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PhotoUno Photography School

PhotoUno is a NYC-based digital photography school founded by Patricia Burmicky, a talented photographer with a passion for teaching. They offer a variety of courses for photographers of all levels, with a focus on providing a fun and easy learning experience through small class sizes and experienced instructors.

PhotoUno Photography School

Upcoming Classes at PhotoUno Photography School

  • Digital Photography I: Taking Control of Your Camera

    Learn how to take stunning photos with confidence in this beginner photography class. Discover the ins and outs of your camera, from aperture to white balance, and gain hands-on experience through fun indoor and outdoor exercises. With flexible scheduling and guaranteed satisfaction, you'll be on your way to mastering digital photography.

    Next start date: Wednesday, Mar 6th, 6:30–8:30pm Eastern Time
    Price: $390
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  • Digital Photography II

    Take your photography skills to the next level as you explore advanced techniques and principles in this engaging course at PhotoUno Photography School. Enhance your understanding of your camera, learn custom white balance and lighting patterns, and discover how to create meaningful and visually compelling photographs. Join us and unlock your creative potential in the world of digital photography.

    Next start date: Tuesday, Mar 26th, 11am–1pm Eastern Time
    Price: $430
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  • Practice Makes Perfect: Improving in Manual Mode

    Take your photography skills to the next level with hands-on experience in manual mode. Join us in different locations across NYC to practice setting your camera and framing your photos, while receiving expert feedback from our instructors. Enhance your skills and unleash your creativity in this inspiring course.

    Next start date: Monday, Mar 18th, 6:30–8:30pm Eastern Time
    Price: $320
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  • Intro to Your Digital Camera

    Ready to take control of your digital camera and capture stunning photos? Join PhotoUno Photography School's introductory class and learn how to understand your camera, manipulate light, and take control in P mode. Say goodbye to blurry, dark pictures, and start your photographic journey today!

    Next start date: Friday, Mar 8th, 5:30–7:30pm Eastern Time
    Price: $130
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  • Portrait Photography Workshop

    Learn the art of creating stunning portraits in this comprehensive workshop at PhotoUno Photography School. From developing concepts to editing in Photoshop, this hands-on course will teach you how to capture and retouch beautiful images. Limited to only 6 students, this intimate setting guarantees personalized instruction.

    Next start date: Saturday, Mar 16th, 11am–3pm Eastern Time
    Price: $290
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  • Travel Photography Class

    Capture the beauty of the world through your lens. Learn to master the art of travel photography and bring your adventures to life.

    Next start date: Thursday, Mar 28th, 6:30–8:30pm Eastern Time
    Price: $450
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  • Photography Summer Camp for Teens

    Unleash your creativity and master the art of photography this summer! Join our exciting and entertaining program designed for teenagers. Learn how to maximize your camera's potential and capture stunning images while having fun.

    Next start date: Monday, Jun 24th, 11am–5pm Eastern Time
    Price: $750
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  • Composition & Creative Photography II

    Elevate your photography skills to new heights with advanced techniques and creative concepts. Unleash your artistic vision through hands-on projects and expert guidance.

    Next start date: Tuesday, Apr 9th, 6:30–8:30pm Eastern Time
    Price: $250
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  • Outdoor Class: Central Park

    Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature as you explore the iconic Central Park through the lens of a camera. Capture the essence of this urban oasis while learning valuable photography techniques and tips from seasoned professionals. Unleash your creativity and elevate your photography skills in the heart of New York City's most beloved park.

    Next start date: Tuesday, Apr 30th, 6:30–8:30pm Eastern Time
    Price: $130
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222 E 46th St Ste 303S, New York, NY 10017
PhotoUno Photography School
Midtown East, Manhattan
222 E 46th St Ste 303S
Btwn 2nd & 3rd Avenues
New York, New York 10017

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What is PhotoUno?

PhotoUno is a NYC based digital photography school. It is a dream that was made possible through hard work and dedication. Patricia Burmicky, the head instructor at PhotoUno, began her photography career in Venezuela. However, life decided to transport her and Francisco (her husband) to New York City. It was time for a change and with the opportunity to continue her studies here; Patricia was more than happy to accept the challenge. But how did all of this lead to her teaching? Throughout her life Patricia found she had a knack for teaching. She was able to make things simple and fun for anyone to understand. It started with teaching her friend’s mother, then another, then a friend’s friend, until she realized that people really enjoy the simplicity and the enthusiasm in her way of teaching. With the support of her husband, PhotoUno Photography School came to be. Since then we are happy and proud to say that our photography school has expanded considerably. We can only hope to continue to grow with the help and support of our students.

