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Italian Cooking Classes Near Me

Discover the art of Italian cooking with a variety of hands-on classes, where you'll learn traditional techniques and recipes for homemade pasta, risotto, and more. Immerse yourself in the flavors of Italy and gain the skills to create authentic Italian dishes at home.

Italian Cooking Classes Coming Up in NYC

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Tagliatelle al Pesto with an Italian Master Chef

CocuSocial Cooking Classes @ 815 6th Ave (Avenue of the Americas), New York, NY

Embark on a culinary journey through the flavors of Italy with an Italian master Chef. Learn authentic techniques and traditions of regional Italian cuisine, from making pesto alla Genovese with a mortar and pestle to crafting fresh egg tagliatelle pasta from scratch. No experience is required, just a passion for good food and a desire to learn.

Wednesday, Feb 21st, 6:30–8:30pm Eastern Time

Homemade Pizza Party (For Two!)

CocuSocial Cooking Classes @ 525 8th Ave, New York

Unlock the secrets of pizza making and transport yourself to the streets of Napoli in this fun and interactive cooking class. Learn the art of making pizza from scratch, including its history and regional variations. No experience is necessary, just bring your appetite and prepare to create your own masterpiece!

Thursday, Mar 7th, 6:30–8:30pm Eastern Time

for 2 students
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Italian Date Night

CocuSocial Cooking Classes @ 815 6th Ave (Avenue of the Americas), New York, NY

Fall in love with Italian cuisine all over again at this interactive cooking class for couples. Discover how to make a mouthwatering appetizer and main meal together, while also learning useful kitchen tips and knife skills. With a romantic atmosphere and all the ingredients provided, it's the perfect date night activity.

Saturday, Mar 16th, 5–7pm Eastern Time

for 2 students
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Handmade Pasta Cooking For Two People (BYOB)

Taste Buds Kitchen @ 109 W 27th St, New York, NY

Join us at Taste Buds Kitchen for an unforgettable culinary experience where you'll learn new techniques and enjoy a delicious multi-course menu, all while having a great time with your date or friends. Bring your favorite beverage (BYOB) and get ready to create and savor fresh handmade pasta and mouthwatering dishes. No prior cooking experience needed!

Monday, Mar 18th, 7–9pm Eastern Time

for 2 students
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A Tour of Tuscany for Two People (Vegetarian / BYOB)

Taste Buds Kitchen @ 109 W 27th St, New York, NY

Embark on a mouthwatering journey through Italy's culinary wonders with our A Tour of Tuscany course. Indulge in the flavors of homemade Italian classics, from roasted garlic potato gnocchi to chocolate-dipped biscotti, all while enjoying your favorite bottle of wine. No need to travel abroad for an authentic italian cooking experience!

Friday, Mar 8th, 4–6pm Eastern Time

for 2 students
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Italian Cooking Classes Coming Up in Los Angeles

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Basic Pizza Course

VPN Americas @ 440 Hindry Ave,, Inglewood, CA

Learn the essential techniques and secrets of crafting authentic Neapolitan pizza at the prestigious VPN Americas school. This course provides a comprehensive understanding of the ingredients, equipment, and baking process, allowing you to create perfect pizzas with traditional toppings. Plus, receive a certificate of completion and a special gift bag filled with Italian culinary delights.

Monday, Feb 26th, 10am–3pm Pacific Time

Regular Pizza Course

VPN Americas @ 440 Hindry Ave,, Inglewood, CA

Learn the art of making authentic Neapolitan pizza from the experts at VPN Americas. This comprehensive course covers everything from the history of pizza to mastering the dough and creating delicious toppings. Get ready to become a skilled Pizzaiolo in a Neapolitan pizzeria.

Monday, Feb 26th, 10am–4pm Pacific Time

 (3 sessions)


3 sessions

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Professional Pizza Course

VPN Americas @ 440 Hindry Ave,, Inglewood, CA

Learn the secrets of Neapolitan pizza-making and become a master pizzaiolo with this comprehensive course offered by VPN Americas. Perfect for aspiring pizzeria owners, you'll learn everything from dough preparation to cooking techniques and even how to customize your toppings. Elevate your pizza game and start your path to pizza greatness.

