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Natural Medicine Classes Coming Up in NYC

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Hands-On! Herbal Medicine Making Workshop

Remedies Herb Shop @ 453 Court St, Brooklyn, NY

Learn how to make your own herbal medicine in this hands-on workshop at Remedies Herb Shop. Discover the healing properties of local plants and leave with 6 oz of your own homemade remedies. Don't miss this empowering opportunity to take control of your health naturally.

Thursday, May 9th, 7–9pm Eastern Time

EFT Tapping: Professional Skills Training

New York Open Center @ 22 E 30th St, New York, NY

EFT is used by more than 20 million people worldwide. Called by the media “one of the most successful psychology self-help techniques ever developed,” its efficacy has been demonstrated in over 100 studies. It has revolutionized the practices of thousands of professionals such as life coaches, therapists, and healthcare professionals, giving them advanced tools to help clients—even those with difficult conditions. Develop your skills by joining...

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Natural Remedies

92nd Street Y @ 1395 Lexington Ave, New York, NY

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, chances are your struggles might begin with a runny nose, sneezing, itchy skin, or respiratory issues. While no one particular food or remedy is a cure-all, many foods boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, and support your body in fighting seasonal allergies. From honey to fresh herbs and esssential oils to probiotics, we will cover a scope of mother natures remedies and recipes handed down from the...

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Shamanic Foundational Apprenticeship Training: Skills

New York Open Center

Full Course Name: Shamanic Foundational Apprenticeship Training: Skills & Tools for Healing The Open Center is offering an intensive foundational apprenticeship as a cohesive training for novices, shamanic practitioners, energy healers, counselors and anyone interested in understanding the perspectives and practices of shamanic healing. In this three-part training, you will set on a path of deep soul exploration and healing, both personally...

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An Intro to Chinese Medicine

92nd Street Y @ 1395 Lexington Ave, New York, NY

This workshop will demystify Chinese Medicine and how it fits into our contemporary times of “LIVING GREEN” while complementing the Western approach to health. Learn how the simple notion of “free flow” is a major component in maintaining health. Before the availability of modern technology and science, Chinese Medicine (a complete medical system) was designed using natural resources to balance the flow of energy for wellness and healing....

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Natural Medicine Classes Coming Up in Los Angeles

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Usui REIKI Ryoho Level I Certification (SHODEN)

REIKI Wellbeing @ Near Westfield Mall, Los Angeles, CA

Discover the First Teachings of Traditional Japanese Reiki enjoy a new life as a Certified Reiki Practitioner sharing their gifts with the world. IN USUI REIKI RYOHO, YOU WILL: Learn Traditional Japanese Techniques Receive in-person Attunements Practice Hands on Healing Work with the Three Diamonds Receive your SHODEN Certification Learn Traditional Japanese Meditations Join our Facebook Community

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Plant Medicine: Wildcrafting Water Based Herbal Medicin

REIKI Wellbeing @ Near Westfield Mall, Los Angeles, CA

Plant Medicine: Wildcrafting Water Based Herbal Medicine: Decoctions In this class we will explore medicinal preparations with wildcrafted herbs and water. You will learn to: Ethically harvest and process herbs for storage and medicinal preparations Identify key herbs used in water based medicinal preparations Formulate basic decoctions, hot and cold infusions, solar infusions Prepare and use Medicinal washes for hygiene, and external ailments...

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Essential Oils for Prosperity and Materialization

Liberate Hollywood @ 6365 Selma Ave, Los Angeles, CA

Full Course Name Plant Prana: Essential Oils for Prosperity and Materialization What this workshop entails: Receive an aromatherapy kit worth $150 with class Learn how to use essential oils to materialize thought forms and goals Use essential oils to overcome obstacles Address negative thinking from the past with essential oils Learn how to use essential oils to reduce conditioning from our past negative experiences Use oils for increasing...

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Plant Medicine: Wildcrafting Herbal Medicine

REIKI Wellbeing @ Online Classroom, Los Angeles, CA

In this class, we will explore the relationships that ancient, indigenous people cultivated with plants and herbal medicines, through the physical senses, generational wisdom, experimentation, and shamanic practices.  You will learn how to: Identify medicinal herbs commonly used by the local indigenous people Connect and communicate with plants using ancient Shamanic processes Ethically harvest and process herbs for storage...

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Plant Medicine in Nature

REIKI Wellbeing

This powerful healing training includes: Lifetime access to the online program Access to one IN PERSON class Access to our Facebook community Receive Plant Medicine training TWICE for the same price! Once now ONLINE and once later in person in Los Angeles (in nature).  In this way, you can start your healing journey during this time of need: We will be exploring ancient Ethnobotanical and Shamanic healing traditions; experiencing how...