What is our Mission?

Our mission is pretty simple … We want to provide the hobbyist photographer with the best learning experience. We want to provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to become the photographer you want to be. Your next question should be … how is PhotoUno going to help ME become a digital photographer? We are going to provide the best teachers to help you become the best photographer you can be. Our photography courses are designed to be easy and simple to understand, and with a low student to instructor ratio you receive the attention you deserve. That attention, as you will see, comes from our instructors who have gone through a PhotoUno training program in order to insure the consistency in all of our classes. With our spacious and comfortable classrooms, you will find it fun and easy to understand your photography course. There will be nothing you cannot accomplish at PhotoUno!!

What does PhotoUno have to offer?

Our photography school has everything to offer you!! We offer courses for all levels of photographers; whether you are holding a camera for the first time or are ready to learn professional techniques, PhotoUno is always here to help. We also offer workshops and seminars on many different photography subjects. And of course we give private classes, tailored to our student’s specific needs. No matter what you are looking for PhotoUno can help you.

Where will I be learning?

Our school is located on 46th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenue. We have beautiful ample space to get the hands on training you need with your camera. In order to insure that all of our students are getting the most out of their photography course we take no more than nine students per class. But don’t fret!! We offer more than enough sections to accommodate as many students as many students as possible.

Who will be teaching me?

Our instructors come from many different renowned photography schools. However, they have all gathered here for one sole purpose…their love for photography. Even though they have more than enough knowledge, we provide additional training to insure you have a consistent, positive, and instructive experience at our school.

Reviews of PhotoUno Photography School

( 4.7-star rating across 321 reviews)
  • Digital Photography II

    Reviewed by John H. on 2/20/2024
    Excellent class with an incredible instructor! My photography skills and knowledge have vastly improved. Thank you Photo Uno, highly recommend!
  • Digital Photography I: Taking Control of Your Camera

    Reviewed by Allie S. on 2/11/2024
    I loved this class! The instructor, Leticia, was knowledgeable, patient and enthusiastic! As a beginner, I felt like this class was the perfect pace for learning. I’ll be signing up for photo 2!
  • Digital Photography I: Taking Control of Your Camera

    Anonymous review on 11/28/2023
    It was a good course, very thorough. I feel that nothing important was left out as far as photography basics. The small class size afforded me plenty of individual attention and specific help with my particular camera. The teacher answered every question I had. Course structure with homework increasing in complexity each week and reviews to kick off each class made sense to me. I wouldn't have minded even more analysis of different photo examples and more study material on camera mechanics or techniques. Additional extended partnering with classmates where we can learn from each other would also have been helpful. The in-class exercises were definitely great though. I would recommend this course to anyone else who is interested in digital photograpy.
  • Digital Photography I: Taking Control of Your Camera

    Reviewed by Brian C. on 7/1/2023
    It was a great class. Id recommend it to friends.
  • Digital Photography I: Taking Control of Your Camera

    Reviewed by Harjot S. on 6/30/2023
    Really great format for beginners. Each class breaks down on single component with minimal hw to help reinforce those ideas. After you've learned the basics in the first three classes you graduate to full manual mode and practice/learn how to layer all the components in together to achieve your desired effect. 10/10 recommend!
  • Photography Summer Camp for Teens

    Reviewed by Emily m. on 6/30/2023
    hi my names emily and my child went to class with francesco and patricia. she loved it! travelling around the city after a morning of instruction is a wonderful format. she will take the class again!
  • Digital Photography I: Taking Control of Your Camera

    Anonymous review on 6/1/2023
    Fantastic class - exceeded my expectations! Would highly recommend the class I took (Digital Photography 1) to beginners looking to learn more about photography - great balance of technical & practice.
  • Photography Crash Course 1

    Anonymous review on 4/17/2023
    It was a good class but I felt like the instructor wasn’t the best at engaging students. At times it was clear that majority of students were confused and not able to follow his thought process I did enjoy all the photo exercises outdoor but wish we spent more time outdoors than in a classroom looking at the presentation slides
  • Digital Photography I: Taking Control of Your Camera

