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Dance Classes Near Me

Discover a new way to express yourself, stay in shape, and enjoy music with a variety of dance classes. Explore different levels and styles to find the perfect class for you.

Dance Classes Coming Up in NYC

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FoCo Technique™

92nd Street Y @ 1395 Lexington Ave, New York, NY

Experience the fusion of Chinese classical dance, ballet, and contemporary movement in this dynamic and challenging contemporary dance technique class. Develop precision, control, rhythm, and a strong connection with gravity as you explore the transitions and pathways of movement. Led by a skilled instructor, this class is designed for pre-professional and professional dancers seeking to expand their physical and mental stamina.

Wednesday, Feb 21st, 5–6:30pm Eastern Time

Jazz (Beginner)

Bridge For Dance @ 2726 Broadway, New York, NY

Basic knowledge of terminology and experience necessary. No experience needed. Students who are 15 to 17 years old should have a parent/guardian present on the first day of class to sign up a release form.

Monday, Feb 26th, 7:30–8:30pm Eastern Time

Bringing Dance to Older Adults and People with Dementia

92nd Street Y @ 1395 Lexington Ave, New York, NY

Discover the transformative power of dance and movement therapy for older adults and people with dementia. This graduate-level course at 92nd Street Y delves into the theory and practice of using creative movement and dance to create a safe and uplifting environment. Learn the essential elements of adapting dance structures and explore topics such as aging, dementia care, and kinesthetic empathy.

Friday, Mar 8th, 6:30–9:30pm Eastern Time

 (3 sessions)

Somatic Dance

Self Empowered Minds @ 1521 York Ave, New York, NY

Unlock the power of healing through the transformative practice of Somatic Dance at Self-Empowered Minds. Discover the magic of releasing stress blockages at the organ level through the joy of movement, nourishing both body and mind. Embrace your true potential and experience increased awareness, flexibility, and creativity in this unique dance experience.

Wednesday, Feb 21st, 6:30–7:30pm Eastern Time

DEL Essentials — An Intro to Dance Education Laboratory

92nd Street Y @ 1395 Lexington Ave, New York, NY

Full Course Name: DEL Essentials — An Introduction to Dance Education Laboratory The DEL Essentials course is an introductory course that provides an overview of the key components of the DEL model of teaching dance to children and teenagers. The Dance Education Laboratory environment encourages active movement participation and performance, peer collaboration, discussion, observation, and oral and written reflection. DEL Essentials embraces...

Monday, Jul 1st, 1–7am Eastern Time

 (3 sessions)

Dance Classes Coming Up in Los Angeles

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Salsa Dancing for Beginners

Los Angeles City College @ 855 N. Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA

Put some spice in your life and learn the art of Salsa dancing in just a few weeks. This beginner-friendly course at Los Angeles City College will teach you all the basic steps needed to confidently dance in any social setting. No partner is required!

Saturday, Mar 23rd, 11am–12pm Pacific Time

 (5 sessions)

Salsa & Stretch

Santa Monica College @ 23555 Civic Center Way, Malibu, CA

Get your heart pumping and your body moving with the perfect combination of Latin dance and stretching in this exciting new class at Santa Monica College. Join us for a fun and energetic workout that will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed. Don't miss out on this unique fitness experience!

Monday, Feb 26th, 12–1pm Pacific Time

 (6 sessions)

Salsa Dancing for Beginners (Level 2)

Los Angeles City College @ 855 N. Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA

This Level 2 class is now offered for those who have taken Salsa for Beginners Level 1 or have salsa dancing experience! Put a little spice in your life and learn how to Salsa! Don’t worry if you feel like you have two left feet. In just a few weeks, you’ll learn the basic steps needed to dance in any social setting and show off your moves! No partner necessary to attend.

Saturday, May 4th, 12–1pm Pacific Time

 (5 sessions)

Adult Ballet I

Santa Monica College @ 1310 11th St, Santa Monica, CA

Discover the grace and discipline of ballet in an engaging workshop that focuses on body alignment, core strength, and ballet terminology. Join us at Santa Monica College for an immersive introduction to the world of adult ballet.