Monday, Feb 26th, 10am–4pm Pacific Time

 (5 sessions)


5 sessions

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Specialty Pizza Course

VPN Americas @ 440 Hindry Ave,, Inglewood, CA

Discover the secrets of specialty pizzas in this hands-on course at VPN Americas. Learn how to create mouthwatering deep-fried, gluten-free, and whole-wheat pizzas under the guidance of expert instructors. Receive a certificate of completion and a gift bag filled with essential pizza-making ingredients.

Friday, Mar 1st, 10am–3:30pm Pacific Time

Italian Date Night: Fresh Handmade Pasta

CocuSocial Cooking Classes @ 2131 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

Learn the secrets of creating authentic Italian cuisine with CocuSocial Cooking Classes. Join us for a fun and hands-on class where you will learn how to make the perfect pasta dough and transform it into beautiful hand-rolled pici noodles. Afterward, indulge in your culinary creations with fellow foodies at this delicious cooking party!

Friday, Mar 29th, 6:30–8:30pm Pacific Time

Italian Cooking Classes Coming Up in Chicago

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Homemade Pizza Party with Sorbet Dessert

CocuSocial Cooking Classes

Learn the art of crafting the perfect pizza at home in this engaging and hands-on culinary journey. Discover the rich history and diverse regional variations of pizza, while mastering the techniques of dough and bread baking. Enjoy a refreshing sorbet dessert at the end of the class.

Sunday, Feb 25th, 5–7:15pm Central Time

Hands-On Know Your Gnocchi

The Chopping Block Lincoln Square @ 4747 N Lincoln, Chicago, IL

Gnocchi may pre-date pasta, but these little knuckle-shaped dumplings still receive pride of place in Italian cuisine, from Nona’s table to the finest ristorante. Learn to prepare a variety of gnocchi paired with seasonal accompaniments for a perfect match of flavors in this hands-on class. Vegetarian-friendly menu! Menu:  Potato Gnocchi with Sautéed Summer Squash, Corn, Blistered Cherry Tomatoes and Feta Roasted Beet-Ricotta Gnocchi...

Wednesday, Feb 21st, 6–8:30pm Central Time

Hands-On Neapolitan Pizzeria

The Chopping Block Lincoln Square @ 4747 N Lincoln, Chicago, IL

Get a taste of Italy with this hands-on class at The Chopping Block Lincoln Square. Discover the secrets to creating authentic Neapolitan pizzas and learn essential skills like working with yeast dough, cooking on a pizza stone, and balancing flavors. Join us for a culinary adventure that will transport your taste buds straight to Naples.

Thursday, Mar 14th, 6–8:30pm Central Time

Hands-On Winter in Toscana

The Chopping Block Lincoln Square @ 4747 N Lincoln, Chicago, IL

Embark on a culinary journey to Tuscany this winter at The Chopping Block Lincoln Square, where you'll learn to create authentic Italian dishes like Tuscan white bean stew and wild boar ragu. Discover the secrets of balancing flavors, perfect knife skills, and more in this immersive hands-on class.

Friday, Mar 8th, 6–8:30pm Central Time

Teens Cooking Class: Hands-On Pasta and Gnocchi

The Chopping Block Lincoln Square @ 4747 N Lincoln, Chicago, IL

Have fun this spring break preparing pasta and gnocchi from scratch! Teens, ages 12-16, are invited to join us for a fun hands-on class learning essential Italian techniques while expanding their culinary knowledge. Our chef will teach your teen all about the tools and ingredients needed to successfully make these Italian staples, and with a little practice and our chef’s helpful hints, you’ll learn just how easy and fun it really is to make...