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Natural Medicine Classes Coming Up in Chicago

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Wise Use of Medicinal Herbs

Chicago Botanic Garden @ 1000 Lake Cook Road, Chicago, IL

See, touch, smell, and taste common ways to use herbal preparations including dried, capsules, teas, decoctions, infusions, salves, tinctures, syrups, poultices, essential oils, and flower remedies/essences. Learn how “dis-ease” gradually builds and how to reverse it. Make four items for an herbal first-aid kit to take home and receive reference materials and recipes for long-term use.

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Tung's Acupuncture for Pain Management & Bloodletting

Pacific College of Oriental Medicine @ 65 E Wacker Pl, Chicago, IL

Practical Tung's Acupuncture for Pain Management and Bloodletting Pain management is one of the most commonly seen conditions in the modern acupuncture clinic. This course will be an introduction to the Tung lineage approach to distal point needling with a focus on pain management. We will cover core theory of Tung's system, important needle methods and point combination techniques, and an overview of some of the most important points for pain management....

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Reiki Certification - Audit Course

Infinity Foundation @ 1280 Old Skokie Valley Rd, Highland Park, IL

Be attuned to specific symbols that amplify physical and emotional healing. Tap chakras as energy access points to restore balance, health, and harmony. Use it to send Reiki energy for distance healing to others.  Increase your capacity to work with stronger energy and specific tools to concentrate healing on a physical or emotional issue and heal past traumas.  There will be ample practice time. Includes a binder of material covered...

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Optimize Your Energy II

Chicago Botanic Garden @ 1000 Lake Cook Road, Chicago, IL

This class is a continuing practice designed to be taken in multiple, consecutive sessions.  It explores ways that energy medicine exercises can help with specific issues. These may include such topics as: hormone balance, allergies, food and supplement testing, insomnia, digestive problems, colds and flu, and others based on the interests of participants. In addition, you will learn simple energy treatments to help friends and family....

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Blending Exotic Teas for Wellness

Infinity Foundation @ 1280 Old Skokie Valley Rd, Highland Park, IL

Tea began as a medicine and grew into a beverage. Enjoy, taste, and become informed about unique handcrafted exotic delicious blends of tea that have healing qualities to soothe your body and soul. Join Jayatilake’s lively, fun, and engaging hands-on tea blending experience. Gain a unique understanding and purpose to enlighten and enliven making specific blends for your health needs. Roll up your sleeves and blend your very own tea that is...

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Natural Medicine Classes Coming Up Online

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The Sacred Heart of Herbalism (Herbal Kit Included)

Green Girl Herbs & Healing @ Live Interactive Zoom

This 10-month training will work with herbalism in the way it was originally taught; infused with the Spirits of the Plants.  Native Peoples believe that to truly possess the healing powers of a plant one must be introduced to the Spirit of that Plant and be honored with its healing gifts. The course is 50 hours of in-class training. This series will weave together: the healing properties of over 100 medicinal plants the history of herbalism ...

Saturday, Mar 30th, 12–5pm Eastern Time

 (10 sessions)


10 sessions

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Herbs for Spring Wellness

Chicago Botanic Garden @ Online via Zoom

Prepare for a fresh start this spring by learning about herbal remedies, bitters, and lymphatics to clear out winter's "cobwebs" and support your digestive system. Discover how to build your body's resistance to spring allergies and find relief from symptoms with soothing herbal remedies. Join us online for recipes, demonstrations, and practical tips for spring wellness.

Thursday, Mar 14th, 1–3pm Central Time

Green Medicine: A 4-Month Training in Herbalism

New York Open Center @ Virtual Classroom

Herbal medicine has been in use for thousands of years, each culture having its own unique system based on the herbs of its bioregion. This course is taught with an ecological and bioregional perspective, focusing primarily on the herbs that grow in our region here in the Northeast. This is a comprehensive four-month certificate training that explores the traditional, practical and environmentally sound ways of using herbs to keep well and treat...

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Medicine-Making with Cannabis Hemp Plants

New York Open Center @ Virtual Classroom

Medicine-Making with Cannabis Hemp Plants: CBD, Moon Cycles & Spiritual Practices Sister Kate is the founder of the Sisters of The Valley (non-Catholic nuns), an activist organization whose mission and servitude is dedicated to healing the world through plant-based medicine. And very much like their Beguine ancestors of the Middle Ages, they are scholars who work together, pray together and are dressed to identify their enclave. Their farmland...