Monday, Apr 15th, 7–8pm Pacific Time

 (7 sessions)

Advanced Youth Ballroom/Latin

You Can Dance Studio @ 1089 Aviation Blvd, Hermosa Beach, CA

Take your ballroom and Latin dancing skills to the next level with expert instructors at a leading dance studio. Learn the essentials of Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Cha Cha, Rumba, and more, in addition to mastering the Ballroom & International Latin syllabus. Optional participation in Dancesport competitions adds an exciting challenge to your dance journey.

Wednesday, Feb 21st, 6–7pm Pacific Time

Dance Classes Coming Up in Chicago

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A$$els & Ta$$els Burlesque Dance Party

Vaudezilla Studios @ 3317 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago, IL

Explore the art of burlesque dance and unleash your feminine energy in this exhilarating weekly workout. Learn fun moves like bumps, grinds, shimmies, and struts while grooving to the beats of classic jazz and modern tunes. Join us and discover how to seamlessly integrate these new moves both in the bedroom and onstage!

Wednesday, Mar 13th, 7–7:45pm Central Time

 (8 sessions)


8 sessions

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Bump & Grind: Intro to Burlesque

Vaudezilla Studios @ 3317 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago, IL

If you're brand new to burlesque, this is the place to start! In this class, you'll be encouraged to learn and remember flirty choreography from week to week, while becoming familiar with basic burlesque moves: bump & grind, struts, shimmies, and more.  Build a solid foundation for creating any style of burlesque – sexy, cheeky, funny, or weird! No dance or theatre background is necessary.

Wednesday, Mar 13th, 8–9:30pm Central Time

 (8 sessions)

Foster Dance Camp (Ages 6 - 12)

Foster Dance Studios @ 915 Foster St, Chicago, IL

This class is a Dance Camp for kids ages 7 - 12, open to all levels. Campers work with staff to produce original performance. Classes in Hip Hop, Musical Theater, Jazz, and Choreography.  Field trips, and playground lunches will add to the fun.

No upcoming schedules

Unleashing Your Inner Goddess (Intro to Burlesque)

Vaudezilla Studios @ Virtual Classroom

You've already got everything you need to feel beautiful. Whether you’re looking to cultivate more confidence in the boardroom or spice things up in the bedroom, you’ll find just what you’re looking for in this introductory burlesque class. Burlesque has a divine reputation for empowering people of all ages, sizes, colors, and abilities! Engage your mind, body, and soul with focused ferocity and align with the smoldering, confident queen that...

No upcoming schedules

Tap/Ballet (Ages 2-6)

Chicago Contemporary Dance Theatre @ 1200 W 35th St, Chicago, IL

Ages 2-6 Creative Movement classes present opportunities for experimentation and growth. Dancers should feel free to experiment without worrying about the end product. But freedom should not be confused with creativity; freedom alone does not promote creativity. Freedom within structure does. Creative Movement classes focus on particular movement elements. An element is introduced verbally and then improvisations are provided to lead dancers to make...

No upcoming schedules

Dance Classes Coming Up Online

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Virtual Ballet or Zena Rommett Floor-Barre (Private)

Anna Griffin Dance @ Virtual Classroom

Refine your ballet technique, body placement, and musicality with private lessons tailored to your specific wants and needs. Enhance your dance skills and awareness in a personalized and flexible learning environment.

Friday, Feb 23rd, 5–7pm Eastern Time

Virtual Lit Fit

Fit4Dance @ Fit4Dance Virtual Classroom

Get ready to break a sweat and dance your way to fitness with Virtual Lit Fit! This high-energy dance fitness class at Fit4Dance will have you smiling and feeling the burn as you follow along to dance routines from various genres. Don't worry if it takes a few classes to get comfortable - just relax, breathe, and have fun while getting an amazing workout with Laci!

Wednesday, Feb 21st, 12–12:45pm Eastern Time

Online Argentinian Tango Private Lessons

NY Tango School NYC (TWJ) @ Online Classroom

Learn the passionate art of Argentinian Tango with personalized instruction from NY Tango School NYC. With private lessons, you'll have the undivided attention of a skilled teacher, allowing you to learn faster and easier. Discover the joy of dancing and let the fun begin!

