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Hair Classes Coming Up in NYC

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Just for Men: Men's Grooming Special

Shara Makeup Studio @ 326 East 65th Street, New York, NY

Discover the secrets to achieving a flawless and natural look with our exclusive men's grooming course. Say goodbye to shiny skin and tired eyes, and learn how to cover blemishes and redness effortlessly. Join us and join the many men who trust us with their grooming needs.

Thursday, Feb 22nd, 10–10:30am Eastern Time

3-Week Hairstyling Program for Makeup Artists

The Makeup Academy @ 545 8th Ave , New York, NY

Enhance your makeup artistry with the essential hairstyling skills needed for success in the fashion and entertainment industry. Join The Makeup Academy's intensive program and master a variety of hairstyles, from basic blowouts to intricate updos, braids, and period styles. Become the versatile artist that clients are seeking.

Friday, Mar 22nd, 9am–3:30pm Eastern Time

 (3 sessions)


3 sessions

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Men's Haircutting & Barbering Workshop

Mastercutter Academy @ 969 Madison Ave, New York, NY

Join us at Mastercutter Academy for an exclusive in-person workshop on men's haircutting and grooming. Learn from industry expert Laara Raynier as she demonstrates live on real models, teaching you practical hands-on techniques for barbering, layering, and more. Elevate your skills and master the art of men's hairstyling.

Monday, Feb 26th, 11am–4pm Eastern Time

Short Hair/Pixie Dynamics Workshop

Mastercutter Academy @ 969 Madison Ave, New York, NY

Discover the art of creating shape and form through round graduation techniques in the Short Pixie Haircuts - Hair Cutting Workshop at Mastercutter Academy. Gain expertise in understanding growth patterns and learn to bring out the best features in your clients. Join us for an immersive hands-on experience with renowned stylist Laara Raynier.

Monday, Mar 18th, 11am–4pm Eastern Time

All about the Bob: Haircutting Workshop on Live Models

Mastercutter Academy @ 969 Madison Ave, New York, NY

Master the art of the perfect bob haircut in this interactive and dynamic hair-cutting workshop at Mastercutter Academy. Learn essential techniques, from consultation to texturizing and layering, while receiving individual hands-on attention from renowned stylist Laara Raynier. Gain confidence in creating stunning looks and receive a signed certificate upon completion.

Monday, Apr 29th, 11am–4pm Eastern Time

Hair Classes Coming Up in Los Angeles

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All about Hair Business: Hair Color at the Next Level

Los Angeles City College @ 855 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA

This course is for all Cosmetologists, even if you are currently enrolled in a Cosmetology school. You will understand HAIR COLOR and its fundamentals, how to give the BEST consultation and it’s importance. Learn tips and tricks on hair color and why it is the highest gross income service in a salon. This course will be facilitated by one of the industry’s best color specialists, Ingrinette Pope. DAY 1: HOW TO OPEN AND OPERATE A SUCCESSFUL...

No upcoming schedules

Basic Hairstyling for Makeup Artists

Last Looks Makeup Academy Los Angeles @ 244 West 54th St, New York, NY

This class focuses on specific technical details that make the difference between an ordinary hairdo and a attention-grabbing appearance in the medium of hairstyling. Learn the latest secrets and styling tricks from working and award-winning professionals. In the freelance world, makeup artists are sometimes expected to do hair. This class is designed to cover the majority of those hair styling situations. This class is not a cosmetology program;...

No upcoming schedules

Hair Braiding

West Los Angeles College @ Fine Arts Bldg, Los Angeles, CA

Braiding and weaves are all the rage now, but depending on type of braid, length and materials chosen, a single style can cost hundreds of dollars and take four to eight hours. In this hands-on class, you’ll learn some basic braids like the cornrow and fishtail, and practice doing them on a full-sized mannequin head in your kit. Also learn about weaving in extensions, the different kinds of hair you use and their limitations. $100 material fee,...

No upcoming schedules

Hair Styling & Braiding Techniques w/ Braids & Bikinis

Makers Mess @ 602 N Hoover St, Los Angeles, CA

Learn how to do beachy curls and numerous braids! Watch hair stylist Amanda Hesterly demonstrate on a live model or student and talk about product and iron usage. Ever wanted to learn how to make a braid look more full or piecey? Come watch and learn! No experience needed but must have knowledge of how to do a three strand braid. Be prepared to practice one the braid techniques on a mannequin head or another classmate's hair. Q&A Q: Are materials...

No upcoming schedules

Just About the Sew-In Training Course

Just Extension Hair Salon Academy @ 358 S La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA

The Just About the Sew-In Course is will teach students about the braided sew-in, lace closures, top closures and u-part wigs. During the six hour course students will be train on the following: Braided Sew- In Lace Closures U Part Wigs Upon completing the Just About Beads course students will be given a short exam once passed students will be receive a certificate of completing. Additional Driving Instructions: Valet parking is available...

