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Sewing Classes Near Me

Discover the joy of sewing with a wide range of classes. Learn essential techniques, create your own unique garments, and unleash your creativity in a supportive and inspiring environment.

Sewing Classes Coming Up in NYC

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Sewing 101: Basics

The New York Sewing Center @ 246 W 38th St, New York, NY

Discover the joy of sewing as you embark on a beginner-friendly journey with Sewing 101 at The New York Sewing Center. From learning essential techniques to creating personalized garments, this course is designed to make sewing a fun and inspiring experience. Unleash your creativity and master the art of sewing with step-by-step guidance.

Friday, Feb 23rd, 10am–1pm Eastern Time

 (4 sessions)

Sewing Lessons: Create What You Want (2 hour Private)

The New York Sewing Center @ 246 W 38th St, New York, NY

Unlock your creativity and master the art of sewing with personalized lessons at The New York Sewing Center. Bring your own project and learn at your own pace with expert guidance from our instructors. Discover the joy of creating exactly what you want in a private studio setting.

Thursday, Feb 22nd, 10am–8pm Eastern Time

Sewing 101: Basics (Private)

The New York Sewing Center @ 246 W 38th St, New York, NY

Discover the joy of sewing as we take you back to the basics in this inspiring workshop. Learn how to confidently use a sewing machine and explore various stitches and seam finishes. Whether you're a beginner or need a refresher, this class is perfect for you!

Thursday, Feb 22nd, 10am–8pm Eastern Time

Sewing 101: Bootcamp

The New York Sewing Center @ 246 W 38th St, New York, NY

Discover the joy of sewing and unleash your creativity at The New York Sewing Center's Sewing 101 course. Whether you're a complete beginner or need a refresher, this bootcamp will take you through all the essentials to confidently use a sewing machine and complete your own stylish garments. Join us and embark on a fun and inspiring sewing journey!

Wednesday, Feb 21st, 2–5:30pm Eastern Time

 (2 sessions)

Sewing Lessons: Create What You Want (1 hour Private)

The New York Sewing Center @ 246 W 38th St, New York, NY

Unlock your creativity and learn sewing at your own pace with personalized private lessons at The New York Sewing Center. Bring your project and receive expert guidance and support to create something unique and beautiful. The schedule is flexible and subject to availability.

Thursday, Feb 22nd, 10am–8pm Eastern Time

Sewing Classes Coming Up in Los Angeles

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Sewing 1 (Beginning)

The Workshop @ Haley Solar @ 4608 Eagle Rock Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

Discover the secrets to a harmonious relationship with your sewing machine in this beginner's sewing class. Learn the essentials of threading and unthreading, and create a stunning tote bag without any frustration. Join us at The Workshop @ Haley Solar and let your creativity soar!

Sunday, Feb 25th, 11am–1pm Pacific Time

Sewing 2 (intermediate)

The Workshop @ Haley Solar @ 4608 Eagle Rock Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

Ready to take your sewing skills to the next level? Join us at The Workshop @ Haley Solar for an intermediate-level class where you'll learn to make a stylish kimono sleeve jacket. Bring your own sewing machine for a hands-on experience with your own tools.

Saturday, Feb 24th, 11am–2pm Pacific Time

Getting to Know YOUR Sewing Machine

Los Angeles City College @ 855 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA

Conquer your sewing machine fears with this hands-on class at Los Angeles City College. Bring your machine and uncover its secrets, from troubleshooting to using different feet and accessories. Gain confidence and unleash your sewing potential!

Sunday, Mar 24th, 5:30–8pm Pacific Time

Open Sewing Lab

Los Angeles City College @ 855 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA

Discover your creative potential in the world of sewing at Los Angeles City College. Unleash your imagination as you choose your own projects and work at your own pace. Develop skills in measuring, pattern selection, fabric choice, and project construction in this dynamic sewing class.

Sunday, Mar 17th, 3–5pm Pacific Time

 (5 sessions)

Sewing Made Easy, Level 1: Beginning

Los Angeles City College @ 855 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA

Discover the joy of sewing from scratch in this beginner-friendly course at Los Angeles City College. From setting up a sewing machine to creating a pillow, learn the essential skills needed to bring your creative visions to life. Sewing machines are provided in the classroom!