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Treating Depression and Anxiety with Herbal Medicine

New York Open Center @ Virtual Classroom

Treating Depression and Anxiety with Herbal Medicine and Herbal Synergy The deep, underlying physiological causes of depression and anxiety Wisdom from the world’s great herbal traditions How to help address depression and anxiety with the right botanical medicine What cutting-edge scientific research is revealing about herbal synergy Herbal Synergy: the key to Green Medicine Morning session: The Treatment of Depression + Anxiety with...

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Natural Medicine Classes Coming Up in Boston

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Herbal Crafts: Elixirs, Tinctures & Glycerites

The Eliot School @ 24 Eliot St, Jamaica Plain, MA

In this workshop, you'll learn how to make herbal extractions using dried/fresh culinary and medicinal herbs.  Students will learn about the curative powers of different herbs found in your kitchen, and the most effective ways to preserve and utilize them to treat ailments.  As a class, we'll explore the art of making herbal medicine to support health.  A tincture is an extraction of the active components in a botanical by...

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Medical Marijuana Discussion Group

The Virginia Thurston Healing Garden @ 145 Bolton Rd, Harvard, MA

This group is designed to answer your questions about the benefits and risks of & access to the use of medical marijuana to alleviate cancer symptoms. Learn the new laws and process to access medical marijuana. Learn the possible acute side effects and side effects of long term use. Compare use of medical marijuana with standard anti-nasea medications such as Zofran and Reglan.

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The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation Charity Ride

The Handle Bar @ 1336 Boylston St, Boston, MA

Come sweat at The Handlebar in Fenway with favorite instructor Eve to support Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. The class will be 45 minutes with light refreshments afterwards. All proceeds will benefit the MMRF!.

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Best Natural Medicine Classes Near Me

Natural medicine is a form of medicine involving the use of herbs, fruits, vegetables, and other plants in the practice of healing or regulation of the human physical system. Diet is a key component of effective natural medicine, which also may involve water intake regimens and sunlight exposure therapy. Most natural medicine practices are derived from centuries-old folk medicine traditions. 

Natural medicine is sometimes called naturopathy, a word derived from the Latin word natura, meaning "nature," and "pathos," the Greek word for pain or emotion. Combined, the words suggest "natural healing." 

Why You Should Learn Natural Medicine

Are you looking for a new hobby that also can be a valuable skill in curing common ailments, regulating mood, and increasing general well-being? Learning and practicing natural medicine might be for you. Acquaint yourself with commonly used herbs and other flora, some of which can be found in your own backyard. It's a stellar way to relieve stress while learning about the natural world.

Natural medicine is an increasingly popular field of study, which means that communities across the country are springing up around the exploration and application of natural resources for treating issues from the common cold to arthritis to allergies to depression. Studying natural medicine is a great way to take part in a new network of like minded individuals while expanding your applicable skillset. 

As the practices and findings of natural medicine come to be accepted by the wider medical community, creative and professional opportunities for individuals with skill in this area are becoming more and more common. It's a great way to diversify and strengthen a resumé, while showcasing an openness to learn, skill in problem-solving, and an ability to be creative with the useful application of simple materials. 

Learning natural medicine is also an excellent way to save money on doctor visits and reduce your carbon footprint. It is a wonderfully sustainable and environmentally low-impact practice that is easy to teach to others. 

5 Ways to Learn Natural Medicine

The field of natural medicine is part of a rich tradition of folk health practices that date back millenia. Starting is easy as many of the most commonly used roots, herbs, and minerals can be found at your local organic grocery store, or even in the natural landscape. Learning how to identify these ingredients is fairly simple, and a number of paths to mastery are available. 

  1. Take an in-person class with a licensed practitioner of natural medicine. You can learn as part of a community of like minded peers and receive one-on-one guidance from an experienced instructor. Materials, curriculum, and classroom set-up are generally handled by the instructor, so you can focus on learning. 
  2. Enroll in a live online class that provides all the benefits of learning from a knowledgeable professional without any of the inconvenience of a traditional classroom setting. With no need to commute, you can focus on cultivating relationships with your classmates from the comfort of your home or workspace. Some online courses will ship materials such as textbooks or workbooks to you directly, but you may be expected to source your own materials from online or in-person retail outlets. 
  3. Find an online video or tutorial that works for you and progress through the lessons at your own pace. Natural medicine informational and instructional videos are now easy to find online, one potential drawback being that you won't have someone to provide guidance or answer your questions. 
  4. Visit your local library or bookstore to find resources in print. Scores of texts on any and every aspect of natural medicine are now available, many of which can be found at the public library at no cost to you. This is a good option for those who want to opt for a slower and more considered approach to learning about natural medicine. 
  5. Consult a local natural medicine practitioner. Check health food stores, local farmers' markets, or organic grocery stores to connect with a naturopath. 

