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Discover the art of soap making with hands-on classes in NYC. Learn how to create beautiful and fragrant handmade soaps using natural ingredients.

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Organic Cold Process Soap Making

Back Porch Soap Company @ 711 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10025

In this 2.5-hour immersive soap making class taught by master soapmaker Marla Bosworth, students will learn how to use plants and other organic, natural ingredients to make soap from scratch using the cold process method. Each student will design and create their own batch of soap to take home. What in nature inspires you? What can you share through a beautifully designed botanical soap to inspire others? It might be locally grown produce...

Tuesday Oct 24th, 6–8:30pm Eastern Time

Organic Skincare, Soap and Candle Making Diploma Course

Back Porch Soap Company @ 711 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10025

Make Your Own Beauty is a 5-evening certificate program on the Upper West Side of New York City that will get your current indie beauty business or the one you've dreamed about owning off of the ground.  Students take five classes of training with Marla Bosworth, founder and owner of Back Porch Soap Company. Marla has 25 years of indie beauty industry experience and 40 years of retail, market research, entrepreneurial and business...

Monday Oct 30th, 6–8:30pm Eastern Time

 (5 sessions)


5 sessions

Organic Body Creams & Lotions Class

Back Porch Soap Company @ 711 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10025

Learn how to formulate your own organic body creams and emulsified body butters in this fun, hands-on workshop with Marla Bosworth. Students will explore a wide range of ingredients to incorporate into their own best-selling, signature products or to simply make for fun for friends and family. No experience necessary. Our classes are attended by both newbies and students who are already making creams but are struggling with creating a formula that...

Saturday Nov 4th, 6–8:30pm Eastern Time

Organic Body Butters, Scrubs and Balms Deal

Organic Body Butters, Scrubs and Balms

Back Porch Soap Company @ 711 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10025

Learn how to make your own botanical skincare products in this fun and relaxing class. Attendees will learn to create organic lotion bars, healing herbal balms and emulsified sugar body scrubs to keep your skin healthy year round. Whether you want to learn this fun craft for personal use or to advance your own skincare business, this class will provide you with the knowledge to enhance your skillset in natural skincare.  Marla Bosworth...

Monday Oct 30th, 6–8:30pm Eastern Time


Organic Face Gels, Masks and Serums Class

Back Porch Soap Company @ 711 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10025

Learn how to make your own organic serums, masks and face oils in this hands-on workshop with Marla Bosworth. Students will explore a wide range of ingredients to incorporate into their own signature products. In this easy-to-follow class, Marla will show students how to tailor skincare products to your concerns as well as those concerns of your customers and clients using clean, cruelty-free ingredients.  Students will learn to formulate for...

Friday Nov 3rd, 6–8:30pm Eastern Time

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Virtual Soap Making for Beginners

Jade Scarlett @ Virtual Learning via Zoom

In this live virtual workshop you will learn the art of handmade melt and pour soap making. We’ll go over materials, basic techniques, the benefits of making your own soap, and different recipes. You’ll also learn about and use botanicals and other additives to make your soaps even more special and personalized. This workshop is suited for beginners and the instructor will guide you step-by-step as you create your very own soap design around...

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Soapmaking Workshop

Q.E.D. @ 27-16 23rd Ave, Astoria, NY 11105

Learn to make soap from scratch! Price of class includes 2 bars of soap to keep! Using a method called "cold process soapmaking," you will create your very own bars of all-natural vegan soap to keep for yourself or give as gifts to friends. Students will be divided into groups to create their own small batches of soap. Note: This is an adults-only class (18+) since we will be working with some mildly hazardous materials; so please bring gloves...

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Glycerin Soapmaking Artistry

Back Porch Soap Company @ 711 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10025

Learn the artistry of Melt and Pour Soapmaking in a fun and educational evening out.  Cae Byng of Soap Studio on Fifth has been making soap for 20 years and will teach you how to make your own beautiful melt and pour soaps. You will learn techniques such as layering, swirling, creating embeds and more. Students will make and take home at least 8 bars of soap. Melt and pour...

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Cold Process Soapmaking with Essential Oils

Back Porch Soap Company @ 711 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10025

You will learn safety guidelines and reach a level of comfort to make soap at home. Or, if you just want to make soap here in class, that is fine too. We'll discuss how to formulate your own recipes, properly use and store lye, mixing lye and water, oils for soap making, fragrance oils vs. essential oils, superfatting, additives and exfoliants, coloring, molding and curing. Students will receive soap recipes and a list of my favorite places to buy...

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Virtual Masterclass: Natural Liquid Soapmaking

Back Porch Soap Company @ Online Classroom, New York, NY 00000

This is a virtual liquid soapmaking class taught by Marla Bosworth. In this class students will make their own herbal liquid soaps from home using a kit (or their own ingredients from a suggested list provided by Marla). Students will receive the kit, including shipping, as well as lifetime access to supplemental virtual liquid soapmaking classes. It is helpful, but not required, to view the online class prior to the workshop....