Tuesday, Apr 23rd, 6:30–8:30pm Pacific Time

 (5 sessions)

Sewing Classes Coming Up in Chicago

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3 Hour Sewing Open Studio Starts Every Thursday Night

Sew Anastasia @ 2041 W Carroll Ave, Chicago, IL

Discover the ultimate sewing haven where you can conquer your sewing woes, perfect your stitches, and unravel the mysteries of patterns. Join Sew Anastasia's Open Studio every Thursday night and surround yourself with a supportive sewing community that will help you become a sewing queen.

Thursday, Feb 22nd, 6–9pm Central Time

 (6 sessions)

3 Hour Sewing Open Studio Starts Every Sunday

Sew Anastasia @ 2041 W Carroll Ave, Chicago, IL

Join us at Sew Anastasia's Open Studio and banish your sewing woes! Practice sewing in a supportive community, with expert guidance and access to top-of-the-line machines and equipment. Perfect for beginners and experienced sewers alike.

Sunday, Feb 25th, 2–5pm Central Time

 (6 sessions)

3 Hour Sewing Open Studio Starts Every Wednesday Night

Sew Anastasia @ 2041 W Carroll Ave, Chicago, IL

Unleash your creativity and hone your sewing skills in a supportive and expert-led environment. Join our open studio sewing classes and bring your projects to life with access to top-of-the-line equipment and a community of fellow sewing enthusiasts. No matter your skill level, you'll find the inspiration and guidance you need to succeed at Sew Anastasia.

Wednesday, Feb 21st, 6–9pm Central Time

 (6 sessions)

3 Hour Sewing Open Studio Starts Every Monday Night

Sew Anastasia @ 2041 W Carroll Ave, Chicago, IL

Join Sew Anastasia's Open Studio and transform your sewing skills in a supportive and creative environment. Work on any project you like, whether it's pattern-based sewing, upcycling, tailoring, or pattern drafting. Discover the joy of sewing with expert guidance and a community of fellow sewing enthusiasts.

Monday, Feb 26th, 6–9pm Central Time

 (6 sessions)

Sewing 101 Basics

Sew Anastasia @ 2041 W Carroll Ave, Chicago, IL

Learn the essential sewing techniques and finishes used in modern sewing and garment construction at Sew Anastasia. Whether you want to sew a pattern, upcycle your wardrobe, or create a collection, this beginner sewing class will teach you how to use a sewing machine, basic stitches, and more. Plus, you'll get to take home a project you've made yourself!

Sunday, Mar 10th, 10am–1pm Central Time

 (6 sessions)

Sewing Classes Coming Up Online

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Sewing 101: Basics (Virtual)

The New York Sewing Center @ Virtual Classroom

Ready to unlock your sewing potential? Join us at The New York Sewing Center for an inspiring journey through the basics of sewing. From mastering the sewing machine to completing your very own skirt, this virtual course is perfect for beginners and those in need of a refresher. Don't miss out on this opportunity to start creating beautiful garments and accessories!

Thursday, Feb 29th, 6:30–8:30pm Eastern Time

 (4 sessions)

Leather Working

Textile Arts Center @ Live Online

In this 12 hour course, students learn the basic concepts of working with leather while developing skills for designing and working with patterns, materials, tools, sewing and finishing techniques. Our classes are designed to focus on a learned skill rather than a final product. At TAC, our mission is to provide skills and knowledge for a lifetime!

No upcoming schedules

Knit Jumpsuit: Pattern Included (Virtual)

The New York Sewing Center @ Virtual Classroom

This class is all about making a fun and stylish jumpsuit that can be worn to that wedding that was pushed back to September or your first night back out on the town! But have no fear--you don't have to say goodbye to your sweatpants forever, and this soft, stretchy jumpsuit is just the way to ease back into a chic look all while staying comfy! (No zippers, buttons, or waistbands here, folks!) If you've done a bit of sewing with non-stretch, woven...

No upcoming schedules

Coat and Jacket (Virtual)

The New York Sewing Center @ Virtual Classroom

We don't know about you, but the change of seasons always makes us want to revamp our wardrobes. In this class, you can flex your sewing and design muscles while creating a new coat or jacket to wear on all of your cold-weather adventures! In this class, you can expand on your Sewing 101 experience by learning to work with new fabrics, new machine sewing techniques, different types of pockets, bindings, buttonholes and more! It's time to get cozy...