Thursday, Mar 28th, 11am–1:30pm Central Time

Italian Cooking Classes Coming Up Online

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Northern Italian Dinner

Home Cooking New York @ Virtual Classroom

Well, we can't fly off to Italy these days (or eat at an Italian restaurant, for that matter), but we can bring the warmth and hospitality and rustic simplicity of good Italian trattoria cooking right into our own homes.   We'll cook up: Pan-Roasted Lemon-Rosemary Chicken  Creamy Polenta Parmigiano Garlicky Roasted Broccoli Rabe How these Virtual Classes Work: After registering, you will be sent a link to log into the class...

No upcoming schedules

Virtual Potato Gnocchi

The Chopping Block Lincoln Square @ Virtual Classroom

Join us for a virtual cooking class as you either cook along with our Chopping Block Chef in real time, or watch as a demonstration as our chef teaches you how to make gnocchi from scratch via Zoom. Menu: Potato Gnocchi with Bacon, Peas and White Wine Cream Sauce Spring Green Salad with Fresh Herbs and Lemon Dressing  Skills covered in class: Selecting potatoes Working with gnocchi dough Shaping gnocchi Preparing cream sauces Balancing...

No upcoming schedules

Italian Wedding Soup

Teaching Table @ Virtual Classroom

In less than one hour from start to finish, create the classic Italian Wedding Soup. Complete with meatballs, vegetables, and pasta… IN broth, it’s the perfect antidote to cold winter nights in or lunch for the hectic week ahead. What’s not to love? Maybe you’ve had this at an Italian wedding, a holiday meal or even from a New York City deli, but have you made it yourself? Learn the tricks to a simple and flavor rich Italian Wedding Soup...

No upcoming schedules

Virtual Pasta Making

Eve Bergazyn

Join our chef to make pasta from scratch! You Will: Make and knead a classic egg pasta dough Hand shape pasta Create a classic marinara sauce & fresh basil pesto Eat delicious homemade pasta Materials Needed to Participate Fully Ingredients: All-purpose flour Semolina flour (or all purpose flour) Salt 1 bay leaf 1 14-oz. can San Marzano tomatoes Pine nuts (or pistachios, almonds, sunflower seeds, or pumpkin seeds) Olive oil...

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Virtual Cook Along: Pasta Shapes Workshop

The Chopping Block Lincoln Square @ Virtual Classroom

Learn how to make a variety of pasta shapes from scratch in this virtual class. Join our chef for a 2-hour intensively interactive virtual class from the comfort of your own home as we walk you through the technique on how to prepare homemade pasta dough from scratch in real time. We’ll then use the pasta dough to prepare several shaped pastas and one filled pasta. By the end of class, you’ll have a variety of pastas you can use right away...

No upcoming schedules

Italian Cooking Classes Coming Up in Boston

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Vegetarian Favorites (V) (GF)

EZCompliments Indian Cooking Classes @ 149 Haggetts Pond Rd, Andover, MA

Spice up your next dinner party with easy, colorful and gourmet Indian vegetarian dishes. After this class, you will be able to treat your guests with: Channa Dal Vada ( Lentil Fritters) Malai Kofta (Cottage cheese balls in a tomato cream sauce) Saag Corn ( Swiss chard sautéd with corn and spices) Lemon Rice

No upcoming schedules

Date Night: Italian Table

Create a Cook @ 53 Winchester St, Newton, MA

Italian Table Come cook a classic italian meal with us! Take your homemade pasta to the next level with herbs and top it with a traditional bolognese. Accompanied by a light crustini and salad, and finish off the night with custom cannolis!   Crostini of honey and thyme roasted pear on a bed of arugula and ricotta, drizzled with aged balsamic, Mixed green salad of radiccho, escarole, sundried tomatoes, provolone with a red wine vinaigrette,...

Let's Do It like the Italians

Dante Alighieri Society of Massachusetts @ 41 Hampshire St, Boston, MA

Learn to make Italian specialties that will add sparkle to your holiday celebrations! Chef Francesco Pezone presents nine Tuesday lessons of authentic dishes sure to delight your palate and your future guests.