Thursday, Feb 22nd, 10am–10pm Eastern Time

Ballet Barre Online

Anna Griffin Dance @ Virtual Classroom

Improve posture, flexibility, and coordination with Ballet Barre Online. Discover correct body placement, rhythm, and range of motion in a fun and non-intimidating environment. Start your dance journey today!

Thursday, Feb 22nd, 11am–12pm Eastern Time

Floor-Barre Align Online

Anna Griffin Dance @ Virtual Classroom

Discover the transformative power of Floor-Barre®, a holistic approach to body wellness that aligns and strengthens your entire body. Enhance your performance as a dancer, singer, actor, athlete, or even if you have a desk job. Join us for an immersive experience that addresses fundamental physical problems and ailments.

Thursday, Feb 22nd, 10–11am Eastern Time

Dance Classes Coming Up in Boston

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Short Sequences

Ultimate Tango @ 349 Washington St, Malden, MA

Enhance your tango skills with Ultimate Tango's dynamic course focused on learning new and easy-to-remember sequences every week. Impress your partners and build an extensive vocabulary of moves with 52 sequences a year. Elevate your tango game with this professional and enriching experience.

Tuesday, Feb 27th, 7:30–8:15pm Eastern Time


Ultimate Tango @ 349 Washington St, Malden, MA

Vals is the most joyful from the three tango genres with its ¾ notation and happy feel of spinning and floating. One just cannot resist getting on the dance floor. The music simply takes you in.  The biggest difference between Vals and Tango is hidden in the interpretation of double time (1--2-|-3--1). If interpreted exactly, double time would fall somewhere between 2 and 3, closer to 2 and further from 3, but not exactly on 2 and not exactly...

Monday, Apr 8th, 7:30–9pm Eastern Time

 (4 sessions)

Practica Chiquita

Ultimate Tango @ 349 Washington St, Malden, MA

Refine your Argentine Tango skills and receive expert guidance at Ultimate Tango's exclusive practice sessions. Immerse yourself in the Tango Codigos while having the freedom to approach instructors for personalized instruction and guidance on technique, steps, musicality, and navigation.

Tuesday, Feb 27th, 8:30–11:30pm Eastern Time

Dance Classes Coming Up in Houston

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Tap IA (Ages 10-13)

Houston City Dance

Dress Code No baggy sweats, t-shirts, boxers or other loose clothing for children’s classes. No jewelry. Hair must be pulled back and secure. For children’s ballet/tap combination classes, students must wear black leotards with pink, footed tights. All students must wear appropriate shoes for ballet, tap, jazz, and modern.

No upcoming schedules

Primary Instructor Training

BootyBarre @ 5757 Woodway Dr, Houston, TX

This course includes bootybarre Plus™ and bootybarre Flex & Flow™ formats. Each participant will receive a choreography DVD and Manual at the course. Early Bird Discount: Register and pay in full before JANUARY 11, 2017 to take advantage of our Early Bird Price. Early Bird registration is only available when course registration is paid in full.

No upcoming schedules

Broadway Dance (5-8 Grade)

Evelyn Rubenstein JCC @ 5601 S Braeswood Blvd, Houston, TX

This fast-paced class will introduce students to the two major styles of musical theatre dance - tap and jazz. Students will learn the fundamentals of each dance style and home basic dance technique. A must for Musical Theatre

No upcoming schedules

Dance Classes Coming Up in Washington, D.C.

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Summer Kids Dance Camps: Dancing with FD Kids Stars

Forever Dancing Ballroom @ 5818-B Seminary Rd, Falls Church, VA

Your child will learn about: teamwork,  respect,  poise,  dance history,  different cultures, while exercising social skills  building confidence for the future. We believe there is nothing more life-shaping for kids than summer camp. They’re about learning new skills, developing character and making friends. Our camps use the excitement and joy of dancing to foster your child social skills, creating respect towards...

No upcoming schedules

Little Ballet Prince & Princess (Ages 3-4)

Princess Mhoon Dance Institute @ 7961 Eastern Ave, Silver Spring, MD

Little Ballet Prince & Princess is a fun and creative introduction to the world of ballet. Young dancers are taken on a journey through storytelling and dance as they enter the interesting world of fairy tales. Each week we read a story and bring the story to life with movements that will become the foundation of their ballet dance training.  This class is the perfect choice for your mini mover who dreams of becoming a ballet dancer!...