No upcoming schedules

Custom Jeans (Virtual)

The New York Sewing Center @ Virtual Classroom

On the hunt for the perfect jeans? Who isn’t right? Learn how to sew the perfect custom made jeans for your body and walk away never wanting to take them off! During this course you will learn: to make custom jeans pattern alterations seam finishes for denim jeans fit techniques to achieve the perfect fit pockets To install jean zippers PREREQUISITE: Sewing 101 class must be completed SUPPLIES: Virtual Classes: Patterns will be included...

No upcoming schedules

Sewing Classes Coming Up in Boston

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Block Printing & Sewing: Zipper Pouches

The Makery @ 2 Sewall Ave, Brookline, MA

This class will introduce you to the art of block printing while also giving you the technical skills to sew a zipper pouch. All materials and tools will be provided by the Makery. What we will do Carve your own rubber block design with speedball carving tools Print using fabric ink Learn Sewing Machine Basics, including how to sew a zipper Sew your own lined pouch

No upcoming schedules

Sewing, Laser Cutting & Engraving with Fabric

The Makery @ 2 Sewall Ave, Brookline, MA

How can a laser cutter enhance your sewing, upcycling and textile design practice? Learn how in this introductory class. What we will do Sketch a design on paper Import the design into Inkscape, a vector-based design tool Use the laser to cut out and/or engrave a design on your fabric  Finish your piece with hand and/or machine sewing Embellish textile engravings with embroidery accents

No upcoming schedules

Sewing: Convertible Backpack

The Makery @ 2 Sewall Ave, Brookline, MA

Create pattern for your convertible backpack to fit your size Learn how to make a lined bag, straps and sliding mechanism Assemble product and adorn with patches, embroidery and more Walk away with a stylish, handmade, one-of-kind and beautiful convertible backpack Pre-requisite:  Should have basic knowledge of how to use a sewing machine. Come to one of our Open Fiber Studio Mini-classes to learn and practice if necessary!

No upcoming schedules

Sewing Classes Coming Up in Houston

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Horrors of Halloween

The Little Sewing Room @ 6902 FM 2920, Spring, TX

Spooky costumes galore come from this class. Consult with the instructor before class begins, shop for patterns and fabrics and come sew costumes for yourself and loved ones. Make them funny, sexy, or scary! Instructor is a costume designer with a variety of experience making kids and adult costumes. This class is project oriented and you will leave class with a completed 1 – 2-piece costume. 3 open lab hours are included in this class. Once...

No upcoming schedules

Table Linens and Hostess Apron

The Little Sewing Room @ 5020 Louetta Rd, Spring, TX

Get ready for the holidays and make your own placemats, napkins and rings, and table runners and a matching apron. Practice a few heirloom sewing techniques. This class is project based; you will leave class with an apron, placemat, and napkin and ideas for rings. You will finish the rest on your own or in lab. 3 open lab hours are included in this class.

No upcoming schedules

Women's Wear PatternMaking I - Skirts

The Little Sewing Room @ 6902 FM 2920, Spring, TX

This class is designed for those students with a desire to create custom-made patterns for themselves or others. It starts with creating custom blocks for woven fabrics for the lower part of the body and continues from there. Projects are selected for lessons learned that can be utilized in other projects.  Sewing experience is necessary for this class.

No upcoming schedules

Sewing Classes Coming Up in Washington, D.C.

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Intermediate Garment School of Sewing

Finch Knitting + Sewing Studio @ 102 Loudoun St SW, Washington, DC

This class is intended to build upon each students' skill set. Intermediate students will be able to tackle more challenging projects and learn new techniques during this course. Isabelle will help each student to achieve their specific garment goal. Do you dream of making a pair of jeans? A winter coat? A bra? A swimsuit? A shirt, jacket,... Whatever your specific need, we will help each student achieve their learning goals throughout this course....

No upcoming schedules

To Tell a Story with Cloth Impressions & Memories

The Art League @ 105 North Union St, Alexandria, VA

Students paint, print, and stitch fabrics to compose a series of thematic pieces that honor, celebrate, or commemorate a person, place or time in their lives. The instructor provides engaging exercises to elicit memories, including working with collage, color, composition and journaling.  There is a supply list for this class and a $25 materials fee payable to the instructor. 

