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Data Science Courses Coming up in New York

Python for Data Science

at Practical Programming - Chelsea
115 W 30th St 5th Fl Ste 501, New York, New York 10001

Our program serves as the foundation for many well-known concepts of data science. We teach practical techniques and algorithms for extracting and studying useful knowledge from data. This course is not a theory class as we believe there are many ways to learn statistics and analytics concepts on your own. We are providing students with a set of practical...


4 sessions

Python Immersive

at Practical Programming - Chelsea
115 W 30th St 5th Fl Ste 501, New York, New York 10001

Our program is designed to be a base for a career in the tech industry. Learn from scratch to comfortably program in Python.  We teach the fundamentals of programming, and the best practices for real life opportunities. After finishing our program, you will have a solid foundation for a career in Data Science, Application development, and information...


5 sessions

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Machine Learning 101

at Practical Programming - Chelsea
115 W 30th St 5th Fl Ste 501, New York, New York 10001

With all of the attention on machine learning, many are seeking a better understanding of this hot topic and the benefits that it could provide to their organizations. Therefore, this course attempts to demystify the key concepts that drive machine learning. No experience in Machine Learning is needed. Machine learning – as well as deep learning,...

Web Scraping and Content Mining

at Practical Programming - Chelsea
115 W 30th St 5th Fl Ste 501, New York, New York 10001

How to Scrape Amazon Product Details and Pricing using Python! Web Scraping is a method for extracting textual characters from websites so that they could be analyzed. Web scraping is sort of content mining, which means that you collect useful information from websites, including quotes, prices, news company info, etc. This method for gathering data...

Tuesday Sep 18th, 6pm

Data Science with Python: Machine Learning

at NYC Data Science Academy - Midtown
500 8th Ave Ste 905, New York, New York 10018

This class will introduce you a wide range of machine learning tools in Python. The main focus is on how to use those tools to solve real world problems. Machine learning is a combination of statistical models with programming. After successful completion of this course, students will be able to carry out your experiments with the public available...


5 sessions

Python for Data Science with Pandas, NumPy & Matplotlib

at ONLC Training Centers - Iselin
33 Wood Avenue S 6th Fl, Iselin, New Jersey 08830

This two-day course provides an overview of how Python can be used in Data Science to manipulate, process, clean, and crunch data. It is an introduction to scientific computing in Python focusing data-intensive applications. Specifically, the class will review the essential Python libraries: NumPy, pandas, matplotlib, IPython, and SciPy. Audience...


2 sessions

Data Science with Python: Data Analysis & Visualization

at NYC Data Science Academy - Midtown
500 8th Ave Ste 905, New York, New York 10018

This five week course is an introduction to data analysis with the Python programming language, and is aimed at beginners. We introduce how to work with different data structure in Python. We cover the most popular modules, including Numpy, Scipy, Pandas, matplotlib, and Seaborn, to do data analytics and visualization.  We use Ipython notebook...


5 sessions

Data Science

at General Assembly - Flatiron
10 E 21st St 3rd Fl, New York, New York 10010

This is a part-time course.   Skills & Tools: Use Python to mine datasets and predict patterns. Production Standard: Build statistical models--regression and classification--that generate usable information from raw data. The Big Picture: Master the basics of machine learning and harness the power of data to forecast what's next. What...


20 sessions

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Data Science with R: Machine Learning

at NYC Data Science Academy - Midtown
500 8th Ave Ste 905, New York, New York 10018

This class introduces a number of statistical models for supervised and unsupervised learning using R programming language. The goal is to understand the concepts, methods, and applications of the general predictive modeling and unsupervised learning and how they are implemented in the R language environment. A selection of important models (e.g. tree-based...


5 sessions

Saturday Sep 8th, 10am

Data Science with R: Data Analysis and Visualization

at NYC Data Science Academy - Midtown
500 8th Ave Ste 905, New York, New York 10018

This intensive class will introduce you to the wonderful world of R and provide you with an excellent understanding of the language that leaves you with a firm foundation to build upon. From the rudimentary building blocks of programming basics, to data manipulation and use of advanced drawing packages, the course will conclude with a demonstration...


5 sessions

Saturday Oct 27th, 10am

Other dates (2)

Perform Cloud Data Science with Azure Machine Learning

at Corporate Training Group - New Jersey
120 S Wood Ave 4th Fl, Ste 405, Iselin, New Jersey 08830

The main purpose of the course is to give students the ability to analyze and present data by using Azure Machine Learning, and to provide an introduction to the use of machine learning with big data tools such as HDInsight and R Services. Audience profile The primary audience for this course is people who wish to analyze and present data by using...


5 sessions

Python Foundation

at Byte Academy - Murray Hill
295 Madison Ave Fl 35th, New York, New York 10017

Start with learning the fundamentals of Python, the highest paid coding language for recent bootcamp grads,* with our four week, full-time Python Foundation course.  We’ll introduce you to Python in addition to principles of software development. No pre-requisites are required to begin. If you want to continue your Python education, you...


8 sessions

Wednesday Sep 12th, 6pm

Data Science Immersive

at The Flatiron School - Flatiron
11 Broadway Ste 260, New York, New York 10004

Effective learning doesn’t simply come from consuming educational content, but comes from connecting with people who are learning and teaching it. With that vision in mind, Flatiron School has brought together passionate, experienced instructors and ambitious students to achieve incredible outcomes since 2012. And now we’re bringing that vision...


80 sessions

Monday Oct 22nd, 9am

Data Engineering

at Platform by Per Scholas - Port Morris
804 E 138th St 2nd Fl, New York, New York 10454

Before miners and analysts create charts and visuals to explain information, Big Data Scientists and Engineers manage and refine the data they review. These scientists and engineers handle large sets of raw data and are the masters of the matrix. In this course, you will learn the basics of Big Data and Hadoop technologies through hands-on classroom...


60 sessions

Monday Sep 24th, 9am

6-Week Intensive Python + Data Science Bootcamp

at Chainhaus - Chelsea
One Penn Plaza 34th Fl, New York, New York 10119

This is a 6-week, intensive course for individuals with zero or little knowledge of Python that are looking to learn Python AND Data Science fast and effectively. Learn everything you need to know in this 12-session course, and give your career a mega-boost. Topics: Core programming concepts like variables, functions, loops, conditional statements,...


12 sessions

Monday Sep 10th, 6pm