No upcoming schedules

Little Ballet Prince & Princess (Ages 2-3)

Princess Mhoon Dance Institute @ 7961 Eastern Ave, Silver Spring, MD

Little Ballet Prince & Princess is a fun and creative introduction to the world of ballet. Young dancers are taken on a journey through storytelling and dance as they enter the interesting world of fairy tales. Each week we read a story and bring the story to life with movements that will become the foundation of their ballet dance training.  This class is the perfect choice for your mini mover who dreams of becoming a ballet dancer!...

No upcoming schedules

Dance Classes Coming Up in Seattle

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Chair Dancing for Beginners

Flight Room Seattle @ 817 Hiawatha Pl S, Seattle, WA

Take your sass up a notch with this sexy course! You’ll learn a flirty chair sequence over the six-week series incorporating heels. No chair or dance experience required! Dancing shoes (not pole heels) are required, knee pads and leg warmers are recommended. Chairs will be provided. We’ll celebrate with a choreographed chair dance with a student photo session (one high resolution photo of your choice is included in your tuition cost) on our...

No upcoming schedules

Ballet Play Flight | Level 3

Flight Room Seattle @ 412 NE 70th St, Seattle, WA

Discover the elegance of Ballet Play Flight at Flight Room Seattle. This intermediate aerial class combines the grace of ballet with the exhilaration of aerial art. Unleash your inner dancer and soar through the air with confidence.

No upcoming schedules

Salsa Dance Workshop

39th Avenue Dance & Fitness @ 410 NE 72nd St, Seattle, WA

Basic dance techniques and choreography for all levels from non-dancers to advanced. We focus on musicality, footwork and proper form.

No upcoming schedules

Dance Classes Coming Up in Atlanta

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Hustle in Heels by Kee

Fit Candy Studio @ 1410 Klondike Rd, Conyers, GA

Learn sexy heel dance choreography and unleash your inner diva at Fit Candy Studio's Hustle in Heels course. Get ready to burn calories, build confidence, and have fun, all while rocking your favorite heels (or any size heel) on the dance floor!

Wednesday, Feb 21st, 7:45–8:45pm Eastern Time

Newbie Only Pole

Fit Candy Studio @ 1410 Klondike Rd, Conyers, GA

Embark on a beginner's journey into the captivating world of pole dancing with Fit Candy Studio's exclusive class. Designed specifically for new students, this foundations course provides a supportive environment to learn and grow. Discover the power and grace within you as you master the art of pole dancing.

Tuesday, Feb 27th, 8:30–9:30pm Eastern Time

Pole Choreography

Fit Candy Studio @ 1410 Klondike Rd, Conyers, GA

Unleash your inner dancer and master the art of graceful movement in this exhilarating class where beginners and experienced students alike will learn a beautifully choreographed routine. Come prepared for an intense workout with extra clothes, water, knee pads, and your dancing spirit!

Thursday, Feb 22nd, 7:30–8:30pm Eastern Time

Dance Classes Coming Up in Denver

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Dance Around the World: East

Colorado Ballet @ 1075 Santa Fe Dr, Denver, CO

North, South, East & West! Every country has traditional and classical dance forms. In addition to daily ballet classes, students will get to learn and practice other popular dance forms from around the world! Eastern dances may include Chinese, Flamenco, or African. The week will conclude with a demonstration of some of what they’ve learned!

No upcoming schedules

Dance Around the World: West

Colorado Ballet @ 1075 Santa Fe Dr, Denver, CO

North, South, East & West! Every country has traditional and classical dance forms. In addition to daily ballet classes, students will get to learn and practice other popular dance forms from around the world!  Western dances may include Break Dancing & Krump, Square Dance, and Salsa. The week will conclude with a demonstration of some of what they’ve learned!