No upcoming schedules

Eureka: Pants that Fit Workshop

Capital Quilts @ 15926 Luanne Dr, Washington, DC

These pants, from Tabula Rasa Patterns, have a contemporary tapered silhouette in 8 sizes. Receive personalized fitting and learn how to adapt the pattern to create flattering and comfortable pants that fit you well at work, home, or play. You'll want to make several pairs! Supply List: Pattern: "EUREKA! PANTS THAT FIT" from Tabula Rasa Patterns, available at the school Fabric: For the initial mock-up and your first pair of pants:...

No upcoming schedules

Sewing Classes Coming Up in Seattle

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Cool Tricks and Drafting a Custom Trouser/Pants Pattern

Kenneth D King Design @ 2230 4th Ave S, Seattle, WA

Day 1: Based on his newest CD Book, Kenneth will demonstrate and students will construct samples of their favorite techniques. Day 2 & 3: Students will Draft a custom trouser/pant pattern. Using your own measurements, you will be taken step by step through the process of drafting a trouser/pant pattern.

No upcoming schedules

Absolute Beginning Construction

Nancy's Sewing Basket @ 2221 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA

Beginner level This four class session is designed for those with little or no sewing experience. You will learn about fabric selection, how to use a sewing machine, cut out a pattern, and basic sewing techniques. You will finish four projects in four weeks: a small zippered bag, a tote bag, a skirt out of woven fabric and a top out of knit fabric. All sewing is done in class. Price includes materials and tools for all projects.

No upcoming schedules

Advanced Beginning Construction

Nancy's Sewing Basket @ 2221 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA

Advanced Beginner level Patterns: KwikSew 3877 and KwikSew 3601 This four session class is intended as a direct follow up to our ABC course. In this class, you will complete two projects in four weeks: an a-line skirt and a pop-over style blouse. With the skirt, you will learn how to sew darts, put in a skirt zipper, apply a waistband, drop in a lining, and a variety of hemming techniques. For the blouse, you will sew bust darts, create a set-in...

No upcoming schedules

Sewing Classes Coming Up in Atlanta

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Sewing 101

Ashby Sewing Company @ 2255 Old 41 HWY NW, Kennesaw, GA

Sewing 101 is adult basic sewing instruction using a systematic program of ten lessons, which build skills to proficiency in basic sewing skills. The first lessons include machine proficiency, accurate measuring and cutting, accurate stitching, seams and seam finishes, pressing techniques and pressing tools, applying zippers, making darts, interfacing, facings, bias bindings, stay stitching, and under stitching.  Class projects implement the...

No upcoming schedules

Beginning Quilt Making

Intown Quilters @ 1058 Mistletoe Rd, Decatur, GA

Learn to make a lap size quilt from beginning to end. In this class, the intimidation of quilting will be eliminated. You will be taught many techniques and rules, such as cutting, strip piecing, seam allowance, pin-basting, quilting, binding and more. The class is taught in 4 sessions (4 hours each) and requires homework and a sewing machine. Required Materials: Book - Start Quilting with Alex Anderson, Page 22 Fabric - 1/3yd of 3 different...

No upcoming schedules

Serger Sewing Techniques

Ashby Sewing Company @ 2255 Old 41 HWY NW, Kennesaw, GA

Class will teach you to perform general sewing techniques on serger. Includes workbook sheets to document techniques and in-class demonstrations with samples. Covers 8 techniques: securing seams, inside corners, outside corners, curves, elastic application without special equipment, stabilizing knit seams, applying ribknit, and using differential feed. Required:  Student owned machine in working order with all tools and manual, foot control,...

No upcoming schedules

Sewing Classes Coming Up in Denver

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Pattern Making and Technical Design

Denver Design Incubator @ 2040 Clay St, Denver, CO

Learn the art of creating and manipulating clothing patterns, while gaining a thorough understanding of sizing, fitting, and patternmaking technology. Develop your skills in drafting and altering patterns, and explore the technical aspects of garment measurement. Earn a certificate of completion from DDI, the leading authority in fashion design education.