No upcoming schedules

Hair Classes Coming Up in Chicago

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Braids 101

Goldplaited @ 2829 n. Sheffield Avenye, Chicago, IL

Look at Pinterest, Instagram or the Red Carpet and you'll see that braids are a trend that aren't going anywhere! Chic, Polished and on-trend: braids can take you through brunch, workouts and even into your more formal occasions. Join us at goldplaited for a hands-on, hour-long class which will break down popular braids into just a few easy steps that YES, even you can do! Instructors will lead a demonstration followed by a practice portion where...

No upcoming schedules

Blowout Bootcamp

Goldplaited @ 2829 n. Sheffield Avenye, Chicago, IL

The Class You've All Been Waiting for is here! Blowout bootcamp has arrived! Until now, our blowout bootcamp was reserved for professional hairstylists, but now we are putting the tools for perfect hair into your hands - literally! This is a small group class with a maximum of 6 students, and the hands-on attention of 1 teacher per 2 participants. Students will learn tips for proper shampoo + conditioning, rough or pre-drying, using a round brush...

No upcoming schedules

Clip-In Extension 101:Install & Style Clip-in Extension

Goldplaited @ 2803 N Sheffield Ave , Chicago, IL

You've asked and we've answered: goldplaited is excited to host Clip-Ins Class! A hands-on class to teach you all about installing, styling and caring for your clip-in extensions. When used correctly, clip in extensions can increase length, volume, and fullness for a special event or for everyday use. In this class, goldplaited's hair team will guide you through: sectioning for success proper clip-in placement teasing techniques  styling-...

No upcoming schedules

Styling Techniques for Bobs + Lobs!

Goldplaited @ 2829 n. Sheffield Avenye, Chicago, IL

Many of us know this scenario: after debating for months and pinning every chic lob in sight, you decide to take the plunge... new year, new you, right? you gather your courage and show your stylist a perfectly coiffed Jennifer Lawerence with her chin-skimming blonde tresses and together, decide it's time you wave goodbye to 5 inches of hard-won hair and voila.. a new you! You love it: it's edgy, feminine and cool. your friends are raving, your...

No upcoming schedules

DIY Pinup Hair: Tips and Tricks

Vaudezilla Studios @ 3614 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL

Step up your hair style arsenal with tips and tricks for that perfect pinup hair. Ruby will review tips and tricks on maintaining your curl - the old-fashioned way! We'll talk products and tools, as well as great online resources to practice your styles. Plus, let's talk hair pieces and how you can use them. Bring your hair styling questions and be prepared to get hands on! 

No upcoming schedules

Hair Classes Coming Up Online

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Wig Bonded Hair

Mind & Body Studio

Learn to properly make a wig from scratch with the bonded method. This class is a 6-hour online demonstration. There will be 1 hour lunch break. There will be an exam given at the end of the class which you must pass by 75% to receive certification. You will learn: How to properly place an elastic band to the cap and add combs. Different type of wig cap The types of Glue and Tools How to properly place the hair weft and closure Kit will...

No upcoming schedules

Master Men's Haircutting & Grooming (Online)

Mastercutter Academy

Online HAIR CUTTING WORKSHOP ON LIVE MODELS Focus on: Live Demonstration by Laara Raynier Pratical hands-on Session on Live Models Suitability, head shape and bone structure Barbering techniques & grooming How to read the hair Layering & Graduating techniques Combining techniques Classic Barber Scissors over comb technique Finishing hair products

No upcoming schedules

Sew-ins Weave

Mind & Body Studio

Learn how to properly braid a flat foundation and sew a hair weave to the braid. Partial and Full sew-ins will be covered in the class. Kit is included with the class. This class is a 6 hour online demonstration. There will be 1 hour lunch break. There was be a exam given at the end of the class which you must pass by 75% to receive certification. The Online class will be Live with Instructor with demonstrations on various techniques on braiding...

No upcoming schedules

Best Hair Styling Classes Near Me

Hairstyling involves arranging, curling, waving, perming, bleaching, tinting, cutting, or dying hair. Individuals often schedule an appointment with a hairdresser to determine their hair type and their potential options. 

Hairstyles constantly change and evolve, so hairdressers must continuously upgrade their skills and learn new techniques. Individuals may travel to attend conventions or take short courses to improve their skills. 

Those looking to become hair stylists should be creative and have an eye for design. They should also have excellent people skills, as they often converse with clients. 

Why You Should Learn Hair Styling

There are various reasons why individuals should learn hairstyling. It can be a fun hobby that allows individuals to be productive in their free time and relieve stress. 

Hair Styling allows individuals’ creativity to flourish and evolve. They can learn to do various hairdos, including weddings and other specialty styles. Hair Stylists can even be a part of TV or movie productions and add these experiences to their resumes.

Hairstyling is an ever-changing industry, and new trends are constantly taking over. Since there are always recent trends, there is always room for individuals to learn new styles and techniques. Individuals in this field will continuously grow and expand their skill sets. 

There are also endless opportunities to network. The more networking individuals do, the more jobs they will be able to pick up and will therefore have the potential to earn a good income. 

5 Ways to Learn Hair Styling

Learning hairstyling isn’t complicated, but having an experienced instructor makes the process easier. There are various methods to learn soap making. 

