprenticing and learning on the job allow you to gain knowledge and hands-on experience from established butchers, they might be too large of a commitment for those just beginning to explore the trade. 

Online video tutorials, like those found on YouTube, can be a helpful place to start. These tutorials can teach you how to break down an entire animal, properly dispose of leftover waste, and the best ways to store, package, and sell your meat. While they do allow you to learn at your own pace since you can start and stop whenever you need, video tutorials lack the option to interact with an expert in the industry and don’t offer the structure that many prefer from a learning environment.

With so many learning options to choose from, there are plenty of chances for you to explore butchery. Assessing your current schedule and preferred learning styles will help you decide which choice is best for you. 

In-Person Butchery Classes

In-person classes offer the most structure and access to highly-skilled experts. Being able to troubleshoot in real-time is especially beneficial for a trade like butchery. More and more butchery classes, both demonstrative and interactive, are popping up nationwide as the butchery trade becomes more in demand, so odds are there’s an in-person class near you.

If you’re located in Los Angeles, Chef Eric’s Culinary Classroom offers a 12-week Master Chef Program. While this French cooking-based course covers more than just your basic butchery skills, the very first class is solely focused on an introduction to kitchen and knife skills that will be fundamental to developing your butchery techniques. You can then expand upon those skills in the remaining classes, learning how to make sauces and mastering the art of cooking vegetables, potatoes, pasta, and even breakfast foods.

Breaking Beef: An In-Depth Tour of the Steer is a butchery-focused class held in Chelsea, NY. Hosted by Dickson’s Farmstand Meats, the butchers leading this demo class will walk you through breaking down a whole side of beef, from neck to tail. They’ll cover all the cuts that come off of a steer and will discuss livestock agriculture practices. You’ll learn how to properly shop for the best meat and how best to cook each cut. (Plus, there are samples!)

Dickinson’s Farmstands Meats also offers Whole Hog Butchery where expert butchers will break down a whole hog and walk you through the different butchering techniques. This class will also cover techniques used in charcuterie and preserving meats like salting, brining, dry-curing, fermenting, and smoking. Students will get hands-on experience preparing different items in various cures. (Special note: A sweater is recommended for all classes at Dickinson’s as they are held in their 60-degree cutting room.) 

Located in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles is Hog Butchery Demo, put on by the Institute of Domestic Technology. Celebrity butcher Jered Standing will lead students through the butchering of an entire side of a Heritage-breed pig sourced from a California ranch. The class will include delicious snacks, wine, and a take-home bag of 4-5 lbs of pork with cooking instructions. 

If you’re located in Chicago, the Chopping Block’s Culinary Bootcamp 1 allows students to explore the experience of a professional culinary program without the lengthy time commitment. This five-day course teaches all the fundamental methods of cooking including whole fish, chicken, and beef tenderloin butchery. Students will plan and produce a menu together that incorporates all the skills they learned throughout the week and will go home with a strong foundation of fine-tuned cooking skills. 

For those in the Pacific Northwest, The Melding Pot in Seattle hosts a variety of butchery-related classes. Butchery 101 + Sausage Making will teach students the essential cuts of the resurging art of butchery. Refreshments and small bites are provided, and students will take home a selection of great cuts. Primal Cuts 101 (Pork) focuses solely on pig butchery techniques. Students will learn recipes, the proper casings to use, and how to slice the best cuts of pork. Both of these courses are conveniently located in the Central District near the Pratt Fine Arts Center.

The Local Butcher Shop in San Francisco also hosts several classes in their North Berkeley location. In their hands-on poultry butchery class, you’ll learn the anatomy of birds and how best to butcher a chicken. Each student will try their hand at butchering two chickens and will take home their cuts. They also offer a Half Hog Butchery Demo, a class that explores the anatomy of the pig and covers topics like sustainable agriculture practices, eating from all parts of the pig, and how best to support local ranchers. Each participant will take home 9-10 lbs of Llano Seco pork and tips on how best to cook their cuts. 

Sutter Meats in Boston, MA hosts a two-hour course called Pork Fabrication that is equal parts demonstrative and interactive. A highly-skilled butcher will break down one side of a locally-raised pig and discuss the attributes of each cut of meat and how best to prepare them. Topics covered will include seam butchery technique and whole muscle utilization, and each student will take home generous cuts of pork to cook at home.