No upcoming schedules

Intro to Sewing Series

Denver Design Incubator @ 2040 Clay St, Denver, CO

This seminar is a series consisting of 6 sessions on how to sew from the ground up. It is not project-based, but knowledge-based.  Each session will include a section on fabric along with learning standard industry terms. It is recommended you bring a notebook to take notes and keep handouts in from each session. The goal of this seminar is to get one comfortable with sewing basics, to build confidence in one’s sewing endeavors, whether...

No upcoming schedules

Introduction to Sewing Part 1

Denver Design Incubator @ 2040 Clay St, Denver, CO

This seminar is the first in a series of how to sew from the ground up. It is not project based, but knowledge based.  Session One Includes: How to thread and wind a bobbin for your machine  Thread tension and adjustments  How to choose the proper thread and needle for your project  Trouble shooting and maintenance  Why you got so many feet when you bought your machine and what they are for  Various machine...

No upcoming schedules

Discover the Best Sewing Classes Near You

Sewing is a popular craft that involves stitching fabric together using needle and thread. Sewing can be done by hand or machine and serves a variety of purposes. For some, sewing is a means of creating or repairing garments and for others, it’s a fun art activity. Sewing is used to create both fun and practical garments, as well as to mend and repair damaged clothing. Techniques range from beginner to advanced, as a number of stitches are used when sewing, and can be taught to people of all ages. 

Why You Should Learn Sewing

There are both mental and physical benefits to learning how to sew. When taken up as a fun hobby, sewing can serve as a form of stress relief. The focus required to sew allows the mind to relax as it concentrates on a singular task. It also encourages creative thinking and staying productive, while learning to make things for yourself and others. Sewing clubs and organizations often hold local events that are open to interested sewers, which can contribute to one’s sense of community. 

Sewing requires fine attention to detail, which can help improve hand-eye coordination. The constant motion of one’s hands and fingers required when sewing loosens the joints. This can help improve the nimbleness of the fingers in those who suffer from arthritis in the hands. Additionally, making an effort to sit properly while sewing can help improve and maintain overall body posture. The combination of mental and physical benefits that come with sewing makes it an ideal craft for those looking to calm their mind and body while also creating practical art. 

5 Ways to Learn Sewing

There are a variety of learning options for those looking to learn sewing by hand or machine. Formal classes are the most accessible and thorough way to learn this skill. Sewing classes are offered in-person, live online, and through self-paced classes like those posted to YouTube. Formal sewing classes instruct new learners through basic sewing knowledge, like choosing correct fabric and stitch types, while more advanced courses may guide learners through high-level techniques like sewing without a pattern. Learning through a formal class allows for immediate feedback on your progress and the benefits of a hands-on learning experience. 

Informal instruction on sewing is also available online and in books. There are websites online that offer tips and guidance for those looking to take a more casual approach to learning how to sew. Books on sewing methods and techniques are also available online and at your local library. These learning methods are best for those looking to self-learn, whereas formal classes will benefit anyone who works better under guided instruction. 

In-Person Sewing Classes

In-person sewing classes are offered at a variety of locations across the US. These classes focus on a wide range of sewing techniques at varying competency levels. Beginners can look for courses teaching the fundamentals of sewing, while more experienced students may be interested in taking a class on advanced techniques. Oftentimes, these classes will have participants work on creating their own sewing projects, like shirts and bags, or instructors may advise students on projects they should work on after the classes has ended. 

In-person schools in New York City offer an array of classes ranging from beginner to advanced level. Participants looking for a thorough understanding of the basics of sewing can look to the New York Sewing Center, located just blocks from Penn Station, which offers instruction in sewing machine basics and pattern making for beginners. This school offers a Sewing 101: Bootcamp for those looking to understand the essentials of sewing. For anyone who would like to join a specialized class, the New York Sewing Center offers ones focused on a range of garment types, like summer dresses and custom jeans

In-person sewing classes are available at a range of skill levels and are also offered at different age levels. Some schools offer classes specifically for children under the age of 15, although many classes are for ages 18 and up. The New York Sewing Center, however, offers a large number of classes for children. They offer beginner sewing classes for children and also host a Kids’ Summer Fashion Camp for ages 7-10 and a separate Kids’ Summer Fashion Camp for ages 11-14. Parents even have the option of learning alongside their children by taking their Mommy & Me intermediate sewing class

The Brooklyn Craft Company, situated in Greenpoint, offers Sewing 101: Make a Skirt for beginners who would like an introduction to using a sewing machine, correctly measuring the body for garment fittings, and cutting fabric accurately. Students will spend the class working on creating an elastic waistband and hem. Another course offered by this school is Sewing 101: Tote Bag. Participants are taught machine essentials in this class as well, with the goal of completing a finished, lined tote bag. The Brooklyn Craft Company provides all necessary tools, including sewing machines. 