Italian Cooking Classes Coming Up in Houston

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Classic Handmade Pasta

CocuSocial Cooking Classes @ 723 Main St, Houston, TX

Discover the art of creating your own fresh pasta at CocuSocial Cooking Classes. Join us for an interactive and informative session where you'll learn to make perfect pasta dough and craft beautiful Tagliatelle noodles. Indulge in the deliciousness of classic Carbonara and Sun-Dried Tomato Alfredo sauces, all while having a fun and instructive experience.

Thursday, Mar 21st, 6:45–8:45pm Central Time

Fresh Handmade Pasta

CocuSocial Cooking Classes @ 723 Main St, Houston, TX

Learn the art of creating fresh handmade pasta from scratch in this fun and instructive cooking class. Discover how to make the perfect dough, roll it, cut it, and top it off with a delicious roasted garlic bechamel. No experience is required, and all equipment and ingredients are provided.

Friday, Mar 1st, 6:45–8:45pm Central Time

Handmade Gnocchi

CocuSocial Cooking Classes @ 723 Main St, Houston, TX

Indulge in the art of creating delicate, handmade dumplings, as you learn to make the perfect dough and a classic Pesto sauce. From beginners to cooking enthusiasts, this interactive class is designed to be both fun and instructive, with all equipment and ingredients provided. Join us for a delicious and educational culinary experience!

Friday, Mar 29th, 6:45–8:45pm Central Time

Italian Cooking Classes Coming Up in Washington, D.C.

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Let's Cook Italian

Casa Italiana Language School @ 595 1/2 Third St, NW, Washington, DC

If you are interested in Italian language, food or culture the chef says” The best place to learn about Italy is in the kitchen.” Learning to prepare Italian cuisine is more than just learning to cook. It’s about the atmosphere, the people and of course, the wine.  The cooking classes at Casa Italiana cover the preparation of various courses from around Italy. In each class, you will learn to prepare 3 recipes from start to finish, get...

No upcoming schedules

Rome's Famous Fettuccine Alfredo

CocuSocial Cooking Classes @ 2000 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC

Escape to Rome for an evening to learn the art to creating the famous Fettuccine Alfredo!  Legend has it that after the birth of his first child in 1908, Alfredo di Lelio cooked up a batch of fettuccine noodles, crumbly Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, and plenty of butter to tempt his wife, as she was suffering from loss of appetite. The resulting dish was so delicious that di Lelio’s family put it on the menu at Alfredo alla Scrofa, the restaurant...

No upcoming schedules

Italian Cooking Classes Coming Up in Seattle

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Freshly Made Three Cheese Ravioli

CocuSocial Cooking Classes @ 1950 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA

There’s nothing so delicious as fresh ravioli pasta, and creating it yourself. It’s is easier than you might think. Learn to create handmade pasta dough, stuff it with a decadent 3-cheese filling, cook it to perfection and then sauce it with homemade Bravas-Marinara Spanish-Italian fusion sauce. Top it with fresh chopped Italian parsley and freshly grated Parmigiana and you’ll experience homemade pasta at its finest. No experience necessary!...

No upcoming schedules

Handmade Pasta

CocuSocial Cooking Classes @ 1950 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA

Everyone loves pasta, It’s like a hug from the inside out.  Learn to make your own flavor infused pasta dough from flour, egg and water/scented olive oil, and salt. You will learn how to make a fall classic, a stuffed pasta called ‘agnolotti’. Think ravioli, but fancier. We will make the dough and the filling, then assemble the pasta and finally enjoy it. We source the freshest ingredients to let the flavors shine through in this simple...

No upcoming schedules

Taste of Tuscany Cooking Class

ChefShop @ 1425 Elliott Ave W, Seattle, WA

Come join us as we celebrate Tuscany and its cuisine with our special guest, Chef Diana Lenzi Of Fattoria Di Petroio.  It will be a unique experience and opportunity to embrace the authentic favors of Tuscany with native and former chef now turned vintner.   Diana is excited to share her knowledge, story, experience and wines as she guides us through the steps to make a most memorable dinner. Recipes include:  Focaccia...