    Reviewed by Diane C. on 4/16/2023
    Instructor was organized, was very knowledgeable regarding subject. She was a very good teacher.
  • Digital Photography I: Taking Control of Your Camera

    Anonymous review on 2/12/2023
    This is an introductory class on DSLR photography. I learned an enormous amount in 6 weeks. Leticia, the instructor, was very effective and motivating, and the materials she was teaching from were also strong. My only complaint is that the technology we used to do critique was a bit of a pain.
  • iPhone Photography

    Reviewed by Omari R. on 1/11/2023
    I just got my first iPhone after being team Android ever since I got my first HTC smartphone circa 2010. I'm still getting used to doing things the “Apple way” and PhotoUno's “2-hour iPhone photography class” is an excellent way to accelerate the learning curve of learning to harvest the capabilities of the iPhone camera. We had Francisco (Lyons) as the instructor of the class. We had a small class (4 students) which probably made for a better experience before we all got my individual attention. The class seats up to 9 people. We started the class off with short introductions, then we got into the very basics of photography. Think ISO, shutter speed, aperture, the rule's of 3rd's etc. I already knew most of this, but this was a greater refresher and I felt it was taught at an adequate level for the uninitiated. We got into shooting actually objects and learning about the multiple settings and functions that the stock iPhone camera app makes available. The class is laser focus on the default camera app, and the instructor didn't make mention of any 3rd party apps at any point. Overall, I felt that it was well worth the money. Francisco was great and was excellent at breaking down somewhat complicated subjects to a beginner level. I felt a lot more comfortable using the camera after taking this class.
  • Digital Photography I: Taking Control of Your Camera

    Reviewed by Aaliyah C. on 11/18/2022
    Ms.Patricia is helpful with teaching you how to use your camera and learning the basics of the camera. I took a beginner class and she was over all really helpful. Thank you Ms.Patricia
  • iPhone Photography

    Anonymous review on 8/5/2022
    The class was fun, informative, and very interactive.
  • Digital Photography I

    Reviewed by Phillip S. on 2/9/2022
    The class was incredible and opened a new door for me after years of photography. Thanks to Francisco’s class I’m confident I can take my photography experience to a higher level.
  • Digital Photography I

    Reviewed by Carrie F. on 6/16/2021
    Francisco was an excellent teacher, and I learned so much during this time. Can't recommend highly enough!
  • iPhone Photography

    Reviewed by Belinda H. on 5/6/2021
    A great beginner class. Francisco was a great teacher and all of us learnt something new. I would highly recommend it.
  • Astrophotography

    Reviewed by carla k. on 4/1/2021
    The class was great. I learned so much about astrophotography. The instructor was excellent and answered all questions, and would even stay over to address additional questions.
  • Editing in Lightroom

    Reviewed by Dana B. on 12/22/2020
    Learned so much!!! I am looking to take a second course with this company now. Would recommend 100%
  • iPhone Photography

    Anonymous review on 12/19/2020
    Material was what was needed to begin to work in a more advanced way with the iPhone camera. The teacher was clear and attentive.
  • Digital Photography I

    Reviewed by Meryl S. on 10/29/2020
    Amazing! I am a very visual learner so I was a bit nervous about a virtual class, but Francisco provided many visuals with EXCELLENT descriptions to help us learn. Within just 5 classes, I went from not knowing anything about photography (aside from auto) to knowing how to take real images on manual settings. I HIGHLY recommend this class, and I will be back to take advanced classes soon. Thank you!
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Review Summary by CourseHorse

Students at PhotoUno Photography School express a positive overall experience with their classes. Many mention learning a lot of new information and gaining confidence in their photography skills. The classes are described as fun, informative, and interactivel. Students appreciate the practical exercises and the opportunity to apply the knowledge they learn. Overall, the classes are seen as a great option for beginners looking to enhance their photography skills. Quotes: 1. "Really great! I feel like I know so much more about how to operate my camera, but also the fundamentals of taking photos that had eluded me for so long. I'm excited to get out and play around with the techniques I learned." 2. "I just got my first iPhone [...] and PhotoUno's '2-hour iPhone photography class' is an excellent way to accelerate the learning curve of learning to harvest the capabilities of the iPhone camera." 3. "The class was fun, informative, and very interactive."

Teachers at PhotoUno Photography School

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