The 92nd Street Y also offers an introduction to the basics of machine sewing in their Machine Sewing class. This course is for beginners who would like to learn how to work with a sewing machine, how to cut fabric, how to seam, and how to press. This class can be followed up with the Machine Sewing II class, an intermediate-level look at the basics of machine sewing with a focus on sewing with knit fabrics, zippers, and multiple-seam finishes. 

Additionally, the 92nd Street Y hosts a basic embroidery class. Anyone ages 18 and older interested in the art of embroidery can take this class and work on an embroidery sampler under guided instruction. Embroidery can be used as an addition to sewing projects, which makes this a useful option for anyone looking to level up the garments they have created. Working on embroidered pieces also gives participants more experience using a needle and thread. 

Better Than Jam’s Store & Studio, located in East Williamsburg, focuses largely on the dyeing of textiles and stitching fabrics together to create designs. In their intermediate class, Stitching Resist Shibori, participants can learn traditional Japanese hand-stitching techniques. This class is the third part of a series of courses focused on dyeing textiles. Anyone interested in working with all-natural indigo dye and familiar with hand stitching is welcome to attend. If you have no prior experience working with indigo dye, they also offer Beginner Shibori: Dye Techniques with Indigo, a beginner course in creating indigo. 

The Brooklyn Shoe Space offers a class for those interested in learning how to hand-sew shoes. The class, Hand Sewn Leather Chukka Sneaker, is for beginners aged 15 and up. Participants will use a pattern template to create their own pair of leather chukka sneakers. This is a three-day class that provides the necessary leather in your choice of white, black, or veg tan leather. Class sizes are small, so the school should be contacted for interested groups larger than 6. 

More classes on the basics of machine sewing can be found at the NYC School of Creativity in Midtown, which teaches basic sewing techniques and also hosts a private sewing class. Those interested can schedule a private session at the instructor’s availability where they will choose from a list of potential sewing projects to complete. All levels of students are accepted and project options range from a poncho to a Halloween costume.

Gotham Quilts, also located in Midtown, just blocks from Bryant Park, offers a casual Social sewing class for those looking to turn sewing into a social activity. Sewers of all levels, age 15 and up, are welcome to join in for an evening of sewing and socializing. Attendees will have access to sewing machines, cutting mats, and an instructor. This is a great event for anyone looking to bounce sewing ideas off their fellow sewers or to get feedback on their personal sewing projects. 

Multiple in-person sewing classes are available in the Los Angeles area. The Workshop at Haley Solar in Eagle Rock offers both a Beginner Sewing class, for those who want to learn the basics of using a sewing machine, and a Beginner Pattern Making class, for those who would like to design their own dress pattern. Although participants are not required to bring their own sewing machine, it is highly recommended so that they may familiarize themselves with their own equipment. 

Los Angeles City College, located in downtown Los Angeles, provides life skill classes for anyone in the community, including Sewing Made Easy and Sewing Made Easy Level 2. These beginner and intermediate-level classes look to teach the basics of using a sewing machine while also exploring practical sewing techniques. Sewing machines are provided, however, participants should be sure to carefully look over the list of materials they are expected to bring before their class. 

In-person sewing classes in Chicago are available at Sew Anastasia (West Town) and Linda Z’s Sewing Center (Arlington Heights). Sew Anastasia might interest those looking to try out practical forms of sewing. Offered classes cover the basics as well as Advanced Garment Sewing and Streetwear Sewing. Those looking to enhance their sewing by learning the art of embroidery can check out classes at Linda Z’s Sewing Center. The Embroidering, Designing, & Crafting class allows all levels of students to work with an embroidery machine as they learn new techniques to adapt for future sewing projects. 

The Discovery Center, just off Irving Park, also offers several in-person introductory craft courses. Their Intro to Knitting and Intro to Crocheting classes might interest those who are getting into or are familiar with sewing. Knitting and crocheting, like sewing, require deft hand and finger movements, which can benefit those who are working on their sewing techniques. Both classes are ideal for beginners looking for hands-on instruction in the basics of knitting and crocheting and their practical uses. A material fee of $25 is required upon sign-up. 