No upcoming schedules

Soul Motion Weekend: Attending to the Soul

Dancing the Soul @ 950-C Jersey St , Denver, CO

Join Randy Miller with the budding of Spring. Begin again with an inquiry of what's stirring within your heart's desire. Explore your dance with ease and edge through four exquisite forms of this Conscious Dance: The Dance Intimate (being with self); The Dance Communion (being with another); The Dance Community (being with others and The Dance Infinite (returning to self). Soul Motion offers a key to spontaneous expression, a ticket to the mystery...

No upcoming schedules

Discover the Best Dance Classes Near Me

Dancing is a great skill that anyone can learn at any age. It’s a form of art expressed through movement and music. Some types of dance include hip-hop, ballet, ballroom, contemporary dance, salsa, and the list goes on. Nearly every country has a unique tradition of dance, which makes learning to dance so valuable. 

You can also use dance as a form of exercise. Some dance classes like Zumba focus on getting the heart rate up while enjoying great music and learning new dance moves. Dance can also be performed as an individual or as a group. You can make up your movements as you go or create intricate choreography. Taking dance classes is a great way to learn a new skill and hobby while also getting a great workout at the same time. 

Why You Should Learn Dance

There are many reasons why learning to dance is beneficial. Here are some of the best reasons why you should learn to dance. 

  • Learning a new hobby: Dancing is a great hobby to learn because there are endless skills. In addition, it’s enriching and satisfying
  • Getting great exercise: When you dance, you’re encouraging your body to move, which gets your heart rate up. It’s one of the best forms of exercise
  • Making new friends: Joining a dance class introduces you to people who have similar interests. You’ll be able to meet new friends who have different backgrounds
  • Becoming part of a community: As you make new friends and learn new skills, you’ll be introduced to new groups, clubs, and communities

You should learn dancing if you’re interested in making friends and learning a new form of exercise. It provides a unique sense of accomplishment and is the perfect creative outlet. 

5 Ways to Learn Dance

If you’re interested in learning to dance, you’ll find several options available. Some of the best options include in-person classes, live online classes, and self-paced classes. Here’s more about the best ways to learn dancing: 

  • In-person classes: In-person classes are the best ways to learn dancing. When you take an in-person class, you get instruction from a professional instructor among a class of other students. You’ll be able to watch demonstrations live and learn from your classmates
  • Live online classes: Another great option is online classes. You’ll be able to learn how to dance from the comfort of your home. If you’re unsure about taking in-person classes, then online classes are a great way to start
  • Self-paced classes: You can also learn by taking self-paced classes through a video-sharing platform like YouTube. This is a great affordable option, but you won’t get the personalized instruction that you need to excel and learn quickly
  • Dancing schools: One of the best ways to learn to dance is by attending a dancing school. This will prepare you for a career in dance and teach you how to begin your own studio

Some classes may require more time and effort than others. So, make sure to consider the time and effort that each class will require. For example, in-person classes have varying class options. You can take a one-time class that covers the basics of dancing, or you take a class that spans several weeks. 

In-Person Dance Classes

Taking an in-person dance class is the best way to learn how to dance. You will get one-on-one instruction and guidance from a professional instructor. If you need help figuring out the right motion or hearing the beat of the music, the instructor will be able to give you the help you need. This specialized assistance may not be available when taking other forms of dance classes. 

You can find several great class options listed on CourseHorse. Keep reading to learn more about-person classes in your area. 

In-Person Dance Classes in New York 

For those living in New York, consider taking Tandava Arts’ SharQui – The Bellydance Workout class. This is a unique dancing class that focuses on the unique breakdown and repetition of belly dance movements. It’s a fun class that is fun and easy to follow. As you learn the new movements, you’ll automatically improve your posture, slimming hips and legs, defining the waist, and increasing upper body strength. According to the class description, you’ll burn more than 350 calories per hour. The class has an average size of just 10 people and is open to anyone ages 10 and older. 

The NY Tango School NYC (TWJ) offers a class called Argentine Tango (Absolute Beginner). You don’t need any dance experience to take the class, and you will learn the basic elements to move up quickly to the next level. According to the class description posted on CourseHorse, you’ll learn a breakdown of the basic elements, including the embrace, concept of lead and follow, cross and parallel walk systems, 6, 8, & 10 counts, cruzada, weight changes, ochos, rock step, turns, gancho, lapiz, sacada, and barrida. The course meets four times and is designed to help you start dancing during the first lesson. It’s the perfect class for those who have no prior experience dancing, and you also don’t need a dancing partner to take the class. 