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Soapmaking Workshop

New York Botanical Garden @ 2950 Southern Blvd, Bronx, NY 10458

Bring the bouquet of a summer garden indoors with handmade, naturally moisturizing glycerin soaps. You'll learn the traditional melt-and-pour process and combine fragrances of various dried herbs and essential oils—lavender, rosemary, mint, and more—to make four bars to take home.  Note: All the needed materials are included and provided for the students.

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Magical Alchemy of Soapmaking + Healing Waters

Back Porch Soap Company @ 711 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10025

Join us in New York City and learn to make your very own luxurious bar soaps with healing waters from oceans, lakes and rivers. This class is inspired by the powerful Snake River that has weaved its way in and out of my life since childhood. It is a wise teacher and if you allow, it may weave its healing ways into your life. We will discuss as a class some of our favorite bodies of water (the Hudson River being another one of mine) and how to deepen...

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Lather On Presents a Soapmaking Workshop for Kids

Q.E.D. @ 27-16 23rd Ave, Astoria, NY 11105

Using a method called "melt & pour," you will create your very own bars of all-natural vegan soap to keep for yourself or give as gifts to friends.  Students will be divided into groups to create their own small batches of soap. Advance signup required. Price of class includes 2 bars of soap to keep!

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Introduction to Soap Making

Craftsman Ave @ 117B 11th St, Brooklyn, NY 11215

In this course, Erica will walk you through the process of creating your own bars of soap. With an emphasis on the long-lasting quality of handmade and slow-made objects, Erica’s work results in high-quality aromas and colors that are integral to a well-made product. Here, she will break down the process for you step-by-step to show you the basics of creating your own combination of scents and textures.  You will start with the basics of...

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Soap Making Intensive

Nyah @ 78 John Miller Way, Kearny, NJ 07032

In this workshop with La Shonda Tyree, who turned her hobby and passion for making her own soaps and lotions into a highly successful business, we will learn how to make a range of exquisite self-care products. We will begin by discovering the history and chemistry of soapmaking, and the safety practices required to manufacture soap. We will then get hands-on instruction in soapmaking using sodium hydroxide with the cold process method.  We...

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Discover the Best Soap Making Classes in NYC

From a Phoenician concoction of goat’s tallow and wood ashes over 2000 years ago to the skin-soothing creations of modern-day soap artisans, soap has long been a cleaning staple for cultures around the world. At its most basic, soap making mixes water and lye, adds a melted fat, and allows it to harden and cure. These elements combine in a chemical reaction called saponification and render a soap that lifts soils from a surface and carries them away.

There are three basic methods of making soap. Handmade soap can be made by a cold process at room temperature, which yields a silky bar with gentle, moisturizing oils for skin-soothing softness. The hot process “cooks” at a low temperature, like a low-heat crock pot, and yields a more chunky, rustic bar that requires significantly less curing time. Alternatively, melt-and-pour soap skips the chemistry and caustic ingredients with a pre-saponified soap base that you simply melt in the microwave, embellish with your desired fragrance or color, and pour into a mold.

Making soap by hand has experienced a resurgence. The soap aisle at the grocery store is still stocked with generic factory-made bars, but the process has migrated back into the hands of makers and artisans. Once you master the process, you can craft a sudsy bar that is just for you.

Why You Should Learn Soap Making in NYC

Many hobbyists and boutique soap makers use centuries-old methods to craft soap in homes and workshops. When you make soap from scratch, you can choose a custom blend of fats and oils, scents, and organic ingredients to suit your tastes and preferences.

Soap that is customized to suit your skin type is more gentle for your skin than store-bought alternatives. Some oils and additives used in soap make them even more beneficial for your skin or your mood. Lavender essential oil is known for its calming properties and can be used in soap to promote relaxation at bath time. Oatmeal can soothe itchy skin, and honey can moisturize and help heal acne.

If you want to bring sustainable living to your bathroom, making your own soap is an impactful step in that direction. Handmade soap doesn’t come in wasted packaging, and you can incorporate your favorite organic, ethically-sourced ingredients. When you explore all the botanical ingredients you can incorporate into your soap, it brings a dose of nature into your day.

Soap making is a simple process once you learn the basics, and many people find it a creative and fun hobby. You can enjoy making soap in your free time, on your own schedule, and you may even find yourself with a new community of like-minded soap makers. 

Soap making is a thriving cottage industry. Many people find that learning to make soap is the beginning of a successful business venture. It has a low barrier to entry, sells at a firm retail price, and is often a recession-proof industry. Soapmakers sell hand-crafted soap bars in boutiques, craft and farmers markets, and online forums. There are over 300,000 businesses selling handmade soap in the United States, at an average price of six to eight dollars per bar. Etsy alone features over 140,000 listings for handmade soap.

Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetics Guild is a national organization that provides a resource center, an annual conference, and online classes for soap makers and other body product artisans.

In-Person Soap Making Classes & Schools in NYC

You can learn to make handmade soap in person in New York City. Learning is faster and easier with someone to answer your questions as you go, and it’s more fun with friends to share your soap making journey. In-person courses will get you started and ramp up your skills quickly. 

When you take an in-person class, you don’t have to worry about having the materials you need, the right workspace, or a big cleanup afterward. A fully equipped classroom is waiting for you.

Does nature inspire you? Do you want to create a soap that incorporates the healing and soothing properties of the plant world? In this class, you can incorporate locally grown produce or honey from the farmer's market, wildcrafted elements from a nature hike, or water from a river or stream.

Cold Process Soap Making Class at Back Porch Soap Company on the Upper West Side in NYC covers using plants and other organic, natural ingredients to make soap from scratch with the cold process method. 

You’ll receive hands-on instruction to make your own batch of soap with botanicals, colorants, and your own essential oil blend. Your experienced instructor will be right beside you every step of the way, and you'll share the fun with a small class of interesting and like-minded people. Learn how to work with lye safely, how to formulate a great soap recipe, and where to buy supplies.

Also from Back Porch Soap Company on the Upper West Side, Organic Liquid Soaps & Shower Gels Class will show you how to make organic liquid soap and shower gels from scratch using easily sourced ingredients that you can replicate at home. Incorporate specialty ingredients like herbs and botanicals, use colors, source ingredients, package your soaps and gels, and choose ingredients for healing soaps. You’ll go home with samples of the liquid soaps you made in class.

Back Porch Soap Company offers fragrance blending, candle making, and soap making in the Upper West Side of New York City. They also host candle, soap, and perfume blending corporate and brand experiences and private events in Manhattan and throughout New York City.

Virtual Soap Making Classes & Schools

Don’t let it stop you from becoming a soapmaker if you don’t live near a class, your schedule doesn’t fit, or you want to learn from home. You can learn everything about creating handmade soap online. 

When you enroll in a virtual soap making class, you can choose from classes taught anywhere in the country. You’ll save all that time commuting, so you’ll have more time for soap making. All you need is a web-connected device and a space to work.

Many online classes require that you provide your own supplies, but your instructor will include a detailed supply list that you can fulfill at an online store or local store. Have your supplies ready in time for your class, since soap making is a hands-on project. 

It’s easy to get started now with online soap making classes at CourseHorse. Choose a class that 

Virtual Melt & Pour Soap-Making Workshop from Love & Make covers the simple method of melt and pour soap making, including general techniques and even a little history. You’ll learn how to use the readily-available ingredients and you’ll have several recipes to continue soap making at home.

The easy five-item supply list for this course includes the instructor’s soap making kit, a funnel pitcher melting pot, stir sticks, soap molds of your choice, and an alcohol spray bottle. These items are widely available at craft stores and online suppliers.

WIth expert guidance from Love & Make, you’ll master the sometimes tricky process of making your very own bath bombs in Virtual Bath Bomb Making. Materials shopping is easy; this workshop uses the Love & Make Bath Bomb DIY kit, available for order in their online shop.

Private Group Soap Making Classes in NYC

Bring private, online soapmaking classes to your group or event, wherever you are. Private group classes are a great team-building event for your business or organization. Are you on the hook for a fun activity for a birthday party or bridal shower? Private group classes will have you all making soap creations in no time. CourseHorse offers live online private group soap making and crafts classes for New York businesses.

Learn the simple process of melt-and-pour soapmaking with Virtual Soap Making Workshop. This class covers materials, basic techniques, the benefits of making your own soap, and several recipes. You can personalize your soap by adding botanicals and other additives. By the end of this class, you’ll have your own handmade soaps, ready to use. 

You don’t even need to do any shopping beforehand. CourseHorse ships all the supplies you need directly to each course participant. You’ll receive shea butter soap base, fragrances, dyes, molds, a pouring pitcher, stirring sticks, a mixing bowl, and soap boxes.

The minimum group size for this two-hour course is ten people. For only $150 more, make it a full day of fun with an extra customized game or a second event. 

It’s simple to book a private course with CourseHorse. Don’t worry about knowing your exact group size when you book. As long as you meet the minimum number, you can add or subtract class members until a week before the event. There are no booking fees, and you’ll receive a confirmation within 24 hours of your reservation. 

CourseHorse recommends using the Zoom platform for your class, but they can accommodate Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, and WebEx. Many courses can even come to your office or home space if you’d like.