In-Person Natural Medicine Classes

In-person natural medicine classes are offered in communities all over the United States where you can gain immediate and often hand-on knowledge about alternative forms of healing. There's nothing like learning alongside peers in mutual engagement with an instructor who can show you the ropes. 

Nature is an inspiration for many, and now you can share your passion with others who have discovered the benefits of the often overlooked green resources and time-honored medicinal methods. Whether you're looking to alleviate pain, cure a particular illness, or simply live more fully day to day, the possibilities of natural medicine are robust and intricate enough for everyone to find a benefit. 

Plant Identification and Medicine Making Workshop presented by Remedies Herb Shop in Brooklyn, NYC, is a class in which you will learn how to identify useful plants then make your own herbal medicines. Knowledgeable instructor Jo Anne Richards will introduce you to the healing flora that grows all around you in New York City. Classes are open to participants of all experience levels, ages 12 and up. Make a collection of tinctures from five herbs commonly found in the New York landscape. 

Remedies Herb Shop in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, NYC presents Foraged Medicine & Wild Weeds Walk, a two-hour course and workshop open to all experience levels. Experienced instructor Dawn Petter will teach you how to identify local healing plants and weeds that are abundant in New York City. Class sizes average about ten participants. 

If you're interested in learning the ancient technique of reiki, then Usui Reiki Ryoho Level I Certification is for you. Presented by REIKI Wellbeing in the West Covina neighborhood of Los Angeles, this beginner level course is open to students ages 12 and up who are interested in learning traditional Japanese techniques. Each participant will receive an individual reiki attunement and receive instruction in the use of the Three Diamonds. 

Also presented by REIKI Wellbeing is Plant Medicine: Herbal Balms and Liniments, a class which teaches how to create herbal balms and liniments using different fats and oils. Learn how to combine lipids with native flora to produce natural medicines. For centuries, people have been using herbal balms and liniments in rites and ceremonial healing practices, now you can take advantage of this ancient store of wisdom to enliven your own practice and live a more sustainable way of life. 

Do you want to Take Control of Your Health Through Diet and Lifestyle? Presented by the Chicago Botanic Garden in the West Side of Chicago, this one-day three hour course will give participants a foundational understanding of diet and how it affects mood and physical health. Learn sustainable and structured dietary habits to not simply prevent illness but to thrive. This is a hands-on cooking class, so you will get a chance to taste some of your own healthy creations. 

Not all natural medicines act directly on the body. Some, like forest bathing, are experiential, but the benefits are immediate. Forest Bathing Walk is presented by Cascadia Forest Therapy at the Graham Visitors Center of the University of Washington Botanic Gardens. Participants will learn some of the techniques of the Japanese practice of shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing. Research shows that slowing down and opening one's senses to the sights, sounds, smells, and textures of the forest can help reduce tension and stress, while promoting creativity and feelings of well-being. This class is open to all experience levels, and ages 18 and up. 

Virtual Natural Medicine Classes 

In-person classes are terrific for learning new skills and meeting people who share your interests, but natural medicine classes aren't always available in some areas. Luckily virtual and online classes are readily available for you to begin expanding your knowledge and practice of natural medicine. 

When you take an online natural medicine class, you can pick from an array of courses taught from anywhere in the country and delivered directly to you. That means there's no commute and you get to learn from the comfort of home or your own workspace. All you need to do is source your own materials. Often this takes time, so it's important to plan ahead to ensure that you have everything you need to get started on day one. 

CourseHorse offers a number of virtual options for learning natural medicine, so check out the available online natural medicine classes now. 

Virtual Essential Oils Basics is an intimate one hour course taught by certified clinical aromatherapist Linda Glammarese. You will learn about a variety of essential oils and their applications. This is an interactive and collaborative course that promotes dialogue and questions about how essential oils can improve health and increase vitality. The average class size is five participants and it is open to all experience levels. 

If you're interested in learning more about herbs and their potential benefits, then Bitter Botanicals and Gut Health presented by the Chicago Botanic Garden is the class for you. Dawn Petter is a knowledgeable instructor who will teach you about the connection between bitter herbs and gut health. Live demonstrations are included. A computer or smart device and a reliable internet connection is required to attend. 