Bridge For Dance in NYC offers a Tap (Beginners) class that meets once. You’ll learn the basic knowledge you need to move to an intermediate class. It’s also a smaller class, with an average size of just five students. It’s also open to anyone ages 15 and up. You will need to bring tap shoes to the class and wear comfortable clothes. 

Finally, a great dance class is the Beginner Belly Dance class from the SHEBA Belly Dance School. It has an average class size of just 15 people and is open to anyone 15 and up. You’ll get an introduction to the art of belly dancing with an emphasis on body awareness, correct posture, musicality, and fun. You don’t need any experience to take this class, and you’ll meet once for one hour. 

In-Person Dance Classes in Los Angeles 

For those living in Los Angeles, you have tons of class options available. For example, a great class for those interested in 1-on-1 help is the 30-Min Private Hip Hop Dance or Breakdance Lessons class. You will learn from Darren, who is a member of the Kinjaz from NBC's World of Dance Season 1. Darren has 15 years of teaching experience and teaches students who are 18 years and older. Since this is a private class, you can customize the class to fit your level. If you’re a beginner, your instructor will cover beginner elements. On the other hand, if you’re more experienced, your instructor will take you through more advanced techniques. 

There is also a 60-Min Private Hip Hop Dance or Breakdance Lessons class if you’re not sure that the 30-minute lesson will be long enough. This option includes all of the same benefits as the 30-minute class, but you’ll get 1-on-1 instruction for the full hour. 

You Can Dance Studio in LA offers a one-hour Bachata course. It has an average class size of 15 people and is open to students who are 18 years and older. In this bachata class, you’ll learn the basic steps and techniques of the club dance. Throughout the class, you’ll get an overview of the steps to help you get up and go dancing. 

Athletic Garage Dance & BodyWork Studio offers a Contemporary dance class for any level. The description describes the class as warm and welcoming. It begins with a warm-up centered on mindful awareness, strength-building, breathwork, and musicality. Then progresses with movements across the floor, and culminates with a choreographed contemporary combination. It meets once for one hour and is the perfect class to learn contemporary dance or to brush up on your skills. 

In-Person Dance Classes in Chicago 

On CourseHorse’s website, you can also find tons of classes in Chicago. One great option is the Latin Club Dances course from Chicago Dance. The class has an average size of 20 people, which means there are plenty of opportunities to make new friends and meet people. During the class, you’ll learn four popular Latin dances and learn how to stay active while having fun. It’s a great date night activity or a great activity to learn on your own. Throughout the four sessions, you’ll learn Merengue, Bachata, Salsa, and Cha Cha while implementing all of the essentials, like rhythm, foot placements, and body actions. 

Dance Center Chicago offers a Beginner Swing course that meets for four sessions. It’s a three-month series where you’ll gain a solid foundation before you move on to an intermediate class. However, this class does require that you take an Intro to Swing class before. Once you graduate from the Beginner Swing, consider taking Intermediate Swing from Dance Center Chicago. This class will go over more detailed techniques as well as advanced figures and combinations. After completing the Intermediate course, you’ll have a solid understanding of the advanced techniques you need to excel in swing dancing. 

If you’re interested in learning Ballroom dance, consider taking Chicago Dance’s Ballroom Moves 1 class. During the class, you’ll learn how to float and glide across the dance floor over the course of four weeks. Specifically, you’ll learn both the Waltz and Foxtrot. Another great class to take from Dance Center Chicago is Intro to Argentine Tango. This is a great class to take if you have no prior experience with dancing. You’ll be introduced to basic figures and partnering skills of Tango. The class has an average size of 20 people and is open to anyone ages 18 and older in Chicago. 

Virtual Dance Classes 

The two most popular dance classes are in-person and online classes. Both offer great benefits and opportunities to learn. For those who don’t live near a dance studio, online classes are a great option to take. Here are some of the best online dance classes that teach a wide variety of dancing skills. 