Virtual Sewing Classes 

In-person sewing classes are a great way to get hands-on experience. They also have the benefit of supplying the materials and/or equipment to participants. However, online sewing classes are more accessible. They can be attended from anywhere, eliminating the need to commute or even leave the comfort of your own home. Virtual classes also offer more class options, including a broader range of competency levels.

Online classes currently offered explore ways to enhance your sewing projects. The Evanston Art Center offers the Art of Contemporary Embroidery for those looking to further their understanding of using needle and thread. This interactive class takes place over Zoom. Participants are expected to procure the listed necessary supplies beforehand, including sewing pins and embroidery hoops. 

Sashiko Mending is a class offered by the 92nd Street Y online with a live instructor. This class introduces participants to sashiko, a traditional Japanese mending style. This style, originally popular during the Edo period in Japan, is quickly making a comeback as sewers today use it to repair their clothes. This class is open to beginner-level sewers as basic techniques of this repair style will be taught in the session. 

For anyone looking to branch out to the art of crocheting, the 92nd Street Y is offering a virtual crocheting class for beginners. Participants can learn the basics of crocheting from their location of choice. The live instructor will guide the class through the creation of a crocheted cell phone pouch and stitch sampler scarf. Participants should be sure to check out the supply list for information on necessary yarn types and tools before their session. 

Private Group Sewing Classes

Are you looking to schedule an arts and crafts class for your business or organization as a fun team-building activity? If so, CourseHorse offers live online group arts, crafts, and design classes

A virtual Modern Embroidery Art class is being offered for groups of up to 500 people. Participants will learn the basics of hand embroidery. They will be led by an instructor through the process of preparing an embroidery hoop, selecting the perfect thread, and starting and ending an embroidery project. No previous stitching skills are required, making this class great for beginners interested in learning basic stitching techniques. 

There are two virtual macrame classes currently being offered by CourseHorse. In the virtual Macrame Workshop groups will be led through the process of creating a plant hanger using macrame, the art of tying knots. This practical macrame workshop will end with participants finishing their own usable plant hanger. Groups of up to 500 can be accommodated in this class. 

Another group option is the virtual Macrame Moon Dream Catcher class. Teams will work on creating their own moon-shaped dream catchers using macrame techniques and beading. After a relaxing class forming a dream catcher, participants will then be able to hang them up in their houses or patios. This class is best for smaller teams, as up to 100 people can be accommodated. 

If none of these classes seem right for your team, CourseHorse can do custom classes that better fit your group’s needs. 20-minute demos are also available at the price of $100. This allows groups to see if they have an interest in a class before fully committing to it. CourseHorse also accommodates a large range of group sizes which can be changed after booking if needed. There are no booking fees, and you may request to reschedule the class for free up to 48 hours beforehand. 

Materials are provided by CourseHorse. Their event fulfillment team collects the addresses of all participants so that they may be sent a materials kit. These kits contain all the necessary materials for the class and are sent to each participant ahead of the event. Zoom is the preferred platform for live-online classes, but CourseHorse can also accommodate Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, and WebEx. 

What Will I Need to Learn Sewing?

There are a few basic materials needed when learning to sew. These include pins, a pincushion, fabric, and a seam ripper. More specialized tools will also be needed depending on if you are sewing by hand or by machine. For hand sewing, you will need hand-sewing needles, a thimble, and scissors. Sewing with a machine requires machine-sewing needles, a bobbin, oil, and presser feet. 

If you take a formal sewing class, many of these items will usually be provided. For machine sewing classes, machines will often be provided, however, bringing in your own machine is typically encouraged so that you may become familiar with operating it more quickly. Be sure to look over the supply lists posted on a class page so that you are aware of what is and is not provided. 

Is it Difficult to Learn Sewing?

Learning to sew takes patience and practice. One of the biggest challenges to sewing is understanding that what you create will not be immediately perfect. Not fully understanding how to operate your sewing machine is also a challenge when starting out. This is easily remedied by following a guide to the specific machine you are using. With a little patience and good instruction, sewing can be a rewarding and accessible craft. 

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