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From A to Zipper: An Alphabet for Sewing

Learning a new skill is akin to learning a new language: it comes with a whole host of terms you’ve never heard or had to use before. What better way to start your sewing learning journey than to acquire all the vocabulary you’ll need to sound like an expert?

More likely than not, you’ve heard of “thread” and “embroidery,” but did you know that “stitch-in-the-ditch” and mini irons are actually a thing? Neither did we. Between techniques, stitches, and tools of the trade, there are plenty of opportunities to dig into new-to-you terminology before you put needle to fabric. Since there’s no “sewing” section of the Oxford American Dictionary, we decided to take matters into our own hands.

From "armscye" to "zipper," here’s your meticulously assembled A-to-Z guide of common sewing terms and their respective meanings. PS: Don't forget to bust out "haberdashery" at your next hipster dinner party.