No upcoming schedules

Italian Cooking Classes Coming Up in Atlanta

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Fresh Pasta 101

CocuSocial Cooking Classes @ 89 Centennial Olympic Park Dr NW, Atlanta, GA

Learn the art of creating delicious fresh pasta from scratch at CocuSocial Cooking Classes. Master the technique of making the perfect pasta dough and indulge in a mouthwatering Cajun twist pasta sauce. No experience is required, just come prepared to have a fun and instructive culinary experience.

Tuesday, Feb 27th, 6:30–8:30pm Eastern Time

Pasta Making

MJCCA @ 5342 Tilly Mill Rd, Atlanta, GA

Whether it’s fresh fish and olives from Sicily or rustic flavors from a Tuscan village, Italian cooking is as varied as the country it comes from. We will be making a chopped salad, pumpkin ravioli, fettuccine with pesto, goat cheese tortellini, and hazelnut truffles. We request that students wear closed toed shoes.

No upcoming schedules

Date Night: Little Italy

Sur La Table Phipps Plaza @ 3500 Peachtree Rd, Atlanta, GA

Set the table for romance--join us and learn how to create a classic Italian supper from scratch. You'll enjoy working alongside your date and other couples as you practice mixing, rolling, cutting and cooking fresh pasta.  Our instructor will walk you through techniques for making traditional Italian meatballs and marinara. We'll show you how to amp up the flavor of Caesar salad with homemade dressing and croutons. Plus, we'll share secrets...

No upcoming schedules

Italian Cooking Classes Coming Up in Denver

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Simply Well Done: Italian

The Good Food Project @ 3000 Lawrence St, Denver, CO

Ever wish that cooking could be easier, faster and less complicated? That you could cook things you really like to eat? That would turn out beautifully, without it being a huge deal that makes you wish you had just ordered a pizza? That you could be a little less reliant on the delivery guy? Simply Well Done is for you. The recipes are fast, with a few ingredients, are easy to prepare and customize, and they turn out great! Plus, each dish is about...

No upcoming schedules

Virtual Hands-on Pasta Workshop

The Good Food Project @ **Virtual Classroom

Learn how to make authentic, fresh handmade pasta in different shapes and sizes in this hands-on pasta workshop. We’ll discuss ingredients, flours, fillings and sauces, and you’ll learn to “match” pasta shapes with the right sauce. Then you’ll knead, roll and cut your own pasta, and we’ll experiment with colored and shape filled pastas, like ravioli, tortellini and agnolotti. You’ll leave with an assortment of pastas...

No upcoming schedules

Cook with Friends: Italian Party

Sur La Table - Denver @ 121 Clayton Ln, Denver, CO

Invite friends to join us in the Sur La Table kitchen to create delicious dishes--and fond memories--together. In this hands-on class, you'll laugh and learn alongside BFFs and classmates as you practice making fresh pasta dough and rolling, cutting and hand-forming it.  Our instructor will teach you to make a savory pasta sauce and show you the surprisingly simple steps for creating homemade vinaigrette.  Plus, you'll learn how to perfectly...

No upcoming schedules

Discover the Best Italian Cooking Classes Near Me

Italian cuisine’s deep roots in American soil began in New York City when thousands of 19th-century immigrants entered the U.S. via Ellis Island, bringing their centuries-old traditional cuisine with them. But interest in Italian cooking skyrocketed when soldiers returning home from World War II sought opportunities to enjoy the comforting food they ate abroad. While for many decades of the 20th century, Italian-American fare was dominated by pizza and spaghetti, restaurants and many home chefs of the U.S. today embrace Italy’s broad range of mouth-watering dishes created through careful timing and techniques.

If you want to learn Italian cooking at a high level, get ready for an education that goes well beyond familiarity with a few recipes. You’re likely to pick up quite a bit of the Italian language in your journey into the cultural and regional significance of every dish, ingredient, and technique. You’ll learn to source the consistently high-quality and fresh ingredients that create Italy’s signature flavors, as well as how to blend and balance those flavors to perfection. An expert in Italian cuisine knows how to make their own pasta, mozzarella, and ricotta, as well as how to craft a myriad of sauces. It may sound like a lot to learn, but with its reputation as a fun skill to learn while socializing over a bottle of wine, mastering Italian cooking is sure to be a rewarding goal for you.