Virtual Butchery Classes

Online butchery classes have their pros and cons. The flexibility to attend from wherever you want and, with on-demand classes, whenever you want is an obvious perk. Learning from the comfort of your own home in your favorite pajamas can make the experience even more enjoyable. There’s also no need to sit in traffic or struggle to find parking. While you generally are required to source your supplies and tools, online butchery classes still have the benefit of an expert instructor and the hands-on experience that in-person classes offer. 

Virtual Building Blocks: Chicken Butchery and Cookery is an informative online class held by The Chopping Block Lincoln Square. Held via Zoom, this two-hour class will educate students on how to select quality poultry, properly butcher and prepare a chicken, and will cover several different cooking techniques like braising, roasting, and sauteing. Students will be provided with a recipe packet, equipment list, and class syllabus upon registering.

Similarly, The Chopping Block Lincoln Square also hosts Virtual Building Blocks: Fish Butchery and Cookery. Designed for lovers of aquatic culinary delights, this class will cover selecting fish, how to identify flat and round fish, techniques for breaking down a whole fish, and various cooking methods. Also hosted via Zoom, a moderator will make sure that all your questions are answered by the chef either during or after class.

Private Group Butchery Classes

Are you looking to provide a one-of-a-kind event for your team? CourseHorse also coordinates private group butchery classes that can be customized to fit the needs of your business or organization. 

While there aren’t currently any private group butchery classes available, there is a virtual steak workshop where students will select their cuts of meat (with guidance on how to select the best cuts from the instructor) and prepare and cook a delicious meal. Topics covered in this class will include the best cooking techniques and temperatures to ensure you get a mouth-watering final product every time.

If you have your heart set on a butchery-only private class, it can still be provided! You can reach out through the contact form on the CourseHorse site to learn about the available options. With no booking fees, confirmation within 24 hours, and the ability to adjust your group size within 72 hours of your scheduled class, CourseHorse makes scheduling a breeze. Plus, with extra benefits like multiple supported platforms and having your supplies shipped directly to your group, organizing a private group class has never been easier. 

What Will I Need to Learn Butchery?

Butchery is a craft that requires a particular set of tools. Safety is of the utmost importance for any skill involving knives or raw meat, and the below list covers the fundamental supplies you’ll need to begin slicing and dicing your own locally-sourced cow, chicken, or pig. These tools are typically provided when you take an in-person butchery class but they’ve been listed below in case you want to butcher your own meat at home. 

  1. A boning hook is an essential tool for any butcher and is an extension of your non-cutting hand that helps to prevent accidental injuries. It will make you a more accurate butcher while protecting your fingers and hands. 
  2. A breaking knife is used to cut large sections of meat into smaller, more manageable pieces. Anything between 9-12 inches is best as larger knives limit your accuracy and can lead to more injuries when you’re a beginner.
  3. A boning knife, typically around five inches, has a flexible blade that is long and thin. It is primarily used for cutting through ligaments and connective tissues to separate meat from the bone. 
  4. A butchering steel is a long rod of steel, ceramic, or diamond-coated steel that is used to sharpen dull blades. 
  5. Used to hang meat, a gambrel is a lightweight steel hook frame that will also spread the animal’s legs apart, making for easier cuts.
  6. A meat saw helps break an animal down into its primary cuts, dissecting larger muscle groups into steaks and roasts. While these come in a variety of lengths, a 25-inch meat saw is recommended for beginners.
  7. Cutting boards are a requirement for any butcher. These come in a variety of materials and are primarily used to protect your knife edges from hard stainless steel surfaces or to protect your tables and countertops from unwanted cuts. 

While not an exhaustive list, these seven essentials will help you get started while you learn the foundational skills needed to become an expert butcher. 

Is it Difficult to Learn Butchery?

While butchery is a trade that requires a specific set of tools, knowledge of the anatomy of animals, and safety techniques for dealing with raw meat and handling knives, it isn’t actually difficult to learn. Butchery is mainly the practice of developing highly-specialized cutting techniques while being mindful of minimizing waste. By learning more about sustainable agriculture and how to form relationships with local ranchers and farms, you can fine-tune your craft so that it honors the age-old traditions of butchery. With enough passion and dedication to learning, anyone can become a skilled butcher.

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