  1. Individuals can take an in-person class with an expert instructor. This way, you can share your hairstyling journey with other students. Instructors will most likely provide all the necessary materials and set the classroom up appropriately for hairstyling. 
  2. Enrolling in a live online hairstyling class may be more convenient for those who prefer to train from their own homes or offices. Live online classes provide real-time feedback and necessary materials can be shipped straight to participants’ homes. 
  3. Self-paced or on-demand classes are great for those who don’t mind learning on their own without the guidance and feedback of an instructor. Self-paced courses are often free and plentiful. Individuals can browse YouTube for videos with hairstyling tutorials. 
  4. Learning can also be done through books or printed instructions. These can be great ways to learn hairstyling independently. 
  5. Another option is to shadow a local Hairstylist directly. Individuals can gain hands-on experience and learn tips. 

In-Person Hair Styling Classes

In-person hair styling classes are offered in communities throughout the country. It is great to have someone to answer questions as you teach and classmates to share in the hairstyling journey. In-person courses are a great way to get started learning quickly. 

When you take an in-person hairstyling class, you don’t need to worry about having the materials, the proper workspace, or a big clean up afterward. Classrooms are fully equipped with everything necessary to start styling hair. 

Are you a makeup artist looking to achieve basic hairstyles when needed in your professional career? Enroll in a 3-Week Hairstyling Program for Makeup Artists today. The course is offered by The Makeup Academy, which is located in Midtown, Manhattan. Individuals are introduced to hairstyling and learn how to do braids, modern bridal updos, classic updos, film and fashion, and styles throughout different periods. 

Hair Stylist Training is offered in Manhattan by Tamara New York Event Hair. The course is for individuals of all levels who want to explore their creativity while receiving hands-on guidance. Individuals work on basic yet intricate skills of creating different shapes, curl/braid techniques, teasing, combing out, and pinning.

Those who want to learn to cut Men’s hair may be interested in Master Men’s Haircutting & Grooming. The course is offered by Mastercutter Academy in Midtown, Manhattan. It is open to individuals of all levels and covers barbering techniques and grooming, how to read the hair, layering and graduating techniques, combining techniques, classic barber scissors over comb technique, and finishing hair products. 

Short Pixie Haircuts-Hair Cutting Workshop NYC, also offered by Mastercutter Academy, is for individuals of all levels looking to understand growth patterns and create shape and form. The course covers how to consult properly and build trust and rapport between stylist and client. Individuals even get hands-on hair-cutting experience. 

Virtual Hair Styling Classes 

Don’t give up on your dream of becoming a Hair Stylist just because you don’t live near a class. Virtual hair styling classes are perfect for those who need flexible scheduling or can’t make it to an in-person course. 

Individuals enrolling in person can choose from classes taught anywhere in the country. Since there is no need to worry about commuting, there is far more time to learn hair styling. 

Most online classes require that individuals bring their supplies, but instructors include a detailed list that can be fulfilled at a local store or online. Materials must be prepared in time for class since hair styling is hands-on. 

It is easy to get started now with online hair styling courses at CourseHorse

Although there aren’t currently any virtual classes specifically related to hair styling, other courses are available, such as Develop Your Personal Style, offered by Los Angeles City College. The course is for individuals ages 18 and older who struggle with their style and want to learn from one of LA’s most successful style coaches.

Private Group Hair Styling Classes

Do you want to schedule a hair styling class as a special event for your business or organization? CourseHorse offers live online group classes that they can deliver to you. While there aren’t currently any private group hair styling classes available through CourseHorse, individuals can reach out to see if they can provide something to meet their group’s specific needs. Click the “Contact Us” form at the bottom of the page and complete the necessary information. 

Booking with CourseHorse has never been easier. Individuals don’t have to worry about knowing their exact group size before booking, as it can be modified if needed. CourseHorse sends confirmations out within 24 hours, and there are no booking fees! Log on through a supported platform like Zoom, Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, or WebEx. 

What Will I Need to Learn Hair Styling?

There are some must-have items that individuals may want to obtain to learn hair styling. These materials are necessary whether you are a seasoned pro or just starting out with learning.

It is crucial to have two pairs of shears that cover every hair-cutting technique. The shears should be between 5.5 and 6.6 inches long. Blending shears, also known as professional thinning or texturizing shears, are good for moderate removal of weight. 

It is also a good idea to have a blow dryer, curling iron, razor, paddle brush, and a round brush. Combs, sectioning clips, and a spray water bottle will also come in handy. 

Is it Difficult to Learn Hair Styling?

Learning to style hair can be fun, but like any new skill, there are some challenges. It is important to be familiar with the challenges that you may face. 

There may be a learning curve when learning to dye hair. Individuals may be tempted to use too much hair dye or too sparingly. It is important to remember that hair must be saturated when applied with dye. 

It can also be hard to keep up with the trends, as hair styling is constantly changing in today’s times. It can be hard to meet the expectations of younger clients who have specific trends in mind that are brand new. 

Learning to cut hair can be challenging to master. Individuals must put a lot of dedication into learning to cut different hair types, as not all hair has the same manageability.

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