Why You Should Learn Italian Cooking

Much of the appeal of Italian food lies in its diverse array of fragrant and flavorful dishes created from a relatively small number of simple ingredients. The iconic recipes developed their form and flavors in the historic kitchens of Italian villas, creating deep ties between the cuisine and the distinct regions that shaped it. There are few better ways of connecting with Italian culture and heritage than learning to cook the food of Italy.

While its roots are humble, Italian food is intrinsically tied to the experience of fine dining today, making it an ideal cuisine to learn if you wish to become a professional chef. Or you may be spending more than you like on your favorite dishes in your favorite Italian eateries and wish to save money by preparing them at home.

5 Ways to Learn Italian Cooking

While cookbooks and online tutorials are an affordable place to start when learning Italian cooking, the hands-on multi-sensory skill is easiest to learn with the help of a real human instructor or mentor. 

  1. In-person classes are one of the most accessible and fastest ways to learn any cooking skill, especially the techniques involved in preparing Italian staples like mozzarella, pasta, and authentic Neapolitan pizza. Your instructor can provide immediate feedback and help you engage all your senses when balancing flavors.
  2. Live online classes offer a very similar experience to in-person classes. While the instructor may not be able to interact directly with your dish as in a local class in a kitchen classroom, virtual classes open up many options when it comes to your schedules and topics of interest that may not otherwise be easily accessible.
  3. On-demand self-paced classes are an alternative solution for calendars that may not be able to accommodate the set schedule of a formal class. Options vary from free YouTube classes to extensive paid courses on platforms like Udemy.
  4. Culinary schools are worth the commitment when pursuing a career as a professional chef. While there are many options in the US, Italy’s top cooking schools are ideal for those with the resources to invest in their journey to become a top chef in the field.
  5. Apprenticeships in restaurants and on-the-job training are alternative routes to a culinary career specializing in Italian cuisine. Research your local restaurants and favorite chefs, and contact those that interest you to find opportunities to learn alongside professionals.

In-Person Italian Cooking Classes

Whether you’re looking for in-person Italian cooking classes for adults or children, Taste Buds Kitchen has you covered if you live in NYC. A culinary entertainment venue in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, Taste Buds Kitchen offers cooking camps, classes, and parties for all ages. While New York Magazine voted the school NYC’s “Best Kids Cooking Class,” it is equally well known for its BYOB Adult Kitchen events.

BYOB class tickets each pay for two guests, making them perfect memorable date nights or outings with friends. Bring your own bottle of wine to A Tour of Tuscany (BYOB), and enjoy it with the vegetarian menu of roasted garlic potato gnocchi, garlic spinach potato gnocchi, brown butter sage sauce, Tuscan kale salad with tomato confit, and chocolate-dipped biscotti. You’ll prepare these dishes alongside your professional chef instructor and then enjoy the meal with your date and a table full of new friends.

While Miette means “little crumb” in French, you’ll find the renowned cooking school nestled in Manhattan’s Little Italy. Chef Paul Vandewoude uses the venue to teach Italian cooking classes as well as other cuisines from around the world.

Chef Paul’s Italian Classics for the Modern Vegan is an excellent option for a family affair, as it's open to ages 13 and older (but any teen 18 and under must be accompanied by an adult). You don’t have to be a vegan to appreciate this fresh take on Italian classics featuring Caesar salad with tahini miso dressing, butternut squash risotto with homemade vegetable stock, crostini with carrot cashew miso spread, and raspberry sorbet.

Chef Eric Jacques Crowley is a name you’ll want to know when learning Italian cooking in Los Angeles. Located near UCLA, Chef Eric’s Culinary Classroom offers loads of class options for amateurs as well as professionals. His Italian Cuisine class welcomes beginners ages 15 and up to join him in making torta salata, fresh pasta all’Amatriciana, homemade fettuccine with carbonara sauce, and chicken cacciatore.