Ayurveda and Science for Optimum Health is a class presented by the Infinity Foundation in which participants of all experience levels aged 16 and up will learn about the benefits of ayurvedic diet and self-care techniques. Maryann Beckman-Berman teaches about modern-day ayurvedic assessment that utilize ECG and heart rate variability technology. Learn how the ancient ayurvedic system can optimize health and well-being. 

Energy Cleansing is an introduction to the use of smudge fans and candle meditation for stress reduction and holistic health. The experts at Food Craft will ship an energy cleansing kit to you which includes a turkey feather, abalone shell tray, a shell stand, palo santo stick, white sage with lavender, dragon's blood sage with cinnamon stick, a tea candle, a matchbox , a disposable cup, one mint tea bag, and pre-event instructions and directions. Classes are composed of four participants, and each lesson includes a one hour live demonstration. 

Shamanic Fire Reiki presents Art Making of the Medicine Smudge Fan. Taught by a traditional Medicine Woman, this foundation course instructs you in the use of smudging, or the purifying use of a fan and herbal smoke to cleanse one's body and environment. In this three and a half hour course, you will learn through hands-on lessons how to create your own smudge fan and use it to cleanse the energy in your body and mind.

Medicine Making with Cannabis Hemp Plants is a course presented by the New York Open Center in Manhattan, NYC. Participants will learn how to make their own handmade CBD products, which help in a variety of contexts, from reducing stress to relieving joint pain. Learn how to make a CBD topical salve from essential oils and beeswax. Sister Kate of the Sisters of the Valley will give you four to five recipes to make your own natural medicine. 

Private Group Natural Medicine Classes

Be a hero for the day and bring private group natural medicine classes to your team or group, wherever you may be. Private group natural medicine classes are an excellent way to build rapport and camaraderie with family, friends, or colleagues. 

Learn about the wealth of benefits found in simple herbs and other flora, or time-tested techniques for stress reduction and heightened creativity that are easy to do at home or even at your desk. CourseHorse offers live and online natural medicine classes tailored to the needs and goals of your private group, anywhere. 

Do you want to learn how to relieve stress and increase productivity at work through stretching? Virtual Group Stretching & Alignment is open to groups of up to ten participants who would like to learn reliable and safe techniques for increasing flexibility and relieving stress. Use stretching techniques used by professional dancers to align your body and mind with your friends and colleagues. 

Virtual Grow Your Own Home Garden is a one hour private, interactive workshop led by a knowledgeable gardening instructor. A kit for growing herbs will be shipped directly to each participant and it includes seeds, starter pots, planting markers, and peat discs. Your professional hosts will guide you through all the steps to create your very own miniature herb garden. 

Virtual Guided Group Meditation teaches your team or group how to access individual empowerment, cultivate allyship and cooperation, build holistic awareness of social causes, and create compassionate networks that achieve tangible results. This class is based on pranayama yogic techniques and directed breathing exercises. 

If CourseHorse doesn't feature the class you're looking for currently, rest assured that new classes are being added all the time, and CourseHorse can work with you to find or build the class that fits your needs. You can reach out to their team through the website. Click the Contact Us button on the CourseHorse main page, fill out the form, and a representative will reach out to you in no time. 

Booking with CourseHorse is easy because there are no fees to book, and you can even change the size of your group after the booking process is complete. If your team or organization prefers a particular platform, CourseHorse makes delivery simple and supports Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and WebEx. Also, your booking confirmation is always sent in 24 hours or less. 

What Will I Need to Learn Natural Medicine?

If you're interested in starting out on the natural medicine path, then you're in luck, because most classes provide you with the necessary materials to begin. For some online courses, however, you may have to provide your own materials. Depending on the area of natural medicine you're studying, these may include containers for planting, seeds, gardening tools like a spade, rake, or shovel, herbs, or particular plants. 

Generally, in-person courses will provide these materials for you. Many classes that teach certain healing or stress reduction techniques such as reiki or yoga require minimal materials to start because all that's needed is you and a willingness to learn!

Is it Difficult to Learn Natural Medicine?

Learning natural medicine is easy and there are so many places to begin, from simple stretch techniques, to identification of herbs and flowers, to the basics of mixing elixirs and salves. Depending on your area of interest and goals, natural medicine can be quite a complex practice since the roots of the field go back millenia. But if you are willing, determined, and have an open mind, then natural medicine is quite accessible to the beginner.

For many, natural medicine is a way of life, while others cherry pick specific techniques to alleviate a particular ailment. No matter what your need may be, you are sure to find that natural medicine is a field rich with potential benefits for the infirm body and busy mind.

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