One of the best classes to take online is the Ballet Barre Online class from Anna Griffin Dance. It’s a one-hour class where you will focus on Ballet terminology and correct body placement to improve posture, flexibility, range of motion, coordination, and rhythm in a fun, non-intimidating, positive environment. Although the classroom is virtual, it’s entirely immersive. 

During class, you’ll be able to ask questions, watch demonstrations, and learn new skills all from the comfort of your home. Although previous valley experience is recommended, it’s not required. The class also recommends that you wear ballet slippers, dance wear, and have your hair pulled away from your face. 

Dance of Venus offers a one-hour Beginner Belly Dance class. According to the class description, “[w]hen we belly dance, we bring out the 'Goddess Venus' in each of us, the goddess of love, beauty, sensuality, fertility, and prosperity, hence the name, 'Dance of Venus'.” As you attend the class, you’ll build muscles in your abdomen while improving your posture and grace. The class’s layout is designed to help you steadily improve and learn. 

You’re also welcome to rebook classes after you’ve finished as continual attendance will help you perfect the skills. The class description states, “[t]he class starts with a relaxing warm up routine to prepare your body to dance and continues with captivating and hypnotizing slow movements and goes into exploration of joyous, passionate and fun ones.” Make sure to wear comfortable clothes and get ready to have fun. 

Anna Griffin Dance offers a Floor-Barre Algin Online class that is open to all levels. The class is described as a “holistic approach to body wellness that concentrates on the whole body, sequentially correcting alignment and strengthening joints and muscles, thus fundamental physical problems and ailments are addressed.” It’s entirely remote so you can take the class from the comfort of your home. 

Another great dance class is the Virtual Lit Fit class. It’s a fun, high-energy dance fitness class that aims to get your heart pumping. Every class is different, so you’re encouraged to sign up for several. In fact, the course description says, “[t]he more you come the easier it gets! It's important to know that it usually takes 5-6 classes before you start to feel comfortable with the movements so don’t give up! Just relax, breathe, have fun and don't worry about what you look like in the mirror! Either way you're going to get an amazing workout especially with Laci!” 

If you’re interested in the physical benefits of dancing, but you’re unsure about learning to dance, consider taking the Virtual Mindful Stretch. During this class, you will take time to stretch and unwind while grooving to smooth jazz and R&B. The class description says, “[t]ogether you'll explore the body, loosening tight joints focusing on connecting breath to movement.” You will relieve tension in your lower back, hips, and heart, and finish with a brief meditation.

Private Group Dance Classes

Most jobs are stressful and employees spend hours a day stressing and worrying about their place in the company. One of the best ways for employers to give back to their employees is by booking a private group dance class or stretching class. These classes focus on rewarding groups by allowing them to relax and loosen their muscles. 

A great class related to stretching is the Virtual Rough Day Recharge course. It lasts for one hour and allows your private group to pause for a self-care moment. In this unique class, you’ll learn to reduce stress and wake up endorphins with a series of activities guaranteed to make you say, "I needed that!" 

The class focuses on easy-to-learn desk stretches that you can do with your chair. Hopefully, this will give your employees the ability to pause, stretch, and rewind their stress in the middle of the workday, allowing them to work stress-free for the rest of the day. 

Another great class is the Virtual Group Stretching & Alignment course. You will lengthen, strengthen, and align your body in this class. It incorporates various styles of increasing flexibility, including techniques used by dancers to expand your personal range of motion and prevent injury. To participate, wear comfy clothes and have space to stretch. 

What Will I Need to Learn to Dance?

To learn to dance, you don’t need a lot of materials. However, several things make it easier to learn how to dance. In addition, some types of dance might need specific items. For example, if you’re learning ballet, you’ll need ballet shoes. However, for general dancing classes, here’s what you’ll need: 

  • Comfortable or athletic clothes
  • A sweat towel 
  • Comfortable shoes 
  • A water bottle 

Most dance classes don’t require you to purchase specific materials or items, which makes it the perfect skill to learn as a beginner. 

Is it Difficult to Learn Dance?

Depending on your skill, learning dance may be easy or difficult. However, regardless of whether you find learning dance to be natural, taking a dance class will help the process become easier. With a dance class, you’ll get instruction from a professional who can walk you through every step.

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