The professional chefs of CocuSocial offer relaxed cooking, baking, wine-tasting, and other culinary events designed for fun and socialization. They partner with hotels and restaurants in locations throughout the U.S. to provide accessible professional kitchen space for anyone with an interest in cooking and dining.

CocuSocial LA offers the Italian cooking class Classic Handmade Pasta to ages 21 and up, with encouragement to purchase drinks at the bar of its Beverly Hills venue. You’ll learn to make linguini and marinara sauce with the guidance of Chef Adrianna and enjoy the fruits of your labor with a group of new friends.

If you’re in San Diego, CocoSocial’s Authentic Homemade Pizza is a fun opportunity to learn to make pizza from scratch, start to finish. You’ll join your instructor at the Hilton Garden Inn in Little Italy to bake your pizza and enjoy it with your classmates. You’ll learn a few Italian words and enjoy a social night out, whether you’re a beginner or already a pro pizza maker.

CocoSocial instructor Chef Ken leads Fresh Pasta 101 at Luminous Gatherings in Sandy Springs, a 20-minute drive from midtown Atlanta. You’ll learn how to make pasta dough from scratch and turn it into ribbons of fresh pappardelle with a rolling pin or a pasta maker. You can bring your own bottle of wine or beer to enjoy as you prepare a creamy pasta sauce and enjoy your final product in a dinner with your classmates at the end of class.

The Chopping Block Lincoln Square is a gourmet retail store and recreational cooking school that offers cooking classes for children and adults, private parties, and wine-tasting events. Kids Cooking: Italian Holiday is an Italian cooking class for children ages 7 to 11, where they will learn fundamental kitchen skills as they explore recipes for Neapolitan pizza, ricotta and herb-filled ravioli, and chocolate pudding with amaretti cookie crumble. 

Pans on Fire is the place to go in the East Bay Area for professional-quality kitchen supplies and fun cooking classes for all ages. The Pleasanton location hosts a variety of classes in its Food Studio, including Fettuccine Al Limone, Mixed Greens, Strawberry Sorbet. You’ll learn to prepare an entire menu of Italian-inspired dishes and have the chance to enjoy the meal with a class of students who share your enthusiasm for Italian cooking.

Virtual Italian Cooking Classes 

Featuring many of the same benefits of an in-person class, online Italian cooking classes have many additional perks. They considerably cut the time commitment of your new hobby, as you won’t have to worry about commuting. Virtual classes are also an opportunity to invite a professional chef instructor into your home kitchen where—unless you are learning Italian cooking for your professional culinary career—you will likely be putting your newly acquired skills to use most of the time. You also can’t overlook the numerous class opportunities that open up when you look outside your local region to find courses offered online from anywhere around the globe.

There are, however, a few drawbacks to virtual Italian classes when compared to in-person courses. Some may prefer to learn in a professional kitchen where an experienced chef can guide every one of your senses in your learning journey through many skills requiring precision in timing and technique. In-person classes are also considerably more likely to provide your necessary kitchen tools and ingredients, but you are likely to own many of these already or wish to acquire them to pursue your Italian cooking hobby at home.

Most will look for a pasta-making class or two as part of their Italian cooking education. One top-notch virtual option is the Ravioli and Filled Pasta Workshop offered by The Good Food Project from their home in NYC. You’ll leave the class knowing how to make your own fettuccine, linguine, ravioli, mezzaluna, and tortelli. The course welcomes students ages 16 and older who are able to supply their own tools and ingredients in their home kitchens.

Home Cooking New York’s Northern Italian Dinner workshop is a unique opportunity to invite a professional chef and a classroom of new friends into your home kitchen as you prepare a rustic and comforting dinner for your entire household. The menu features pan-roasted lemon-rosemary chicken, creamy polenta Parmigiano, and garlicky roasted broccoli rabe.

Private Group Italian Cooking Classes

Would you like to schedule a private Italian cooking class for your business or organization? Whether you want to host a fun team-building workshop or your restaurant staff needs to brush up on their pizza skills, CourseHorse is your source for private group Italian cooking classes that will meet your goals and exceed your expectations.

One of CourseHorse’s private Italian cooking classes is Virtual Mozzarella Making, a crash course on all you need to know to make your own fresh mozzarella from three simple ingredients: milk, citric acid, and rennet. You can book this class for up to 50 participants through CourseHorse’s website, and they will even ship citric acid and rennet directly to every student for an additional fee. Your instructor will demonstrate the process of coagulating milk into curds and turning those curds into the iconic Italian cheese essential for so many authentic recipes.

Virtual Gnocchi Making is another Italian cooking class your team may enjoy. Your group will learn to make light and fluffy gnocchi with ingredients shipped directly to each class participant. Gluten-free flour is even available upon request. You'll only need to supply your own eggs and olive oil. Each student will also need their own baking sheet, colander, chef’s knife, cutting board, saucepan, large pot for cooking pasta, and a wooden spoon.

If you’ve checked out CourseHorse’s catalog and don’t see the right Italian cooking class for your group, there's no need to worry. CourseHorse can help you find or create the exact course you envision for your team. Simply fill out CourseHorse's contact form with your Italian cooking class needs, and an expert will respond within two business hours. Or you have the option to schedule a 15-minute phone call with a CourseHorse team member to start planning the workshop of your dreams. You don’t even need to wait to contact CourseHorse until you get an accurate headcount of attendees: you can change your class size up to a week before the event.

CourseHorse recommends you use Zoom for your virtual Italian cooking class, but if you prefer Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, or WebEx, CourseHorse can accommodate your needs. Depending on your location and your instructor's availability, some classes may even be arranged in-person at the location of your choice.

CourseHorse never charges a booking fee, but for a payment of $150, CourseHorse can provide you with a customized experience featuring the recipes, ingredients, or activities of your choice. Whether you choose a class directly from the online catalog or customize your course with the help of the CourseHorse team, they will send you confirmation within 24 hours of booking your class.

What Will I Need to Learn Italian Cooking?

Italian cooking requires many tools you probably already have in your kitchen, such as pots, pans, wooden spoons, spatulas, measuring cups and spoons, baking sheets and dishes, a cheese grater, a chef’s knife, and a cutting board. Your Italian pastas will also require a colander and a timer. And for your soups, sauces, and herb preparation, you’ll need a grinding tool (a mortar and pestle for the traditionally minded or a food processor or immersion blender for the modern chef).

You will also need to keep your pantry well stocked with the staple ingredients of Italian food when you’re taking Italian cooking classes. Many of these are easy to find at any grocery store, like pasta, olive oil, tomatoes (both canned and fresh), garlic, onions, balsamic vinegar, arborio rice, canned beans, and all-purpose flour. Many stores offer specialty Italian ingredients today, such as fresh herbs, capers, anchovies, wines, cured meats, high-quality mozzarella, and other varieties of cheese. And if you cannot find these in your regular shopping center, Italian grocery stores, specialty markets, and farmers’ markets will have everything you need.

Professional chef instructors typically host in-person classes in restaurant-quality kitchens stocked with all the tools and ingredients you might need. However, you will likely want to have these at home as well, so you can recreate your recipes there. Virtual classes nearly always require you to provide your own tools and ingredients, though some will ship harder-to-find items to you as a feature of the course or for a small additional fee.

Is it Difficult to Learn Italian Cooking?

Developed through generations of rustic home cooking, Italian cuisine is grounded in the real lived experiences of millions of people needing to feed themselves and their families from a limited number of accessible ingredients. It’s no wonder, then, that many recipes and skills that comprise Italian cooking are simple and easily learned. However, becoming a master Italian chef often involves years of training as you refine many skills requiring patience and precision, from sourcing quality ingredients and balancing flavors to handling doughs with agility and care. Rest assured, however, that with time, dedication, and the right educational resources for you, mastery of Italian cooking is well within your reach.

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